Review of 8 types of the best pneumatic spray guns

Pneumatic spray gun is a tool used when performing paintwork, applying primers, liquid rubber and other materials on various surfaces.

The distribution of the paint is made by compressed air, which creates a spray jet as it passes through the nozzle. A compressor is used to supply air.

Pneumatic spray gun


  • high pressure (HP);
  • high volume at low pressure (HVLP);
  • low volume at medium pressure (LVMP);
  • low volume at low pressure (LVLP).

An important indicator of the effectiveness of each type is the percentage of loss of sprayed material:

  • HP – about 55%;
  • HVLP – up to 35%;
  • LVMP – less than 35%;
  • LVLP – up to 20%.

Pneumatic spray gun

The best spray gun for thick paint

The best spray gun for thick paint HUBERTH R500 RP20500-14

HUBERTH R500 RP20500-14 It is designed for finishing surface coating with various types of paints and varnishes (LKM). The device is based on the use of LVLP technology. This allows:

  • reduce paint consumption;
  • create a soft and fine spray;
  • generate a minimum amount of spray mist.

The design of the finishing gun allows you to smoothly adjust the supply of the working material, change the shape of the torch, and also guarantees a change in inlet pressure without sudden jumps.

Pros HUBERTH R500 RP20500-14


  • used in work with a wide range of coatings;
  • smooth and precise paint supply to the working area;
  • the quality of the coating is ensured by the high quality of the nozzle, air cap and adjusting needle;
  • the working part of the tool is made of stainless steel, which guarantees the absence of corrosion;
  • comfortable process control is provided by a trigger mechanism with soft and smooth, low resistance, pulling the trigger;
  • changing the shape of the torch (round or flat) can be achieved with one hand;
  • the presence of a large number of replacement kits;
  • reliable grip is provided with a relief surface of the handle;
  • the presence of a “single” type of key for all nuts;
  • coating workflow is characterized by low fire and explosion hazard.

Cons HUBERTH R500 RP20500-14


  • the presence of factory lubrication causes significant loss of time in preparing the device for work;
  • fasteners are seated with a large amount of torque or on glue – this causes significant effort when unscrewing;
  • lack of understandable and intelligible for beginners instruction manual.

Features HUBERTH R500 RP20500-14


The current method of spraying paint LVLP Tank capacity, cm³ 600
Nozzle working size, mm 1.4 Fitting size 1/4″
The location of the storage tank (tank) top Connection type thread
Recommended working pressure at the inlet, atm. 2.5–3 Flare coverage, cm 18–28
Air consumption for spraying, dm³/min 110

Equipment HUBERTH R500 RP20500-14


  • packing box;
  • spray gun (spray gun);
  • instructions for use;
  • additional nozzle Ø 1.4 mm.

Additional accessories HUBERTH R500 RP20500-14

Optional accessories:

  • fitting-adapter “mother” or “father”;
  • extension hose.

The product HUBERTH R500 RP20500-14 is made in Germany (the birthplace of the brand). The manufacturer’s warranty for the tool is 6 months.

The best spray gun for water-based paint

The best spray gun for water-based paint KSOM SO-71 V 018-2001

KSOM SO-71 V 018-2001 used for the formation of coatings from liquid paints and varnishes and anti-corrosion mixtures. The paint is applied by air spraying. The tool is used in the following areas:

  • mechanical engineering;
  • building;
  • Automotive industry;
  • living conditions.

The best spray gun for water-based paint KSOM SO-71 V 018-2001

Thanks to successful design solutions, the painting device has universal functions:

  • application of various coatings;
  • formation of anticorrosive coatings;
  • wood protection;
  • preservation of products;
  • disinfection and decontamination;
  • applying decorative mineral chips;
  • work with stencils.

The applied paints need to be diluted to the set viscosity. Recommendations are given in the operating instructions for the device. The supply of working material is carried out from a tank with an upper location or a paint pressure tank.

The air cap allows you to create different types of torch – it depends on the viscosity of the material used and the volume of painting operations.

Instead of a tank, you can use traditional plastic bottles from mineral water or soda. For this, an adapter with a seat is made.

Advantages of KSOM SO-71 V 018-2001


  • simplicity of design;
  • a wide range of liquid coatings;
  • the ability to use in industrial and domestic conditions;
  • long service life;
  • affordable price.


