Overview of the 6 best Interskol screwdrivers

A screwdriver is a hand-held power tool with adjustable torque. It is intended for twisting and unscrewing with the help of nozzles of fasteners (screws, self-tapping screws, dowels). Models are divided into battery and network.

Rechargeable. They work from an independent power source – a rechargeable battery.

Network . The power source is an external stationary electrical network or a gas generator.

screwdriver Interskol

Battery types:

  • nickel-cadmium;
  • hybrid (nickel-metal);
  • lithium-ion.

Tool types:

  • cordless screwdriver;
  • cordless screwdriver;
  • lithium screwdriver;
  • screwdriver professional;
  • screwdriver with a flashlight;
  • screwdriver (drill) impact.

Interskol DA-10 / 14.4M3 – battery

The best cordless screwdriver Interskol

A distinctive feature of a cordless screwdriver is the presence of a battery. The ability to work without being connected to the mains greatly facilitates operations in hard-to-reach areas:

  • small premises;
  • high-altitude work;
  • assembly and disassembly of furniture.

The choice of battery type is determined by:

  • financial possibilities;
  • temperature conditions;
  • frequency of use of power tools.

The best cordless screwdriver Interskol

When choosing a screwdriver:

  • able to work at sub-zero temperatures;
  • with a long battery life (the presence of a replaceable battery);
  • in a wide range of mechanical characteristics;
  • with low price

it is preferable to dwell on the Interskol DA-10 / 14.4M3 model.

Pluses Interskol DA-10 / 14.4M3


  • the presence of a nickel-cadmium battery allows you to work at sub-zero temperatures, a sharp drop in which when changing the work site (street-indoor) does not require compliance with the thermal regime;
  • the presence of a second battery increases the working time of the tool;
  • high torque developed by a newly developed engine;
  • the reliability of the cartridge allows you to work with a variety of hardware;
  • the ability to work with any base (board, laminated chipboard, fiberboard), into which a screw or self-tapping screw is screwed.

Cons Interskol DA-10 / 14.4M3


  • dull design;
  • the properties of batteries to lose charge if the product has not exhausted its entire resource.


Voltage 14.4 V Change of speed parameters 0–400/

0–1400 rpm

Charge 1.5 Ah The size of the hole in metal products

10 mm

Type of power supply Ni-Cd battery Hole size (wood drilling)

25 mm

Fixing the cutting tool keyless chuck Size of threaded fasteners screwed into solid wood, mm 6×60 mm
Power unit (view) brush motor Shank 0.8–10 mm
Changing the rotation vector eat Application period 3 years
Spindle speed settings (number) 20+1 Weight of the assembled product 1.6 kg
Speed ​​switching range (number) 2 Backlight provided

Cons Interskol DA-10 / 14.4M3


  • power supply – 2 pcs;
  • fixing device – 1 pc;
  • charging device – 1 pc;
  • case for storage and transportation;
  • accompanying documentation: instructions for use, warranty.

For a complete set, they purchase fixtures (cross, slotted, hexagonal bits and others) in a single quantity or in sets. It depends on the operations to be performed by the purchased instrument.

Interskol DSh-10/320E2 – network

The best corded screwdriver Interskol

Such screwdrivers are powered by the mains, which significantly reduces the weight of the tool. No battery monitoring or recharging required. The time for maintaining the working state is not limited.

When choosing a model, they are guided solely by the features of the mechanical properties of the unit.

If you have access to electrical networks, it makes sense to choose a DSh-10 / 320E2 screwdriver. The ratio of the price and functional features does this tool irreplaceable both in household, and in industrial conditions.

Pluses Interskol DSh-10/320E2


  • smooth electronic speed control;
  • no loss of spindle rotation when changing the speed, which optimizes fastener screwing and drilling;
  • metal is used for the manufacture of gears;
  • low price;
  • light weight;
  • ergonomics.

Cons Interskol DSh-10/320E2


  • the power cord limits the radius of work in the room, so an extension cord is often required;
  • increased noise at high speeds.


