Review of 8 types of the best commercial linoleum

Commercial linoleum is one of the types of coatings of increased wear resistance, which has a number of distinctive features:

  • high resistance to mechanical stress;
  • abrasion resistance;
  • moisture resistance;
  • antistatic;
  • high rates of fire safety;
  • ease of care and hygiene.

commercial linoleum

According to the structure, it is divided into two types, differing in composition:

  • homogeneous (homogeneous composition, single layer);
  • heterogeneous (multilayer).

Both types, according to their technical characteristics, are suitable for rooms with high daily traffic of people.

By type of raw materials used:

  • natural;
  • artificial.

The best commercial linoleum for the kitchen

Forbo Marmoleum Real - The Best Commercial Kitchen Linoleum

The kitchen is the most visited room in a house or apartment, and therefore special requirements for wear resistance are imposed on the flooring in it.

In addition to the load, the coating in the kitchen is also exposed to high humidity due to the cooking process and frequent wet cleaning. All these criteria are met by commercial linoleum.

Forbo Marmoleum Real produced by the Dutch plant Forbo, which is a leader in the production of homogeneous natural floor coverings.

The Marmoleum brand is one of the most famous in the extensive range of collections produced by the plant. It is made on the basis of natural natural components on the latest world technologies.


  • natural ingredients (chopped wood, flax oil, limestone, natural resins and dyes, jute);
  • protective innovative surface coating Topshield, which enhances protection against mechanical damage and facilitates cleaning;
  • high strength and wear resistance;
  • natural marble structure – a visiting card of natural Forbo linoleum;
  • a solid choice of colors (up to 60 patterns based on mixing 2-5 shades with different surface treatment schemes);
  • dimensional stability;

Pros of Forbo Marmoleum Real

  • saturated color of natural environmentally friendly pigments (do not contain toxic components);
  • high resistance to the formation of fungi and the reproduction of bacteria;
  • resistance to ultraviolet radiation;
  • ease of installation;
  • long service life (up to 30 years or more).

Cons of Forbo Marmoleum Real


  • monotonous pattern (marbled);
  • width limited to 2 m;
  • high price.


  • kitchen flooring with antibacterial properties;
  • ease of care allows you to keep the coating in a perfectly clean condition.

Characteristics of Forbo Marmoleum Real


  • thickness – 2 mm, 4 mm;
  • weight – 2.635 kg / m², 5.215 kg / m²;
  • width – 2 m;
  • abrasion resistance group – T;
  • wear resistance class – 32/41-34/43;
  • fire resistance – B1;
  • deviations in dimensions – less than 0.35 mm;
  • residual compression after mechanical impact – 0.07-0.13 mm;
  • sound insulation – 6 dB;
  • color fastness – 8.

Best anti-slip commercial linoleum

Altro - the best non-slip commercial linoleum

Altro with the addition of particles of quartz and carborundum (silicon carbide), which increase the resistance to slip and at the same time the wear resistance of the coating.

It is used in rooms with high humidity (bathrooms, kitchens, laboratories and other industrial facilities with areas of high humidity).

It is characterized by an anti-slip coefficient, which for this type of coating is within R9-R13.

Altro is an anti-slip mat that meets the highest safety and hygiene standards. It has a unique patent structure made of highly elastic vinyl with the addition of carborundum and quartz particles.

Designed specifically for safe walking barefoot or in shoes with soft soles on wet floors.

Advantages of Altro


  • high anti-slip coefficient R10, due to which the anti-slip properties remain effective throughout the entire period of operation;
  • anti-slip properties are maintained even when wet;
  • high elasticity and antistatic;
  • waterproof surface;
  • good sound insulation;
  • dimensional stability due to the addition of fiberglass;
  • Altro’s own patented top layer system for easy care and cleaning;
  • the presence of a bacteriostat in the composition, which prevents the formation and reproduction of bacteria and microorganisms;
  • ease of installation;
  • tightness of seams;
  • good color palette;
  • resistance to acids and chemicals;
  • affordable price.



