Eagle Scout Project in Great Bear Springs Recreation Area – Oswego County today

Great Bear Springs coordinator Dick Drosse congratulates Sean Stevens

FULTON – Scout Sean Stevens of Liverpool Scout Troop 203 for his Eagle Scout project worked with other members of his troop, family and Friends of Great Bear volunteers to replace an old, deteriorating bridge, flooded.

The bridge is on a popular and well-used trail near Spring House.

The new bridge design is 4 feet wide and 40 feet long, replacing the previous narrower 28 foot long bridge.

Stevens, by collecting donations, was able to buy the wood and materials needed to build the bridge.

The wood was cut on site, assembling the frame, then placed higher than the previous bridge, to prevent flooding. Bridge planks were cut and attached to the top of the rails with crusher stone cradling the ends of the bridge. Vertical posts have been added to help support the frame.

Friends of Great Bear is very grateful to Stevens for choosing the construction of the Great Bear Bridge for his Eagle Scout project. Many thanks to all Scout 203 members, family and other volunteers for their help in making this project possible.

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