Review of 10 types of the best jacks

Motorists need to know how to choose the right jack. Starting the search for a suitable model, you should know what criteria should be followed when choosing and determining the best model suitable for a particular situation.

How to choose a jack

How to choose a jack

In order to be able to independently choose a lifting mechanism for your car, you need to go through several steps, paying attention to key points and ignoring minor details.

load capacity

Each model is designed to work with a load of a certain mass, therefore, it is impossible to exceed the value indicated in the model description under any circumstances.

Violation of this condition can lead not only to damage to the equipment, but also to damage to the vehicle.

That is why the first rule when buying: the correct calculation of the actual mass of the car (you need to take into account the weight with the load in the trunk: spare wheel, tools, fire extinguisher, etc.).

How to choose a jack

lifting height

This characteristic indicates the maximum height the machine can be raised to. Most of the models and product lines are designed, on average, for 30-50 cm.

This value is quite enough to replace a failed wheel, or to gain access to the handbrake cable. Some types of mechanisms make it possible to lift the load to a height of about 100 centimeters.

These mechanisms are mainly used in a rather narrow field: in competitions in the wild, when it is necessary to lift massive structures in construction.

How to choose a jack

pickup height

This expression denotes a parameter that indicates the distance between the ground and the bottom of the car. The pick-up value, depending on the model, is 6-25 cm.

Here you should take into account the clearance of the car – what motorists call ground clearance.

The easiest way to choose a lifting device is if you have an SUV or a car with increased ground clearance, since any type of jack will work for this vehicle.

The most difficult task is for the owners of cars whose ground clearance is less than 15 cm, since it is quite difficult to find a lifting mechanism for them.

Some models have such a characteristic as the working stroke of the jack. This distance from the pick-up point to the maximum lift height is the height at which you can work.

The wider the range of heights, the more functional the mechanism. It can be applied to more vehicles.

type of drive

Lifting mechanisms have another important difference: they are actuated in different ways.


Lifting is carried out by exerting force on the handle. These attachments are suitable for occasional use, such as changing a wheel on the road.

This is a fairly inexpensive option, suitable for passenger cars. It is inefficient to use them in a workshop or garage.


It is actuated in a manner similar to the previous type, however, the user will have to apply less effort. The weight is lifted under pressure, which is created by the working fluid pushing the plunger with the fixed weight.


These machines run on compressed air. Pneumatic networks are used in workshops, in the “field” an automobile exhaust pipe or a gas cylinder should be connected.

How to choose a jack

The chamber, filled with air, increases, raising the car, like an air cushion. Minimum effort required. Such devices lead to a reduction in labor costs, to a rapid rise.

Approaching this stage, you need to understand how often the device will be used. If you decide to buy a jack “just in case”, there is no point in expensive hydraulic devices, since it will not be possible to use the full potential of the mechanism.

If you have a workshop, opt for pneumatics or hydraulics – this increases the speed of maintenance while facilitating the work.

Movement brand

There is an opinion that it is worth buying only branded products.

The most important thing that you can count on in this case is the full compliance of the parameters indicated in the accompanying documents with those that the mechanism will show in reality.

Manufacturers who care about their image, without fail, carry out the necessary tests, so you can be sure that if a load capacity of 2 tons is indicated, that is how much the jack will lift.

Equally important is the high quality of the materials from which it is made. All parts of the device fit perfectly, all connections are fixed securely.

Branded mechanisms show excellent results, they are not subject to rust, their movement is smooth, they do not bend from heavy loads.

Nameless models or unknown brands, according to practice, fail quite quickly – often after the first use.

Experienced motorists do not advise repairing these models, as this can lead to tragic consequences. It is better to buy a new device from a trusted manufacturer to be sure of its quality.

How to choose a jack

Firms guarantee 1-3 years of proper operation – another argument in favor of manufacturers with a name.

When choosing a jack, it is very important to consider each of the steps. At the same time, you need to know that such indicators as the make of the car, the country of manufacture of the jack, or, moreover, the color of the mechanism, have no role in choosing the model of the lifting device.