  • uniformity of the pattern;
  • Available in one size in width – 2 m.


  • anti-slip safe flooring for rooms with high humidity;
  • ease of care and cleaning due to the presence of a special Altro layer that facilitates the care of linoleum.

Characteristics of Altro


  • thickness – 2 mm;
  • width – 2 m;
  • length – 30 m;
  • weight – 2.6 kg / m²;
  • basis – absent;
  • anti-skid class – R10;
  • wear resistance – 34/43;
  • noise absorption – 7 dB;
  • residual compression after mechanical impact – less than 0.1 mm;
  • color fastness – 6.

Best Antistatic Commercial Linoleum

Granit SD Tarkett - the best anti-static commercial linoleum

Granit SD Tarkett interspersed with carbon threads. Designed for premises with a large amount of operating electrical equipment – computer, office, highly specialized, household.

Provides protection against static electricity and at the same time possesses high wear resistance necessary for rooms with high traffic. Linoleum for protection against static electricity is divided into three types:

  • electrically conductive;
  • current dissipative;
  • antistatic.

Granit SD Tarkett is available in 14 different colors with a non-directional pattern. The composition of linoleum includes a unique polyurethane reinforcement.

Such linoleum is recommended for use in administrative buildings and offices with a large number of computer, organizational and communication equipment, server rooms, operating rooms and ultrasound and X-ray examination rooms.

Produced by Tarkett AB in Sweden.

Advantages of Granit SD Tarkett


  • unique conductive polyurethane reinforcement;
  • high wear resistance;
  • the possibility of underfloor heating (use of a coating for the “warm floor” system) up to a temperature of 30°C;
  • thoughtful color palette;
  • good resistance to chemical compounds;
  • high resistance to rollers and wheels.

Cons of Granit SD Tarkett


  • high price;
  • only available in 2m width.


  • commercial linoleum with an antistatic effect for rooms with a high content of electrical equipment of various types;
  • prevents damage to production equipment or its components due to the accumulation of static voltage.

Characteristics Granit SD Tarkett


  • thickness – 2 mm;
  • width – 2 m;
  • length – 23 m;
  • weight – 3 kg / m²;
  • conductivity class – 1×10⁶-1×10⁸;
  • color stability – 6;
  • residual compression after mechanical impact – 0.1 mm;
  • abrasion – less than 0.15 mm;
  • wear resistance – 34/43;
  • fire resistance – B2.

Best Homogeneous Commercial Linoleum

Tarkett IQ Zenith - the best homogeneous commercial linoleum

Tarkett IQ Zenith differs from the heterogeneous pattern in the entire thickness, and not in its superficial application.

Homogeneous linoleum is a polyvinyl chloride monolith, thanks to which the pattern is preserved throughout the entire service life, despite the wear of the top layer.

It contains additives that improve elasticity and wear resistance, as well as antiseptics. Most often it is quartz sand, limestone, chalk. The average thickness of this species is 1.5-3 mm. Recommended for use in rooms with high floor loads.

Tarkett IQ Zenith is one of the latest flooring products from Tarkett. It is distinguished by excellent quality (IQ is present in the marking) and a new palette of 15 colors.

50% natural ingredients. Linoleum has a beautiful design, thanks to the use of special mother-of-pearl chips.

Pros of Tarkett IQ Zenith


  • high wear resistance;
  • the presence of an antibacterial additive, which allows it to be used in any medical institution, up to operating rooms;
  • protective polyurethane layer that increases the strength of the coating;
  • 50% consists of natural ingredients;
  • beautiful appearance;
  • high resistance against the action of wheels, heels;
  • the possibility of using for the device “warm floor” at temperatures up to + 27 ° C.

Cons of Tarkett IQ Zenith


  • rather high price;
  • only available in 2m width.


  • It is recommended for use in areas with high traffic, as well as in areas with increased explosion and fire hazard.

