Overview of the 10 best types of Tarkett linoleum

Tarkett is the leading manufacturer of floor coverings in Russia. A company with more than a century of experience produces safe and durable linoleum in the original design.

High quality control at the stages of production allows you to create a building product that is resistant to environmental influences. The company produces various types of linoleum – household, commercial, homogeneous, heterogeneous, PVC coatings.

Tarkett Idyll – for homeTarkett Idyll - the best linoleum for the home

Moderate strength and an additional textile base make it the best, which makes the flooring resistant to temperature extremes. The thickness of the protective layer of 0.6 mm is an excellent indicator.

It is pleasant to walk barefoot on linoleum, he is not afraid of traces of hairpins and furniture legs. Improved sound and heat insulation will create favorable conditions for neighbors.

Perfectly will be suitable for country houses and dachas. Due to the pleasant appearance, the material can be mounted in guest rooms, rooms where noisy parties often take place.

Versatility is another benefit. Tarkett Idyll is suitable for any style: classic, modern, ethnic. Service life – 25 years.



  • Realistic relief.
  • Additional protective coating.
  • The impact noise index and the heat resistance index are within the normal range.
  • Possibility of use for warm floors up to +27 ˚С.


  • It may seem simple in terms of design.
  • Suitable for home.

Tarkett Favorit – classic style

Tarkett Favorit - the best linoleum in a classic style

This is a balanced combination of quality characteristics and physical properties. Linoleum will fit into the design of country mansions and cottages, made in a classic style.

It resembles expensive parquet: wood imitation, square pattern and its derivatives. Tinted deck wood is standard.

The realistic relief of the coating is the main advantage of the building material. The technology “Live Structure” allows you to give products a natural structure of oak.

As an addition to this technology, an additional base of polyester is used – a chemical raw material that is characterized by strength and wear resistance. It is a safe material and a material with a total thickness of 3.3mm.



  • Application of additional bases.
  • Special design effects that give the linoleum a lively structure.
  • Resistance to factors: mechanical, chemical reactions.


  • Linoleum has a small thickness of the protective layer.

Tarkett Discovery – for kindergartens/rooms

Tarkett Discovery - the best linoleum for kindergartens / rooms

Perfectly fit into the design of the room, where there is a lot of light and plant motifs. Safe for health linoleum is made from coniferous resins, linseed oil, sawdust, brewed in thermal barrels at +35 ˚С and pressed.

The cloth is treated with antistatic agent. It does not contain dangerous allergens and polyvinyl chloride. The main advantage is durability and bactericidal properties due to linseed oil, and the material does not accumulate static electricity.

It can be safely taken for children’s rooms and bedrooms – areas where a lot of time is spent. Linoleum can be installed in a house with panoramic windows. It is resistant to mechanical stress and sunlight.

Due to natural flooring, the service life is about 25-30 years.



  • Realistic relief.
  • Only natural raw materials, no harmful impurities.
  • Antibacterial properties.
  • Antistatic.


  • Due to the use of materials of a homogeneous structure and natural raw materials, the color range and the choice of pattern are scarce.
  • The price is above moderate.

Tarkett Grand – for the kitchen

Tarkett Grand - the best linoleum for the kitchen

From the Tarkett Grand household line, it does not conduct electricity and does not shrink during installation. Complies with fire safety standards.

When exposed to sunlight does not shed, does not change color and texture. It is easy to take care of him. The thickness of 4.5 mm makes the material very durable.

With an additional EXTREME PROTECTION protective coating, the surface strength is increased by 7 times. It creates a varnish layer, which is why linoleum has an aesthetic appearance.

Protects against the ingress of dirt and chemicals that contribute to the destruction of the structure from the inside.

The company produces linoleum with imitation of natural stone, parquet boards and ceramic tiles. An important advantage is moisture resistance.

There will be no strong odor during operation. An additional protective coating will remove dirt and make it easier to care for.



  • Moderate service life.
  • Affordable cost.


  • Difficulties in installation due to the thickness of the linoleum.
  • Not so flexible and elastic.

Tarkett Iq – homogeneous

Tarkett Iq - the best homogeneous linoleum

Homogeneous linoleum is made from polyvinyl chloride, which is characterized by high strength.

Since it is based on chemical impurities, it would be better to install it in cottage-type buildings or a garage, where there is always a large number of overall appliances and there is no heating.

Features include: high strength properties, low abrasion, ease of maintenance and flexibility. It is easy to mount due to the elastic structure.



  • Elasticity.
  • Elasticity.


