Fishers Town Hall and recreation center enter design phase


Fishers has hired two engineering firms, one to design a $20 million city hall that will also serve as an arts center, and the other to create plans for a recreation complex.

The Fishers Public Works and Safety Board on Tuesday approved a $1.5 million deal with Fishers-based Meyer Najem to design City Hall, which will be built as part of a private public partnership. The building’s foundations have been slowly crumbling for years, and engineers said it would cost millions to continue to repair cracks and other issues associated with the problem.

The city chose Hagerman, of Fishers, to design the recreation center at a cost of $1.6 million. The location of the recreation center has not been determined.

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Fishers envisions a 48,000 square foot arts and civics complex, with the first floor dedicated to the performing and visual arts. The building would have an auditorium for 400 people and changing rooms. Adjacent would be the city council chamber, with 50 seats and a city court, according to the city’s request for proposals and qualifications.

A private contractor would be responsible for the cost of construction, and the city would lease the City Hall complex for six years with an option to purchase it afterward for $16.75 million.

The $40 million recreation center would be built on city-owned land, likely on the east side. There would be an indoor swimming pool, basketball courts and an athletics track.

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The city plans to pay the developer $18 million upfront for the construction, and the developer will operate and maintain the property for six years, according to the request for proposals and qualifications. The city will pay $1.2 million a year in rent and then could take possession with a final payment of $17 million.

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