The electric toothbrush

Electric toothbrushes and irrigators prevent the spread of caries, chipping of tooth enamel and bleeding gums. Suitable for use at an early age and increase the chances of improving the condition of the oral cavity.



The source of electric current for such a device is a battery or accumulator.

The battery lasts 16 hours without recharging. It needs to be charged once every two weeks. A design feature is that the battery is also used as a stand.

Battery powered toothbrushes are less bulky and have more power. It is this type of toothbrush that is often equipped with additional features that improve the brushing result.


According to the principle of the device mechanism:

  • Mechanical. This type of device cleans the teeth by rotating the head. Reciprocating movements are performed at a speed of up to 30 thousand times per minute. The speed depends on the power of the device.

Thanks to the movements of the head, the bristles loosen plaque on the surface of the teeth, and then clean it.

  • Ionic. Toothbrushes of this type do not have a mechanism that drives the head of the device.


With the help of an electric current, positive ions are activated, which are released by a titanium rod built into the brush body.

  • Sound. They clean the surface of the teeth, and also kill germs due to the sound vibrations that the high-frequency generator produces. The maximum speed reaches 18 thousand movements per minute.

The way a sonic toothbrush works is not so detrimental to tooth enamel.

  • Ultrasonic. The principle of operation is similar to sonic electric brushes. The optimization lies in the fact that the ultrasonic vibrations that are generated by the bristles of the device have a propagation radius of 3 millimeters.

Thanks to this, microbes in the oral cavity multiply more slowly, and cleaning can be done in hard-to-reach places.

electric toothbrushes

Cleaning method:

  1. vibrating;
  2. Rotating;
  3. Vibrating and rotating;
  4. With movable head;
  5. With movable bristles.

The method of cleaning for children’s brushes is softer, since the enamel on the child’s teeth is sensitive to mechanical stress. Given some of the dangers in the use of electrical appliances by children, it is advisable to use this type of brush from about the age of four.

kids electric toothbrushes

But at the age of four, the application should be partial, that is, alternate with an ordinary toothbrush. At the age of six years, you can already actively use the electric brush.

In accordance with age characteristics, the choice is made, taking into account the intensity of work, the length and volume of the handle, the stiffness of the bristles of the cleaning head. The younger the child, the softer the villi should be.

For teenage children, medium hardness is already suitable. The material from which the head is made must be artificial, as natural ones can cause harmful bacteria.

kids electric toothbrushes

The handle should not be too long and thin – the child needs to clasp it completely.

Another interesting device is the oral irrigator. The device is equipped with special nozzles, with the help of which a strong pulsating stream of water cleans the interdental spaces.

Depending on the power and attachment, the device is also used in cases where braces or braces are installed on the teeth. Often used to care for sensitive gums.

oral irrigator

You can purchase a dental center – this is a complex, which in the basic configuration consists of:

  1. An electronic unit with which charging takes place.
  2. The electric toothbrush.
  3. Irrigator.
  4. Water tank.
  5. Cleaning nozzle for cleaning in hard to reach places.
  6. Standard brush head.
  7. Nozzle for whitening.
  8. Nozzles of various modifications for the irrigator.

This complex will allow you to take care of your teeth and gums at a professional level at home.

How does it work

Principle of operation

The principle of operation is based on the use of electrical energy, which drives the cleaning head. The body and parts of the device are insulated to avoid direct contact with water.

An interesting innovation is that toothbrushes of this type are equipped with a timer. This mechanism determines the duration of brushing. The standard is 2 minutes.

Some models have a control panel with a screen. With it, the operation of the brush is controlled and adjustments are made to the basic settings.

Cleaning technology:

  • Reciprocating. Thanks to such movements, the bristles loosen plaque on the teeth, and then it, along with water flows, is removed from the oral cavity. The simplest but most effective way to eliminate plaque.


The main thing is to follow the correct technology for handling such a toothbrush – you do not need to press the handle too hard, creating additional pressure on the head.

  • Return-sweeping. The principle of operation is similar to reciprocating technology. But due to this operating mode, the loosened plaque is not removed with water, but is swept out from the surface of the enamel. This improves the result and simplifies the procedure. Often this cleaning technology is called 2D.
  • Pulsating. Creates a 3D cleaning effect. Thanks to the assisted pulsation, the bristles penetrate much further than with standard strokes.


In addition, it can remove hard dark plaque from the surface of the teeth. Has a polishing effect.

