Scales with body composition analysis

To maintain health, it is important to track fluctuations in body weight. Doctors associate sudden weight changes with a serious illness. It is not possible to track vibrations on your own without this device. In addition, the device is necessary when doing sports, fitness, yoga, or when you are on a diet.

Having accidentally stumbled upon a new device, the desire to get this weight analyzer immediately arises. After all, with the help of the apparatus it is determined what kind of changes occur in the body: muscles melt or kilocalories decrease.

Using ordinary household appliances, we only know the number of kilograms. But sometimes you need to find out what percentage of fat, water, bone tissue is contained in the body. A person with a certain body weight can have 15 percent fat and water – a healthy body. Or with the same amount of kilograms more than 30%, which will lead to pathological changes.


Principle of operation

Quite often, after the first week, without seeing visible changes in the mirror, many quit classes. But in vain. To clearly track the effect of training or diet, analyzers are a must. The main “enemies” are excess fats and water contained in our body.

You can find out these indicators using a smart assistant. You can buy along with other models in an ordinary store – the device is positioned as a household one with additional functions. No additional certification is required.

The first rule is to choose a stable model just for you. Feel free to ask the seller to open the box in the store and stand on them for a while.

Electronic sensors are usually located in the legs. You will have to get up exactly on the zones specially marked for the feet, otherwise you can slip off without receiving truthful evidence. It is necessary to choose the size and choose so that the device is equipped with anti-slip material.

It is strictly forbidden to use for people with a built-in pacemaker, it is not recommended for pregnant women and those undergoing dialysis. Not recommended for children under 7 years of age.

It is necessary on an empty stomach after morning cleansing procedures to be tested on an electronic fat analyzer. To do this, sit on a stand, taking a stable position.

The device delivers weak electrical discharges. Takes into account the different resistance of muscles, bones, fat and soft tissues, displays data on the percentage of constituent parts on the monitor.

The loss of electrical impulse that occurs with excess fat served as the basis for the creation of these modern devices.

6 main parameters are determined:

  • mass index determines the state of the body – the norm, obesity, deficiency. The ideal weight is calculated based on the individual parameters of each person;
  • muscle volume is an energy consumer. With intense physical exertion, with an increase in muscle mass, fat burning begins. But the muscles begin to intensively absorb the protein that the body receives either from food or at its own expense.

Losing pounds on low-calorie diets is not due to the burning of fat cells, but to the loss of muscle mass. Therefore, a person after such a diet very quickly begins to gain weight again.

When exercising, you need to monitor the loss of extra pounds to make sure that the process occurs due to fat burning. To do this, you need to eat a balanced diet, be sure to include proteins in the diet, since protein deficiency negatively affects the state of human health, reducing vitality.

  • body fat percentage – subcutaneous fat. With an excess, it will create a lot of problems, this is an additional burden on the cardiovascular system. We must not forget that every kilogram of body fat sprouts more than a kilometer of blood vessels. Additionally, it carries a lot of toxins and toxins, disrupts the hormonal background;
  • visceral fat – will clearly show the obesity of the internal organs. Its high content is accompanied by diabetes mellitus and cardiovascular abnormalities. Reducing this parameter has a beneficial effect on health;
  • basal metabolism – metabolism. The normal functioning of organs depends on how quickly the processes of metabolism and removal of waste substances from the body pass. With the help of scales, the required number of calories per day is calculated and a diet is drawn up;
  • water is the basis of life. It accompanies life-supporting processes, is responsible for well-being, removes unnecessary substances, helps to provide tissues with oxygen and nutrients. Makes up to 75 percent of the body;
  • mineral bone mass normally it is about 1 kilogram of calcium, which will ensure the strength of the skeleton, is responsible for the mobility of muscles and ligaments;
  • metabolic age – determines the normal functioning of internal organs. Try to be no higher than the calendar indicated in the passport.

The principle of operation is based on the fact that each tissue and organ has its own electrical conductivity value.

Scale functions with body composition analysis


When examining professional athletes or in large medical centers, complex high-tech electronic devices are used – professional scales connected to a PC and a built-in printer with special software.

Such a device:

  • will allow you to make individual printouts for developing a diet and training program, taking into account the characteristics of each organism;
  • will perform a cross-sectional analysis. Before the procedure, enter the last name, initials, height, age, gender – useful for comparing subsequent results and for obtaining detailed information. Able to remember previous measurements;
  • using adjustable parameters, the device provides a comparative analysis and dynamics of changes in basal metabolism;
  • determine the percentage of water in the body;
  • will determine in kilograms bone and muscle mass;
  • will show the percentage of visceral and subcutaneous fat;
  • will calculate the daily ration in kcal;
  • will make the BMI mass index calculation.

In the free sale are offered scales for domestic use. They are less accurate, but will reveal to you an anamnesis of the state of the body. They are divided into 2 types – with 2 or 4 sensors. Equipped with 4-hand and 4-foot electrodes will ensure the accuracy of the result.


  • work from a network and from the accumulator.
  • designed for body weight up to 200 kilograms;
  • memory stores indicators of 4 – 8 people, depending on the model;
  • built-in “Guest” mode;
  • equipment with the “Athlete” mode – for effective fitness;
  • special mode “Only weight”;
  • viewing of previous indicators is provided.

How to use a body composition scale


Before taking readings, place the smart scale on a flat surface.

The first rule that must be strictly followed in order to obtain results – measurements should be taken at the same time, on an empty stomach (last meal more than 3 hours before taking the results) and after cleansing procedures.

The measurement results depend on the fluid content in the body. This indicator varies greatly during the day and depends on a number of reasons. After exercise, at least 10 hours should pass.

Secondly: keep track of the correct installation of the feet on the device, sensors, specially delineated zones, otherwise the device will show you incorrect data.

Thirdly: take readings with bare feet, the material of the socks can change the conductivity of electrical discharges.

Especially for ladies: do not take the readings of the device too close to heart on critical days. The percentage of fluid during this period increases – therefore, you will be shown a reduced amount of fat, which will be incorrect.

Precautionary measures

Precautionary measures

Keep away from heat sources. Do not let children use instead of a toy.

The service life will increase if the following recommendations are observed:

  • wipe with a damp cloth;
  • do not jump on the device and do not make sudden movements;
  • do not use abrasive products, solvents for cleaning;
  • do not repair the device yourself;
  • for maintenance, please contact only service centers;
  • do not allow the device to come into contact with liquids to avoid incorrect readings of the scales;
  • Do not leave the machine in places with high humidity.

The most common problem is the screen, which breaks after 1.5-2 years. Floor analyzer scales should not be thrown, mechanical damage is also a problem that occurs when used improperly.

To use on an uneven surface means to knock down the entered settings. The device needs regular wiping of bioelectric contacts, buttons and a window.

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