Review of 8 types of the best parquet board

Parquet board is one of the most popular floor coverings. The basis for this is the unique patterns of natural wood, the richest assortment and affordable cost in comparison with other types of floors.

How to choose a parquet board

How to choose a parquet board

Important parameters:

wood species

  • Oak is considered the most durable material, the surface is not erased, the structure is stable. During operation, the board does not crumble, does not deform from temperature fluctuations. Attractive appearance with beautiful pattern texture.
  • Beech is characterized by calm patterns, so the material is often used for children’s rooms, but the composition does not withstand high humidity. More often products are made in yellow or red shades.
  • Maple is a durable and stable material with delicate creamy shades. The color darkens over time. Do not use in places with high humidity and frequent temperature fluctuations.
  • Cherry has a rich color range – from dark brown to light pink, allowing you to choose the right option for any room.

How to choose a parquet board

  • Walnut ─ the structure is clearly expressed, easy maintenance and improved performance, but strength is lower than oak.
  • Merbau ─ a variety growing in Indonesia, brown in color with golden lines. The material is characterized by moisture resistance, resistance to fungi, mold. The structure is solid.
  • Wenge is a tree from Africa, moisture resistant, durable, resistant to mechanical stress, temperature extremes. The strength of the material is increased.

How to choose a parquet board

  • Kempas is a tree from Africa, a dense structure of orange color with a golden tint. The material is durable, does not scratch, but is sensitive to temperature changes.
  • Ash – elastic, durable, yellow hue.
  • Pine is a popular tree, strong, breathable. The structure is homogeneous with a soft yellow or red color.
  • Bamboo is wear-resistant, not afraid of moisture and mechanical damage.



  • Wooden board. This option is the most expensive, but high quality. The basis of the parquet is natural wood, more often oak. It is used for all rooms, except for the bathroom.
  • Block parquet. A common type, used in living rooms, bedrooms. Ash, bamboo, birch, oak are used for manufacturing. Products are durable, not afraid of mechanical stress, durable.

Along the edges are equipped with special grooves for laying. Can be used in rooms with high humidity.

  • Ordinary parquet board. The structure is represented by two or three layers of wood. The lower one is made of low-grade rock, and the upper one is made of hard lacquered wood.

Sold with grooves for mounting, easy to fit. The surface is fragile, afraid of moisture.

  • Shield parquet. The composition includes bases, rectangles or squares of fiberboard or boards pasted over with thin strips. Products are ready for use in bedrooms, living rooms. They don’t emit squeaks.


  • Pronto parquet. Modern luxury option. The structure consists of several layers that are hardened and pressed. The material is durable, hard, resistant to moisture and temperature fluctuations. The only drawback is the high cost.
  • Laminated parquet. Used for high traffic areas. The price is low, and the technical characteristics are not bad. Retains color, resistant to dust, dirt, but not suitable for rooms with high humidity.
  • Art parquet. The structure is assembled from individual planks of solid wood of the same width. Therefore, it is easy to create a pattern on the floor. Mounted with a special paper layer.



  • Lacquer with a glossy, semi-gloss or matte texture. A film is formed that repels dirt and moisture, prevents abrasion and wear.

The maximum number of varnish layers is 7. An additional advantage is easy maintenance, it is enough to wipe the surface with a polish.

  • Oil refers to the modern type of coatings. It emphasizes the naturalness of the material, its shades, preserves the structure. The advantage of oil treatment is considered harmless and environmentally friendly.

The product impregnates the wood by 2 mm, so it does not interfere with air exchange. The coating requires regular processing.

Secondary parameters

Secondary options:

  • Selection. The technique of sawing boards affects the pattern, color, strength. Radial selection is carried out parallel to the trunk, which gives an even pattern, stability. Rustic sawing is carried out at any angle, so an unusual pattern is formed.
  • Castle system. The type of parquet board equipment affects the speed of product assembly. So, modern 5G locks with plastic inserts guarantee quick installation.
  • Underfloor heating compatible. You can not choose types of wood that absorb moisture well. These are maple, oak, jatoba.
  • The number of lanes. The top layer contains a different number of dice (1, 2, 3 and multi-strip).