  • Sound. In addition to the function of brushing the teeth, it has a massaging effect on the gums. This process does not worsen the condition of the enamel. The impact of sound in combination with mechanical movements speed up cleaning.
  • Ultrasonic. Thanks to the ultrasonic effect, it creates not only a highly dynamic cleansing process, but also prevents the appearance of pathogenic microbes in hard-to-reach places within two to three hours.



The electric toothbrush consists of:

  1. Corps;
  2. cleaning element;
  3. control sensor;
  4. Motor;
  5. drive;
  6. sound generator;
  7. Drive.

The housing houses the drive, charger, sensor and generator. Each of the components is isolated from moisture. Due to such a heap of mechanisms, the body-handle is much more massive than that of conventional toothbrushes.

Not only the mechanical vibrations of the cleaning head improve the quality of cleaning the oral cavity, but also the dynamic movement of the liquid, which, thanks to the streams consisting of saliva, water and paste, additionally cleans hard-to-reach places.

The sound waves emitted by the bristles create additional dynamics. Together, all these effects lead to effective cleansing of enamel from plaque.

Each type of brush requires regular replacement of the cleaning head, as the bristles accumulate pathogenic microbes. This is done every three months. In addition, additional nozzles are used.

Designed for sensitive teeth and bleeding gums. They have a high degree of cleaning of the teeth in comparison with conventional toothbrushes.

Thanks to the active display, the user knows whether he is pressing the handle correctly, how long one area is being treated, and when and how to change components.


Functions of Electric Toothbrushes:

  • Daily 3D cleaning. Allows you to maintain the microbalance of the oral cavity. Thanks to the pulsating cleaning technology, it fights germs of any kind and does not harm the enamel of the teeth.
  • Cleaning sensitive teeth implies a gentle operation of the device itself and a special nozzle. The bristles should be of medium length and stiffness.
  • gum massage produced using a special nozzle. In addition to the fleecy component, a rubber or silicone insert may be present, which will improve gum blood flow with massage movements.
  • Teeth polishing carried out thanks to the sonic type of cleaning. Thanks to sound vibrations, the enamel is cleared of plaque and protected from the imminent appearance of a new one.
  • deep cleaning makes an irrigator that prevents gum problems. Care with the help of such a device is equated to a professional one.

Irrigator does deep cleaning

  • tongue cleaning carried out thanks to the outside of the cleaning head.
  • motor drives the bristles and head of the toothbrush.
  • Pressure meter determines the force with which the hand presses on the toothbrush.
  • Timers to determine when to brush your teeth.
  • Reminder function about changing the cleaning head.

Reminder function to change the cleaning head.

The standard irrigator set contains:

  1. cleaning head.
  2. Chargerif the model is equipped with a battery.
  3. If the unit is powered by batteries, then the kit includes prototypes.

Professional cleaning is ensured thanks to the range of nozzles:

Professional cleaning is ensured thanks to the range of nozzles:

The standard equipment is complemented by devices that simplify operation:

  • Pen holders.
  • Travel charger. This accessory is constantly forgotten at home when they go on a business trip or vacation, and travel chargers can always be in the bag. In addition, the road analogue has smaller dimensions.
  • Cases find application in transportation or even at home. Thus, the brush is protected from dust and other microbes on the surface of the cleaning head. The design of the case is developed in accordance with safety standards in order to maintain the integrity of the case.
  • At home, special fasteners can be used instead of a coverwith which the device is fixed on the wall. With the help of such a device, space is saved on the bathroom shelves and the brush is securely fixed.


The cleaning head is more common round. Thanks to this shape, you can easily clean hard-to-reach places. The size of the circle does not interfere with cleaning and creates the desired amplitude of oscillation.

Villi on round heads are found:

  • straight;
  • placed at an angle of 30-40 degrees;
  • located at an angle relative to each other.

The oval cleaning head is often found in sonic and ultrasonic models. Thanks to this shape, a sufficient surface area is treated, helping to clean and polish the enamel.

Combination cleaning heads are found in all stores. Thanks to the curly structure, a multilateral action on tooth enamel is performed – cleaning and polishing.

Pros of electric toothbrushes


  • An electric brush creates the same pressure on problem areas of tooth enamel, which favorably affects the condition of the teeth. Even cleaning does not injure the gums, and the condition of the teeth depends on the health of the gums.
  • Thanks to the electrical system, which saves you from having to move the cleaning head, the procedure becomes more effective, even if it lasts only 2-3 minutes.

Dentists recommend brushing your teeth for 5 minutes, but due to the fast pace of life, this advice is difficult to follow. Therefore, the electric brush is an indispensable tool in the fight for oral health.

