Floor glass scales

The choice of floor scales depends on the goals pursued – a simple periodic observation of the overall dynamics of body weight or an accurate study of the state of the body with the possibility of receiving recommendations on diet and exercise.

First of all, it is necessary to decide on the type of floor scales – electronic or mechanical. Accuracy, functionality, operating rules depend on this. When choosing the design of the device, pay attention to the material from which the device is made: plastic, glass, stone.

Glass floor devices for weighing look spectacular, able to organically fit into almost any interior. In return, you will need to follow a number of precautions and operating rules so that such devices serve for more than one year, delighting with their design and proper operation.

The device of floor glass scales

Principle of operation and design

Structurally, the difference lies in the working mechanism that is responsible for weighing:

  1. The action of mechanical scales is based on the work of a special spring installed under the platform and connected to the dial hand. When weighing, there is a mechanical pressure on the spring. The movement performed by the spring causes the needle to move along the scale, indicating the number corresponding to the weight of the body.

The disadvantage of this mechanism is a high error, reaching 1 kg. The positive characteristics include the low cost of the device and the absence of the need for electrical power.

The design consists of the following elements:

  • Mobile platform.
  • Body with 4 legs that serve as a support for the lever, and 4 metal arms connected to each other.
  • A horizontal plate that serves as a support for the shoulders.
  • Sensitive spring connected to the plate.
  • An arrow with a dial that reacts to the tension of the spring.
  1. The action of electronic devices is based on the operation of a special sensor associated with an element for converting data into an electronic signal, the readings of which are displayed.

In addition to performing the body weight measurement procedure, the device stores data on previous work results. Diagnostic scales are able to analyze the ratio of muscle, bone and adipose tissue. They may also have other functionality. The error of the scales is much smaller – within 300 g.

The design of electronic scales for weighing provides:

  • display;
  • strain gauges;
  • electronic printed circuit board;
  • battery compartment;
  • buttons.

Some models lack buttons and a battery compartment. It depends on the design features.



Mechanical scales only show the weight.

The functionality of electronic is wider:

  • remembers the history of weighings in a given period of time;
  • designed to store data on measurements of the body weight of several people, tracking the dynamics of increase or decrease in the weight of each user;
  • determines the approximate ratio of muscle, bone, adipose tissue in the body;
  • gives recommendations on adjusting the diet and physical activity;
  • calculates the optimal weight based on the given parameters.

It is possible to display the measured values ​​on a separate monitor, which makes it easier to take data when weighing people who have difficulty bending over due to back problems.


Terms of use and care

In order for the balance to perform measurements correctly with a minimum degree of error, the following rules are observed:

  1. Floor scales are placed on a flat hard surface.
  2. For self-testing of electronic models, one foot is placed on the platform, pressed and removed. After the appearance of the “zero” value, the device is ready for measurement.
  3. They stand on the scales in the middle of the platform, evenly distributing the load over the entire surface.
  4. A digital value appears on the electronic display. To avoid inaccurate measurements, wait until the indicator stops flashing.
  5. When descending from the platform of electronic scales, the digital value is stored on the monitor for a few more seconds. Then the weighing device is switched off, or it switches off automatically.

Glass floor scales require extra careful care of the surface. Periodically wipe the platform and external parts with a damp soft cloth. When cleaning the surface, avoid the use of abrasive detergents and the ingress of water or other liquids into the balance.

Security measures

Security measures

Given the specifics of the material, glass floor scales are used with special precautions:

  1. To avoid slipping, do not stand on the glass surface with wet feet. The platform must remain dry during weighing.
  2. Step on the glass floor scales with care: first with one foot, then, after making sure of stability, with both feet, distributing the load in the central part of the platform.
  3. In case of detection of cracks and chips on the glass, the operation of the balance is prohibited.
  4. The place for installation of devices with a glass platform is chosen on a dry, non-slip floor without carpet.
  5. To avoid damage to the glass, the scales are placed in places that exclude heavy objects from falling on them that can break the platform.
  6. An electronic weighing device is installed away from heating devices, in a room with moderate humidity, avoiding water ingress into the case.
  7. The weighing procedure is carried out, taking a fixed position, without shifting from foot to foot. Thus, the distortion of the results is excluded.
  8. Due to the brittleness of the material, careless handling of the weighing instrument is avoided. Particular attention is paid to the measurement of body weight in children and people with disabilities.
  9. If the body weight measuring device is not going to be used for a long period of time, the batteries are removed from the battery compartment.
  10. When installing batteries, observe the polarity, replace them in a timely manner.
  11. To store unused scales choose cool places inaccessible to children.

