Chickasaw National Recreation Area to Launch Prescribed Fires | Local News


Chickasaw National Recreation Area fire personnel plan to initiate up to two prescribed fires on Friday.

These prescribed fires will take place at Arbuckle Dam and the new bison grazing area. Up to 60 acres can be treated.

Burning is expected to occur primarily in the late morning until afternoon, beginning around 8 a.m. Prescribed burns could be postponed to a later date in April if weather conditions are not favorable on Friday.

The fires will be carried out by NRA Chickasaw wildland firefighters with assistance from the Sulfur Fire Department and Bureau of Indian Affairs wildland firefighters.

During fire operations, the Veterans Trail and Southeast Perimeter Road will be temporarily closed. Smoke may be visible from Sulfur, along Highway 177 and near Arbuckle Dam.

The burns are part of the National Park Service‘s prescribed fire program that helps protect local communities and reduce the threat of high-severity, uncontrolled wildfires.

Prescribed burning also serves to enhance the processes and resilience of natural ecosystems.

Habitat improvement through fires will contribute to better grazing conditions for bison as they move to the new pasture.

Prescribed burns will help maintain the native prairie ecosystem by reducing invasive western redcedar. Under natural conditions, western redcedar is limited by periodic fires.

For more information on Chickasaw National Recreation Area, visit or call the Travertine Nature Center at (580) 622-7234.


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