Features Tarkett IQ Zenith


  • thickness – 2 mm;
  • weight – 3 kg / m²;
  • length – 15-26 m;
  • wear resistance – 34/43;
  • color stability – more than 6;
  • abrasion group – P;
  • residual compression after mechanical impact – less than 0.1 mm;
  • instability of linear dimensions – 0.4%
  • good moisture resistance.

Best Heterogeneous Commercial Linoleum

Grabo Diamond Standard Metal - the best heterogeneous commercial linoleum

Grabo Diamond Standard Metal characterized by the presence of several layers in the structure. Commercial linoleum has at least six of them:

  • soft base for better adhesion to the floor,
  • PVC foam layer
  • fiberglass reinforcement layer
  • pvc layer,
  • decorative layer with a pattern (print),
  • protective top layer of transparent dense polyurethane.

During the production process, a durable multi-layer coating is formed that is resistant to maximum loads.

Grabo Diamond Standard Metal is intended for objects with high daily traffic of people. Differs in dimensional stability throughout the entire service life due to the use of fiberglass mesh in the structure.

It is presented in different price categories with high quality of all products. The color palette contains 16 shades. Manufactured in Hungary by Grabo.

Pros of Grabo Diamond Standart Metal


  • high class of wear resistance;
  • the presence of an antibacterial coating of its own design GraboSan;
  • high chemical resistance;
  • does not deform from furniture with wheels and walking in shoes with heels;
  • there is an anti-slip effect;
  • high class of fire safety;
  • the possibility of using underfloor heating for the device (heating up to 30 ° C);
  • high noise absorption;
  • available in different price categories;
  • choice in width -2 and 4 m.

Cons of Grabo Diamond Standart Metal


  • the same pattern design;
  • rather high price.

Features Grabo Diamond Standard Metal


  • thickness – 2 mm;
  • abradable layer – 0.7 mm;
  • weight – 2.2 kg / m²;
  • length – 20 m;
  • width – 2 m and 4 m;
  • abrasion – T;
  • wear resistance – 34/43;
  • residual compression after mechanical impact – 0.1 mm;
  • instability of linear dimensions – 0.2%;
  • noise isolation – 14 dB;
  • fire resistance class – B2.

The best commercial linoleum for an apartment

Lentex Flexar - the best commercial linoleum for an apartment

Along with household linoleum, intended for private apartments and houses with a small daily load on the floor, commercial Lentex Flexar is also widely demanded despite its higher cost.

The use of commercial coating is due to the long service life and better characteristics in terms of wear resistance and resistance to mechanical stress in the form of furniture on wheels or shoes with thin stilettos.

In addition to technical characteristics, special requirements are imposed on linoleum for an apartment in terms of design and pattern, which should harmoniously complement the interior and create home comfort.

Flexar is produced by the Polish company Lentex and is designed for laying in office, commercial and domestic premises.

In addition to the “marbled” pattern traditional for commercial linoleum, the collection offers a coating with imitation of wooden parquet, which is traditionally used for flooring in apartments.

It has an increased working layer in comparison with other similar types of linoleum.

Advantages of Lentex Flexar


  • high wear resistance and abrasion resistance;
  • good sound insulation;
  • has an anti-slip effect;
  • has a low coefficient of electrical conductivity;
  • affordable price;
  • moderately flammable and slightly combustible;
  • service life without abrasion of the upper layer up to 10 years;
  • the possibility of heating up to 30 ° C when installing a warm floor.

Cons of Lentex Flexar


  • only available in 2m and 4m widths;
  • with a larger width of the room, docking of the canvases is required.


  • flooring for the apartment in whole or in part (kitchen, hallway, living room – rooms with increased floor load).

Characteristics of Lentex Flexar


  • thickness – 2 mm;
  • protective layer – 0.8 mm;
  • length – 20 m;
  • weight – 2.8 kg / m²;
  • wear resistance – 34/43;
  • abrasion – T;
  • residual compression after mechanical impact – 0.1 mm;
  • size deviation – 0.4%;
  • anti-slip coefficient – R10;
  • noise reduction – 8 dB;
  • flammability – B2;
  • color fastness – 6.