Single-strip models (Full Plank) represent a solid tree that forms a natural pattern. Some options are trimmed around the edges with a chamfer that imitates the seams between the floorboards.

Two-lane options are two strips of the same parameters. The structure of the fibers is quite interesting.

A 3-strip board includes 3 strips in the top veneer layer. These are popular traditional models with a herringbone pattern, wickerwork. Suitable for any space.

The multi-strip board is a modern development. The top layer is handmade from narrow strips, the edges are processed for a perfect connection between each other.

Secondary parameters

The appearance of multi-layer parquet reflects the richness of the wood palette. And when damage occurs, defects are not noticeable.

  • Colour. It is better to choose products during daylight hours in order to clearly see the shades.
  • Heat treatment. Special technology for heating wood above 195 degrees. This makes the board stable and paint adheres better. Traces are less noticeable, the material is not subject to drying out, swelling, crumbling.
  • Brushing. The process of artificial aging by removing the upper soft layers of wood. The texture takes on a relief, annual rings are visible. During operation, scratches, dents, cracks are less noticeable.

The best glossy parquet board

Kahrs Beech Opaque White Radiance ─ the best glossy parquet board

Kahrs Beech Opaque White Light represents the wooden floor made on innovative technologies. Solvents are not used in the production.

Characteristics of Kahrs Beech Opaque


  • Supreme Shine Collection.
  • Wood species beech.
  • Glossy lacquer finish.
  • Beveled equipment.
  • City selection.
  • White colour.
  • Number of lanes 1.
  • The top layer is 3.6 cm thick.
  • Dimensions 2420/187/15 mm.
  • Castle connection.
  • Pack of 8 boards.
  • The weight of one package is 8 kg.
  • Hardness 2.7-3.7.
  • Country of origin Sweden.
  • Service life 30 years.

Pros of Kahrs Beech Opaque


  • Stylish design.
  • High quality product.
  • Used for underfloor heating.
  • Modern 5GS locks guarantee the strength of the connection.
  • Brightens up the room..
  • Environmental Safety.
  • The floor is simply assembled, disassembled, shifted.
  • Adjusted lamella ratio.
  • The slats of the top layer are glued, so there are no cracks, darkening.
  • Doesn’t creak.
  • Thick layer of durable varnish.
  • Pleasant to the touch.
  • Simple care.

Pros of Kahrs Beech Opaque


  • Overpriced.

The best raw parquet board

Bolefloor Maple ─ the best raw parquet board

Bolefloor Maple hardwood conveys the pattern of natural lines of living wood in the parquet.


  • Solid board type.
  • Maple wood.
  • The shade is white.
  • Connection with tenon grooves.
  • Installation is traditional.
  • Made to order.

Characteristics Bolefloor Maple

  • Length 500-3000 mm.
  • Width 150-300 mm.
  • Thickness 20 mm.
  • Natural dark marks from knots are allowed.
  • Connection four-sided chamfer.
  • Working layer 6 mm.

Pros of Bolefloor Maple


  • Nice and unusual look.
  • Environmentally friendly composition.
  • No toxic materials are used in the production.
  • The surface is embossed, smooth polished.
  • Gives a warm atmosphere to the room.
  • Noble, natural texture.
  • Good soundproof qualities.
  • The boards don’t dry out.

Pros of Bolefloor Maple

  • Simple care.
  • Product exclusivity.
  • Perfect lamella connection.
  • Coating durability.
  • Affordable cost.


  • Additional coverage required.

The best flooring for the kitchen

Haro Whitewashed Newara Oak - the best flooring for the kitchen

Haro Whitewashed Newara Oak resistance to mechanical stress and moisture makes it unique, suitable for any room. The structure of the laminate consists of five layers: protective, decorative, bearing plate, moisture protection, stabilizing bottom substrate.
Features Haro Oak Newara


  • Plank dimensions 8/193/1282 mm.
  • Light brown color.
  • Wear resistance 32 class.
  • Edge with 4 chamfers.
  • Design type single strip.
  • Connection with Top Connect locks.
  • The package contains 8 strips.
  • Area per pack 1.98 m2.
  • Suitable for underfloor heating.
  • Warranty period 20 years.
  • Country of origin Germany.

