Review of 5 types of the best laser rangefinders

Laser rangefinder is a technological device for determining the distance by means of a laser beam. Models are divided into pulse and phase.

Principle of operation

Pulse . The principle of operation is based on the constant value of the speed of light. Knowing the travel time, the distance to the desired object is calculated. The luminous flux is supplied in short pulses.

They have high power, are used to measure large distances – from a kilometer to cosmic scales.

Phase . The work is based on the property of the light flux to change the modulation phase (in simplified terms, the oscillation parameters) when reflected from an object. The distance is calculated by the processor based on a series of measurements.

The measurement accuracy is ±0.5 mm, which is comparable to the magnitude of a low-frequency light wave. They have low power, the measurement range does not exceed 1 km. The devices are quite cheap. The main direction is application in household devices.

8 types of the best laser rangefinders

Types of devices:

  • household rangefinder;
  • binocular rangefinder;
  • device for hunting;
  • device for the machine;
  • building level with a laser sight;
  • rangefinder-monocular;
  • inexpensive laser rangefinder;
  • rangefinder-roulette;
  • rangefinder with goniometer.

The best household laser rangefinder

The best household laser rangefinder

Household devices include devices with a limited set of functions and a measurement range of up to 30–50 meters. Among the models, according to consumer reviews, the best can be considered ADA Robot 40 А00241.

The device is used to determine the distances to the object indoors and outdoors. Equipped with additional computing functions:

  • addition;
  • subtraction;
  • determination of the volume of the room;
  • area calculation.

The design allows measurements in daylight and twilight.

Sliding heel-support is provided. It is convenient when working in hard-to-reach places and corners.

The case is made of impact-resistant high-quality plastic. Rubber anti-slip pads are provided for a secure hold.

The result is displayed on a liquid crystal screen (display) with a blue backlight. Additional information – battery charge indicator.

Advantages of ADA Robot 40 А00241


  • accuracy of measurements;
  • speed of action, reaction time does not exceed 3-5 seconds;
  • reliability; withstands a fall from a height of 2-5 meters onto a solid base;
  • ease of use;
  • many functions for the construction of such a class;
  • affordable price.

Cons ADA Robot 40 А00241


  • intensive use requires high-capacity power supplies; conventional batteries run out quickly;
  • screen flickering; does not affect the performance of the device, but introduces discomfort during operation;
  • lack of a seat for a tripod.


Verification No Number of reference points 3
Entered into the State Register No Place for a tripod not provided
Equipped with a built-in sight No Weight, kg 0.155
Measurement range with/without reflector, m -/40 Function “hunting and tourism” not provided
Measurement accuracy, mm ±1.5 Laser class 2
Supply voltage, V 1.5 Wavelength, nm 635
Number of batteries, pcs. 2 Operating temperature, °C 0–40
Size AAA Package box
Overall dimensions, mm 116x54x35

The best household laser rangefinder

The package includes:

  • rangefinder;
  • case, strap;
  • power supply (battery);
  • user manual;
  • box.

Model ADA Robot 40 A00241 has passed the Russian certification. The warranty period is set by the manufacturer for 2 years. The brand is from Hong Kong. Country of origin – China.

The best laser rangefinder and level in one package

The best laser rangefinder and level in one package

The combination of a range finder and a bubble level in one body made it possible to increase the accuracy of measurements in the horizontal plane. The main direction of professional application is construction objects.

At the same time, it is successfully used by summer residents in their areas. One of the popular models Zubr EXPERT DL-50 34933.

The functionality of the light device is similar to a mechanical tape measure. But the measurement procedure is greatly simplified. Especially at distances over 10 meters.

The design includes five functions for taking readings:

  • determination of the linear distance to the object;
  • calculation of the total area;
  • calculation of the wall area;
  • calculation of the total volume;
  • application of the Pythagorean function – calculation by a triangle.

The function of continuous calculation of indications is provided. The light device is used for marking. Determines the distance between adjacent objects – tracking.

The best laser rangefinder and level in one package

This allows you to accurately display equipment and household items (furniture). The case is made of impact-resistant polymer material with external anti-slip pads.

