Construction underway at Loon Lake Recreation Area | Local News


Construction is underway in the Loon Lake Recreational Area, northeast of Coos Bay. The Bureau of Land Management day-use area and campground have been closed since 2019 due to snowstorm damage.

The BLM awarded a contract to Hess Contracting, LLC of Idaho, which is using local contractors to complete major repairs this winter.

Crews have already demolished the damaged buildings and removed associated hazardous debris. Contractors have begun rebuilding the maintenance shop and laying the foundations for a new water treatment building. The contractors will also build new toilets near the beach and install a new water treatment system.

“It’s been a long road to designing and authorizing repairs and then getting a contract,” said BLM Coos Bay District Manager Steve Lydick. “We are delighted to see the works taking place on the ground and we look forward to welcoming visitors again.”

The BLM plans to open the site to visitors in the summer of 2022. Once repairs are complete, the BLM will provide visitors with booking information.

Heavy snowfall in late February 2019 toppled trees around the site, destroying the drinking water treatment system, toilets in the day-use area and the maintenance workshop. The electrical components of the sewage treatment system were also damaged. The BLM Recreation Area has been closed since the 2019 storm due to hazardous conditions at the site.


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