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Toothbrushes are products that are used to clean teeth, remove plaque quickly and efficiently, ensure freshness and comfort. The main thing is to use a brush that will best fit the characteristics of your oral cavity. To achieve a good effect, it is better to supplement the care with the use of an irrigator.

How to choose a toothbrush

When choosing, you need to be guided by the following principles:

  1. First you need to decide on the method of bringing the brush into action. Manual models are driven by hand. In electric models, the head begins to move after the motor is started.
  2. The degree of rigidity is a parameter that must be taken into account. There are products with soft, hard or medium hardness. Rigid models provide high-quality gum massage. When bleeding gums, it is recommended to buy soft or ultra-soft products, then the risk of injury to the oral cavity will be minimal. A brush of medium hardness is considered the standard.
  3. Depending on how the bristles are arranged, products can be single-level, two-level and three-level. Multi-level brushes provide such an arrangement of bristle bundles in which they are placed at a certain angle, forming a certain pattern on the surface.
  4. The bristles are very important for proper brushing of the teeth. It should be neatly trimmed, located close to the plastic head. A two-level haircut allows you to quickly clean the interdental spaces. As a rule, caries occurs in such areas.
  5. The price of toothbrushes with V-shaped bristles is from 50 to 1000 rubles. Ionic models cost about 100 to 1000 rubles. Ultrasonic products are the most expensive of all, their price is from 2500 to 6000 thousand rubles. Electrical devices cost from 1000 to 5000 rubles.

Important parameters

  1. Pay attention to the length of the cleaning head, it should be at least 25-30 mm.
  2. It is advisable to buy a cleaning head that has smooth rounding transitions.
  3. Get multi-beam models, they provide high-quality oral cleansing.
  4. A suitable degree of hardness is considered medium.
  5. The bristles should be made of high quality fibers, as a rule, artificial fibers are used in production, but natural fibers can also be used.
  6. The connection between the head and the handle of the toothbrush must be movable. It is important that the pressure on the area of ​​hard and soft tissues of the oral cavity be adjusted, without this it will be difficult to control the cleaning.
  7. When choosing electrical devices, pay attention to whether they are equipped with a pressure sensor. It is necessary to protect teeth and gums from microtrauma. A timer will also not hurt, signaling the end of brushing the tooth surface. As a rule, 2 cleaning modes are used.

Secondary parameters

  1. The quality of teeth cleaning is affected not only by the quality of the brush itself, but also by the toothpaste.
  2. Buy brushes with rounded shapes, while the risk of damage to the oral cavity is minimized. The size of the product should correspond to the volume of the oral cavity. If you notice that brushing your teeth is not very convenient, because there is little space left in your mouth, and the brush cannot penetrate into hard-to-reach places, then it is worth buying a smaller one.
  3. It is not recommended to buy models with a large head, while the effectiveness of cleaning your teeth will be much lower.

Toothbrush Curaprox CS 5460

Soft brush, which has a small head size. With it, you can clean fissures and the gum line, it penetrates even the most inaccessible parts. After use, you will be surprised at the result: the surface of the teeth will be smooth and the teeth will be stronger. The bristles are located compactly, which provides a convenient vertical cleaning of the teeth. The brush is equipped with a hexagonal handle made of lightweight propylene.


  • type – for adults;
  • degree of rigidity – soft;
  • number of bristles – 5460;
  • thickness – 0.1 mm.


  • choice of brush inclination;
  • soft and tender;
  • quality equipment;
  • easy cleaning of teeth;
  • compact arrangement of bristles.

Minus – high cost.

Toothbrush Oral-B Pro-Expert Clinic Line Ortho

Ideal for daily cleaning of teeth. Materials safe for health are used. The model is suitable for those who wear braces and braces, cleans their teeth even in inaccessible places. At the same time, the tissues of the oral cavity are not injured, the sensitivity of the teeth does not increase. The model is equipped with an ergonomic handle.


  • purpose – for adults;
  • material: nylon, plastic, rubber;
  • medium degree of hardness;
  • length – 19 mm;
  • head size – 35 mm;
  • color – white-blue.


  • V-shaped bristles;
  • cleaning braces;
  • reaches the back row of teeth;
  • careful care of the gums;
  • ergonomic design;
  • secure fixation.

Minus – there is no surface for cleaning the tongue.

Toothbrush PresiDENT Smokers

A model that promotes effective teeth whitening. This is true for lovers of tea, wine and coffee. With the help of a large head, it will not be difficult to clean all parts of the dentition. Nylon bristles perfectly polish the tooth enamel, while the gums are not injured.


  • purpose – teeth whitening;
  • degree of rigidity – rigid;
  • material – nylon impregnated with calcium carbonate, polypropylene handle;
  • the number of bristles – 1020;
  • straight cut.


  • comfortable handle;
  • large cleaning surface;
  • minimal injury to the gums;
  • effective elimination of plaque after smoking;
  • ease of care and maintenance.

Minus – high cost.

Toothbrush Curaprox CS 1006 single

The product effectively removes plaque from crowded and detached teeth. Great for different anatomy of the gum line. The model is made of materials such as polyester and nylon. Even when wet, the bristles are resilient and pliable, providing a gentle and deep cleaning of the teeth.


  • purpose – cleansing of hard-to-reach places, soft and deep cleansing;
  • type – for adults;
  • type of brush – manual;
  • beam length – 6 mm;
  • single beam product.


  • effective cleaning of the interdental space;
  • full control over the raid;
  • spot cleansing of the enamel surface;
  • suitable for different types of teeth;
  • quality materials;
  • elastic and soft bristles;
  • individual teeth cleaning technique;
  • hygienic materials, safe for health.

Cons – does not completely remove plaque.

Toothbrush Lacalut Aktiv Soft

Provides good oral hygiene. Thanks to the ergonomic handle, the product can penetrate even hard-to-reach places and effectively clean your teeth. It is made of non-slip material. The bristles are elongated, milled, soft, penetrate deep into the space of the oral cavity without damaging the gums.


  • hardness type – soft;
  • for male and female;
  • length – 19.5 cm;
  • material – plastic;
  • packaging – blister.


  • prevention of bleeding gums;
  • massaging effect;
  • effective cleaning of teeth;
  • ease of use and maintenance;
  • deep penetration even into hard-to-reach places;
  • soft and gentle bristles.

Minus – high cost.

It is important to buy models that best suit your oral cavity. Do not forget about the packaging and compliance with basic hygienic product quality standards.

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