Additional list of features:

  • addition, subtraction of results, entering into memory;
  • automatic shutdown of the laser beam after 30 seconds, the device – 180 seconds;
  • the presence of a sound signal;
  • reference points – front, rear, tripod;
  • reflection on the display of the battery discharge;
  • seat for a tripod;
  • additional screen illumination.

Pluses Zubr EXPERT DL-50 34933


  • reliability;
  • accuracy of indications;
  • small dimensions and weight;
  • the ability to work in dusty line conditions;
  • mount on a tripod – at long distances, hand swings do not affect;
  • it becomes possible to record the results, to carry out other actions.

Cons Zubr EXPERT DL-50 34933


The main remark is the need to use a reflective screen in sunny weather.


Verification absent Power supply, battery 9V, 6LR61 crown
Entry into the State Register No Reference points, pcs. 3
Integrated sight not provided Place for a tripod provided
Measurement range with/without reflector, m 0.5/50 Measurement accuracy, mm ±2.0
Laser class 2 Light beam length, nm 650
Application temperature, °C 0–40 Function “hunting, tourism” not provided
Overall dimensions, mm 104.7x61x32 Speed, sec 0.5
Weight, gross, kg 0.36

Zubr EXPERT DL-50 34933

Contents of delivery:

  • rangefinder;
  • transport bag-case;
  • individual silicone case;
  • a strap for a bag and a strap for the device;
  • pencil;
  • calculator;
  • power supply;
  • instructions for use.

Warranty period up to 5 years. Country of origin China. The birthplace of the brand is Russia.

best inexpensive rangefinder

best inexpensive rangefinder

An inexpensive rangefinder with the necessary set of functions costs up to 3000 rubles. It is used to repair premises with a maximum measurable distance of up to 20–40 meters. The model meets these requirements. INSTRUMAX SNIPER 20 IM0105.

Compact and lightweight device performs the main operations:

  • determines the horizontal distance;
  • fixes vertical values;
  • calculates the area of ​​the room.

A tracking function is provided – a continuous measurement procedure. Allows you to identify and install various equipment or household utensils in the room (for example, a kitchenette or wardrobe).

The case is made of impact-resistant polymer material. Dust and moisture resistance comply with IP54 standards. Management is carried out by means of three buttons.

The device is completed with the liquid crystal display of high definition. Lighting provided. There is a sound accompaniment of ongoing measurement operations.



  • compactness, low weight;
  • low price;
  • providing the necessary functionality – measurement, calculation;
  • accuracy of measurements;
  • Ease of controls;
  • clear screen, easy to read information;
  • energy-saving mode – automatic switching off of the laser and the device;
  • the ability to take measurements alone;
  • real excess of the measured distances, the possibility of taking readings from a distance of 30-35 meters.



  • lost in deep pockets due to its compact dimensions;
  • single line display of data;
  • “nasty” sound in tracking mode.


Verification absent Place for a tripod No
Entry into the State Register No Accuracy, mm ±3.0
Integrated sight not provided Weight, kg 0.104
Range with/without reflector, m Hunting-tourism function No
reference points 2

best inexpensive rangefinder


  • laser device;
  • belt;
  • power supplies;
  • instructions, warranty card;
  • package.

The warranty is set to 1 year. Manufacturer China. The birthplace of the brand is Russia.

The best laser rangefinder-roulette

The best laser rangefinder-roulette

The advantage is the ability to perform measurements alone at a distance of 10–20 meters or more. The best representative in its class – light rangefinder Bosch DLE40.


The case of the device is made of impact-resistant plastic with an anti-slip rubber coating. Moisture and dust resistance meet the requirements of IP54. Convenient operation is provided by intuitively located buttons.

The liquid crystal display displays information in a three-line mode. The screen size allows displaying information visible to the naked eye without the use of additional lighting devices (except for personal glasses).

Functions performed:

  • determination of linear distances horizontally;
  • removal of vertical indicators;
  • measurement of lengths, removals;
  • addition and subtraction of received digital data;
  • calculation of areas and volumes of premises.

The device is used indoors or outdoors. The sensitivity of the rangefinder makes it possible to work in bright sunny weather or at dusk.

The best laser rangefinder-roulette

Regardless of the degree of illumination, the display will give a clear picture. The response time does not exceed 0.5 seconds.

The power saving mode is turned on automatically. If idle, the device will turn off:

  • laser after 20 s;
  • device – 5 min.

