Review of 9 types of the best floor scales

Weight control is a mandatory procedure for every person who cares about the state of his body and health.

Modern floor scales can help with this, which can not only indicate the number of kilograms, but also conduct a comprehensive monitoring of key health indicators.

The best electronic floor scales

Salter 9059 SS3R - the best electronic floor scales

Salter 9059 SS3R suitable for those who want to purchase a reliable and durable device that can be installed in any room and on any surface.

Despite the obvious advantages, the model has a significant drawback, which the manufacturer himself warns about in the instructions – during weighing several times in a row, the numbers on the display may differ significantly.

To eliminate the error, it is necessary to calculate the average value of these indicators. It takes a lot of time, and the approximate result is not suitable for those who carefully monitor themselves.

Pros Salter 9059 SS3R


  • Guaranteed for 15 years.
  • Durability – stainless steel allows you to keep the case in its original form even when stored in rooms with high humidity and low temperatures.
  • Built-in high quality battery does not require replacement for several years of regular use.
  • Stylish strict design that fits perfectly into the minimalist interior of the kitchen or bathroom.
  • Strength – the design can withstand up to 180 kg, does not bend or spring.
  • Soft caps on the legs protect the floor from scratches while moving the device and insure against falling during operation.

Cons Salter 9059 SS3R


  • There is no display backlight.
  • The coating is cold, so weighing barefoot is uncomfortable.
  • With 2-3 uses in a row (without a long break), the error can be 2-3 kilograms.
  • Fixing the result takes from 15 to 30 seconds.

Functions Salter 9059 SS3R


  • Possibility of installation on a soft surface thanks to special nozzles.
  • Automatic switching on and off.
  • Calculation on four sensors.
  • Switching the weighing mode.
  • The three units are kilograms, stone and pounds.
  • Battery replacement warning indicator.
  • Sensor exceeding the maximum allowable load.

Characteristics Salter 9059 SS3R


  • Power supply – 1 x CR 2032 battery.
  • The material is a gray stainless steel platform. The reverse side of the case is made of black plastic, and the legs are made of rubber.
  • Weight – 1.8 kg.
  • The scale resolution is 100 grams.
  • The minimum resolution is 100 grams.
  • Maximum load – 180 kg.
  • Series – Ultra Slim.
  • Two measurement systems – metric and English.
  • The display size is 8 cm long and 3.3 cm wide.
  • Dimensions: 30/30 cm, 2 cm high.

Equipment Salter 9059 SS3R


Comes with batteries, removable soft rubber feet and instruction manual.


When the device fails, it is possible to order new spare parts – legs, display, housing or battery compartment.

The best mechanical floor scales

SUPRA BSS-4060 RD - the best mechanical floor scales

SUPRA BSS-4060RD differs from similar devices in high accuracy. A significant drawback can be called low discreteness – the device can withstand only 130 kg.

To use, you need to stand on the surface with your feet evenly on either side of the cells and stand still for 10-20 seconds, which can be difficult for people with impaired coordination, the elderly, children or animals.

Tilts of the body or uneven distribution of body weight on both feet can give incorrect data. It is also worth considering that the installation surface must be perfectly flat and solid – tile, parquet or metal.

On carpet and other soft surfaces, the arrow will go to the side by 2-3 kilograms.

The low price is due to the lack of a digital display and the fact that plastic is used as a finish, which is less resistant to external factors and can sag over time.

Advantages of SUPRA BSS-4060 RD


  • Anti-slip coating on the outside.
  • The accuracy is comparable to electronic models.
  • The result is maintained even when moving from place to place and using on a soft surface.
  • Show reliable data with several measurements in a row.
  • Durability – the mechanism rarely fails for no apparent reason.
  • Sturdy platform and sturdy legs.
  • No need for power – the device always works without interruption.
  • Democratic price.

Cons of SUPRA BSS-4060 RD


  • A perfectly smooth surface is required for installation.
  • You can’t weigh yourself with your torso tilted to the side – your back should be straight, and your legs should be shoulder-width apart. Do not stand on your toes or on one leg.
  • The accuracy of the result depends on the correct position of the feet on the device.
  • Long waiting time.
  • Withstands relatively small loads, so it is not suitable for people with obesity.
  • Deviations to a greater extent are possible when installing on a soft floor.
  • The division window is too small, so it is difficult for a person with poor eyesight to see the result.
  • There is no remote control unit.

Functions SUPRA BSS-4060 RD


  • Accuracy – up to 100 grams.
  • The function of self-twisting the mechanism in case of failure of the device. When the mark moves to the right or left, it can be set to zero on its own, and the device will be operational again.
  • Rubberized feet to prevent falls.
  • Anti-slip coating.