Best Hardwearing Commercial Linoleum

Gerflor Mipolam Esprit - the best hardwearing commercial linoleum

Gerflor Mipolam Esprit characterized by increased wear resistance, which is achieved by special processing of the working layer or the use of the upper working layer of a special structure. Refers to the highest group in terms of abrasion “T” – practically indelible coatings.

Gerflor Mipolam Esprit is a homogeneous, commercial, high abrasion, compression molded coating for high traffic areas.

It has an innovative surface treatment patented by Gerflor (France) with PUR Protekt polyurethane, which makes linoleum resistant to chemicals and mechanical stress (scratches). Available in tiles and rolls.
Pros of Gerflor Mipolam Esprit

  • increased wear resistance due to the special Evercare surface treatment;
  • stain resistance;
  • polyurethane surface eliminates the need to use acrylic mastics during the entire period of operation;
  • Evercare treatment prevents scratches;
  • produced by pressing, which increases the wear resistance of linoleum;
  • has antistatic, antibacterial and antifungal properties;
  • has a beautiful design with the use of colored chips for even distribution of the pattern;
  • non-directional pattern does not require alignment, which facilitates styling;
  • Available in 24 matte finishes that work well together to create designer finishes.
  • environmentally friendly, does not contain formaldehyde and heavy metals;
  • can be completely recycled.

Cons of Gerflor Mipolam Esprit


  • rather high price;
  • linoleum in a roll is available only in a width of 2 m.


  • commercial linoleum with increased wear resistance and antibacterial properties is suitable for medical and educational institutions, commercial hotel-type facilities.

Characteristics of Gerflor Mipolam Esprit


  • thickness – 2 mm;
  • width – 2 m;
  • weight – 2.9 kg / m²;
  • roll length – 20 m;
  • dimensions of tiles – 608 x 608 mm;
  • packaging – 20 pieces;
  • wear resistance – 34/43;
  • abrasion – T;
  • residual compression after mechanical impact – 0.10 mm;
  • deviation of length, width – 0.25%;
  • noise isolation – 10 dB.

Best non-flammable commercial linoleum

IVC Concept - the best non-combustible commercial linoleum

IVC Concept – this is an antistatic conductive non-combustible (NG) linoleum that has the appropriate fire certificates linoleum.

Recommended as a floor covering in general education, preschool, secondary special and higher educational institutions, as well as medical institutions of various profiles, hotels, rest homes, boarding houses, in particular on fire evacuation routes

The IVC Concept is considered to be one of the best in fire safety and performance. It has an additional protective polyurethane layer Superguard (PU), additionally covered with a film on top.

Foamed polyvinyl chloride PVC provides good heat and sound insulation. High fire resistance is confirmed by the relevant KM2 certificate.

Advantages of the IVC Concept


  • flame retardant;
  • low combustible;
  • does not spread flame;
  • combustion products are slightly toxic;
  • beautiful design, wide palette of colors;
  • choice in width 2, 3, 4 m;
  • high resistance to abrasion and mechanical stress;
  • stain resistance;
  • excellent sound absorption;
  • affordable price for linoleum of this level.

Cons of IVC Concept


  • when ignited, it emits an increased amount of smoke;
  • some types require alignment according to the pattern.


  • commercial coverage for preschool and school, medical institutions, hotel-type facilities;
  • recommended for laying on fire escape routes in high traffic areas (airports, railway stations, shopping centers).

Characteristics of the IVC Concept


  • fire safety – KM2 (G1, V1, RP1, T2, D3);
  • thickness – 2 mm;
  • surface layer – 0.7 mm;
  • width – 2 m, 3 m, 4 m;
  • length in a roll – 25 m;
  • wear resistance – 34/43;
  • weight – 2.758 kg / m²;
  • anti-slip coefficient – R10;
  • abrasion – T;
  • residual compression after mechanical impact – 0.16 mm;
  • noise absorption – 7 dB;
  • color stability – 6.

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