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Electric meat grinders are functional devices that are used for grinding various products. These devices can be used as a juicer, as well as for making noodles. The main characteristics of the devices are power and performance. When choosing designs, you should pay attention to such parameters as equipment, power, performance, build quality, materials for the body and individual parts.

How to choose

When choosing an electric meat grinder, look at the performance of the device: the higher this figure, the easier it will be to grind the meat. With a power of 400-700 W, it is rather difficult to ensure work efficiency. High power is considered to be 1500 W, while the productivity is about 2 kg per minute. There are also electric meat grinders that grind more than 4 kg of meat per minute.

Even if the material of the case is plastic, the details of the internal structure must be made of metal. These are knives and gratings that carry the main load. It is good if the body is made of stainless steel, resistant to chemical elements and corrosion.

As a rule, the structures are equipped with two screws, which are used for meat and vegetables, respectively, metal and plastic. Knives are made of steel, they require good sharpening.

The devices are equipped with gratings for adjusting the consistency. The fine grate is suitable for chopping minced chicken, baby food, the large grate is used for slicing fruits and vegetables.

Many models are equipped with nozzles for mashed potatoes, sausages, kebbe and citrus fruits, graters, shredder, vegetable cutter. There are meat grinders that are used to grind spaghetti and pasta.

Important parameters

  • An important indicator is the time of non-stop operation of the meat grinder, the duration varies depending on the mode of processing products.
  • Buy electric meat grinders that are equipped with a reverse function. This mode grinds meat in several steps.
  • It is important that the motor is protected from overloads. The overheating protection system will automatically turn off the device.
  • It is important that the device works with high efficiency, but without noise. Soundproofing is one of the important characteristics of the device.
  • Consider the shape and height of the neck: for standard work, it should be from 11 to 15 cm.
  • It is also important that the device has special containers for storing nozzles and a compartment for the cord.
  • Meat grinders are often equipped with a tray and a pusher. Tray – a part that is necessary to feed products into the neck, the pusher is used to load products.

Secondary parameters

These criteria can be ignored:

  • Meat grinders that are made in a metal case look better, but the polished surface requires careful maintenance. Plastic structures are wiped with a damp sponge.
  • A compartment for storing attachments and a drawer for meat grinders is an additional plus. It will be convenient for you to use such compartments for storing other small parts of the structure.
  • The mounting height of the auger may be different, this does not affect the efficiency of work.
  • Rubberized feet ensure the stability of the design, it does not slip on the table, which is very important for proper functioning.
  • An electric meat grinder should be as compact as possible, but if you like large-sized units with high power, you can safely buy them.

So, the main characteristics that you should focus on when choosing are the quality of the assembly, functionality, power and performance of the electric meat grinder.

Polaris PMG 3043L ProGear Inside

The model is made of quality materials. Allows you to make minced meat of different density. The electric meat grinder comes with discs with a diameter of 3.5 and 7 mm. The design is equipped with attachments for sausages and kebbe. Easy care and ergonomic design is what distinguishes this model from others. The electric meat grinder meets the technical requirements.


  • productivity: 3 kg per minute;
  • power – 3000 W;
  • materials: plastic, metal;
  • overload protection;
  • the presence of a reverse;
  • nozzles: grater, for kebbe, for sausages;
  • stable rubberized legs;
  • self-sharpening knife.


  • high power;
  • soundproofing;
  • compactness;
  • functionality: twists even small bones.

Minus – overvoltage in the network.

Bosch MFW 45020

An affordable model with high reliability and first-class quality, distinguished by ergonomics and power. Electric meat grinder with standard equipment: perforated discs, attachments, food tray. There are two compartments: for the power cord and drives. The device is equipped with suction cups for fixation. The device with high performance and functionality is used for grinding various products. Overload protection allows the device to turn off and on automatically.