Specifications SUPRA BSS-4060 RD


  • Designed for people weighing up to 130 kg.
  • Case material – plastic.
  • Color – red.
  • Weight – 2.5 kg.
  • Dimensions – 35x6x35 cm.
  • The minimum mark is 1 kg.


Included with the device is a manual from the manufacturer and a battery.

The best talking scales

Beurer GS 39 - the best talking bathroom scales

Beurer GS 39 designed for people with poor eyesight and for those who want to lose weight quickly.

The scales are equipped with intelligent formulas for calculating the amount of water, fat, muscle mass and bone tissue, which allows you to effectively monitor the slightest changes in the body.

All information displayed on the display is accompanied by a sound background, which eliminates the need to bend over the screen (which is especially difficult for pregnant and obese people).

Also, the device plays the role of a weight loss diary – during each weighing, the screen displays the recommended amount of calories, fluids and physical activity consumed to maintain the body in its previous form, reset or increase.

The device stores up to ten last weighings for each of the four users (if desired, access to individual cells can be limited).

Advantages of the Beurer GS 39


  • Comfortable use for people with poor eyesight or the blind.
  • Bright display backlight and large digits.
  • Stylish design.
  • Smart mode that gives you weight loss recommendations and displays your maximum calorie intake.
  • A large number of slots for storing memory and weighing data, which allows you to use the scales in large families or gyms and eliminates the need to keep a weight loss diary.
  • Support for Russian voice acting and interface.

Cons Beurer GS 39


  • Not designed for large loads.
  • The body structure analysis formula does not include additional measurements, so gains are always reported as body fat gain, which is not always true.
  • The spread of measurements is 200 grams instead of 100 grams declared by the manufacturer.
  • The design seems fragile and creaks during operation.
  • A high error for obese people – with a mass of more than one hundred kilograms, the deviation on the scales can reach 1-2 kilograms.

Functions Beurer GS 39


  • Intelligent on/off system to conserve battery life.
  • Manual input of the given indicators.
  • Possibility to adjust the volume and turn off the sound.
  • Big platform.
  • Language selection function.
  • Calculation of individual characteristics according to the main indicators for precise control over the body.

Characteristics Beurer GS 39


  • Audio accompaniment by a female voice.
  • Support for five languages ​​- English, French, German, Russian and Spanish.
  • Four memory cells.
  • The maximum load is 150 kg.
  • Deviation – 100 grams (actual 200-300 grams).
  • Sound volume control.
  • Body material – resistant glass.
  • The backlight color is bright blue.
  • Electronic type of measurement by several sensors.
  • Warranty – 2 years.
  • Platform size – 33 cm by 34 cm.

Power consumption – three AAA 1.5 V batteries.


Glass body, rubberized feet, electronic display and three batteries included.

The best bathroom scales for heavy weight

Beurer GS51XXL - the best bathroom scale for heavy weights

Beurer GS51XXL adapted for use by overweight people – instead of the classic round or square shape, a rectangle shape is used here, which allows people with obesity to weigh themselves comfortably and accurately.

Safety is ensured by heavy-duty sealed up to 1 cm body material.

Pros of the Beurer GS51XXL


  • Large platform for even distribution of load across all four sensors.
  • Heavy-duty sealed glass does not crack even when the permissible norm is exceeded.
  • High accuracy for people with a degree of obesity above the third, which is a rarity in the market.
  • The extended display, with additional display of time and air temperature in the room.
  • Touch control support.

Cons of the Beurer GS51XXL


  • High price.
  • Lack of backlight.


  • Energy saving mode.
  • Built-in clock.
  • Determination of temperature by the built-in thermometer.
  • Power and overload indicator.
  • Tap On system.
  • Visualization of the difference between actual and desired performance.

Characteristics Beurer GS51XXL


  • Warranty – two years.
  • Permissible weight – 200 kg.
  • Ten memory slots.
  • Discreteness – 100 grams.
  • Platform made of durable glass 10 mm thick.


Main unit equipped with a set of CR 2032 batteries.

The best bathroom scales for animals

MOMERT 6550 – the best floor scale for animals

MOMERT 6550 suitable for both home use for pet weight control, and for professional veterinary clinics and small animal breeding kennels.

The HOLD automatic motor balancer completely eliminates the problem of animal restlessness by averaging the results of several instantaneous weighing sessions.

