Dalton City Council Approves Architect’s Contract for Renovation of John Davis Leisure Center | Local News


Dalton City Council is moving forward with a planned renovation of the John Davis Leisure Centre.

On Monday, council members voted 3-0 to approve a contract with architect Dalton Gregg Sims to design the renovation. He will receive 7.5% of the project budget. Council member Annalee Harlan was absent, and Mayor David Pennington usually only votes in a tie.

The project’s budget is $4.1 million, but city administrator Andrew Parker said “due to supply chain issues and inflation, this budget may be reassessed as we will move forward with the project”.

The deal gives The Sims six months to complete the design and expects construction to begin in early 2023 and be complete by the end of this year.

“We agreed to completely renovate the 1980s portion of the structure, which includes all administrative offices, conference and assembly space upstairs,” Parker said.

The recreation center was built in three stages. The original section was built in 1957. In 1963 the building was extended with a sports hall and additional offices. In 1986, the city added more offices and programming areas.

Plans also include installing a new gym where the current gym is located, as well as a new entrance and lobby, a new changing room for the outdoor pool lifeguards and the renovation of the pool equipment area.

“Mr. Sims has been working for us for a few months on an hourly basis,” Parker said.

The Sims designed an emergency roof repair to stop the water leaks. Parker also said that since the city couldn’t find drawings of the building, Sims had to go through it and create new drawings before officials could finalize the renovation.

The renovation will be funded by the city’s share of the $66 million Local Special Purpose Option Sales Tax (SPLOST) over four years. A SPLOST is a 1% tax on most goods sold in the city. The 2020 SPLOST Referendum included $11.175 million for the renovation of the John Davis Recreation Center as well as two FIFA-sized soccer fields at Heritage Point Park. The SPLOST proposal as presented to the public indicated that the city would build a new John Davis Recreation Center. City officials had planned to use $8.5 million of SPLOST money to completely rebuild the recreation center. But city officials said the soccer complex was “under-budgeted” in SPLOST and was going to cost more than expected, leaving less money for the recreation center. The latest plans call for $7.075 million from the City of SPLOST for the soccer complex project and $4.1 million for the renovation of the John Davis Recreation Center.

Council member Tyree Goodlett, who a year ago expressed concerns that the leisure center would be remodeled rather than rebuilt, said council members were doing all they could with the money they donated. they had.

“I’m happy (with the renovation), especially given the funds we have,” he said. “It will give us an improved building and spend taxpayers’ money wisely.”

Council members also voted 3-0 to approve a $5,400 deal with Geo-Hydro Engineers of Kennesaw to use underground radar at West Hill Cemetery. The study will search for buried power lines and unmarked graves and run tests to see how fast water travels through the ground. The study will focus on areas of the cemetery where the city plans to place structures to help control stormwater runoff. Council members also held the first reading of an ordinance that would specify that those who serve liquor at special events in the city must have a liquor license from the city.


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