Rotary shavers with floating heads

rotary electric shavers

Rotary electric shavers are devices equipped with one or more (often three) shaving heads. Each of the heads is covered with a thin round mesh, in the slots of which the bristles fall.

A rotor-knife is mounted under the mesh, which rotates at a speed of several thousand revolutions per minute during operation. The knife is made in the form of a multi-beam star, each ray of which is sharpened on one side. The lattice of a round mesh is presented in the form of wire-knives. When the rotor starts to move, one blade lifts the hair, and the second cuts it at the right angle.

Pros and Cons of Floating Head Rotary Electric Shavers

Thanks to the thoughtful design of the holes in the heads, the hairs are directed directly into the cutting block. The process of such a shave is comparable to the work of scissors – the hair, being between two blades, is cut off at the very base. In this case, the skin of the face does not come into direct contact with the blades.

The first rotary shavers had one head, but new generation models usually have three. To ensure a thorough fit to the skin, they are positioned to each other at the required angle.

When buying an electric razor, men think about what type of devices to give preference to: rotary or no less popular mesh? Each of these types has strengths and weaknesses.


  • The design of the nozzle is such that it adapts to the contours of the face, and this results in a close shave;
  • A large number of rotating knives speeds up the process;
  • Almost all new models are equipped with floating heads, which significantly increase the smoothness of the shave and reduce the risk of irritation;
  • Under the root, a very short and unevenly regrown bristle is removed;
  • Movable nozzles of such razors are not subject to mechanical damage, which significantly increases the service life.

The design of the device is such that accidental damage to the skin by the blades is excluded.


  • Shaving heads become clogged and require constant care;
  • Shaving occurs in circles, which does not allow delineating the border of a beard or mustache;
  • Causes irritation in people with sensitive skin, and in cases where the blades become dull and pull out hairs;
  • Big sizes.

Rotary shavers are suitable for people whose skin is not prone to irritation, as well as those whose stubble grows unevenly.

How to use a rotary electric shaver

Preparation for the procedure

So that as a result of shaving the skin becomes smooth, and at the end of it there is no irritation, you should carefully prepare. To begin with, the skin is cleaned of sebum and dirt, and then moisturized with a towel soaked in warm water and slightly wrung out.

You need to rub your face with a little pressure, and then let the skin dry. Then the razor will capture all the hairs, and auxiliary cosmetics (when used) will be distributed evenly.

shaving process

If a dry shaving method is chosen, then it is advisable to purchase a special lotion with a disinfecting effect for it. It happens that at the end of the process, the skin experiences significant discomfort – in this situation, a prepared lotion will help, which will quickly restore the skin.

If a special shaving gel or foam is chosen for shaving, then they must be used in accordance with the instructions on the bottle.

The sequence of actions is as follows:

  • First, smooth circular movements are carried out with a razor on the cheeks towards and away from the chin;
  • Then they shave the neck, moving the device from the throat to the chin and vice versa;
  • The mustache area is treated last. To obtain smooth skin, during the “dry” procedure, the device is moved as slowly as possible. With a “wet” shave, more product can be applied to the mustache area.

If the skin is slightly stretched in the process, then as a result it will become smoother.

When shaving occurs with the help of special cosmetics, then at the end of the procedure, the skin is rinsed. If some areas are processed poorly, then you need to go over them again, but without cream or gel. If the skin is damaged, it is urgent to treat it with a disinfecting lotion.

In conclusion, it is advisable to apply a special cosmetic product (cream, gel, balm) to the treated surfaces, which will avoid irritation and quickly restore the skin.

It is not recommended to press hard on the skin during the procedure. This will not improve the quality of shaving, but at the same time there is a risk of getting unnecessary irritation.

How to care

care rotary electric shavers

Each of the technical devices requires careful regular maintenance. This is especially true for personal hygiene devices, which include an electric razor. Craftsmen specializing in the repair of electric shavers often see the causes of breakdowns in improper care.

An electric razor is intended for personal use, so you should not lend it to anyone, nor use devices that belong to other people.