The weight and dimensions of the structure are of some importance, since not every model can be placed in a passenger car. However, this is not the most essential characteristic of the mechanism.

To approach the choice of a jack fully armed, you should familiarize yourself with the best models of each type.

The best rolling jack


[profitprice]MATRIX MASTER 51028[/profitprice]
Hydraulic rolling jack MATRIX MASTER 51028. Movable devices are in high demand, and for good reason: they are easy to operate, they are compact, convenient to store thanks to the case included in the kit.

All this applies to this type of jack with hydraulics. Best suited for lifting cars.

The model is equipped with a valve that protects the device from overload. Perfectly is suitable not only for a private garage, but also for work in car repair shops.

The size of the lever makes it possible to apply a minimum of effort. The model has a rigid frame, thanks to which the device is able to withstand high loads.


The jack comes with a plastic case for easy storage. There is a PRO indicator on the box, which indicates the possibility of using it at a professional level.


  • Load capacity – 2 tons
  • Weight – 12.8 kg
  • pickup height – 13.5 cm
  • Rise height – 38.5 cm
  • Complete set: jack and shield.
  • Packing dimensions – 23.0*15.0*57.0 cm.

The homeland of the brand is Germany, while China is engaged in manufacturing. The product is accompanied by a dealer certificate.

The advantages of the model include:

  • hydraulic type;
  • reliability;
  • the presence of a convenient case;
  • repair kit;
  • the weight;
  • price;
  • high quality material from which the jack is made.



The disadvantages of this model, according to reviews, include its price and weight. It is better not to use without a stand under the threshold.

Reviews about the device of this model indicate that it is the best in its class. It steadily raises cars, hydraulic drive allows you to spend a minimum of effort on this.

The best hydraulic jack

Jack hydraulic HobbyLine Jack 3t

[profitprice]SOROKIN HobbyLine Jack[/profitprice]
Jacks SOROKIN HobbyLine Jack have a greater load capacity than devices with a different type of drive.

However, vertical bottle jacks can only be transported in an upright position, which makes them not convenient to transport, limiting them to garage use only.

This model is convenient to use for individuals to work in garages. They are very quick to lift cars for later maintenance or repairs.

Jack hydraulic HobbyLine Jack 3t

A convenient handle makes it possible to install the mechanism in any convenient place without wasting energy. The comfort pedal allows you to raise the support platform.

Compactness, mobility, reliability of this model allow this model to be the most demanded among motorists of all categories. The series devices are used for daily work. Not recommended for professional use.

The mechanism is not designed to hold loads. Safety stands, parking shoes should be used to fix the lifted load. In addition, it is necessary to use a rubber pad on the heel.

When choosing a jack, you should keep in mind the minimum height that allows you to place the jack under the car with a flat tire. In addition, it is necessary to take into account the largest stroke of the jack rod, which will make it possible to hang out the car wheel for replacement.

The device may only be operated on level ground.

  • Load capacity – 3 tons
  • Pickup height – 14 cm
  • Lift height – 43 cm
  • Platform diameter – 5.2 cm
  • Length – 120 cm
  • Weight – 19 kg
  • Packing 66*28.5*17.5cm

Jack hydraulic HobbyLine Jack 3t

Buyers of a hydraulic jack note its undeniable advantages:

  • smooth running;
  • fast rise;
  • high efficiency;
  • fixation accuracy;
  • suitable for low ground clearance cars;
  • maneuverability and relatively low weight;
  • reliable braking of the jack.

Jack hydraulic HobbyLine Jack 3t

Despite the many positive qualities, this jack has several disadvantages:

  • cardboard box;
  • plastic handle;
  • no rubber pad.

The best rack jack

Rack jack HiLift Jack HL604

[profitprice]Hi Lift Jack HL604[/profitprice]
The pickup of this type of jacks moves vertically. They have a large payload capacity, so they are mostly used in cargo transportation or off-road travel/competition.

With this device, you can raise the car, but you can rearrange it by lifting and pushing in the desired direction.

Very often it is used as a winch.

Hi Lift Jack HL604 made of cast iron, some of its parts are cast from steel. The jack drive is mechanical. Powder coated in black, working mechanisms are galvanized to avoid corrosion.

