Overview of ceramic heater Termolux-160W (YF-800)

A heater for a car will help to defrost car windows, and, if necessary, some mechanisms. Termolux-160W (YF-800) is a compact black ceramic model that allows spot heating of the machine.


Functions Termolux-160W (YF-800)

The heater allows:

  • melt the ice on the glass;
  • quickly warm up the cabin;
  • direct the flow of hot air to your feet in cold weather;
  • adjust the air flow vertically within thirty degrees (up or down);
  • direct the air flow to any point (the device is equipped with a long power cable);
  • heat the lock or handle of the car if they are frozen.


Specification Termolux-160W (YF-800)

The heater is equipped with a ceramic heating element that does not overheat and does not get hot, so the unit is completely fireproof.

During operation, the device does not evaporate moisture from the air and does not burn oxygen, so it will be comfortable to breathe and drive in the car. Even in severe frosts, the heater will help melt the ice on the windows in any part of the car.

The mount is removable – it is much easier to carry and install it than other similar models.

The most interesting characteristics of the heater:

  • the device is able to rotate up and down thirty degrees;
  • model mount is removable;
  • a long wire for powering the device works from the cigarette lighter;
  • compact dimensions;
  • heating element power – 160 V.


Complete set Termolux-160W (YF-800)

The kit, along with the heater itself, includes several additional devices that increase the functionality of the device:

  • power cable (length is about 3 meters);
  • mount that allows you to place the model almost anywhere;
  • warranty certificate;
  • package.


Accessories for Termolux-160W (YF-800)

An accessory for a heating device can be a wire for standard sockets, allowing you to use it at home.

This may be necessary if you are out of town. For example, the car won’t start or the doors are frozen and won’t open. Connecting a car heater to an extension cord can help.


Advantages of Termolux-160W (YF-800)

  • fast heating of the car interior;
  • the ceramic heating element does not heat up;
  • fireproof;
  • long power cable;
  • convenient fastening;
  • connects to the cigarette lighter;
  • power, maximum for conditions in the car (160 V);
  • there is a fan.

You can also separately highlight the advantages of a ceramic heating element:

  • has a longer service life than tubular electric heaters;
  • does not heat up much during operation, therefore it is completely safe;
  • the element does not evaporate moisture and does not reduce the amount of oxygen in the air;
  • does not require long warm-up.


Disadvantages of Termolux-160W (YF-800)

  • low power, although the maximum possible in a car;
  • it is not possible to rotate the model to the right and left due to the nature of the fasteners.


Reviews of Termolux-160W (YF-800)

Feedback on the model with a ceramic heater is loyal.

Almost all users note that the heater fully justifies its name, as it is able to melt frozen glass, remove fogging, defrost mechanisms, and even increase the temperature in the car.

Most appreciated the fact that the device does not dry out the air, and when using it, there is no need to ventilate the cabin. If you look at the reviews in general, then the device corresponds to the characteristics declared by the manufacturer and justifies its functions.


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