  • the onset of physical fatigue when working on an outstretched arm with a fully filled tank;
  • increased working pressure of compressed air.

Characteristics of the spray gun KSOM SO-71 V 018-2001


Productivity when spraying paint, m²/hour 60 Compressed air consumption with filling tank, m³/min 0.2
Consumption of paintwork materials from the tank, dm³/min 0.5 Compressed air consumption with paint pressure tank, m³/min 0.3
Consumption of paintwork materials with a paint pressure tank, dm³/min 1.55 Dimensions, mm 165x44x60
Viscosity of the working solution according to VZ-4, s 30–35 Mass in the assembled state with a tank, kg 0.8
Working pressure at the inlet, MPa 0.4–0.5 Nozzle diameter, mm 2.0

Complete set KSOM SO-71 V 018-2001


  • package;
  • user manual.

Producer Russia. Warranty 2 years.

The best industrial pneumatic spray gun

The best airbrush industrial pneumatic Metabo FB 2200 HVLP 0901054460

Metabo FB 2200 HVLP designed for continuous operation without interruption. This allows you to form a uniform uniform coating without visible boundaries between paint layers.

The use of the HVLP (High Volume Low Pressure) system made it possible to improve the quality of the coating with less consumption of the starting material.

The working resource is increased due to the use of metal parts in the design. The comfortable embossed handle prevents the tool from slipping during the painting process.

The half-liter capacity of the paint tank contributes to an increase in the total coating time.

The design feature of the gun allows you to gently adjust the flow of paint. This contributes to the formation of coatings with different thicknesses.

Advantages Metabo FB 2200 HVLP 0901054460


  • low weight of the tool in its class;
  • reducing the total consumption of the source material, reducing the reverse rebound of the paint;
  • smooth adjustment of compressed air supply and liquid coating;
  • stable flame shape;
  • increased volume of the tank;
  • high quality workmanship;
  • the possibility of using low-power “amateur” compressors with a volume of about 250 cm³.

Cons Metabo FB 2200 HVLP 0901054460


  • expensive for home use.


Compressed air consumption, dm³/min 200 Tank location upper
Paint tank volume, dm³ 0.5 Compound thread
Inlet pressure parameters, atm. 4.5 Mass in the assembled state, kg 0.75
Nozzle size, mm 1.5 Overall dimensions in packing, mm 170x110x190

Metabo FB 2200 HVLP 0901054460


  • user manual;
  • additional nozzle Ø 1.5 mm;
  • polymer glass 500 cm³.

The brand is from Germany. Manufacturer – Italy. Manufacturer’s warranty up to 3 years.

The best spray gun without a tank

The best spray gun without tank SATAjet 1000 K RP 132134

SATAjet 1000K RP 132134 It is used to cover small and large surfaces with preparatory, roughing and finishing painting materials.

One of the advanced technologies used is RP liquid spraying (modernized high pressure coating). This contributes to paint savings by reducing paint mist.

The high accuracy of manufacturing wide internal channels, polishing of the surface made it possible to achieve the use of a starting material with a high viscosity index. The operating temperature has reached 50°C.

The spray gun is used in conjunction with a pressure tank or high pressure pump. The mirror polishing of the nickel-plated outer surface contributes to the ease of cleaning the instrument.

Advantages of SATAjet 1000K RP 132134


  • high speed of the expiration of the working material;
  • wide torch;
  • the air cap is equipped with special channels that prevent the accumulation of paint material during the working process;
  • wide and smooth internal channels contribute to better outflow of paint;
  • the hose for supplying the working medium is fixed with the gun by means of a Teflon ball valve, a special branch pipe or through a quick coupling;
  • rational consumption of compressed air allows the use of a spray device with small compressors;
  • working air nozzles are made of brass;
  • painting nozzle and adjusting needle are made of high quality steel;
  • the outer surface of the device is covered with an additional protective layer;
  • self-regulating air seals contribute to reliable tightness;
  • the presence of an integrated pressure gauge for adjusting the speed of the air flow.

The device is characterized by economical consumption of paint

Cons SATAjet 1000K RP 132134


  • high price;
  • use for professional purposes only.


