Overview of the refrigerator INDESIT DF 4180 W

A refrigerator is a necessary element in every kitchen, and it is recommended to approach the choice of a device thoroughly so that it lasts from five years or more. The storage freezer will help keep food fresh for 2-3 months.

The dimensions, price and characteristics of the device depend solely on the personal preferences of users. 5 years ago, Indesit products (for example, budget models), Indesit DF 4180 W became popular in the CIS countries.



In addition to the standard functions of Indesit, it can stand out:

  • The multi-stage (level) degree of freezing-defrosting selects a program for storing products of various categories (for example, fish, vegetables, dairy products, fruits).

The rejection of drip freezing in favor of automatic has led to the fact that now the product lasts several times longer, and the percentage of breakage in case of clogging of the chambers is close to zero.

Also, the use of automated freezing (No Frost technology) implies a constant process of cleaning the formed ice with the help of fans, which, if necessary, distribute warm air over the entire area.

  • The dual chamber level allows the user to place the entire food ration in such a way that the storage conditions are ideal and the shelf life is maximized.
  • It is also worth noting the free location of the doors. That is, the user, for his convenience, can move the doors on the left side (thus, they are installed by default) to the right.

But, it is worth noting that the standard instructions for use do not say how this can be done. However, there are several videos on the Internet where this procedure is performed.



Indesit DF 4180 W belongs to the A class of refrigerators and has the following characteristics:

  • Stana manufacturer – Russian Federation.
  • Annual energy consumption is 384 kWh, which means that this coupon technique is one of the most economical.
  • The certified noise level of the motor is 43 dB (it will be difficult for the user to hear even minimal crackles and noises from the operation of the refrigerator).

This indicator is rather controversial, as some buyers complain about the high noise level, while others, on the contrary, rejoice at the quiet motor. Most likely, such a difference is caused by different batches of goods.

  • The volume of the product is 333 liters (according to the manufacturer, the available volume is 223 liters).
  • The universal climate class and automatic freezing keep vegetables and fruits fresh much longer than direct competitors.
  • For products in the upper compartment allotted 3 shelves made of durable glass. There are 4 movable shelves on the door, and the device is illuminated by a standard incandescent lamp.


  • Freezer compartment with a volume of 106 liters (actual volume – 75 liters). No Frost technology and three compartments for storing meat, fruit. The freezing capacity of the entire food ration is two and a half kilograms per day.
  • one compressor and cooling element ensure stable operation and high freezing level.
  • In the event of a power outage, the refrigerator will be able to maintain the required temperature for 13 hours.
  • Overall dimensions: 185x60x64 centimeters, weight – 66.5 kilograms.
  • The color scheme is white.



The package includes:

  • Complete set of the main refrigeration section:

3 impact-resistant glass shelves and 3 plastic shelves to store essentials, 2 plastic drawers to store fruits and vegetables, and a small compartment for dairy products.

  • Freezer set: 3 plastic drawers that can hold long-term storage products, there are also small containers for freezing ice.
  • Cord for connecting the refrigerator to the mains and additional protective films.



The list of additional accessories is small, but the user can purchase several additional items:

  • Additional containers for ice, as well as shelves for storing all kinds of products.
  • A voltage stabilizer and a surge protector must be purchased in order to extend the life of the device and insure against breakdowns caused by power surges and blackouts.
  • An additional cooling element will provide a lower storage temperature.
  • A special odor absorber will preserve the original flavor of your favorite foods.



Main advantages:

  • The latest freeze-thaw technology called No Frost.
  • Compact dimensions, which despite this, allow you to place a large amount of food.
  • The stability of the main elements and the reliability of the hull.
  • Simple control system.



  • A rattling case (even manual adjustment of the case legs cannot correct the situation).
  • The high level of marriage observed in the first batches.
  • Lack of antibacterial coating (the user will need to disinfect the Indesit DF 4180 W from time to time and remove excess odors).
  • Outdated compressor model.


Reviews about the model

Despite all the shortcomings described earlier, the DF 4180 W is an excellent (low price and good features) model, since most users are satisfied with it.

According to reviews, the refrigerator works reliably and has never failed, and automatic defrosting and freezing of food will save its owner from unnecessary work. Also, the main advantages of the model include the convenient location of the shelves.


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