Advantages of MOMERT 6550


  • Sturdy metal tray.
  • Responds to a load of 10 grams.
  • Anti-slip coating.
  • Instant capture of position, which eliminates the need to hold the animal.
  • Stable bowl with wide wings.


  • Not suitable for large animals.

Functions MOMERT 6550


  • Remembering the last result.
  • Auto power on.
  • Zeroing data.
  • Shutdown when idle for more than 30 seconds.
  • Discharge indicator.
  • Overload notification.
  • HOLD is the average value of the result during active movements of the animal.

Characteristics MOMERT 6550


  • The measurement range is from 10 grams to 20 kilograms.
  • The units of measurement are kilograms, stone and pounds.
  • Metal pan.
  • Fixing position.
  • 1 inch LCD screen.
  • Dimensions: 35.5×63.5 cm


Device, 1 lithium battery type CR2032 and instructions.

The best solar scales

SOEHNLE 63308 Solar Sense - the best solar powered bathroom scales

SOEHNLE 63308 Solar Sense Designed for those who don’t want to worry about changing the battery and recharging the battery – the powerful solar panel works constantly under almost any conditions.

For operation at night, it is enough to briefly turn on the light in the room, and the device will be ready for use.

Using a solar panel to save money is irrational, but such a replacement will please people who care about the state of the environment. Another nice bonus is a long service life. Scales are always in good condition and ready to go.

Pros of SOEHNLE 63308 Solar Sense


  • Good readability due to high contrast.
  • Wide stable platform.
  • It works properly even in cloudy weather indoors, since there is enough light from one lamp for recharging.


  • There is no backlight.
  • There is only one unit of measure.
  • High cost with relatively little functionality.
  • Results on different surfaces may vary by up to 2 kilograms.

Functions SOEHNLE 63308 Solar Sense


  • Automatic switching on and off.
  • Automatic zeroing.
  • Work at minimum illumination 50 LUX.
  • Memorization of up to 10 last weighings.
  • Four memory cells.
  • Fast start.
  • Fixing the position of the body.

Specifications SOEHNLE 63308 Solar Sense


  • The measuring range is from 5 to 150 kilograms.
  • Case material – durable transparent glass in a black frame.
  • Permissible error – 100 grams.
  • Electronic calculation mechanism.
  • Dimensions – 32x29x2 cm.
  • Display size – 3.3 cm.
  • Power supply – solar battery.
  • The screen is a high contrast liquid crystal display.
  • The unit of measurement is kilograms.
  • Warranty – 12 months.


Glass platform, solar battery, instructions for use.

The best bathroom scales with backlit display

BEURER GS58 - the best bathroom scales with backlit display

BEURER GS58 is a design model, the main feature of which is a display made in the form of an aircraft dashboard, on which divisions and numbers are highlighted in bright blue and white.

For a more visual display of information, a classic gray digital LCD display is provided, displaying data in large font, which greatly improves readability.


  • The combination of two displays in one – digital and analog.
  • Display mechanism with bright backlight.
  • Stylish and unusual design.
  • Notification of the need for daily weighing.



  • Lack of diagnosis of body condition and BMI.
  • Small feature set.
  • A small number of slots.


  • Reminder that can be programmed for up to 24 hours.
  • Intelligent turn on and off to save power consumption.
  • Every day, the device informs the owner of the need to re-measure the weight.
  • Protective glass.

Characteristics of the BEURER GS58


  • The load range is from 5 to 180 kilograms.
  • Glass base.
  • Electronic mechanism.
  • Two year warranty.
  • The digital display with the image and division by type of mechanical scales.
  • Size – 34 cm by 34 cm.
  • Color – gray metallic.
  • Division – 100 grams.
  • Power supply – AAA batteries.


The main device, a set of batteries.

The best bathroom scales controlled from your phone

REDMOND SkyBalance 740S - the best floor scales controlled from your phone

REDMOND SkyBalance 740S are automatically synchronized with a smartphone through an application installed from the market, which allows you to have constant access to your personal data anywhere and anytime.

This eliminates the need to keep a diary to control the body, the device does everything for you: it creates training programs, gives recommendations on sports and lifestyle.

Monitoring of all personal data (height, activity during the day, calories consumed, volume and age) allows you to determine the slightest changes in the body with maximum accuracy.

The weighing history is displayed in the form of stylish graphs and tables that clearly show the state of the body and notify you of too fast weight gain or loss.

Pros REDMOND SkyBalance 740S


  • Instant sync with mobile app.
  • Accurate calculation of body mass index.
  • Control not only over kilograms, but also over the parameters of the waist, hips and chest, which will allow you to calculate the percentage of fat and muscle tissue as accurately as possible.
  • Large amount of memory to store the most complete information about users.
  • Stylish ultra-slim design.