Pros Haro Oak Newara


  • Do not stick to dirt and dust.
  • Long operating period.
  • Environmentally friendly materials.
  • Easy maintenance, repair work.
  • Easy installation.
  • No adhesive required.
  • Suitable for high traffic areas.

Pros Haro Oak Newara

  • Noble, beautiful design.
  • practical material.
  • No foreign odors.
  • soundproofing properties.
  • Abrasion resistance.
  • Resistant to UV rays.
  • The surface holds heat, so walking on it is pleasant.


  • The surface is scratched.
  • After installation on an imperfectly flat floor, small gaps remain.

The best bamboo flooring

Wood Bee Bamboo ─ the best bamboo parquet board

Wood Bee Bamboo characterized by a unique composition of bamboo, which gives the room an oriental style. The material is steamed, pressed using a special technology.

The shade of coffee is formed by carbonization (special heat treatment). Bamboo category A, B without defects.

Characteristics of Wood Bee Bamboo


  • Classic Collection.
  • Thick outer layer 4 mm.
  • The slats are made of identical structure.
  • Parameters 1860/189/15 mm.
  • Lacquered, semi-gloss.
  • A chamfer from 4 parties castle.
  • Load class 33.
  • Moisture protected.
  • Weight 8 kg.
  • Hardness 4.7 kg.
  • Selection of Natures.
  • Pack number 8.
  • Suitable for underfloor heating.
  • Country of origin Netherlands.
  • 15 year manufacturer’s warranty.

Pros of Wood Bee Bamboo


  • Reliable connection by click system.
  • Manufacturing quality is controlled at all stages of production.
  • Product safety.
  • The product reflects the natural nature.
  • In the manufacture of varnishes, paints of natural origin are used.
  • Durable surface.
  • Suitable for children’s rooms.

Pros of Wood Bee Bamboo

  • Simple, reliable installation.
  • Withstands repeated disassembly and reassembly.
  • Wood can be sanded.
  • Comfort and cosiness in the room.
  • Upper texture is breathable.
  • Affordable cost.


  • Marky, requires frequent cleaning.

The best parquet board for walls

Upofloor Walnut select ─ the best parquet board for walls

Upofloor Walnut select the wall is effectively filled with decoration, creating a bright accent in the room.

Vertical placement will make the ceilings visually higher, horizontal position will balance the proportions, diagonal coating will change the contours. RealLOCK locks are a special design (the connection tightly unites, closes the elements).

Features Upofloor Walnut select


  • Tree nut.
  • Selection Select.
  • Lacquer coating UpoTop.
  • Dimensions: length 2266, width 188 mm.
  • Pack of 8 panels.
  • Coated with six ultra-thin layers of varnish.
  • Working layer 3.5 mm.
  • Wood hardness 3.2.
  • 3 stripe design.
  • Thickness 14 mm.
  • Warranty time is 15 years.
  • Country of origin Finland.

Pros of Upofloor Walnut select


  • Moisture, light resistance of the material.
  • UV rays strengthen the surface.
  • Stylish exterior design.
  • The surface is protected from dirt, stains.
  • Scratches are easily rubbed with oil.
  • Does not lose its appearance.
  • Easy installation.
  • Strong locks.
  • Durable coating.
  • The product allows 5 grinding cycles.
  • Locks withstand 5 assemblies and disassemblies.

Cons of Upofloor Walnut select


  • Does not tolerate high temperatures, begins to crack.
  • Overpriced.

The best uncoated parquet board

Stenwood Oak - the best uncoated parquet board

Stenwood Oak has a regular, clear shape with a smooth surface without gaps and cracks. The lack of coating emphasizes the natural pattern of the wood. If desired, the parquet is covered with tinting or oil.

Features Stenwood Oak


  • Solid board type.
  • Material – oak of the Caucasian region.
  • Prime sorting.
  • WEINIG GROUP technology.
  • The length of the product is 40-200 cm, width 18 cm, thickness 2 cm.
  • Equipped with a groove / tongue, four-sided chamfer 1.5 × 45 mm.
  • Pack of 6 boards.
  • Oak wood.
  • The structure of the composite boards.
  • Light knots are allowed (
  • Eyes are allowed.
  • Country of origin Germany.