Compressed air consumption, dm³/min 410 The value of the working pressure, atm. 10
Fitting size 1/4″ Compound thread
Weight, kg 0.483 Equipment package
Nozzle size, mm 1.7

SATAjet 1000 K RP 132134


  • spray gun;
  • key;
  • tool cleaning brush;
  • instructions for use;
  • packing box.

The brand is from Germany. Manufacturer – Germany.

The best spray gun for car painting

The best spray gun for painting a car Jonnesway JA-6111

Johnnesway JA-6111 it is used for all types of painting work, but it is especially effective when painting cars. The tool is easy to operate. The housing and replacement parts are resistant to many aggressive substances found in the paint.

Two types of tanks are used – standard and larger capacity. In addition, they are made from different materials. One is nylon, the other is aluminum alloy.

This made it possible to increase the time of continuous operation and to use containers for working with liquids with different aggressiveness.

The design provides for the possibility of adjusting the supply of compressed air and paint. The feed rate and flow power are set by screws located on the fixture in the lower and trimming parts.

The nozzles are made of high-quality anti-corrosion steel, which significantly increases the overall tool life.

Pros Jonnesway JA-6111


  • the ability to work with many liquids with different chemical activity;
  • the use of substances with different viscosities – soils, protective mastics, nitro-paints and others;
  • allows you to use all types of paintwork materials;
  • perfect coating;
  • the presence of additional interchangeable nozzles;
  • the overall efficiency in the use of paint compositions reaches 65%;
  • simplicity of design, convenience and ease of use;
  • exactly complies with HLVP regulations.

Cons Jonnesway JA-6111


  • increased (subjectively) consumption;
  • expensive for home use;
  • a case for storing tools and spare parts is desirable.


Type of paint spraying HLVP Paint tank volume, dm³ 0.6
Regular nozzle size, mm 1.4 Air inlet size 1/4″
Location of the paint tank upper Mass assembled, kg 0.7
Type of docking thread Assembly dimensions, mm 170x325x135
Air consumption, dm³/min 396

Equipment Jonnesway JA-6111


  • packing box;
  • spray gun;
  • replaceable nozzle;
  • storage tank;
  • user manual.

The brand is from Taiwan. Manufactured in Taiwan.

The best spray gun for primers and liquid rubber

The best gun for primers and liquid rubber DeVilbiss PRi Pro

Liquid rubber is a paintwork material that, when dried, forms an elastic coating. Differs in the high sealing properties and the increased viscosity.

It is a kind of mastics on a water-polymer basis. Hence the specific requirements for the spray gun for applying this material.

DeVilbiss PRi Pro is the best for application with similar types of mastics. Provides high-quality drawing on a surface of painting structures. Designed to cover various primers, including modern grades.

Good for working with liquid rubbers and putty. Belongs to the professional class.

The tool has a durable body that allows you to easily change the working nozzle without changing the adjusting needle and air cap. Thus, it is possible to customize the device for a certain type of material.

Adjusting screws change the speed and power of the air flow, provide the required amount of the working painting medium. The air cap adjusts the shape of the torch.

The main elements are made of durable anti-corrosion metal, which allows you to increase the resource of the tool.

Pros of DeVilbiss PRi Pro


  • the ability to work with a liquid medium of various viscosity and chemical aggressiveness;
  • anti-corrosion coating;
  • uniform application of intermediate and top coats;
  • customization for a certain type of painting material;
  • easy nozzle change without reconfiguring the entire fixture;
  • low weight in working condition;
  • simple and convenient for work in auto repair shops.

Cons of DeVilbiss PRi Pro


  • does not justify its cost when buying for home use.


Input parameters of compressed air, atm. 2.0 Head brass with additional protective electroplating
Air consumption, dm³/min 350 Nozzle material stainless steel
The size of the threaded connection at the inlet of the air duct 1/4″M Adjustment needle material stainless steel
Storage tank volume, dm³ 0.56 Torch size, cm 33–34
Tool weight without tank, grams 604 Average consumption of working material, g/m² 160–200
Weight of the tool with a tank, grams 778

DeVilbiss PRi Pro Package Contents


  • spray gun;
  • storage tank with a top location;
  • universal collapsible key;
  • special torx tool for changing the seal of the adjusting needle;
  • identification rings (set);
  • certificate of conformity, instructions for use;
  • packing box.