Cons REDMOND SkyBalance 740S


  • Scales are not suitable for very obese people.
  • Support only the latest versions of iOS Android.
  • The mobile app has not been finalized.
  • There is no support for all types of software.

Features of REDMOND SkyBalance 740S


  • Preparation of individual recommendations on nutrition and physical activity.
  • Possibility of making comments and notes to each of the weighings and summing up at the end of the month in the form of graphs and tables with body weight fluctuations.
  • The indicator of the discharge and exceeding the allowable load.
  • Automatic switching on and off.
  • Additional measurements mode for athletes.
  • Automatic saving of all received data.
  • Qualitative diagnosis of body composition in percentage terms.
  • Ready for Sky technology.
  • Setting goals and plans for losing weight or gaining mass for a week or a month.
  • The function of calculating the daily calorie intake.

Specifications REDMOND SkyBalance 740S


  • The Android version is Jelly Bean and everything after it. For iOS – the eighth version.
  • Power supply – three AAA batteries.
  • Warranty period – 2 years.
  • Measurements in three systems – in kg, pounds and stone.
  • Percentage determination of bone, muscle, adipose tissue, as well as the calculation of the state of the body’s water balance.
  • Withstand loads up to 150 kg.
  • Permissible error – 100 grams.
  • Liquid crystal display with blue backlight.
  • Touch control.

Equipment REDMOND SkyBalance 740S


Three AAA batteries and instruction manual.


Sky Balance application, which can be downloaded from Google Market or AppStore.

The best diagnostic floor scales

Withings Body Cardio - the best diagnostic floor scales

Withings Body Cardio
the world’s first and only floor scale with a patented pulse wave function, a valuable indicator for people who are actively involved in fitness.

Regular diagnostics will not only help to monitor the slightest deviations in body weight, but will also prevent the development of cardiovascular diseases, which are often found in professional athletes and overweight people.

Pros of Withings Body Cardio


  • A wide range of exclusive features.
  • Ability to control from a smartphone, tablet or computer.
  • Modern case design combining glass and aluminum of different colors.
  • Expensive and stylish look.
  • Diagnostics of the pulse wave and the intensity of the heart rate, which other similar models cannot boast of.
  • Diagnosis of the actual body composition – an indicator of muscle, fat and bone tissue.
  • Ability to integrate with mobile applications and other digital services.
  • No need to buy batteries.
  • Accurate weighing on any surface.
  • The world’s thinnest and strongest scale design.

Cons of Withings Body Cardio


  • Bugs and malfunctions in the Health Mate application.
  • High price.
  • When connecting mobile devices, the data may differ significantly.
  • The battery is non-removable, so if it fails prematurely, the device will become unusable.

Functions Withings Body Cardio


  • Personal trainer – you need to enter information from a mobile device into the database of the device, and the scales will independently prepare a training plan and calculate their effectiveness.

The notification system on your smartphone will remind you when you need to go to class, eat or drink water.

  • Simultaneous work with eight individual profiles.
  • Automatic data synchronization via Bluetooth and WiFi.
  • Preservation of a charge of the accumulator within a year.
  • Health Mate – accurate fixation of the speed of propagation of an impulse from the heart through the arteries.
  • Control of the development of cardiovascular diseases and control of the state of the strength of the arteries.
  • Recommendations on the intensity and frequency of physical activity for the safe work of the heart.
  • Calculation of body mass index and calculation of ideal parameters, taking into account the individual characteristics of the organism.
  • Monitoring the health of users.
  • Body position sensor.
  • Body composition analysis.
  • Two modes of operation of the program – sports and normal.
  • Unique technology for measuring the speed of the pulse wave.

Specifications Withings Body Cardio


  • The minimum division is 5 kg, the maximum load is 180 kg.
  • Software Compatibility – Android – all versions later than 4.3.3. For iOS – versions that came out after the seventh.
  • Units of measurement are kilograms or pounds.
  • Establishing the heart rate in the number of beats per minute.
  • Velocity of pulse wave propagation in m/s.
  • Eight slots for users.
  • The speed of fully charging the battery from the USB cable is one hour. The charge is retained for one year.
  • Warranty – 24 months.
  • The display resolution is 128×64 pixels.
  • Bright blue backlight.
  • Dimensions: 327 x 327 x 18 mm.
  • The base material is aluminum and durable glass.

Equipment Withings Body Cardio


Device, charging cable, battery.


In the market, you can download a special application with which you can track your health and monitor BMI.

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