Review of 18 types of the best metal scissors

Cutting sheet metal and blanks is not an easy task. Scissors for metal will allow you to cut out the contour of even an extraordinary configuration.

But this is provided that they are chosen correctly. In order not to drown in the assortment of such a tool, take a closer look at the best models.

The best manual scissors for metal

Erdi Bessey D17ASSL

Scissors Erdi Bessey D17ASSL are a lever structure. Such a tool is classified as universal.

Purpose – continuous cutting along a smooth and rounded path, as well as figured cutting on carbide sheet metals. The presented tool has a left orientation.

Pros of Erdi Bessey


  • The basis of the working mechanism is a double linkage. Such a construct is designed to reduce the force of pressing the hand on the tool, and helps to increase the cutting ability.
  • Blades are made of high speed steel HSS with micro teeth. This allows the processing of high-strength metals.
  • The handle is made of forging die and can withstand heavy loads.
  • The lock latch excludes accidental opening of the mechanism.
  • Silicone handles soften the force of pressing, minimizing pressure on the working hand.

Cons of Erdi Bessey D17ASSL


  • The weight of the scissors is 0.55 kg. For a tool of this modification, such weight can complicate the work.
  • Relatively high cost. But for this level of quality, it is acceptable.

The best electric metal shears

Makita JN 1601 - the best electric metal shears

Makita JN 1601 – carved electrical device. Purpose – straight and figured cut of sheet and corrugated steel material up to 2.5 mm thick.

The working head rotates 360 degrees and is installed in four positions. There are special grooves designed to determine the allowable processing thickness. Tool weight – 1.6 kg.

Pluses Makita JN 1601


  • versatility and maneuverability of performed operations;
  • simple replacement of the die and punch;
  • cut depth limiter;
  • ease of use provides a narrowed body design;
  • the start button is fixed, which makes the long cutting process less tiring;
  • small turning radius;
  • long electric wire increases the level of convenience in work;
  • plunge both from the edge of the workpiece and from the middle;
  • no deformation on the cut.

Cons Makita JN 1601


  • an abundance of small and sharp waste in the form of a crescent 4 mm wide;
  • inaccurate cut in places of differences in the thickness of the product;
  • noise in working condition;
  • the need to lubricate the punch and die before starting work.

The best metal shears for a drill or screwdriver

NP 1.8L Sparky 181875 – scissor attachment, which can be used in conjunction with an electric drill or screwdriver. Purpose – cutting along a linear or radius path.

Performs cuts on sheet metal with a thickness of not more than 2 mm, as well as on alloy steel blanks.

Pros of Sparky 181875


  • liberal price;
  • Ease of use;
  • the maneuverability of the device makes it possible to make cuts in hard-to-reach places;
  • suitable for any model of electric drill and screwdriver;
  • smooth cut without burr;
  • compact dimensions and weight – 0.5 kg;
  • complete set: additional matrix and punch, combined wrench, nozzle, handle;
  • small radius of the cut – 30 mm.

Cons of Sparky 181875


  • low permeability with a longitudinal cut in places of wavy bending;
  • with strong pressure, the handle may break;
  • does not make it possible to process sheet metal and workpieces with a thickness of more than 2 mm;
  • the main power tool used must be greater than 450 watts.

The best cordless metal shears

Makita BJS100RFE - the best cordless metal shears

Makita BJS100RFE are a professional grade design. Designed for use in places remote from electrical power.

Curvilinear and straight cuts of various levels of complexity are performed with a similar tool.

Pros Makita BJS100RFE


  • The tool is powered by a lithium-ion battery, which has a memory effect, no discharge when not in use, and powerful performance;
  • such a device is equipped with two batteries with a capacity of 3 Ah, which increases the duration of the workflow;
  • smooth cut edges without defects;
  • protection against accidental start-up with a light sensor;
  • the built-in fan cools the engine, protecting it from overheating;
  • automatic shutdown of the battery at a critical level of energy intensity protects it from complete discharge;
  • an additional indicator notifies you when the battery is fully charged;
  • minimum cutting radius – 3 cm;
  • streamlined body with rubber pads.

