LG Stylus 2 Plus is full of advantages

[ad_1] The novelty will delight users with the main 16 MP and 8 MP front camera for selfies, which will allow you to take very good quality pictures. LG Stylus 2 Plus works on an

Asus Zenbo cutest robot assistant

[ad_1] Outwardly, the robot is very funny – a cute ball-body with maneuverable wheels, and higher on a thin neck – a head with a flat touch screen. The funny face of the robot, in

strengthened housing and improved viewfinders

[ad_1] The first is the beautiful Lumix G85, the successor to the GX85 released this spring. Their parameters are almost the same (Micro 4: 3, 16 Megapixels, 5-Axis image stabilization, 4K RESOLUTION), the main DIFFERENCE

What else can TP-Link do? How about power banks?

[ad_1] What else can TP-Link do? What about power banks? TP-Link PB50 is a large reliable battery with a capacity of 10,000 mAh, which is enough for several full charges of the smartphone. Due to

Wristwatch – now on the .ua website!

[ad_1] What is time anyway? Whatever it is, now a person must manage ten times more for its unit than the same 100 years ago. For this, it is always important to know what time