USB Flash Drives: Overview of the Most Popular Manufacturers

[ad_1] The history of computer media is not very old. The first media (“Floppy disk”) appeared in 1969, but throughout its history it never reached a very large capacity that would allow recording a sufficiently large amount of information. These media were later replaced by compact discs and finally USB flash memos, which are characterized […]

The latest gaming PCs – are they worth it? Online store diaries

[ad_1] Video games are an insanely popular pastime for children, teenagers, and adults. But this hobby requires a computer, and usually not just any computer, but a powerful gaming computer. The latest video games themselves look impressive, but the vast majority of players can only afford to enjoy the game’s photos and presentation videos. Why? […]

Christmas movies – TOP 10!

[ad_1] Can you imagine at least one Christmas without unique Christmas movies? Thanks to them, we can spend festive evenings at home with family or friends in a lively and cozy way. BUT THE QUESTION IS: WHICH CHRISTMAS MOVIES ARE REALLY WORTH YOUR ATTENTION? We’ve rounded up our top 10 holiday movies so you can […]


[ad_1] Memory cards are in cameras, mobile phones, camcorders for storing a large amount of information. Get acquainted with the main parameters of memory cards in this guide! Kind Micro SD – This is the most popular type of memory cards. They are used in most modern devices – in smartphones, tablet computers, cameras, etc. […]

External hard drives reviews, tips

[ad_1] Photo: For years, external hard drives have come to the rescue in all sorts of situations. Although technology is developing at a tremendous speed every day, to transfer or save large files and documents, one of the best solutions is still an external hard drive. If we compare the latest models with those […]

TOP 10 of the best TVs

[ad_1] Photo: Kai televisions today are no longer used only for television, the need to choose a television suitable for various activities is even greater. Video game and movie fans should have different technical needs. While gamers look for TVs with the highest possible screen refresh rate, movie lovers value natural colors and resolution. […]

The most popular and best PS4 games in 2021

[ad_1] Photo: PS4 games popular since its inception. Both children and adults, men and women play computer games – it doesn’t matter if they are at home stationary computer, or game consoles (for example, PS4). It is not surprising that the popularity increased even more during the pandemic – people locked at home had […]

TOP 10 best headphones this year

[ad_1] Photo: Headphones is the most popular and most purchased accessory for smartphones and computers. They are used for playing games, watching movies, listening to music, and chatting, so it’s hard to imagine everyday life without headphones. What are the most popular and best headphones for everyone? JBL T500BT Photo: The most popular […]

Which is better: laser or inkjet?

[ad_1] Photo: A printer is the most popular external computer accessory that transfers computer text or photos to paper. No office or home of a person working with paperwork or studying is unthinkable without this accessory. If you don’t have a printer yet, the large selection is definitely a headache – how do you […]

TOP 10 smart watches and reviews about them

[ad_1] Photo: Smart watches is the second most popular smartphone accessory. They are only surpassed headphones. Smart watches now perform not only the functions of a pedometer and a style item, but also many others: They can be used to answer calls; Maintain conversations; View photos; Reply to text messages; Track the number of […]