Standalone clipper

Choosing a clipper is a topical issue for professional hairdressers and people who want to maintain a stylish look at home.

Today, stand-alone models are popular, as they have a lot of advantages, and therefore often become the object of attention of buyers.


Unlike rotary and vibrating machines, autonomous (battery) machines in hairdressing salons are used for edging hair, and are necessary to give it the correct shape after creating the main hairstyle. However, at home, they can also be used to create haircuts.

They are light in weight due to the low power motor. This machine does not vibrate during operation and does not generate noise. It does not need to be connected to the mains for operation, which is convenient when traveling. If necessary, an autonomous machine can be connected to the mains.

Most models use nickel-cadmium batteries. Compared to lithium-ion batteries, they have one significant drawback – they should be charged only after a complete discharge and until fully charged. Otherwise, the battery capacity will gradually decrease, which will negatively affect the duration of the device itself.

The average duration of the device, on a single battery charge, is 1-1.5 hours. The maximum motor power is 12W, which is less than in rotary models.

The cutting blades of the stand-alone tool can be made of stainless steel or ceramic material. Steel is the more common and less expensive option, but it does start to heat up with prolonged use, which is not the case with ceramics.

Pros and cons of a standalone clipper

Advantages of autonomous machines:

  • Battery powered;
  • No extra vibration
  • Ease of construction;
  • Possibility of using with wet haircut, if it is provided by the design;
  • Many additional functions and auxiliary nozzles;
  • Ergonomic body;
  • A regulator that allows you to control the length of the cut hair;
  • Impact resistance.

The disadvantages of such machines:

  • Insignificant battery capacity;
  • Low motor power;
  • The need for regular cleaning and lubrication of the blades;
  • Influence of the battery level on the speed of the cutting unit.

Taking into account the features of autonomous clippers, it should be concluded that such devices are problematic to use in hairdressing and beauty salons, where there is a need to work with a constant flow of customers.

They are better suited for use at home, as the average duration of operation, with a fully charged battery, is about 1 hour, which is enough to create one haircut.

How to choose a standalone clipper

What to look for when choosing an autonomous machine:

  1. Engine power – determines the speed of the blades that cut the hair. The average figure for this type of machine is 12-15 watts. When the battery runs out, the speed will gradually decrease, which will affect the quality of the haircut.
  2. Equipment – in addition to the hairdressing machine itself, the kit should include a power supply that simultaneously acts as a charger. In addition, the kit should contain various nozzles, a brush for cleaning, oil for lubrication. In some models, the package includes additional knife blocks.
  3. Housing material – Manufactured from light metal alloy. The advantage of this material is lightness, which makes working with the device convenient and pleasant. There are models with a plastic case, but they are characterized by low strength.
  4. Blades – the main element of the hairdresser’s tool. The most common materials are ceramic and stainless steel. Equipment with ceramic knives is much more expensive, but it is durable and does not heat up during prolonged use. They are very sharp and do not require regular sharpening.

  1. Additional coatings – stainless steel blades are often coated with diamond or titanium coating. The advantage of diamond coating is the ability to work with any type of hair. Titanium coating is characterized by hypoallergenic properties and does not cause irritation on the skin.
  2. nozzles – on stand-alone models for haircuts, both fixed nozzles are used, which can only cut hair to a certain length, and adjustable ones, in which the length of the cut varies. When choosing, it is recommended to pay attention to the number of nozzles, the material from which they are made, the quality of fixation on the device head. The standard kit includes nozzles for 3 mm, 6 mm, 9 mm, 12 mm. In some models there are nozzles of 1-2 mm.
  3. Battery capacity – for use at home, a device with a capacity sufficient to work for 50-60 minutes is suitable. For use in hairdressing salons, the optimal battery capacity is 2-3 hours of battery life.

In order to choose a suitable haircut device, it is important to consider, in addition to technical characteristics, also ergonomic properties. Before buying, it is recommended to hold the device in your hand, to feel how comfortable it is.

The best ergonomic characteristics are devices with a rubberized handle. Such models do not slip, do not fall out of the hands, and the hands get tired less during constant work.

It is important to pay attention to whether the blade is removed. With regular and prolonged use, it can become dull. In addition, it may be necessary to replace the knife block in case of breakage. It is recommended to choose models on which the blades are mounted on clamps, and not screwed on.

The edges of the cutting elements that cut the hair when creating hairstyles should be sharpened at an angle of 45 degrees. Thus, the knife block sharpens itself during operation, becoming sharper.

Operation and care

Rules for operating a stand-alone clipper:

  1. Charger – Before mowing, fully charge the battery, as this will ensure good engine speed. It is better to charge the device after the battery is completely discharged, as this will not affect the battery capacity.
  2. Purity – it is recommended to cut the hair with the device after pre-washing the hair. After washing, it is recommended to dry them, as wet hair can be cut poorly, especially if the device is equipped with a weak motor.
  3. Nozzle selection – to obtain the desired length, you need to choose the right nozzle. After installation, make sure that the nozzle is firmly fixed and does not move during operation.
  4. Direction of movement – the head of the machine must move against the growth of the hair. If you swipe in the direction of growth, the cutting elements will not be able to cut the hair thoroughly.
  5. Smoothness of movement – even if the knives are sharp and of high quality, it is required to guide the tool smoothly. Thus, the knives will cut all the hairs to the desired length, and the stroke of the device will be much softened.
  6. Shutdown – if the device is powered by the mains, turn off the device with care. It is not recommended to pull the cord of the device, as this leads to damage to its integrity. Gently turn off the device if it overheats.

The machine requires careful maintenance, otherwise its service life will be reduced many times over.

How to properly care:

  1. Blade care – Regular cleaning of the blade blocks reduces friction and wear. After each haircut, it is recommended to clean the knives using a special brush that is included in the kit. In addition, the knife block needs to be lubricated regularly. For cleaning and lubrication, it is better to remove the blades, if this is provided for by the design.
  2. Removal of hair residue – if it is not possible to remove the cutting unit without disassembling the tool, you can remove the remnants of cut hair and dust with a hair dryer. After the procedure, the device must be turned on for 3-5 minutes. In addition, the knives can be gently washed under running water, but this should be done in such a way that water does not get under the body.
  3. Lubricant – apply lubricant in such a way that it does not fall under the teeth of the blades. This is easier to do with a pipette, after disassembling the knife block. Previously, it is recommended to wipe the blade plates with a napkin or a piece of cloth.
  4. Storage – Store the tool in a dry, dust-free place. You can store the device in its original packaging or in a special case. It is important that direct sunlight, moisture, dust do not fall on the case. If the tool will not be used for a long period of time, it is recommended to remove the blade unit from the tool.

Care must be regular and competent, which will ensure the device’s durability and functionality.

Without a doubt, battery models are functional and practical hairdressing tools that can be used both at home and in beauty salons.

With a competent approach to the choice, and compliance with the rules of operation and maintenance, such a device will please the owner with durable and reliable work.

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