The brand is from the UK. Country of origin – UK. Warranty 12 months.

The best low pressure spray gun

The best low pressure spray gun MASTAK 671-013C

Exceptionally simple and robust design MASTAK 671-013C. Convenient to use. It is used with many types of coatings. Popular with auto repairers. It is used in conjunction with low pressure compressed air injection equipment (according to the HLVP system).

The design feature of the model – an inlet pressure of compressed air of 2 atm and modern spray technology – allows you to create an indicator of 0.7 atm at the outlet.

The result is up to 30% savings in paint material. The process becomes not only economical, but also environmentally friendly – less formation of harmful suspension in the surrounding space.

Lightweight forged durable metal body allows you to operate the tool for a long time without repair work. The nozzle and the adjusting needle are made of high quality stainless steel.

An optional repair kit will help you quickly replace worn o-rings and a weakened spring.

Pluses MASTAK 671-013C


  • simple, lightweight and easy-to-use design; a beginner will master the instrument in a short time;
  • durable and reliable metal case;
  • economical in operation;
  • does not form harmful swirls during the working process of applying coatings;
  • high-quality application of finishing and intermediate coating;
  • work with a large list of paint compositions;
  • the ability to adjust the supply of the working coloring matter, power and speed of the air flow;
  • long time of operation;
  • additional kit.

Cons MASTAK 671-013C


  • expensive, beneficial only for professional use.

Characteristics :

Air consumption, l/min 250 Nozzle size, mm 1.3
Storage tank volume, l 0.6 Mass assembled, kg 2.7
Connection type thread Paint accumulator location upper
Compressed air pressure indicator, atm. 2

Complete set MASTAK 671-013C


  • case for storage and transportation;
  • additional repair kit;
  • spray gun;
  • container for paint;
  • manometer (a device for measuring air flow indicators);
  • brush for cleaning the gun;
  • wrench for disassembling the tool or tightening connections;
  • additional fitting;
  • three additional filters for cleaning paintwork materials.

The brand is from Taiwan. The origin of the product is Taiwan.

The best spray gun from an autocompressor

The best spray gun from an autocompressor Caliber KRP-0.8 / 0.12 VB PROFI 00000034612

Peculiarity Caliber KRP-0.8/0.12 VB PROFIspray gun powered by an autocompressor – low air consumption (up to 100-120 l / min), the duration of the process does not exceed 2-5 minutes, the tank capacity is up to 0.1-0.15 liters.

Hence, the requirements for the compressor: air supply from 60 l / min, minimum outlet pressure from 5 atm., the presence of a receiver. The mismatch between the parameters of the power plant and the painting unit leads to the following problems:

  • poor quality coating;
  • overheating and failure of the compressor;
  • short operating time, not exceeding 2-5 minutes.

The most optimal use of the airbrush. Of the spray guns, the best is Caliber KRP-0.8 / 0.12 VB PROFI 00000034612.

The model is used for the following purposes:

  • spraying paintwork coatings of low viscosity;
  • work with templates;
  • artwork.

The design allows you to adjust the shape of the torch, the amount of supply of painting materials. There is a hook for storage on the rack.

The ribbed surface allows you to securely fix the tool in your hand. The trigger during the workflow is adjacent to the handle, which allows the operator to use only one hand.

Pros Caliber KRP-0.8 / 0.12 VB PROFI 00000034612


  • light weight;
  • low air consumption;
  • convenient location of the trigger;
  • the ability to work with small surfaces.


  • low power;
  • limitation on the covered area;
  • short working time.

Characteristics Caliber KRP-0.8/0.12 VB PROFI 00000034612


Air consumption, no more than, dm³/min 68 Nozzle size, mm 0.8
The volume of the painting tank, dm³ 0.12 Tank location top
Fitting size 1/4″ Compressed air pressure parameters, atm. 7
Type of connection at the inlet to the air duct thread

Complete set Caliber KRP-0,8/0,12 VB PROFI 00000034612


  • spray gun;
  • storage tank;
  • certificate of conformity, instruction manual;
  • packing box.

The birthplace of the brand is Russia. Country of origin China. Warranty 1 year.

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