Power consumption 320 W Frequency change 0–450/

0–1800 rpm

Electricity grid 220 V Parameter of a hole in a metal part 10 mm
Power cable length 2 m Limit diameter (wood) 25 mm
Fixing fixtures keyless chuck Limit value of fasteners mounted in wood (without additional processing) 6×60 mm
Electric motor (view) brush Shank 0.8-10 mm
Spindle rotation change provided Recommended service life

3 years

Number of setting steps 20+1 Mass indicator 1.4 kg
Rotation speed (number) 2

Cons Interskol DSh-10/320E2


  • instructions for use and safety – 1pc;
  • guarantee;
  • box.

It is necessary to additionally purchase bits for various purposes individually or in a set.

Interskol SHA-6/10.8M3 – lithium

The best lithium screwdriver Interskol

A lithium screwdriver is a tool with a rechargeable lithium-ion battery, the presence of which has its pros and cons.

The Interskol SHA-6 / 10.8M3 model deserved the greatest number of positive reviews. This design is indispensable for domestic or serial workshop use.

Pluses Interskol SHA-6 / 10.8M3


  • large battery capacity;
  • no need to discharge the battery before recharging;
  • no self-discharge;
  • the presence of a replaceable battery;
  • light weight;
  • low price;
  • the presence of illumination;
  • 18 torque settings.

Pluses Interskol SHA-6 / 10.8M3


  • the specificity of the lithium-ion battery, which limits the use of this tool at low temperatures;
  • requires an adapter for drills with a shank size other than 1/4.


Battery rating 10.8 V RPM change 0–400/

0–1500 rpm

Charge 1.5 Ah Hole size in metal alloys, mm 10 mm
Power supply Li-ion battery Maximum diameter (wood) 20 mm
Clamping device hex chuck Limit value of hardware wrapped in wood (without additional processing) 6 mm
Electric motor (view) brush Chuck size 6.35mm
Reverse in stock Lifetime warranty 3 years
Speed ​​setting stage 18+1 Tool weight 0.94 kg
Speed ​​(number) 2 Backlight in stock

Equipment Interskol SHA-6/10.8M3


  • power supply – 2 pcs;
  • semiconductor charger – 1 pc;
  • document on the safety and use of the product;
  • case for storage and transportation;
  • guarantee.

It is recommended to purchase a set of bits for various purposes with a shank size 1/4.

Interskol DA-10/12M3 – professional

The best professional screwdriver Interskol

A screwdriver classified as a professional tool must have the following functions and consumer qualities:

  • increased working time;
  • ergonomics (easy to use, light weight);
  • mechanical strength of the body and mechanism parts;
  • the ability to work under negative temperature conditions;
  • high degree of torque, increased range of rotational speeds.

Among other models for the combination of price, quality, configuration, you can consider the purchase of the product Interskol DA-10 / 12M3. This product is equipped with a rechargeable battery.

The plastic handle and body have rubberized inserts for easy holding of the screwdriver when performing work manipulations. Single sleeve chuck with spindle lock makes it easy to change tooling during operation.

In addition to the functions of a screwdriver, it performs the functions of a drill.

Pluses Interskol DA-10/12M3


  • maintains working functions at low temperatures, is not afraid of a sharp temperature drop due to the equipment with a nickel-cadmium battery;
  • the presence of a replaceable battery allows you to maintain the performance of the tool during the working day;
  • longer service life of stopping parts due to the use of double rolling bearings (instead of a sleeve) on the main shaft of the tool;
  • high torque – 32Nm;
  • low price compared to models of other brands with similar functions;
  • Illumination of the working area allows you to work in poorly lit areas;
  • drilling in steel up to 10 mm, wood – up to 20 mm.

Cons Interskol DA-10/12M3


  • nickel-cadmium batteries require complete discharge before the next recharging, self-discharge during long storage;
  • the weight and ergonomics of a screwdriver, which is very controversial due to the subjectivity of assessing these qualities.


Power indicator of the power supply 12 V Change of speed 0–400/

0–1400 rpm

Capacity 1.5 Ah Limit value of drilling of metal products 10 mm
Power supply Ni-cd battery Limit diameter (wood) 20 mm
Cartridge quick-clamping Mounting size limit products (without drilling) 6×60 mm
Electric motor(type) brush Shank 0.8–10 mm
Reverse provided Lifetime warranty 2 years
Spindle rotation setting 20+1 Tool weight 1.58 kg
Speed(number) 2

Equipment Interskol DA-10/12M3


  • power supply – 2 pcs;
  • fixing cartridge – 1 pc;
  • charging electrical device – 1 pc;
  • case for storage and transportation;
  • instructions for use and safety;
  • guarantee.

