Floor scales for the whole family

Decide what scales are for, what features you want to use. This device is used to measure body weight, which helps to monitor human health. The more additional tools the device includes, the more expensive it is.

Variants with different appearance and size have been developed. Choose the option that suits your family’s needs.

Models are available in professional and household configurations. Household models are equipped with a minimum of functions. They are enough to serve the needs of the average family. Professional options in terms of the number of possibilities are comparable to the simplest household computer.

Types of floor scales for the whole family


  • Mechanical. Measurement of body weight is carried out by stretching the spring placed inside the body. The result is displayed mechanically, using a moving pointer or a rotating scale. Zero pointer adjustment is achieved by mechanical adjustment.

Mechanical models have been developed in which the measurement result is displayed on an electronic display. These models are outwardly difficult to distinguish from electronic scales. Read the user manual carefully.

  • Electronic. In electronic scales for measurements, various methods are used. The most common is measurement with a strain gauge. A load cell is a device that converts the amount of deformation into an electrical signal, this allows you to calculate the mass of a body placed on the device.

In models using the capacitor principle, the measurement is made by changing the capacitance of the capacitor deforming under pressure.

Mechanical devices have a simple design. Their cost is not high, they are characterized by relatively low measurement accuracy, and have a small number of additional functions.

Electronic scales have high measurement accuracy, automatic zero position adjustment. The zero position is set when switched on. This design has practically no mechanical elements.

Requires a power source to operate. Batteries, solar panels, pressure converters into electrical energy are used as this element. When choosing electronic scales that use batteries, consider the need for constant replacement of batteries. If the battery parameters have decreased, the scales will show false information.



When choosing, pay attention to additional features. Floor scales of electronic type allow software control, often include the following functions:

  • Turning on and off. The device automatically reacts to pressure and starts. The user does not waste time and effort on turning on and then turning off the device. Battery power is saved, replacement is required less often.
  • Memory. This function captures the weighing history. Thanks to it, changes in body weight are tracked, which is very convenient when using diets.

Models have been developed in which the history of changes is remembered for several people. Some devices store changes in body weight over a period of time. The memory size of the models varies.

  • Calculation of the optimal weight. Based on the recommendations of doctors, the optimal weight for the health of the user is calculated. The function is useful for controlling the physical form, it is used during the rehabilitation of patients.

To start calculating the body mass index, you need to enter into memory the individual parameters of each user. In particular, height, gender and age. This index can be calculated independently, according to the appropriate formula. The device only saves your time.

  • Automatic user detection. A number of models automatically detect the family member who used the device and enable individual settings. The function is used when a large number of users. It eliminates the need for constant reconfiguration of the device. Select this function if there are 3-5 people in the family.
  • Determination of the ratio of body fat and muscle in the user’s body. This possibility is realized due to the difference in electrical resistance of muscle tissue and body fat. It is determined by applying a low current to the body. When choosing a device that includes such an opportunity, take into account the large error of such measurements.

How to choose floor scales for the whole family


When choosing a model for your family, make sure that the surface of the scales is rough. Make sure the feet and the surface on which the user is standing are non-slip. This will prevent fall-related injuries. A number of devices are equipped with special anti-slip pads.

If high accuracy is not needed, then the mechanical method of determining the weight is sufficient. Otherwise, choose with electronic sensors. Despite the high cost, you may need additional features.

Choose a model equipped with moisture protection. This will be needed when installing in the bathroom, sauna or outdoors. Also pay attention to the stability of the model. Make sure she is standing securely on a level surface. If the model will often move around the house or an uneven surface is expected, choose with adjustable legs.

Display size and brightness. The output information is clear and understandable. If you or your family members have impaired vision, pay attention to devices equipped with wireless monitors.

There are scales that communicate with a tablet or computer. Information is processed by special software. The advantage of this approach lies in the precise control of the state of each user.

Body weight can be measured in pounds or kilograms. The error of mechanical measurement of body weight is higher than with electronic measurement.

material and design. For the production of the case, wood, plastic, glass or metal are used. A combination of materials is possible.

The tempered glass used in the design is durable, plastic cases are protected from accidental damage and do not chip. The metal body is stronger, less prone to deformation and material fatigue. Will last longer.

Precautionary measures

Precautionary measures

Do not overload the device. Carefully read the instructions, it indicates the permissible load. If this load is exceeded, it will be damaged, display distorted information, or stop working. Do not subject the balance to sudden shock loads, so as not to damage it.

Do not place foreign objects, avoid water splashing on the cabinet, otherwise malfunctions will occur. Do not open the case of the device without proper training and tools.

Install on a flat, solid surface. Installation on a densely piled carpet causes measurement errors. The surface must not be slippery. The legs can be protected from slipping, but there is a risk of slipping on the floor while lifting.

Don’t get up with wet feet. Remove slippery socks and shoes before checking body weight. If a child, elderly or sick person uses it, help him.

Stay straight. When you change the position of the body, the pressure on the surface changes. The information received by the sensors is distorted. Body weight displayed incorrectly.

Do not use abrasives or chemically aggressive products to clean the work surface. They erase the pattern, damage the surface. Use specialized products or a damp sponge.



  • Body weight is determined incorrectly. If mechanical determination of mass is used, check that the zero position of the arrow on the measurement scale is set correctly. Breakage can be caused by a malfunction of the spring or the mechanism that transmits its reaction to the measuring scale, damage to the arrow or measuring scale.

In this case, contact the service center for help.

If the device is electronic, replace the batteries. Check the correct installation of the device. Remember, not all surfaces display the correct body weight. Read the instructions and make sure you meet the installation requirements. Check your purchase for manufacturing defects and shipping damage.

  • The device does not turn on. Check the integrity of the housing, inspect for manufacturing defects. This breakdown occurs on electronic scales. Replace batteries. Check the quality of the fit of the batteries to the pads. Make sure the batteries are correctly inserted into the battery slot.

Repairing malfunctions of electronic control circuits requires special training and appropriate equipment. Self-correction of malfunctions leads to breakdown. If you suspect a malfunction of the electronics, contact the service center.

  • Software failure. This error is caused by exposure to electromagnetic radiation, power-on failures. Turn off for five minutes and turn on again. Move the device to another location. Complex malfunctions require repair in a special workshop.
  • No scale reset. The defect occurs when the body is jammed. To fix it, you need to open the case and restore the original design. If necessary, remove foreign objects from the mechanism of the device.

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