  • power – 1600 W;
  • productivity – 2.7 kg per minute;
  • plastic case;
  • nozzles: nozzle-grater, nozzle for making sausages, nozzle for shredding;
  • overload protection system;
  • rubberized legs;
  • reverse function.


  • speed and performance;
  • power;
  • stability, reliable fixation;
  • ease of operation;
  • excellent appearance;
  • assembly at a high technical level;
  • functionality, practicality.

Cons – a hole in the tray, a short cord.


The model is equipped with three holes of small, medium and large diameter. The reverse function prevents meat from getting stuck and quickly blocks the operation of the device. The structure is made of steel, resistant to corrosion and mechanical damage. A high level of technical assembly allows you to implement all the functions of the electric meat grinder.


  • power – 1500 W;
  • productivity – 2 kg per minute;
  • nozzles: for minced meat, for kebbe, for sausages;
  • material – steel;
  • the presence of a reverse;
  • compartments for storing the cord and attachments;
  • overload protection.


  • high power;
  • effective work;
  • noiselessness, soundproofing at the level;
  • Beautiful design;
  • functionality;
  • acceptable cost;
  • ergonomics;
  • good equipment.

Minus – parts rust quickly.

Axion M41

A device with a large number of nozzles can be used for citrus and other fruits. The standard cutting unit has two meshes, as well as a vegetable cutter with a set of interchangeable blades. A device with a built-in plastic shield that protects against splashes. Productivity is high.


  • speed – 1700 W;
  • product productivity – 2 kg per minute;
  • material – plastic;
  • attachments: grater, for shredding;
  • equipment with rubberized legs;
  • reverse system.


  • quality;
  • powerful functionality;
  • efficiency;
  • ease of operation;
  • lightness, compactness;
  • equipment with nozzles for small and large fruits;
  • ease of use;
  • high efficiency.

Minus – low sound insulation.

Moulinex ME 4581

Electric meat grinder for meat, fish, mushrooms, vegetables and fruits, berry puree. This model is high performance. The design is equipped with attachments for grating, cooking sausages and kebbe. Power and functionality are high. The plus is that the electric meat grinder is equipped with special compartments for storing the cord.


  • productivity – 2 kg per minute;
  • power – 1600 W;
  • nozzles: grater, shredder, for making sausages, for kebbe;
  • the presence of a knife;
  • plastic case;
  • compartments for storing nozzles and cord.


  • power and performance of the device;
  • unit reliability;
  • the presence of a reverse;
  • quality work;
  • used for cutting vegetables and fruits;
  • is inexpensive.

Minus – creates noise during operation.

Panasonic MK-MG1300WTQ

Model at an affordable cost. The equipment is standard, the device works silently, it is distinguished by simple and convenient operation. Electric meat grinder with good assembly and excellent functionality, which allows you to work with different products. Distinguished by stylish design.


  • power – 1300 W;
  • productivity – 1.2 kg per minute;
  • stylish design, ergonomic design;
  • easy assembly;
  • self-sharpening knife;
  • rubberized legs.


  • grinds different products;
  • product performance;
  • effective work;
  • simple mechanical control;
  • convenient storage and operation;
  • stable rubber feet.

Minus – a short cord.

Philips HR2723/20

The device with high efficiency and productivity, processes large portions of meat, is equipped with a powerful motor and a metal connecting element. The design is easy to use, the model captivates with a stylish and interesting design.


  • device power – 1800 W;
  • productivity – 2.3 kg per minute;
  • nozzles: for shredding, slicing, for kebbe;
  • knife and screw are adjusted automatically;
  • materials – plastic and metal;
  • innovative design of the meat feeding chamber.


  • performance;
  • silent operation;
  • good equipment;
  • high level of assembly;
  • beautiful design, a combination of style and functionality;
  • ease of operation;
  • nozzles, functionality.

Minus – no reverse.

The choice of an electric meat grinder is not an easy question, because there are different models of such devices on the modern market. The main criterion is the technical level of the assembly. Pay attention to the main parameters of products before buying.

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