Glen Canyon National Recreation Area Weekly Low Water Update


Courtesy of Glen Canyon National Recreation Area:

Lake Powell has dropped to record low water levels and Bureau of Reclamation projections indicate it will continue to drop. This is the first weekly update we will provide on the current status of National Park Service (NPS) low flow operations on Lake Powell.

  • The Jacobs Contract: The park has contracted with Jacobs Government Solutions to explore long-term options for maintaining visitor access and estimated costs at four visitor use areas: public launch pads at Bullfrog, Halls Crossing, Antelope Point and a primitive launch and retrieval ramp on the Colorado River. in the region of Hit.
  • Implementation of Jacobs recommendations: Any engagement resulting from the work of the contractor will also include NPS compliance, consultation and permits to ensure the protection of the natural and cultural resources of our park; and public engagement.
  • Funding: Funding has not yet been secured for project implementation in any of the four areas included in the Jacobs assessment.
  • Hanging Rope Marina: In May, Dangling Rope was significantly damaged by wind events and for safety reasons was closed to visitors. Unprecedented low water conditions make it impossible to simply repair and reopen facilities. We continue to explore ways/options to bring fuel sales to Dangling Rope in 2022 and beyond. The Superintendent is visiting Dangling Rope and Rainbow Bridge this week with teams for further assessment.
  • Rainbow Bridge National Monument: In October, access from Lake Powell became much more difficult, due to lower lake levels and mud and debris from rain events. Although no longer connected to the shore, the Rainbow Bridge dock system is accessible with restrooms for visitors. Our seasonal trail crews are evaluating options to improve access.

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