The hijack is designed to lift and hold the side of the machine to change a wheel or do other work. Pickup can be carried out by standard parts, by the wheel, kenguryatnik or bumper.

Rack jack HiLift Jack HL604

Using additional materials, the jack can be turned into a universal mechanism by which you can pull out fence posts or pull out a car using the jack as a winch.

Indispensable not only on the road, but also far beyond.

The model can be used as a press, including for pulling body parts.


  • Model length – 15.2 cm
  • Rise height – 11.43-122.56 cm
  • Load – 2.113 tons
  • Draft force – 2.268 tons
  • Weight – 13.6 kg
  • Made in USA

Rack jack HiLift Jack HL604


The rack jack most beloved by motorists has a lot of advantages:

  • reliability;
  • universality;
  • high load capacity;
  • stability;
  • latch reliability;
  • no need for lubrication;
  • lack of parts prone to wear;
  • quick lifting is necessary for machine parts;
  • winch function.

The model has no flaws. Some users called the high price of equipment as a “minus”.

The manufacturer has been producing lifting equipment for over 100 years, during which time the simple design has been in many situations, showing itself as a universal device.

Easy to handle, easy to store. All this, together with increased maximum loads, allows us to consider the mechanism as the optimal device in off-road racing.

The best screw jackScrew jack BIG RED T10202

[profitprice] BIG RED T10202[/profitprice]
The rhombic type of screw jacks is more popular. Despite the large selection, owners of passenger cars or domestic cars prefer to purchase this particular version of the mechanism.

These jacks are a quadrilateral. By means of a clamp there is a change in the magnitude of the angles. By stretching the quadrilateral, the load is lowered/raised.

These are simple, compact, inexpensive tools that can lift fairly small loads that require a lot of effort at the very beginning of work.

Model BIG RED T10202 designed for use by private individuals to lift personal vehicles weighing up to 2 tons.

It can be used to work with agricultural machinery or construction machines.

The mechanism is capable of lifting devices to a height of up to 38 cm. It is also designed to hold the car, however, it must be additionally insured to avoid accidents.

The model is made of reliable, high-quality materials. The products meet the safety requirements, the materials are highly durable, they are responsible for the increased wear resistance of the equipment.

The ideal device of the model allows the mechanism to be convenient to use.

The model is durable, able to serve the owner for decades. Due to the simplicity of the mechanism, there is nothing to break there, which is important during long-term operation.

Screw jack BIG RED T10202


  • Load capacity of the mechanism – 2 tons
  • pickup height – 9 cm
  • Lift height – 38 cm
  • Device weight – 2.9 kg
  • Length – 66 cm
  • Width – 26 cm
  • Height – 47 cm.

Screw jack BIG RED T10202


  • rubber pad;
  • ease;
  • ease of transportation;
  • suitable for foreign cars;
  • stability;
  • ease of use.


  • difficult to use on an uneven surface (requires laying a board or similar material to level the surface);
  • short handle.

Great device for changing a wheel on the road or in the garage.

If it is necessary to use it in the field, it is required to level the surface with improvised objects.

best bottle jack

Bottle jack Autoprofi DG-08

[profitprice]Autoprofi DG-08[/profitprice]
One of the most popular types of jack is the bottle jack. From the name it is clear that it is shaped like a bottle. It has another name – vertical.

These garage equipment are smooth, easy to use and can lift quite heavy loads. The main advantage over other types of jacks is the increased load capacity, complete with compactness.

Model AutoprpfiDG-08 – hydraulic bottle jack. He quickly and easily copes with lifting the load to a height of about 40.5 cm.

When folded, the mechanism does not exceed 20 cm. The reliable design does not require special care, ensuring its operation in all situations. The device has a bypass valve allowing overload up to 25%.

At the same time, the valve does not allow the product to work, the load of which is significantly exceeded.

The jack is used only for lifting – other devices must hold the weight.

Apply on flat surfaces. After lifting, fix the car with safety supports. AutoprpfiDG-08 makes it possible to lift up to 8 tons of cargo.

With its help, commercial and passenger cars are lifted, used in rigging and construction work.