Cons Makita BJS100RFE


  • high price;
  • not recommended for use when processing drywall sheets;
  • cuts only metal up to 11 mm thick.

The best rebar shears for metal

Rothenberger Robolt 75013 - the best rebar shears for metal

Rothenberger Robolt 75013 – scissors intended for manual cutting of reinforcing bars of reinforcing and structural steel, fittings of types I, II, III, IV and steel wire. The tool belongs to the professional class.

Pros of the Rothenberger Robolt


  • scissor jaws are made of vanadium-manganese steel with additional induction hardening, which gives a hardness class of HRC 55/60;
  • cuts bar reinforcing steel with a diameter of up to 10 mm;
  • wear resistance;
  • rubber covers on the handles do not allow the tool to slip;
  • efficiency;
  • durability.

Cons Rothenberger Robolt 75013


  • The weight of 2.63 kg is significant; during prolonged work, such heaviness reduces the efficiency of cuts.
  • High price.

The best carved metal scissors

Hitachi CN16SA - the best carved metal shears

CN16SA from Hitachi It is used for cutting sheets of steel, stainless steel, aluminium, copper, both in a straight line and in left-hand and right-hand paths. Similar functions are provided by changing three positions.

Process sheets of various thicknesses with a cut width of 5 mm:

  • aluminum – 2.3 mm;
  • flat steel – 1.6 mm;
  • stainless steel – 1.2 mm;
  • multi-profile sheet – 1.6 mm.

Pros Hitachi CN16SA


  • minimum processing radius – 40 mm;
  • built-in ventilation system cools the engine;
  • versatility of cutting both in the transverse and in the longitudinal direction;
  • cutting speed – 2300 strokes / min;
  • the possibility of processing a sheet with a trapezoidal profile;
  • double insulation;
  • long electrical wire;
  • slide switch;
  • streamlined narrow body with rubber pads.

Cons of Hitachi CN16SA


  • It is difficult to find consumables on sale – a matrix and a punch. These accessories are available on order only.
  • There is no protection against accidental activation of the tool.
  • In the process of work, prickly chips are formed.

The best cutting shears for metal

Interskol NV-1,2 / 520 - the best cut metal shears

Interskol NV-1,2/520 designed to work with sheet and profile material. The punching cutting tool handles curly and straight cuts. The width of the cut being made is 1.2 mm with a maximum thickness of materials:

  • steel sheet – 1.2 mm;
  • aluminum sheet – 2mm;
  • non-metallic materials – 2.5 mm.

Pluses Interskol NV-1,2/520


  • The start of work is possible both at the beginning of the workpiece and in the middle. To do the last operation, a hole is necessarily drilled in the right place.
  • Air vents cool internal components.
  • Tapered knurled handle.
  • The cord is 3 meters long.
  • The leader in the mid-price segment of similar instruments.
  • Cutting smooth, shaped, corrugated and welded sheet from several elements.
  • With a workpiece thickness of 1 mm, the working speed is 2 m per minute.

Cons Interskol NV-1,2 / 520


  • accessories and consumables only under the order;
  • the complexity of replacing brushes and other consumables;
  • noise at work.

The best guillotine shears for metal

Enkor Corvette-551 95510 (27551) - the best guillotine shears for metal

Encore Corvette-551 – guillotine mechanism designed for cutting sheets. The upper cutting element is made in the form of a saber. This design directs all the pressure to the minimum area of ​​the workpiece.

Pluses Encore Corvette-551 95510 (27551)


  • uncomplicated design;
  • wear resistance of the working blade;
  • ergonomic dimensions: 138*30*8 cm;
  • the handle is covered with plastic, which prevents slipping;
  • fastening to a flat base provides stability;
  • a frame made of steel channel, which guarantees the strength of the entire structure;
  • does not require special maintenance and work skills.

Cons Encore Corvette-551 95510 (27551)


  • processes metal with a thickness not exceeding 1.5 mm;
  • maximum sheet width – 1 meter;
  • accessories only under the order.

The best metal shears for metal tiles

Makita JN 3200 - the best metal shears for metal tiles

Makita JN 3200
– a universal tool for processing and cutting various steel sheet material, up to 32 mm thick, including metal tiles. Performs straight and curly line processing.