  • No protective coating.
  • The laying should be as even as possible.
  • Uncomplicated design.

Tarkett Acczent – heterogeneous

Tarkett Acczent - the best heterogeneous linoleum

The main advantage is the use on any basis and in any room. Despite its versatility, it is usually used for commercial purposes.

The material is a structure of four layers. Wear resistance is provided by an increased PVC layer and a compact base, characterized by density. They also contribute to increased heat and noise insulation.

Polyurethane or polyacryl is used as a protective layer. It allows you to do without additional varnishes and mastics. The strength of the entire surface is provided by foamed polyvinyl chloride.

Heterogeneous linoleum is resistant to mechanical stress. Suitable for installation at airports, shopping centers, shops. The color can be anything from dull white to rich green.



  • Wide scope.
  • Strength.
  • Ease of maintenance.


  • Uncomplicated design.
  • Use only for commercial purposes due to the complexity of the installation.

Tarkett Force – for high traffic areas

Tarkett Force - the best linoleum for high traffic areas

This is one of the most popular floor coverings for the office. It can be safely taken for commercial buildings due to its high strength and reliability. It is characterized by excellent resistance to roller chairs, furniture legs (sofas) and heels.

The aesthetic beauty of linoleum (surface) cannot be spoiled by high intensive and significant shock load. Dents caused by falling heavy objects are not terrible for this type of coating.

The strength of linoleum and its long service life is confirmed by the “T” marking.

Tarkett Force looks like marble – a noble “cold” material that imitates stone. Such a solution will allow you to create a unique, own interior in the room with the help of high-tech items.



  • Color fastness.
  • Moisture resistant.
  • Use for warm floors up to +28 ˚С.
  • Service life is about 15 years.


  • More for office than home.

Tarkett Pro – calender technology

Tarkett Pro - the best calender technology linoleum

Linoleum, made using calender technology, withstands mechanical stress and is easy to clean. It will not be suitable for operation in multi-storey buildings, but it will be just right for installation in small commercial premises.

Full health safety is guaranteed.

The uniformity of colors is another reason to choose this linoleum for hospitals, clinics, kindergartens and development centers. It will fit into the design, which is based on discreet shades, no frills and strict lines.

Preservation of the appearance of linoleum occurs due to an additional protective coating. A special mastic applied during the production process contributes to the resistance of the pattern to abrasion.



  • Resistance to chemical compounds.
  • Resistance to mechanical factors.
  • Moderate abrasion.
  • Ease of care.


  • Not suitable for home use due to color.
  • The service life is not high compared to other types of linoleum of the company.

Tarkett Sprint pro – for offices with a low level of workload

Tarkett Sprint pro - the best linoleum for offices with a low level of load

This is a semi-commercial linoleum with classic colors for parquet and abstract drawings. It is damage resistant and environmentally friendly.

There is a fire safety certificate – KM 2, so the laying of linoleum guarantees the fire-resistant qualities of the room. What makes linoleum special is the possibility of laying it on a dry or self-leveling screed.

During installation, you can use cold welding of seams, although hot is better – it will extend the service life.



  • Use of 3D technology.
  • Does not fade in the sun.
  • Moderate abrasion.
  • The price is within reason.


  • Small thickness of the protective layer.

Tarkett Mineral – PVC

Tarkett Mineral - the best PVC linoleum

The first advantage of PVC coatings is their resistance to alkalis and acids. The second is the choice of design solutions. Texture: matte, glossy, smooth and rough.

This type of linoleum is produced with imitation of any natural material: tiles, wood, stone.

This is an anti-slip coating that can muffle the sound of footsteps. The advantages of the material include: hygiene, which allows it to be mounted even in hospitals, and antistatic.

Such material will ensure the smooth operation of electronic systems at home. It will prevent residual electricity from accumulating on the surface of the floor covering.



  • Antistatic.
  • Anti-skid.
  • Soundproofing.


  • A small selection of colors – only 4 options for the pattern.
  • Price.

Which linoleum is better to buy

Which linoleum is better to buy

When choosing linoleum for the home, it is necessary to take into account such a factor as environmental friendliness. For children’s rooms and adults’ bedrooms, where a lot of time is spent, Tarkett Discovery is suitable.

Its layers are made entirely from natural ingredients. The absence of polyvinyl chloride is a major plus.

For offices and commercial purposes, Tarkett Force is better suited – a very durable building material that is not afraid of daily loads of a different nature.

The manufacturer offers this type in a wide variety: the texture and shade may be different. With imitation of expensive wood parquet – oak or marble. It will last over 15 years.

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