Mustache trimmers

A mustache clipper is used both by professional hairdressers in beauty salons and at home by people whose professions are far from the world of beauty. This versatile tool is easy to use.


A mustache trimmer is used to trim the mustache, it is more compact than conventional clippers.

It is equipped with nozzles with which it is possible:

  • Trim the length of your hair.
  • Shave off unwanted hair.
  • Shaping beard, mustache, sideburns and eyebrows.

Advantages of mustache trimmers:

  1. Work from a network and the accumulator.
  2. The choice of nozzles for shape correction.
  3. Ease of cleaning and care.
  4. Comfortable handle and light weight.
  5. Vacuum suction of hairs.
  6. Backlight.
  7. Do not overheat even during continuous operation.

Whatever type of tool is chosen, it is important to understand that cutting hair will remain the main function. The rest is additional functionality. Nozzles, power, control methods and a variety of design features – it defines a narrow specialization or expands the ways of use.

Types of mustache clippers


Such machines are equipped with a power cord with a plug and are connected to an outlet. When choosing this type, you should pay attention to the length of the cord. The longer it is, the more comfortable it is to use.

The advantage is light weight. This model works indefinitely. In a beauty salon or at home where an AC source is present, it is easily applicable.

Cons: power cord limits mobility, if there is no electricity, then the machine is useless.


They are equipped with a battery that requires periodic recharging. They work with machines of this type anywhere: they are not tied to sources of electric current.

The price directly depends on the capacity of the battery – some have enough charge for 30 minutes, while others can be turned on without interruption for up to several hours.

Another characteristic that affects the choice of a particular model is the time for a full charge. The speed of preparation of the device for further use depends on it.

Low-power autonomous devices are light and compact, they do not require any charge. Replacing the batteries will allow the instrument to be used again.


They combine the advantages of the first two devices – there is the ability to work autonomously, and when the battery is discharged, then from the network.


The blades are driven by a special motor, the power of which varies from 20 to 45 watts. They have built-in forced cooling of the blades, which protects against overheating.

Low noise and vibration are the advantages of this model. Devices are usually equipped with removable blades to facilitate their cleaning.

The device with a rotary engine allows you to work with hair of any structure and stiffness. They are also known for their reliability and long service life.

Most often equipped with a large number of different nozzles and knives.

The disadvantage can be called quite a lot of weight. It takes time for the hand to get used to it and not get tired.


The work of this is provided by a special vibrational electromagnetic coil. Possessing less power than rotary ones, they win in weight – they are lighter.

A characteristic feature of the device is a click after switching on, which means that the device is ready for use.


  • The trimmer is able to provide only 20 minutes of uninterrupted operation.
  • Increased vibration.
  • High noise level.
  • Equipped with non-removable blades. Additional tools are required for cleaning or replacement.

Characteristics of mustache trimmers

Housing material

Exist with:

  1. Metal body – it is characterized by increased strength. But the weight is above average.
  2. Plastic case.

Another important thing is the convenience of gripping the palm of your hand. A slippery and uncomfortable body can greatly affect the quality of the haircut. For convenience, the devices are equipped with rubberized pads that prevent slipping even with wet fingers.

Motor speed

Speed ​​control is a function that affects productivity and quality.

For inexperienced hairdressers, it is recommended to choose devices with low power – up to 15 W, with this value the speed of the blades does not reach high values. Such devices are equipped with a regulator for one or two speeds. For professionals, models with a power of 20 watts or more are preferred.


Knives are a key link, without which the device is not able to fulfill its intended purpose. The quality of the haircut depends on them. The cutting edge of the blade is sharpened to the sharpest state, so as to cut, not tear hair.

Of the requirements for knives, they distinguish their reliability, the ability to work for a long time without sharpening or replacement. The self-sharpening option is the right choice. Such a constructive solution increases the cost of the device, but makes its use more comfortable.

When choosing, it is important to consider the material from which the blade is made:

Stainless steel

The most common knives Among the shortcomings: they get very hot during operation. Due to the simple manufacturing technology, using a common material, the price of the blades is budgetary.

In order to improve cutting properties and increase strength and reliability, steel is sprayed with substances that improve certain characteristics:

  • Diamond – such knives are able to work with mustache hair of any stiffness. Cuts both wet and dry hair without problems.
  • Titanium – does not irritate the skin and does not cause allergic reactions. These properties are important for people with sensitive skin.

All-titanium alloy blade

They have high strength, but sometimes they disrupt the smoothness of the running machine. Suitable for delicate skin, similar to titanium-coated blades.

Ceramic knife

This option is promising in use. The knife does not heat up during operation, but is very fragile. When dropped on the floor, the blade can shatter.

By appearance, knives are divided into:

  • For a curly haircut.
  • Edging.
  • Ordinary.

There are several ways to attach blades. The most convenient is the fastening on snaps.

Functions of mustache trimmers

This point is very ambiguous. On the one hand, the presence of many additional functions provides a variety of possibilities for use. On the other hand, price increase.

Wet cleaning

An important additional function is wet cleaning of the machine. It allows you to clean the mechanisms of stuck, in them, hair. In any configuration there is a special brush.

It can also be used to remove stuck dirt, but much more noticeable results can be achieved using water cleaning. To do this, simply rinse the blades under the tap and dry it.

This feature is only available for devices running on battery power.

Charging stand

Exists only in battery and combined models. Has an aesthetic character. It allows you to store the device in this way, which is convenient for people who use the machine every day.

Charging indicator

This functionality is relevant for standalone and combined models. Battery charge control helps to avoid unexpected discharging of the device.

Variety of nozzles

The complete set of the mustache trimmer includes from one to eight or more additional attachments. They allow you to determine the length of hair left after cutting. The more attachments, the smaller the cutting step.

Nozzles are applied:

  • Adjustable.
  • Not adjustable.

Another division is possible:

  • Removable.
  • Not removable.

Machine weight

Weight varies from 100g to 700g, depending on the model and design features.

The lighter the machine, the less hands get tired when working, which is important for professionals.


For uninterrupted operation and prevention of breakdowns, it is necessary to carry out periodic preventive maintenance and cleaning of mechanisms.

After every four or five haircuts, the device must be cleaned. To do this, you will need a special brush for cleaning the blades, a liquid for washing them and oil for lubrication.

First of all, the knife is removed and the remnants of hair, dust and other contaminants are removed from it. Brush movements are directed from the base of the blade to the edge.

Then the cleaned knife is washed with a special liquid that dissolves grease and various contaminants.

Directly lubricate the blades only when they are completely clean. If this is not done, then the dirt may stick together into lumps, which will lead to incorrect operation. Excess oil is removed with a clean and soft cloth. After that, the knife is set in place.


Common breakdowns include:

  1. The machine does not turn on.
  2. The battery is not charging.
  3. The knife cuts the hair unsatisfactorily.
  4. The blade holder broke.
  5. Turns off after a couple of minutes of operation.
  6. The machine does not respond to the shutdown button and at the same time makes a squeaking sound.

Trimmers are not recommended to be repaired at home. The service center master will first of all carry out diagnostics to identify the type of breakdown.

Faults are divided into two types:

  • Electrical – these include: a malfunction of the cord or power outlet, engine breakdown, etc.
  • Mechanical – these are breakages of knives, fasteners, housing and other parts of the device.

After identifying a malfunction, a professional master will take measures aimed at eliminating the defect. Broken parts are replaced with new ones or repaired.

An independent attempt to diagnose and repair without special equipment and devices can lead to an aggravation of the problem, and to a complete breakdown.

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