Pros of Stenwood Oak


  • The warm tone of the product is suitable for any interior.
  • Increased hardness and density.
  • Keeps warm.
  • Guarantees soundproofing.
  • Abrasion resistance.
  • naturalness and safety.
  • Long service life.
  • Reliable packaging with shrink film.
  • Unique lock design.
  • Quick, easy installation.
  • Unchanging appearance for a long time.
  • Breathable material.

Cons of Stenwood Oak


  • Contact with water is not allowed.
  • High price.

The best parquet board for underfloor heating

Baltic Wood Ash Choc & Choc ─ the best parquet board for underfloor heating

Baltic Wood Ash Choc & Choc stands out with a structure emphasized by brushing. A 30-year guarantee confirms the outstanding quality of the floors. The connection is carried out according to the BALTIC LOC 2G glueless scheme.

Characteristics of Baltic Wood Choc & Choc


  • Ash tree species.
  • Brown color.
  • Thickness 13.3 mm.
  • The size of 1 board is 2190/182 mm.
  • Three-way design.
  • Lock connection.
  • Packing 3.6 m2.
  • Surface coating lacquer.
  • Brushing processing.
  • Lacquer matte.
  • Collection Style Line.
  • The knots are present.
  • Available in four formats.
  • The warranty covers 30 years.
  • Country of origin Poland.

Pros of Baltic Wood Choc & Choc


  • Strict quality control is carried out.
  • Raw materials are carefully selected.
  • Noble appearance.
  • Precise installation system without glue and additional devices.
  • Homogeneous coating without traces of bonding.
  • The parquet complies with the chemical emission standard.
  • Acceptable cost.
  • Heat treatment of wood.
  • Scratches and sanding do not change the stable structure of the board.

Cons of Baltic Wood Choc & Choc


  • On the coating there are traces of impacts of heavy objects.

The best castle parquet board

Tarkett ROBINSON Merbau - the best interlocking parquet board

Tarkett ROBINSON Merbau exotic motifs are considered the main feature. The upper part is massive, which makes the connection reliable, eliminates the risk of divergence and gaps.

The surface is covered with moisture resistant mastic. The lower part has become more concave, the joint area has increased.

Characteristics Tarkett ROBINSON Merbau


  • ROBINSON Collection.
  • Length 1292 mm.
  • Width 194 mm.
  • Thickness 8 mm.
  • Color red-brown.
  • Relief embossing processing.
  • The gloss is glossy.
  • Number of slats per pack 8.
  • Weight 1 m2 6.8 kg.
  • The maximum temperature is 27 degrees.
  • TC`Lock system of locks.
  • Merbau wood.
  • Stability class 33.
  • Service time 25 years.

Pros Tarkett ROBINSON Merbau


  • Moisture protection Tech3S technology.
  • Improved TC-Lock design.
  • Installation is simple and reliable.
  • Quality locks.
  • Interesting design.
  • The lock connection has passed the break test.
  • The new system is durable, convenient and reliable.
  • Democratic price.
  • The floors are not scratched, there are no traces of furniture.

Cons Tarkett ROBINSON Merbau


  • Remaining streaks after washing.
  • Not suitable for underfloor heating.
  • Slippery surface.

Which parquet board is better to buy

Which parquet board is better to buy

The universal Kahrs Beech Opaque model is suitable for home use, offices, public spaces. Products differ in stable technical characteristics.

  • The structure is represented by a single strip made from a single piece of wood. This emphasizes the naturalness of the wooden floor.
  • The surface is varnished, which gives a glossy sheen. Wood acquires an aesthetic appearance, resistance to moisture and is easier to maintain.
  • Board thickness 15 mm ─ the best option for residential premises. The outer layer of 3.5 mm will withstand 2-3 grindings.

Which parquet board is better to buy

  • Planks are fastened together with Woodloc 5S fasteners without gaps. Floors become resistant to deformations, loads, maintainability increases.
  • Parquet board is suitable for underfloor heating system.
  • The Brinell hardness of 3.6 is the average among woods and the best for beech.
  • Another proof of quality is the 30-year manufacturer’s warranty.

The only drawback of the Kahrs Beech Opaque model is the unsuitability for use in rooms with high humidity.

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