For long-term and efficient operation of the device, it must be cleaned of cut hairs with a special brush after each procedure. This will not only guarantee a long service life of the device, but also a high-quality, productive shave. If hairs remain in the holes of the mesh, then subsequent use will not give a smooth shave, since it will no longer be possible to carefully capture the bristles.

It is recommended to disassemble the shaving heads once every six months and clean them of hairs and dust.

After cleaning, turn on the device for a couple of seconds, keeping it away from your eyes so that flying hairs do not get into your eyes.

Some users swap movable and fixed elements of blade pairs in order to improve the performance of the razor. But this should not be done, since the knives rub against each other during operation, so changing their places will not give the intended effect. If the procedure for parsing the device causes difficulties, then it is better to entrust this matter to a professional.

In the event that the razor is washable, caring for it becomes much easier. It is required to rinse it under running tap water, and use a drop of liquid soap as a cleanser. In addition, special sprays are available to remove hairs and traces of sebum from the shaving block. First, the spray is sprayed onto both shaving elements, and the excess is removed using a napkin or piece of cloth.

To restore the properties of the razor, you need to replace the shaving elements after 18 months of active use. During this period, the blades will wear out a lot, so replacing them will return the device to its original shaving qualities.

How to choose a floating head rotary electric shaver

selection of rotary electric shavers

Points to consider when choosing a rotary electric shaver:

The number of shaving heads – the more there are, the better the device shaves, but the higher its price;

Mobility of the shaving elements – the floating head will ensure adherence to the skin and give it smoothness and comfort;

Wet shaving is possible with most devices. Rotary electric shavers shave cleaner than foil shavers, but increase the risk of redness and itching, so this feature will come in handy for people whose skin is sensitive and prone to irritation;

The trimmer will be of interest to men who wear a beard or mustache. This device trims sideburns, trims a beard or mustache. Rotary shavers use a retractable trimmer, which is a separate blade.

Choice by type of food. If the device is able to work only from the network, then it will be inconvenient to use it.

The device, equipped with a battery, is used anywhere and does not depend on the presence of a nearby outlet.

In addition, the cordless razor is very convenient to take with you on a long journey – it will give you the opportunity to shave anywhere and anytime. When choosing such a device, you need to pay attention to the battery capacity and the duration of its operation.

Docking station with cleaning function. Such an element disinfects the blades, reducing the risk of irritation during shaving.

The device can be equipped with indicators that inform the owner about the condition of the knives, the level of charge, and so on. These functions are not so important, however, they make the use of the device more convenient.


faulty rotary electric shavers

The device does not shave smoothly

The reason is clogging of the cutter head. To correct the situation, the device is disconnected from the mains, and then clean the cutter heads with a soft brush. Then remove the knife block, clean it from the inside and blow it with air.

The appliance makes a lot of noise

A loud shaver may be the result of a clogged head. After cleaning it, you need to put the element in place, lubricating the mesh with special oil.

Slow instrument operation

If the device is running at a low speed, then its parts may not be installed correctly after cleaning or replacement. The solution is to disassemble the device and check the accuracy of the location of the components.

Case heating

The heating of the device occurs due to the fact that there is no contact in the cord. If traces of burning or melting are found on it, then the cord needs to be replaced.

The second reason may be a malfunction of the electric motor or battery.

If the micromotor is damaged, it will need to be replaced, but this is far from justified from an economic point of view.

The device does not work

The supply voltage is not correct. The solution is to check the position of the power switch on the instrument.

Bitten knives

To confirm this cause, you will need to remove the cutter head and check the operation of the electric motor. If the motor is fixed, then the cause is the cutter head, which will need to be replaced.

Plug or cord malfunction

To identify this reason, the cord is called using a tester, touching one end of the probe to the pin of the plug, and the other to the contact on the other end of the cord. If the cord is broken, then the contact may disappear and then appear. The solution to the problem is to replace the cord.

Switch damaged

It is called in this way: tester probes are applied to its contacts and the switch is pressed two or three times. If the switch is working, then the circuit closes when it is turned on, and the tester shows a zero resistance value.

Damaged motor – needs to be replaced.

The charger is damaged and needs to be replaced.

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