It should be borne in mind that this model is not suitable for cars with a clearance of less than 20 cm. The owners of SUVs and crossovers will be satisfied by buying AutoprpfiDG-08, because its carrying capacity is enough even for a loaded Gazelle.

Bottle jack Autoprofi DG-08

Excellent performance in operation, even despite belonging to the economy class: reliable processing of the hydraulic cylinder prevents untimely wear of the cuffs, the valve does not allow them to be squeezed out when the permissible load is exceeded.

A heel made of metal can cause complaints – for the sake of protecting the coating from corrosion or paint, you need to take a responsible approach to choosing the lining.


  • Load capacity – 8 tons
  • Rise height – 40.5 cm
  • Pickup height – 20 cm
  • Height – 20 cm
  • bypass valve – yes
  • Material – metal
  • Weight – 12.5 kg.

Bottle jack Autoprofi DG-08


  • hydraulic drive;
  • acceptable price;
  • reliability;
  • durability;
  • load capacity;
  • convenience.


The main disadvantage of the model (as well as the entire type of jacks) is the need for transportation in a vertical state. This makes transportation not very convenient, but when working in the garage there is no equal model.

best inflatable jack

Inflatable Jack Air Jack (4 tons)

[profitprice]Air Jack[/profitprice]
This type is designed to lift loads up to 4 tons. Especially loved by fishermen, hunters and other off-road travelers.

Compared to other types, these have clear advantages:

  • compactness – when assembled, the pump fits easily into a bag located in a small bag;
  • ease of use on uneven surfaces (suitable for snow, off-road, mud);
  • the possibility of investing in a small ground clearance – about 2mm.

An inflatable jack is a pillow placed under any part of the load. After that, the pillow is filled with air or gases from the car, due to which it rises.

Inflatable Jack Air Jack (4 tons)

Air Jack – the most reliable and fastest mechanism for lifting a car from snow, sand or mud. To pump it up, you need to use a six-meter pipe connected to an exhaust pipe or a 12 volt compressor.

Made of high quality nylon which is PVC coated on the outside and inside. Thanks to this design, the car rises as if by itself. The lifting height reaches 85 cm, the jack is capable of lifting up to 4 tons.

The device is suitable only as a lifting force. The jack is used to change a tire or pull the car out of a difficult place. For correct use, please read the instructions.

The design of the device has been improved, it consists of several layers. The jack helps to quickly raise the car. It is easy to use and does not damage the car, as is often the case with rack and pinion jacks.

The spikes on the bottom prevent the jack from slipping.

The jack comes complete with a carry bag, 6m hose, repair kit, floor mats (for bottom and ground), compressor connector, gloves and other parts.

Inflatable Jack Air Jack (4 tons)


  • Load capacity – 4 tons;
  • pickup height – 7.5 cm
  • Rise height – 66.5 cm
  • Weight – 5 kg
  • Cone exit to the exhaust pipe

Inflatable Jack Air Jack (4 tons)

The model, suitable for work in the field, has a number of advantages:

  • compact dimensions;
  • Convenient inflation hose, resistant to corrosive gases;
  • the presence of a transport bag;
  • high load capacity;
  • Ease of use;
  • the presence of anti-slip spikes;
  • light weight;
  • Possibility to choose orange or red color of the pillow.

The disadvantage when using is that it can only be used to lift the car.

The best rhombic jack

Rhombic jack Alca

[profitprice]Alca Diamond[/profitprice]

The device consists of levers interconnected by hinges so that they form a rhombus. With this type of connection, the teeth are responsible for the stable position of the jack, with the help of a toothed connection, the device holds the load.

Vertical movement is carried out by increasing / decreasing the angles of the parallelogram. These mechanisms are universal, with a rigid structure having a large support plane.

Jacks are compact, take up little space in the luggage compartment, while their carrying capacity is quite high.

Alca Diamond , 2 tons – a compact device with a mechanical drive. The design of the equipment is classic, characterized by ease of use. The mechanism is designed to lift loads up to 2 tons.

Lifting height – 418 mm, the device is designed for lifting cars with low ground clearance.