Common faults in electronic weighing scales that users fix on their own include overload and low battery power.

It is allowed to take measurements in people up to 120-160 kg. The maximum load on the weighing platform varies for each specific model – from 120 to 180 kg. Care should be taken when weighing obese people, whose weight may exceed the allowable value.

In case of an overload of the scales, they may fail, or an alarm indicator will work. In this situation, it is urgent to get off the platform, turn off the scales and, after waiting a few seconds, turn them on again.

If the display does not display information or the device does not turn on, contact an authorized service center.

Low battery information is shown on the display. Timely replacement of batteries will help to avoid an unplanned shutdown of the device.

How to choose floor glass scales


  1. Accuracy.

If it is necessary to purchase a high-precision weighing apparatus, they purchase an electronic version with an error within 100 g. So that the readings are not distorted, they pay special attention to the need for a flat surface for installation, and the procedure is carried out in accordance with the operating rules specified in the scale passport.

  1. Reliability.

A long successful service life depends on several parameters: high strength of the material and connections used, tightness of the case, resistance to aggressive environments (moisture, heat, dust), proper care of the balance surface.

During the operation of glass floor scales, the specifics of the material are taken into account, avoiding shocks, mechanical impact on the surface. Glass scales are able to withstand the loads stated in the instructions, because. made of high strength glass. The device can be broken by dropping or hitting it.

  1. Security.

In order not to slip during the measurement of body weight, choose platforms with a rough or ribbed surface. It is forbidden to use the glass platform with cracks or other damage on the surface to avoid injury. When choosing scales, carefully inspect the glass for damage.

  1. Design

Glass scales are especially popular due to their elegant design. They differ in shape (round, square), thickness (ultra-thin, standard), color, dimensions.

A feature of glass appliances is compatibility with any interior of the room. There are practically no restrictions on the use of floor scales made of glass when organizing the space of a room.

  1. Functional

For those who need periodic measurement of body weight, it is enough to use standard mechanical or electronic scales.

If you need regular monitoring of the dynamics of changes in body weight by one or more persons, with the possibility of adjusting the diet, physical activity, analysis of the ratio of adipose and muscle tissue in the body, choose the electronic version of the scales.

When choosing a model with advanced functionality, special attention is paid to checking all options before buying.

Measurement accuracy is checked before purchase. To do this, weigh an item whose mass is already known (piece goods from the store, indicating the exact mass on the label or packaging). If the exact body weight of a person is known, a control weighing can be carried out.

Checking the mechanical version is carried out by pressing the platform with your hand. After that, the hand is abruptly released – in serviceable scales, the index arrow shifts to zero.

  1. The need for power.

In the event that it is supposed to operate the device without electrical power, choose solar-powered models or mechanical options.

  1. Price.

The price range varies depending on the type of scales (mechanical ones are cheaper), the manufacturer, the materials used (the cheapest option is scales in a plastic case, but they are also less durable), the functionality available (the more options, the more expensive the model).

When choosing scales, they pay attention to the online customer reviews that share their impressions of using one or another version of floor scales.

Whichever option the buyer purchases, the choice must be justified according to several criteria. In this case, there will be no disappointments from the purchase, and the purchased scales will please for a long time with their proper work, helping to control the dynamics of body weight, health status, adjusting the diet.

Glass floor scales will last a long time if handled with care and safety. A stylish glass kitchen scale will decorate your kitchen and become a reliable assistant in the preparation of delicious and healthy dishes.

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