  • High efficiency in the fight against microbes. By removing plaque from the surface of the teeth and tongue, there is no chance for bacteria to recover quickly. Thus, the risk of caries and tartar formation is reduced, and breath freshness is maintained for a long time.
  • Thanks to an electric toothbrush, it is easier for a child to accustom to a hygienic procedure – the baby is interested in the culture of hygiene.
  • Nozzles can be selected individually. If there are problems with the gums, then it is necessary to choose a cleaning head equipped with rubber protectors that will massage the problem areas.

the electric toothbrush

  • Most electric toothbrushes are equipped with a special mechanism – an irrigator, which will facilitate and optimize oral care in case braces or aligners are installed. Thus, there is no need to specifically buy an irrigator.
  • In parallel, accessories and additional devices are produced that will facilitate operation.

the electric toothbrush

Irrigator benefits:

  1. An effective tool in the fight against caries.
  2. Improves gum health.
  3. Prevents gum damage and promotes faster healing.
  4. Cleans hard-to-reach places from plaque.
  5. The ideal device for the care of prostheses and implants.
  6. Effectively cleans braces and braces to align teeth.
  7. Prevents bad breath.
  8. Improving the functioning of the salivary glands and the state of the microflora of the mouth.

Cons of electric toothbrushes


  1. High price. Even a device of elementary design costs ten times more than a conventional toothbrush.
  2. Sometimes it is difficult to choose a toothbrush of this type right away because the handle or cleaning head design is not suitable for the user. You cannot change the purchased brush, so you have to buy a new one.
  3. Do not use an electric brush for cleaning if there are initial problems with the teeth. It is undesirable to use if there is tartar on the teeth. If the gums bleed heavily, then you should not use such a toothbrush either.


Difficulties in operation:

  • The device should be recharged periodically.
  • There are problems with the structure of the cleaning head: an inappropriate shape or bristle arrangement will not be able to clean the teeth of plaque efficiently.
  • Proper brushing technique with an electric toothbrush is also important. Due to the dynamics of the cleaning process, you cannot apply additional pressure or guide the device yourself. This can adversely affect tooth enamel and gum health.


  • In case of mechanical damage (for example, falling), the device breaks down and cannot be repaired.
  • The dynamic operation of the electric brush leads to the fact that the seals and pins are destroyed, therefore, in such cases, the use of this device is contraindicated.
  • The appliance is electric, so the usage measures are similar to the instructions for use of household electrical appliances.

How to choose an electric toothbrush

How to choose

There is a set of rules that will help in choosing:

  • To adapt to the operation of this device, you can first buy an electric brush with batteries. Thus, it is possible to choose the shape of the cleaning head and the geometrical parameters of the handle. Such devices are not very expensive.
  • In addition to the general structure of the brush, you need to determine the stiffness of the bristles. Medium hardness is suitable, but if there are problems with bleeding gums, it is better to stop at the option with soft bristles. Such rigidity is usually offered to children.

For high-quality cleaning of the teeth and the space between them, the bristles consist of sections of different lengths and density. The ends of the bristles are necessarily beveled, on one side.

Only such a cleaning head device is suitable for teeth with a non-standard structure.

For effective use, you should stop at the version of the cleaning head, when the movement of the bristles is made in two directions. It doesn’t matter if it is a sound effect or an ultrasonic effect, the main thing is the principle of movement. This cleaning technology treats the tooth evenly on both sides.

  • It is better to opt for a toothbrush with a small round head, since this shape and miniature size allow you to clean your teeth from plaque even in hard-to-reach places.
  • To protect the teeth from excessive mechanical stress, electric brushes with a timer and a display are purchased. The latter shows the exposure time and signals an excessive load.

electric toothbrush with timer and display

  • Ideally, if the electric brush has several cleaning modes.

By adjusting the speed and technique of cleaning, you can increase the quality of the procedure and affect problem areas.

To make the right choice, you need to consult a dentist. It will accurately indicate the main features of the state of the oral cavity. If not all the dentist’s advice is suitable, then you can rely on your own feelings.

The aesthetic side is also important – the buyer must like the device, otherwise the use will not bring any pleasure.

Which is better

Which is better

Criterias of choice:

  • Proportions. The handle should not be too long or too short, as this can lead to incorrect brushing technique and change the angle of the bristles. As a result, there are problems with tooth enamel and gums.
  • It is advisable to choose a round head of small diameter.
  • The bristles should be of different lengths and thicknesses, laid at the same angle and must be kept in the appropriate proportion. The location is symmetrical about the center of the head.
  • The material for the bristles is used only artificial, since colonies of pathogenic bacteria accumulate in the natural and it is not amenable to chemical or heat treatment.