Equipped with a powerful 660 W motor that provides a stroke speed of 1300 rpm.

Pluses Makita JN 3200


  • double insulation for protection;
  • lightness and streamlined design allows you to work with one hand;
  • the case is made of high-strength plastic, the gearbox is made of aluminum – such a tandem provides competent heat dissipation, which does not allow the mechanisms to overheat;
  • continuous operation mode for cutting at high speeds.

Cons Makita JN 3200


  • Makes a lot of noise while working
  • to cut corrugated material, it is necessary to rotate the matrix by 90 degrees and make a cut with a side turn;
  • during intensive work, consumables wear out quickly.

The best metal scissors for curly cutting

TITAN PPN55-16 - the best metal scissors for curly cutting

Scissors TITAN PPN55-16 embodied all the qualities that are necessary for a tool intended for curly cutting of metal. In addition to the main function, the device performs sheet processing along a straight path and an internal cut.

Pluses TITAN PPN55-16


  • start work from anywhere;
  • cutting line width – 5 mm, which allows you to work with a minimum amount of metal filings;
  • access to independent replacement of brushes;
  • versatility of the cutting direction;
  • high speed of the device – 2300 rpm;
  • minimum inner radius – 40 mm;
  • streamlined and ergonomic body.

Cons TITAN PPN55-16


  • the maximum allowable thickness of the processed material is 2 mm;
  • rapid wear of working elements;
  • high price range among similar electric tools.

The best curved metal shears

ERDI D123S - the best curved metal shears

ERDI D123S curved shears with lever transmission are designed for safe and efficient cutting of steel strip. The design allows you to cut with one hand.

Advantages of ERDI D123S


  • the working head is made of improved steel using turned casting technology;
  • processes steel tapes with a size of 32 * 1 mm;
  • induction hardening of working elements prolongs service life;
  • scissors are equipped with a clamp that securely fixes the tape, preventing it from slipping;
  • double linkage increases the level of cutting ability of the tool;
  • the shape of the lower blade pass under the packing tape;
  • ergonomic handles with curves under the arm.


  • high price range;
  • a lot of force pressure is applied to make a cut, which, with constant work, will complicate the process and reduce productivity.

The best left scissors for metal

Erdi Bessey D17AL - the best left metal shears

german scissors Erdi Bessey D17AL with a left-hand orientation are intended for direct and figured processing of sheet metal.


  • reinforced linkage, which allows the use at high loads;
  • jagged notch on the working surface prevents the workpiece from slipping during operation;
  • the handles are made using the forging technology of an ergonomic shape;
  • the presence of a latch that protects against accidental opening.

Cons Erdi Bessey D17AL


  • the possibility of processing metal up to 1.5 mm thick;
  • small length of the cutting surface – 2.4 mm;
  • tight mechanism when compressing the tool.

The best desktop scissors for metal

Stalex PBS-7 372302 - the best table scissors for metal

Table scissors for cutting metal Stalex PBS-7 are a versatile machine. Its design is suitable for work in small and large industries, as well as in auxiliary workshops and construction sites.

Advantages of Stalex PBS-7 372302


  • the absence of an electric motor allows you to place table scissors in any convenient place;
  • the gear transmission mechanism and the handle of the optimal length minimize the cost of forces when pressed;
  • the versatility of the design makes it possible to cut any materials: T-beams, shaped steels, sheet, profile, angle, strip steels;
  • height adjustable clamp;
  • high precision cutting ability;
  • rubberized lever eliminates the possibility of slipping;
  • there is the possibility of fastening to the surface;
  • easy to use and does not require the qualification of an employee working at the machine;
  • the maximum thickness of the cut material is 8 mm, the bar is 22 mm in diameter, the size of the angle used should not exceed 60 * 7 mm;
  • weight of 5.56 kg allows installation everywhere;
  • the body is covered with paint and varnish, which prevents corrosion.

Cons of Stalex PBS-7 372302


  • lack of electrical components and reduces productivity;
  • high price level.