The folded mechanism is convenient to store and transport comfortably, so this model is an excellent alternative to the accessory that comes with the car.

Used on a flat, hard surface. To support the machine in a raised position, it is necessary to use safety supports. In addition to the device, the delivery set includes a handle.

  • Load capacity – 2 tons
  • Rise height – 41.8 cm
  • Pickup height – 12 cm
  • Weight 3.38
  • Manufacturer – China
  • Box size – 46*13*13

Rhombic jack Alca


  • reliability;
  • quality materials;
  • compactness;
  • light weight;
  • Ease of use;
  • metal thickness;
  • lifting height.

Rhombic jack Alca


No matter how good the product is, you can find disadvantages:

  • lack of lubrication;
  • lack of rubber lining;
  • uncomfortable handle.

Best Low Rise Jack

Low lift jack DA5P120K

[profitprice] DA5P120K[/profitprice]
DA5P120K designed for lifting, fixing heavy structures, for propping up various loads, for repair work, for installation, dismantling, assembly, and other operations in garages, warehouses and other premises.

Jacks of this type are equipped with pickups, with which you can lift various objects that are at a short distance from the ground.

The support has a corrugation, which excludes the sliding of goods. The pump makes it possible to lift loads efficiently and quickly. The device is equipped with return springs, thanks to which the rod quickly returns to its place.

For installation and transportation of the equipment there are handles.

Low lift jack DA5P120K

Low lift jack designed for heavy lifting, assembly, repair and demolition work. Due to its compact size and relatively low weight, this equipment is designed for work in small areas, in confined spaces.

The device is made of high-strength steel using the latest generation of support and sealing materials.

The single-acting mechanism is small in size, equipped with a spring return stem, its maintenance is simple, and the operation is reliable. On the support, the jack is able to lift up to 5 tons, on the paw – 2.5 tons.

The stroke of the rod is 12 cm, with a pick-up height of less than 2 cm. The equipment is equipped with a hydraulic drive with a built-in pump that works autonomously.

The autonomy of the jack determines its efficiency, mobility, and the ability to work without external sources of hydraulic energy.


  • Load capacity – 5/2.5 tons
  • pickup height – 1.9 cm
  • Stroke – 12 cm
  • Pump – built-in
  • Dimensions – 17 * 24.3 * 23 cm
  • Weight – 12 kg

Low lift jack DA5P120K


  • convenient removable handle rotates in different directions, which makes it possible to operate the device in a limited space;
  • the admissibility of lifting loads located at least 19 mm from the surface;
  • autonomy, mobility;
  • bottle hydraulics;
  • convenient handles for transportation;

Equipment with a pickup that allows you to firmly fix loads, including those located close to the surface;

  • equipped with return springs, which make it possible to quickly return the jack to its initial position, continuing to work;
  • corrugation of working platforms, excluding the sliding of the load.

The best two-rod jack for an SUV

Two-rod jack for SUV BottLine Jack 2t

[profitprice]BottLine Jack 2t[/profitprice]
Small dimensions BottLine Jack 2t allow you to use it not only for car repairs, but also for rigging. The operability of the device is ensured by a simple and reliable design that does not require complex maintenance.

The jack has a valve, which makes it possible to overload the device by 25%, while preventing excessive overload.

Jacks of this type should only be used on level surfaces and may be used for lifting but not for holding. After lifting, the load must be securely fixed on the supports.

Two-rod jack for SUV BottLine Jack 2t

Telescopic jacks of this model differ from traditional bottle jacks by a reduced pickup height. At the same time, the lifting height remains classic, or slightly increased.

When buying, you must take into account the height of the pickup, which will make it possible to substitute the device under the body of an SUV that has a flat tire. In addition, it is important to remember the maximum travel that allows you to hang the wheel for replacement.

Use the jack of this model only for lifting the vehicle, do not leave it as a restraint.

For reliable fixation, parking shoes and safety supports are required. The equipment can be used for rigging or construction work. Capable of lifting loads up to 2 tons.

Ease of use and hydraulic drive do not require significant efforts to carry out the necessary work. For this reason, even a woman can easily cope with lifting a car.


