Wet cleaning clipper

Most people prefer getting a haircut at home than going to the hairdresser because it saves both time and money. This option is acceptable, and will be relevant for a long time, if you choose a quality tool.

The selection criteria differ for the average person and the professional. Among the most purchased models today are hair clippers with a wet cleaning function.

Types of clippers with wet cleaning

According to the method of operation of machines with wet cleaning, the following types are distinguished:

  1. Rotary – the basis is the engine responsible for the power of the device. Rotary models are used both by professionals in salons and hairdressing salons, and at home by ordinary customers. The only negative of this type is the heating of the case. But this does not play a big role, since many models are equipped with a cooling system or at least ventilation holes.
  2. Vibrating – the role of the engine here is performed by an electromagnetic coil. Compared to the first type, such models do not overheat and are relatively light. But they have much lower power and they are noisier during operation. Another disadvantage is the operating time of about 10-20 minutes without recharging, which makes it impossible for professionals to use them.

Machines with a wet cleaning function differ from standard models in that they are not afraid of water. They can be used in the shower or they can be rinsed under the faucet at the end of use.

Depending on the purpose, all models are divided into the following types:

  1. Ordinary – perform shading, trimming, etc.;
  2. Trimmers – compact gadgets for hair removal in the nose and ears;
  3. For mustache and beard – devices for the care of facial hair;
  4. Universal – combine several varieties, due to interchangeable nozzles.

Power type

Types of food machines with wet cleaning:

  1. Off the grid. The only drawback is that the wire limits the freedom of action of the hairdresser.
  2. From battery. If you choose this option, you should stock up on an additional set of batteries. It is useful if the haircut has not yet been completed, and the battery has run out. Most models are equipped with a charge indicator – this helps to calculate in advance the possible operating time of the device.
  3. Combined. If the battery runs out before you finish cutting, you can plug the tool into a power outlet.

How to choose wet cleaning machines

All models of machines with wet cleaning are divided into professional and for home use. Some brands specialize in one type, some produce both. But in any case, there are parameters that you need to pay attention to when buying.

  1. Blade quality. The quality of its work depends on what material the knives are made of in the machine. The difference between the types is only in spraying, which does not affect the final look of the hairstyle. The only thing – pay attention to whether you are allergic to this material. An equally common option for making blades is ceramics. Such knives do not heat up during operation, but are more expensive. There are options with self-sharpening knives, for which you need to buy lubricant from time to time.
  2. Battery Life. The average tool, on a battery, operates without recharging for about 2 hours.
  3. Number of nozzles. Four is enough for a haircut at home. Hairdressers in salons are not limited to this number.
  4. The weight. In rotary machines, the larger the engine, the greater the weight and power. But a device that is too heavy is difficult to use without interruption. Not recommended and too light: it may not “feel” in the hand.
  5. Noise level. If there are small children in the house, it is better not to buy vibration-type gadgets. During operation, they loudly “buzz” and frighten the child.
  6. Speed ​​modes. The higher the blade speed range, the better. The quality of the haircut depends on them. Beginners are advised to set low speeds, professionals – high.

Precautionary measures

List of precautions when handling the machine:

  1. Do not store the tool near hot objects.
  2. Keep out of the reach of children.
  3. Do not touch the running blades with your hands.
  4. Make sure the instrument is switched off before cleaning the instrument.
  5. Do not use at temperatures below 0 and above 40 degrees.


Sometimes during the next haircut, problems are found in the operation of the device.

Common situations:

  1. The device does not turn on.
  2. Can’t charge.
  3. The gadget lasts for 5-10 seconds of use.

In the first case, if the machine is powered by the mains, check the integrity of the power cord, in the case of battery models, the contacts may have oxidized.

The lack of recharging and rapid discharge indicates the exhaustion of the battery life – a replacement is required.

One failure has different reasons! Do not repair the device yourself, this can permanently disable the gadget.

The most common preventive measures:

  1. Knife sharpening.
  2. Cleaning and lubrication of parts.

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