The device must have the function of changing nozzles, otherwise the brush will be disposable.

  • The body is made of rubber. This will reduce the chance of current flow to the handle. It will also reduce the risk of breakage in case of mechanical damage to the surface when falling on the tile.
  • Several modes of operation of the electric toothbrush, which are designed for comprehensive oral care.
  • Model with timer and work sensor.
  • The optimal device, in addition to mechanical action, also has ultrasonic. Only such a cleaning technology will well free the oral cavity from plaque and pathogenic bacteria.
  • Components and accessories. It is important that the device can be easily transported and stored in any conditions.
  • Well, if the storage of electric current is a battery. The runtime will be much longer than batteries.

How to use

Operating conditions

Cleaning technology:

  1. The duration is 2-3 minutes. If the duration is shorter, then the plaque will not be cleaned off, but will remain on the enamel in a loosened state.
  2. The duration of treatment of one tooth is no more than 2-3 seconds. In this case, the direction of the brush is determined in accordance with the shape of the tooth from all sides.
  3. The brush head is placed parallel to the gum line during the process. Otherwise, the bristles will not clean the teeth at the base of the gums, then pathogenic bacteria can lead to the appearance of caries or tartar.
  4. You can not further enhance the mechanical movements of the electric toothbrush. This can only exacerbate existing shortcomings.
  5. The procedure is carried out twice a day to prevent the development of pathogenic microbes.

Usage and Precautions:

Usage and Precautions:

After each use, be sure to thoroughly rinse the cleaning head from toothpaste residue. For better cleaning, wash the bristles in a concentrated soapy solution. In this case, water is used slightly warm, since under the influence of high temperatures the bristles are deformed.

When using a rechargeable or battery model, it is important to monitor the charge level. The device must not be completely discharged.

If the charge level is insufficient, the device may turn off by itself or work at a low speed. Do not leave the device on recharging unattended – if the battery overheats, it will fail.

On the outside of the bristle head, there is usually a rubber ribbed platform, with which you can clean the surface of the tongue from plaque. This will keep your breath fresh for a long time and reduce bacteria.

The device must not be stored in dampness – after each use, the bristles must be wiped from excess moisture. The handle needs conditions of complete isolation from water and dampness.

Often, the device is not stored on a shelf, but on a special mount that keeps the device suspended.

When transporting, be sure to put the brush and all additional attributes in a special case. This will simplify transportation and maintain integrity.



If there is a problem with factory non-compliance with the standards, the brush is replaced with a similar one in cost. In some stores, the amount paid is refunded.

The warranty period is usually 2 years, but some devices remain under warranty for 1.5 years.

If the device was subjected to non-standard mechanical stress, was kept in the wrong conditions, or was not used for its intended purpose, then the store will not replace spare parts for free.

If the service center during the diagnostics determined that the breakdown occurred due to premature wear of the device parts, then free repairs within the framework of the warranty provided take place within one week.

In the event that the replacement of a part lasts longer than the specified period, contact the central service center to resolve the situation.

Self Service

Self service

If the product is no longer under warranty, but there is a breakdown, then contact the service center. If they cannot help, then use the services of the repair center of the store where the purchase was made.

In this case, troubleshooting is done for money, but it turns out to be much cheaper than buying a new unit.

When the breakdown is not serious, repair work is done independently.

Breakdowns that at first glance seem simple can carry an additional threat (poorly made insulation, direct electrical connection of the battery and charger wires).

Sometimes you just need to replace a worn part. It will not be possible to find the necessary component in a regular store, since this is a specific product. But some parts are ordered online.

It is better to trust service centers in this matter, since the device requires special equipment and skills to fix the breakdown.



  • AEG provides a wide range of models of irrigators and electric toothbrushes of different cleaning technologies.

There is a range of nozzles and accessories. It is popular because the pricing policy of the company is moderate.

The company provides a guarantee for goods for up to one year. Replacement of spare parts and components is problematic, as some of the devices are represented by a small volume of production.


  • Aqua-Jet is a company producing dental offices that are equipped with the latest technology.

In addition to dental offices, the company produces brushes and irrigators. The choice of electric brushes – mechanical, ultrasonic and sonic.

Irrigators are equipped with a mount for different nozzles. 10 modes of operation and regulation of water pressure prevail.