When choosing accessories, it is necessary to take into account that this model belongs to professional tools. Bit and drill sets must also meet higher requirements for strength properties and a wide range of functional uses.

Interskol DA-12ER-02 – with a flashlight

The best screwdriver Interskol with a flashlight

Equipping the screwdriver with a work area illumination allows you to work in the dark with low or no lighting.

The most appropriate use of LED-lantern in battery models, which are most often used in the absence of the mains. One of these models is the Interskol DA-12ER-02 drill driver.

Pluses Interskol DA-12ER-02


  • combination price-quality;
  • the presence of two batteries;
  • built-in charge level indicator;
  • backlight;
  • threaded cartridge;
  • torque has 18 steps;
  • metal gears;
  • light weight.

Cons Interskol DA-12ER-02


  • the operation of Li-ion batteries is limited by the requirements of a positive temperature regime;
  • lack of a holder for spare bits on the case;
  • simple product design.


Voltage 12 V Spindle speed 0–400/

0–1400 rpm

Battery capacity 1.3 Ah Limit value of drilling of metal products

10 mm

Battery Li-ion Hole size in solid wood, mm

20 mm

Cartridge quick-clamping Diameter of threaded fasteners screwed into wood (without drilling)

5×60 mm

Engine (type) brush Shank parameter 0.8–10 mm
Reverse In stock Life time

3 years

Torque stage (quantity)


Bulk Parameters

0.96 kg

Speed ​​(number) 2 LED backlight in stock

Complete set of the product Interskol DA-12ER-02


  • lithium-ion power supply – 2 pcs;
  • recharging device – 1 pc;
  • fixing cartridge (fixed on the tool) – 1 pc;
  • magnetized length increaser – 1 pc;
  • bits: slot – PZ1 (2), cross – PH1 (2,5,6);
  • drills 1.5–6 (6 pieces);
  • case for storage and carrying;
  • accompanying documents: instructions for use and safety, warranty.

The presence of drills and bits in the configuration allows you not to make additional purchases at the initial stage of work. In the case of professional use of the tool, it is necessary to purchase a wider range of nozzles.

Interskol DU-16/1000ER – shock

The best impact screwdriver Interskol

When choosing an Interskol impact drill with a wide range of functions, including a screwdriver, you must consider:

  • product weight;
  • the presence of a reverse;
  • the choice of the number of revolutions;
  • the presence of illumination.

The choice of consumers for positive properties indicates the impact drill Interskol DU-16/1000ER.

Pluses Interskol DU-16/1000ER


  • high power;
  • performs the functions of a screwdriver;
  • a wide range of operations: drilling (concrete, brick, metal, wood, ceramics), mixing building mixtures, screwing fasteners;
  • metal gearbox;
  • two speeds;
  • high-quality lighting;
  • the presence of a drilling depth limiter;
  • price quality;
  • combination of a large number of functions in one unit.

Cons Interskol DU-16/1000ER


  • short power cord;
  • great weight;
  • the need to control the lubrication of the gearbox;
  • no torque limit;
  • no keyless chuck.

Cons Interskol DU-16/1000ER

Characteristics :

Power (nominal) 1000 W Turnovers 0–1200/

0–1800 rpm

Current (nominal) 4.5 A Hole diameter in metal, mm 16 mm
Beat frequency (1/2 step) 0–20000/0–42000 bpm Maximum diameter (wood)

40 mm

Cartridge (type) key hole size in wood 20 mm
Engine (type) brush Shank 1.5-13mm
Reverse in stock Duration of operation 3 years
Spindle mount cutting 1/2” – 20 UNF inch Weight characteristic 2.8 kg
Speed ​​(number) 2 Illumination of the working area in stock

Complete set of the model Interskol DU-16/1000ER


  • handle (optional) -1 pc;
  • depth lock -1 pc;
  • cartridge (supplied with the tool) – 1 pc;
  • accompanying documents: application manual and warranty card;
  • register of maintenance services – 1 pc;
  • packing cardboard box – 1 pc.

A wide range of work performed by an impact drill requires the purchase of a set of various drills, nozzles, mixers for dry mixes and paints.

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