Çubuk-1 dam recreation area overflows during Ramadan

Çubuk-1 dam recreation area overflows during Ramadan

Çubuk-29 Dam Recreation Area, which was inaugurated by Ankara Metropolitan Mayor Mansur Yavaş on the occasion of the 97th anniversary of Republic Day on October 1, becomes a frequent destination for residents of the capital with the arrival of spring. Offering a visual feast day and night with its natural beauties, the dam is one of the favorite places for citizens to open their fast-breaking fast in a clean, safe and peaceful environment during Ramadan.

The Çubuk-1 Dam Recreation Area, which was completely renovated and put into operation years later, continues to be a frequent destination for residents of the capital.

With the arrival of the spring months and the beginning of the month of Ramadan, the Çubuk-1 dam is at the top of the location preferences of the citizens, who transport the iftar tables to the recreation areas and parks of the municipality mainland, especially on weekends.

The dam, which has also begun to hold back water; It hosts a visual feast day and night with its renewed environment, the Atatürk House, events, promenade and green areas, greenhouse, sports field and natural beauties.


With its historical importance and its proximity to the center, the dam has a total area of ​​423,000 square meters; It also provides a clean, peaceful and safe environment for residents of the capital with its parking lot, picnic tables, sports and walking areas, bike paths and special playgrounds for children.

Citizens who prefer to have their fast-breaking meals at the Çubuk-1 Dam during Ramadan sum up their happiness after years with their families with these words:

Mirac Yilmaz: “I’m 9 years old, I loved this place. We travel and play ball.

Birsen Yalcin: “Before, we came with my wife, and now we have brought our mothers. We really liked it. We recommend it to everyone. No need to go far, a place close to Ankara. A place to come and see. »

Ogoujan Cubek: “We normally take tent holidays in many parts of Ankara and Turkey. We came here with our child. It’s a nice place, clean and neat. God bless our president. This place has become a paradise compared to its old self. I recommend it to everyone in Ankara.”

Staff of Meltem: “They spoke very badly about this place before, but when we arrived we saw that it had turned into a completely different place. We are here every weekend, from morning to night. It is a nice place where anyone can get hurt, with clean toilets. A very good place to breathe.

Oktay Gunalan: “I’m 59, it’s a place we came to when we were kids. Thanks to our President Mansur, he restored this place to us. We are very happy.”

Murat Ayan: “The park is really beautiful, there is a lot of effort here. We would like to thank Mr. Mansur Yavaş. It was a park well above our expectations.

Ibrahim Karakas: “The weather was great, we wanted to assess it and came here for iftar. We have been here before, but today it is very crowded.

Oguz Akay: “We came here to picnic and open our iftar. Thanks to the Ankara Metropolitan Municipality, the dam built by Atatürk has been restored and put into operation. We come whenever we have the opportunity, we thank our president.

Emel Boztepe: “We had iftar with my family. Our first time here, we loved it. I came here 10 years ago, there was only a small puddle. It’s officially a forest now. I especially liked the security issue, it’s a very decent and beautiful place.”

Ismail Cevik: “I’ve been here a few times before so now I always prefer this place. We really thank our President Mansur for creating such a space for us. There aren’t even cigarette butts on the floor, it’s a really clean and safe place.


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