Çubuk-1 dam recreation area has become an iftar place for capitalists

Çubuk-1 dam recreation area has become an iftar place for capitalists

Citizens who prefer to take their fast-breaking meals in the recreation areas and parks of the Metropolitan Municipality with global warming, fill the Çubuk-1 Dam recreation area with their families, especially on weekends.

The Çubuk-29 Dam Recreation Area, which was inaugurated by Ankara Metropolitan Mayor Mansur Yavaş on the occasion of the 97th anniversary of Republic Day on October 1, continues to be a frequent destination for residents of the capital during Ramadan.

Başkent people prefer to have their fast breaking fast in the Çubuk-1 Dam Recreation Area, which is open to the public with its renewed environment, playgrounds, Atatürk House, bicycle paths, recreation areas, and more. activities, its greenhouse, its sports ground, its magnificent nature and a new look that includes all shades of green.


With an area of ​​413,000 square meters, the Çubuk-1 dam has started to harbor a sparkling image, especially on weekends with global warming.

In addition to its historical significance, the people of Başkent, who spend time in contact with nature in the dam, which is one of the places where citizens play games with their families, cycle, walk and picnic, and open their meal fast break during Ramadan due to its proximity to the center, expressed their thoughts with the following words:

Adem Ozturk: “We came to Çubuk-1 dam with our family to have an iftar in nature during Ramadan. The environment and the beauty of this place are important to us.

Mustafa Itishgen: “The park is beautiful and has been closed for years. We saw the good weather and came here to open iftar. We wanted to do both a picnic and an iftar outside.

Fatih Salih Torehan: “The Çubuk-1 recreation area is very nice. The location is perfect and peaceful.

Berkay Vurel: “We came for iftar, the environment is really nice and very spacious. Everyone is having so much fun, thank you so much to whoever created this place.”

Nazen Yilmaz: “We found the weather very pleasant, we got together with the neighbors for iftar.”

Esra Long: “We came to the iftar as a family at the Çubuk-1 dam. We take advantage of the good weather. The environment of the dam is very pleasant.

Kavlak coffee: “We got together with friends and came here to open iftar. Before, it was very bad. The Metropolitan Municipality has done this place very well. We recommend everyone to come here.”


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