The best right metal shears

JTC JTC2561 - best right metal shears

Metal shears 425mm curved JTC JTC2561 belong to the professional class. The design is designed for cutting metal when performing body work. The type of blade orientation is right.

Pros of JTC JTC2561


  • wear-resistant working blade;
  • curved cutting parts ensure efficient production of the working process;
  • open at a small angle;
  • universal dimensions: 50*85*20 cm.


  • metal handles are not rubberized;
  • significant weight of 1275 g can reduce the efficiency of work with a long work with the tool.

The best pneumatic metal shears

SUMAKE ST-6614K - the best pneumatic metal shears

air knife SUMAKE ST-6614К Designed exclusively for professional use in workshop or construction site conditions.

Such a tool is designed for cutting any sheet materials, but mostly metal. The automatic device is connected to a compressor whose pressure is not lower than 90 psi.

Pros SUMAKE ST-6614К


  • due to operation in the compressed pressure mode, such a tool has a longer working resource than analogues on an electric motor;
  • the case is made of metal, which reliably protects internal components from damage;
  • wide trigger element, convenient to use with any grip of the tool;
  • work on compressed air provides a low level of occurrence of an explosion or fire of equipment;
  • the design of the working mechanism is designed to work under heavy loads;
  • long-term operation of the tool does not lead to overheating or breakage, as well as to excessive consumption of energy resources;
  • light weight of 1.3 kg minimizes the energy consumption of the workflow;
  • Comes with 3 interchangeable blades.

Cons SUMAKE ST-6614K


  • work with the compressor requires qualified operators of pneumatic equipment;
  • high price level among similar equipment.

The best roller shears for metal

Pro Cut Off Tapco 10379 - the best roller cutter for metal

roller scissors Pro Cut Off Tapco 10379 – a vivid example of a high-quality model of equipment designed for cutting rolled metal.

Pros of Pro Cut Off Tapco 10379


  • cast body made of durable steel;
  • design reliability;
  • leaves a smooth cut edge without waves, dents and burrs;
  • cutting working surfaces are made of hardened hardened steel;
  • notch adjustment is provided;
  • simultaneous cutting up to two sheets;
  • For convenience of storage and transportation the strong case is provided;
  • compact dimensions – 37 * 27 * 19.5 cm allow you to use the roller knife anywhere;
  • wear resistant knives.

Cons of Pro Cut Off Tapco 10379


  • Well-coordinated work on the pipe bending machine of the manufacturer of such equipment. Compatibility with other machines is questionable.
  • High cost in the sector of such equipment.
  • Ability to cut sheet metal material up to 7 mm thick.

The best metal shears with an offset mount

Stubai - the best offset metal shears

Australian offset scissors Stubai are specialized tools designed for roofing work.

Designed specifically for continuous cutting of sheet or roll material with one hand. Straight and round cuts can be made.

The working bottom edge is on the right side.

Pros of Stubai


  • rounded blades are made of high-alloy steel using the technology of induction hardening of working blades;
  • additional equipment with springs is allowed to simplify the work process;
  • they leave a smooth edge, therefore they are often used as a leveling device that removes burrs;
  • Handles are painted to prevent corrosion.



  • without additional springs, the work process is difficult;
  • there are restrictions on cutting metal – the maximum thickness is up to 1.5 mm;
  • leader in the mid-price sector of similar instruments.

The best universal metal shears

Stanley 2-14-566 - the best universal metal shears

Universal cutting tool Stanley 2-14-566 designed for straight line machining. Cuts any material: steel, cardboard, wire and rods, plastic, leather, rubber, non-ferrous metal and much more.

Stanley Pros 2-14-566


  • the cast body is made of chrome-molybdenum steel, which increases the service life;
  • ergonomic two-component covers with palm rests are put on the working handles, which increase the comfort of the grip;
  • hook-lock provides additional security;
  • fasteners are made of chrome;
  • equipped with a double coil spring to increase productivity;
  • notch on the cutting surface eliminates the slippage of the workpiece;
  • The loop on the handle allows you to store the scissors suspended.

Cons Stanley 2-14-566


  • possible cutting of metal up to 1-1.2 mm thick;
  • quick wear of the unclamping mechanism, but it can be easily changed independently.

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