Warranty period of 2 years. It will not be possible to repair the complex on its own due to the complex device. The company’s products are very popular in Europe.

Aqua Jet

  • B.Well specialize in electric toothbrushes and dental centers.

It produces not only personal hygiene devices, but also accessories for them. On sale there are products for the care of the oral cavity, toothbrushes and irrigators.

The company’s warranty periods do not usually exceed a year and a half. Since the company’s products have a high-quality assembly, it is difficult to find parts on them. But if you contact the repair center, then help will be provided quickly.

B. Well

  • Braun enjoys huge popularity in the European market. The firm manufactures a variety of accessory equipment that complements electric toothbrushes and dental centers.

Irrigators are completed on the basis of professional equipment. They have many functions for cleaning the gums and gaps between the teeth, and are also equipped with powerful reservoirs.

Models are available for users of all income levels. The warranty period of use is from one to two years (depending on the complexity of the mechanism).


  • CS Medica is a popular brand among professional dentists. Offers a wide range of electric toothbrushes.

Each model is characterized by individual features and functional ranges. Ultrasonic brushes have three to four modes of operation and two nozzles – standard and professional.

The warranty period is one and a half years.

C.S. Medica

  • Donfeel – it is easy to purchase devices of this brand, as it is distributed all over the world.

Irrigators and toothbrushes of this manufacturer have a self-cleaning system – ultraviolet nozzles that are worn on the cleaning head. Toothbrushes of various modifications – ultrasonic, sonic and mechanical.

The warranty period of the device is two years.


  • Emmi-Dent is a manufacturer that offers a range of electric toothbrushes and dental centers at affordable prices. The brand is widespread in Europe.

The dental centers operate silently and are equipped with additional devices for disinfecting the cleaning heads. All kinds of accessories and components for devices are produced.

Warranty period of operation is 1-2 years.

Emmi Dent

  • Hapica has a wide range. Models are equipped with ultrasonic cleaning technology.

If we compare this company with competitors, then it is not particularly popular in terms of quality. But the pricing policy makes the products in demand among the segments of the population with an average income.

Warranty – from 8 to 12 months. Irrigators are guaranteed for 2 years.


  • Jetpik is a popular brand of electric brushes. The warranty for the goods of this company is 1-2 years. Repair of such devices can take a long time, as the volume of production is limited.

The irrigators of this company are equipped with dental floss and action indicators. Lightweight and easy to use. The motor runs silently.

It also manufactures oral care products.


  • The range of Panasonic products and components brings this company to the first rating steps. It produces high-quality irrigators, toothbrushes and dental centers.

Plus – a moderate pricing policy and quality of goods. The warranty period of the product is 1-2.5 years and depends on the functional features.


  • Philips has a wide range of hygiene products and operates worldwide.

Warranty periods for the use of goods depend on the price and quality of spare parts. For toothbrushes, the guarantee is 6-12 months, for irrigators – 2 years.


  • VES distributes multifunctional irrigators and electric toothbrushes.

It produces devices of various configurations – with several modes of operation, removable nozzles. The power supply is her innovation: it is contactless and supports 12 sessions of 2 minutes.

Each device is equipped with a special monitor that informs the owner about the battery status, health and other indicators of the device.

The choice of toothbrushes from this manufacturer is very modest: battery-powered travel brush – one model; ultrasonic electric brushes – 3 models.

Provides a one and a half year warranty on battery-powered ultrasonic electric toothbrushes. Irrigators remain under warranty for up to 2 years.


  • Waterpik is popular for irrigators. Toothbrushes are represented by several old-style sound models. Each is equipped with a medium power battery.

Technological characteristics are represented by two modes of operation, eight-hour charging and a timer. The guarantee for personal care products is 2 years.

Irrigators of this manufacturer work on modern technologies:

  • Ten operating modes;
  • Work from the electrical network;
  • Silent motor;
  • Universal in build – suitable for adults and children;
  • Large water tanks;
  • 360 degree reach head;
  • Each device comes with 7 additional attachments.

The company also manufactures travel irrigators. The package bundle is less than that of a stationary one, but the power and functions are the same.


  • WaterShot is a distributor of various product categories. Irrigators and electric toothbrushes are presented. The guarantee for irrigators does not exceed two years. On brushes – 1-1.5 years.

They distribute mechanical brushes that do not differ from other manufacturers in terms of technological characteristics.

Irrigators have the functions of cleaning and maintaining microflora, which are aimed at eliminating plaque and bacterial contamination of the oral cavity.

water shot

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