Rotary hair clippers

Rotary clippers are devices that work based on an electric motor, but the blades do not rotate, but move in a straight line, back and forth due to an eccentric.

Principle of operation


The operation of the rotary machine is provided by a mini electric motor, the power of which is indicated in the passport data in revolutions per minute (3000 – 9000 rpm), or in watts (15-45 W). This allows you to work for a long time without stopping, but at the same time not to heat up, because. the design uses forced cooling.

In addition, the noise level and vibration are lower than other types of machines, such as vibrating machines. The power of the engine copes with tough and especially thick hair. These devices are characterized by high strength, durability and reliability.

Knives are used removable, the principle of their fastening is almost identical for all models – snap fastening.

Differences between vibration and rotary:
In vibrating machines, the mobility of the knives is provided by an electromagnetic coil. This option belongs to the category of budget models, with a small number of additional functions. This is due to the low power of the mechanism, which in rare cases reaches 15 watts. As a result, the device does not cope with thick hair.

Another disadvantage is the short operating time, the gadget can turn off 20 minutes after the start of the process. In addition, they have a higher level of noise and vibration.

Despite the advantages over vibration models, rotary machines have one drawback – the high price. It is due to the fact that the service life and functionality are much longer. Another possible disadvantage would be the relatively large weight.

How to choose a rotary clipper

blade material

Most often, rotary clippers come with stainless steel blades. They vary in type depending on the coating used (not all knife models are coated).

The most common options are titanium and diamond coating. They increase the life of the blade, as they do not dull even with frequent use. Titanium coating is recognized as hypoallergenic – does not cause irritation upon contact with human skin.

The diamond-coated blade will not dull for a long time, unlike conventional blades, the hair is cut equally without twitching (dry and wet hair).

Ceramic. The main advantage is that the blades do not heat up during operation, sharpening allows. Most models of hair clippers with ceramic blades have a special system for self-sharpening.

When choosing a model, you should pay attention to the presence of a self-sharpening system.

Blade speed

It is worth focusing here first of all on your own experience. Beginning hairdressers should pay attention to less powerful devices with a 3500 rpm engine, but professionals can handle 9000 rpm.

There are also universal models, with a speed switch. The bulk of the hair is cut at high speed, and at low speed it is good to process problem areas. Some rotary machines are equipped with a Turbo button.

Feeding method


The rotary clipper can be powered by mains, battery or both sources at once.
Cordless rotary machines lose in power – their maximum is 4500 rpm. Such models are used for edging. The noise from them is minimal, and the weight helps to work for a long time without fear that the hands will get tired.

The main drawback is related to the battery. The battery needs to be charged periodically, without waiting for a full discharge, otherwise, the power and mobility of the knives drops below normal, and wear will increase many times over.

As a solution to the problem, a replaceable battery is used, but it is not always supplied, especially in budget options.

A special indicator will help in determining the remaining charge. If it is not provided, you should carefully read the instructions – usually the manufacturer indicates the recommended operating time.

Devices powered by the network do not have such problems, but the cable limits the freedom of action – using the machine is not so comfortable.

The advantages of the first and second models combine battery-powered devices, but their price is higher.

Noise and vibration level

Most modern machines have a low noise level, but this is not true for all devices. For example, budget models make very loud noise.

The vibration parameter is no less important – due to strong vibration, the hand quickly gets tired. In addition, this negatively affects health – the total time of working with such tools should not exceed 2 hours a day.



Most often, rotary models are equipped with several additional blades, the size of which varies between 0.05-9 mm. Manufacturers often complete the machine with two nozzles with steel (the presence of spraying depends on the manufacturer and model – as a rule, these are ordinary steel blades) and ceramic blades.

Buyers pay attention to the number of nozzles, because they believe: the more the better.

In practice, consumers use two or three, or even one adjustable nozzle, equipped with special retractable blades.

In the vast majority of models, the extension range is from 1 mm to 2 cm, in some models – from 0.1 mm to 4 cm.

For short haircuts, models with a fixed nozzle will not work. This requires a device with blades adjusted to the minimum cutting length.

Additional options and functions


It is important that the device does not slip in the palm of your hand; models with a rough handle or rubber inserts should be preferred.

The control buttons should be located so that they can be reached with one hand – this will help to adjust the desired parameters directly in the process.

The weight – it should be optimal for the user. If the model is too heavy, the hand will get tired quickly. If the gadget turns out to be too light, then the haircut will turn into problems of a different kind – it will be difficult to feel the movement of the device.

suction mechanism – in fact, a mini-vacuum cleaner – cut hair is drawn into a special container. The percentage of hair collected is about 98%, while cleaning the container is not difficult. It is worth considering that such a design greatly increases the weight.

Models marked Washable – differ from the standard ones in that they can be cleaned not only with a brush, but also under running water.



Caring for rotary clippers consists in lubricating the knives and cleaning the mechanism from dirt. Cleaning is done after several uses.

Before lubricating, thoroughly clean the instrument, paying attention to the contact area between the static and dynamic blades. Cleaning is done with a special brush or with a jet of water, if the design allows it.

Lubricate the apparatus with special oil. It is unacceptable to use the usual one, as it forms a film on the surface of the blade, which remains on the hair during the haircut.

An important point: the knives should be wiped dry after lubrication.


chastye problems

The machine does not turn on, but the indicators are on. If the machine does not turn on, powered by a 220V network, the eccentric or the rotor of the micromotor has stalled (the case may heat up). It is required to inspect the mechanism for the presence of foreign objects, hair.

If this is a battery model and the indicator is on (if present):

  • jammed mechanical parts, power indicators will dim due to increased current and rapid battery discharge
  • the machine fell from a height, there was a power failure, supplying directly to the engine.

The machine does not turn on, the indicators do not light up. The mains power cord is damaged, in the case of a rechargeable model, the battery has failed (service life has expired). The on/off switch has failed.

If the breakdown occurred during the warranty period, do not disassemble and try to repair the device yourself, contact the service center.

The same applies to devices with an expired warranty period – it is better to contact specialists than to try to fix the tool on your own.

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