Doylestown Township Receives $1 Million to Build Recreation Center


In a few years, Doylestown Township residents will have a new place to workout, host parties and attend cooking classes at a new community recreation center funded in part by state grants.

The township is in the planning stages of building the center, a project that is expected to cost nearly $9 million. The state’s Capital Redevelopment Assistance Program awarded the project $1 million last month.

According to PA.GOV, the RACP is a state grant program administered by the Bureau of the Budget for the acquisition and construction of regional economic, cultural, civic, recreational and historical improvement projects.

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The center aims to revitalize the municipal campus on Wells Road by replacing dilapidated equipment, building an indoor multi-purpose centre, gymnasium and indoor classroom.

Doylestown Township Supervisor Barbara Lyons said the community recreation center will also include kitchens to serve cooking classes and large-scale family events. Baby showers, hen parties, and birthday parties are all scheduled in the building’s rental rooms.

“The idea of ​​the multi-purpose hall is to have the ability to have multi-purpose programming because we’re going to be serving young people to people in their retirement years. There will be room for all kinds of community events,” Lyons said.

The center is slated to open in the spring of 2024 and Lyons described the project as “big business”. She said changes will be made to the existing campus, including moving the basketball and tennis courts as well as creating a pickleball court.

“This $1 million grant is huge for us. Over the years we have defined in more detail what would be the best approach to providing the best space for the programs that we now offer, have provided over the years and are also expanding our programming to new opportunities,” Lyons said. She explained that the township had long intended to open a recreation center with plans in place since 2020.

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Township Superintendent Stephanie Mason also spoke enthusiastically about the project.

“We expect to be able to tender at the end of this year or the beginning of 2023. So it was time to receive the grant and we are very happy about it. We very much appreciate our state legislators for their assistance,” Mason said.

Lyons said the township is also seeking funds for the project from other sources, including an active fundraising campaign.

“This facility serves community organizations and efforts. The project is driven by community needs,” Lyons said.

State Sen. Steve Santarsiero, D-10 of Lower Makefield, last month announced the $1 million prize in Doylestown, which is in his district.


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