A device for precise aiming at the target is provided on the body – a slit sight. Stores in memory the results of the latest measurements and calculations.

To create a stable position of the rangefinder during operations, a seat for a tripod is made in the body.

Advantages of Bosch DLE 40 0.601.016.300


  • reliable durable case with protection against atmospheric and dust influences;
  • measurement accuracy regardless of illumination;
  • the presence of a function of continuous measurement (targeting);
  • the ability to work in hard-to-reach places;
  • minimum distance limits (from 5–7 cm);
  • sound accompaniment during measurements (reminiscent of a soft click of a camera shutter).

Cons Bosch DLE 40 0.601.016.300


  • lack of calculations according to Pythagoras;
  • display backlight is not provided;
  • when working at height, it is necessary to fix it on the arm – in the standard design this possibility is not available.


Verification not provided Wavelength, nm 635
Place for a tripod available Laser class 2
Integrated sight not provided Power supply battery, accumulator
Distance with/without reflector, m 0.05/40 Weight, kg 0.180
Measurement accuracy, mm ±1.5 Overall dimensions, mm 58x100x32
reference points 2 Application temperature, °C -10 – +50

The best laser rangefinder-roulette

The package includes:

  • light device;
  • power supplies, 4 pcs.;
  • case-holster with the ability to wear on the belt;
  • user manual.

Warranty period 12 months. Malaysian manufacturer. Brand – Germany.

The best laser rangefinder with goniometer

The best laser rangefinder with goniometer

Laser device with an additional function – the determination of the angle of inclination. The option is necessary for work with inclined surfaces, for example, with stair railings. One of the best devices is a rangefinder-inclinometer Bosch GLM 80.


The body is made of durable polymer. Drops from low heights are allowed. Made in moisture and dustproof version. Equipped with anti-slip pads. Performs:

  • measurement of distances in horizontal or vertical planes;
  • calculates the area of ​​walls, floor, room volume;
  • defines the angle of inclination.

The height is calculated in one operation – by measuring the hypotenuse, taking into account the readings of the angle sensor. The device can be used as a digital level (need to add a calibrated bus).

The tilt function is useful when displaying sloping surfaces – wheelchair ramps, stair railings.

The model is equipped with additional functionality:

  • addition or subtraction of the received data;
  • automatic storage of the latest data on 10 measurements;
  • memory for 20 data;
  • display backlight;
  • automatic laser shutdown after 20 seconds;
  • timer function;
  • the presence of a sound signal at transitions through 0 and 90 degrees.

The rangefinder is equipped with auto-rotation of the image on the liquid crystal display. When changing the tilt angle, the screen follows the horizontal display lines. This allows you not to turn your head into an uncomfortable position.

Advantages Bosch GLM 80 0.601.072.300


  • compact size, light weight;
  • screen auto-backlight;
  • wide functionality;
  • long operating time on a single battery charge;
  • measures the slope, convenient as a digital level;
  • speed of transition to working condition;
  • non-slip, not afraid of dust;
  • accuracy of readings in normal and bright sunny weather (up to 40-50 meters).

Cons Bosch GLM 80 0.601.072.300


  • data may be distorted in bright backlight;
  • insufficient strength at the folding stop;
  • complexity of vertical and angular calibration.


Verification absent Wavelength (power), nm, (mW) 635, (
Place for a tripod available Weight, kg 0.14
Integrated sight not provided Overall dimensions, mm 51x111x30
Limit of measurements with/without reflector, m -/80 Power supply Li-ion battery
Accuracy of linear indicators, mm ±1.5 Standard voltage, V 3.7
Angular values, deg. 0–360 (4×90) Battery capacity, Ah 1.25
Minimum displayed value, deg. 0.1 Number of measurements per charge 25000
Error, deg. ±0.2 Automatic laser shutdown, sec five
Operating temperature, °C -10 – +50 Switching off the device, sec 300
Laser class 2

The best laser rangefinder with goniometer


  • laser rangefinder;
  • protective bag with the possibility of fastening on the belt;
  • lithium battery;
  • USB charger;
  • accompanying documentation: certificate of conformity, warranty card.

The recommended service life is up to 7 years. Warranty period is 1 year. Brand – Germany. The manufacturer is Malaysia.

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