  • Load capacity – 2 tons
  • pickup height – 17.8 cm
  • Lift height – 42 cm
  • Stroke – 19 cm
  • Screw travel – 5.5 cm
  • Packing – 12*11*19 cm
  • Weight – 3 kg

Two-rod jack for SUV BottLine Jack 2t

Distinctive features of the model:

  • the presence of an overload valve;
  • reliability;
  • light weight;
  • compactness;
  • smooth running;
  • stability;
  • durability;
  • hydraulic drive.

The best electric jack

Jack with electric drive

[profitprice]Katun 701[/profitprice]

For the first time, electric jacks appeared on our market not so long ago. Supplied Katun-701 in a convenient plastic case. The suitcase for transportation of a rhombic jack with the electric drive is intended.

A significant part of the weight of the suitcase is the motor with wires. The design of the system is quite simple. The screw, which changes the angles of the device, is rotated by a motor through a gear transmission.

The mechanics are well-made, powerful arms have thickened axles in the connecting places, a reinforced profile along the edge turns into gearing sprockets.

The design is complemented by a lower support platform – its size is increased by an additional wing under the electric motor. The upper supporting element is cast, rubber pads with deep slots are attached to it, designed for the edge of the machine’s nut.

Jack with electric drive

The engine has a blue wire that terminates in a cigarette lighter socket. The wire, the length of which is about 5 meters, is equipped with a mechanism control panel.

If you press one button, the device starts to lift the load, by pressing the other, the load can be lowered. For convenience, the remote control has a luminous coating.

When starting, it is necessary to hold the device with your hand, since the strong momentum of the motor rotor creates an unbalanced torque. You should use a jack when the car engine is running, because it consumes quite a lot of energy.

The maximum lifting height for this design is 43 cm, the minimum is 12.

It is very important to remember that at the extreme points of opening / closing of the equipment, the load on the screw is maximum, therefore, the load on the engine also increases.

So that when the jack is closed / opened to the maximum, the engine turns off independently, it is equipped with microswitches located on the inside of the support arms. The same switches allow to exclude breakage of a design.

The jack is opened from the starting position to the maximum in 2 minutes. The lifting of one wheel by this device is almost equal to the idle speed.

If the light is off, this mechanism can be used in manual mode. To do this, you need to get a plastic handle from the case, resembling the shape of a crooked starter.

When the handle is rotated, the device lowers and rises with little or no effort, even when a car is mounted on it. The hand feels only slight resistance.

Jack with electric drive

Jack with electric drive “Katun – 701” is designed to lift cars with hanging wheels to carry out the necessary work. The device is supposed to be used at temperatures from -20 to +40 degrees.

Safety requirements when working with the device:

  • placing the mechanism on a flat surface;
  • work without a break should not exceed 10 minutes;
  • overload is prohibited.


  • jack;
  • socket with contact clamps;
  • wrench;
  • puller;
  • lever for manual control of the jack;
  • fuse;
  • wheel chock (2 units);
  • cap head;
  • cord extension.

Jack with electric drive


  • Load capacity – 2 tons
  • Required voltage – 12 V
  • Type of current – constant
  • Torque – 350 Nm
  • Lift height – 43 cm
  • Work from the cigarette lighter
  • Working conditions – from -20 to +40 degrees
  • Warranty – year
  • Manufacturer – Russia

Jack with electric drive


  • load capacity. For such a small device, it is large enough – 2 tons;
  • maximum lift;
  • electric drive;
  • the presence of a case for transportation;
  • quality materials;
  • reliable mechanism;
  • connection reliability;
  • ease of management.

The weight of the device and the whole set in the case.

To choose the best version of the model, you need to know exactly what tasks the device should solve. In addition, you need to know the characteristics of the car that will be lifted with this equipment.

So, the weight of the loaded machine should not be more than the permissible load capacity of the device. The design of the mechanism must fit the platform at the bottom of the car.

A flat bottom indicates that any type of device is suitable for the car.

You need to consider the size and weight of the jack to see if it will fit in the trunk – if you plan to carry the device with you, you should choose lighter, more compact models that are easy to use.

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