A home epilator is a device that helps to easily and painlessly get rid of unwanted body hair. Products operate on various technologies, each of which has its pros and cons.

How an epilator works

Operating principle

The most popular are two types of epilators:

  • Disc epilator

Products work due to the rotation of disks. As they rotate, they come into contact with each other and cling to the hairs, pulling them out.

  • Tweezer epilator

The most common type of device. The basis is metal plates. They pinch, grab, pull and pull out the hairs.

The principle of operation of a laser epilator

The principle of operation of a laser epilator

The laser heats the cells that contain melanin. The beam enters the tip of the hair and moves to the bulb, destroying it. The action takes place in seconds. The procedure is painless, only warmth is felt.

The principle of operation of the photoepilator

The principle of operation of the photoepilator

The work is based on selective photothermolism. A special lamp emits light. The impulse passes through the skin, generating thermal energy. It acts on the melanin contained in the hair.

Heat enters the hair follicle, from which it atrophies, and the follicle is destroyed. Hair growth stops.

The more melanin the hair contains (the darker it is), the more effective the procedure will be. The reason lies in the ability of dark colors to better absorb light. For light and thin hairs, the application is considered ineffective.

The principle of operation of the trimmer

The principle of operation of the trimmer

A trimmer is a special device for spot hair removal. Often used for eyebrows, nose, ears. No other type of epilator can cope with these tasks. Common areas of application are the underarms and bikini line.

The trimmers are battery operated. At the heart of the cutting element are equipped with two rows of strong metal blades. The lower teeth are fixed in one position, while the upper ones move.

Power is supplied to the device, two lines of teeth are triggered. They open and close, cutting off the hairs.

Types and functions of epilators



It is a small device that fits comfortably in the hand. The main part consists of tweezers. They capture and tear out the hairs in the direction of the rotating head.

If you use an ordinary or rotary razor, the hairs grow faster and become noticeable. And the epilator pulls them out along with the root. Growth slows down, and a new bulb appears up to 4 weeks.

The multi-tweezer system makes it possible to remove very short pieces as short as 0.5 mm. Some models do 600-700 tweaks per second.



Device for painless removal of unwanted hair. Thanks to high-precision light radiation, the action is on the root, from which growth stops or stops altogether.

Previously, such procedures were carried out only in salons, but now household photoepilators have appeared.



Trimmers are divided into two types:

  • with a wide working plate;
  • with a narrow working plate.

The wide surface captures a large area, shaving is faster. A narrow cutting element creates patterns, original shapes, and hard-to-reach places are processed.

The kit usually includes two nozzles:

  • clean shave,
  • cutting to a certain length.

The first makes the skin smooth, the second leaves the necessary length of hairs. Devices are also used to create an intimate hairstyle.

Laser epilator

Laser epilator

Requires long-term use to achieve a lasting result. First, the heat wave absorbs the melanin of the hair. It becomes thinner, and after several procedures, the bulb dies off.

For complete removal, 4-5 procedures will be required, it depends on the structure and individual characteristics of hair growth. It is impossible to achieve results in one session. Therefore, laser hair removal requires a long time. The interval between procedures takes 3-4 weeks.

It is not recommended to use a laser epilator on dark skin. It contains melanin, which is absorbed by the heat wave. If you carry out the procedure, then burns or age spots will appear.




A special mechanism cools the skin during shaving. The nozzle reduces irritation, reduces discomfort from the procedure, makes removal less painful. The cooling nozzle is made in the form of a container with water. Before the procedure, it must be cooled in the refrigerator.


The standard hair removal head, together with the root, works on the principle of plucking. The skin becomes smooth for quite a long time. But the sensations of pulling out are unpleasant, painful.

Sometimes there is irritation, which is eliminated by the use of special cosmetics.



The nozzle is used in skin care after epilation. The purpose is to exfoliate the top layer of the surface. Ingrown hairs are released, their further ingrowth stops.


The nozzle includes the function of an electric shaver. Removable shaving head allows you to quickly and painlessly get rid of hair. But they also grow quickly.

The use of this nozzle is recommended for the bikini line, armpits, as there are many nerve endings, vibroepilation causes discomfort.

Spot removal

The nozzle is equipped with a small number of tweezers arranged in one row. It allows you to process small areas of the skin. Spot removal removes single hairs that remain after epilation.

Number of tongs

Number of tongs

Models of different manufacturers are equipped with a different number of tongs:

  • up to 20
  • 21-30,
  • 31-40,
  • over 40.

The number of tweezers affects the duration of the procedure and its quality. In modern models with a multi-tweezer system, 20 rotating disks are installed. They carry out 600 -750 tweaks per minute.




Battery-powered devices allow you to choose any place for the procedure, do not depend on the presence of an outlet at hand. They are autonomous. But the weight increases, which provides additional load.

Long-term epilation is difficult to do. If you forget to put the epilator on charge, you will not be able to use it quickly. The battery will provide up to 45 minutes of operation.


This unit has a combined power supply. This is convenient: you can connect to electricity at home, and use the battery on the road.

Universal power supply allows the use of the device under any circumstances. The cost of a 2 in 1 product is higher, since these models belong to the premium class.

Mains epilator

These products are powered exclusively by electricity, which limits the coverage of outlets and the length of the cord. But they are always ready for use, and weigh lighter, which adds to the comfort of the procedure.

Depending on electricity, use in the bathroom requires special care and is feasible with an outlet.

Number of speeds

Number of speeds

Epilators have from 1 to 3 speeds. Most products have two speeds for shaving different hair types and locations.

Mode for thin and short hairs. If they are removed at high speed, a too sharp jerk occurs, they break off, and bristles remain. A long procedure in this mode brings discomfort, so there is a different speed for a different type of hair.

Used for areas with long and/or coarse hairs. They need strong jerks to remove. In this mode, the duration of the procedure is reduced, discomfort is minimized.

For delicate areas, such as the armpit, a low speed is recommended.

Epilator features


Epilator with light

This function illuminates the area on which the appliance is working. The process is controlled more carefully, and the result is better. A small lamp is built inside, sometimes it is equipped with a mirror. The nozzle is designed for deep epilation of the bikini area.

Wet epilation

It is allowed to use the device with the use of water, cosmetics. It spares the skin, eliminates the appearance of irritation, relieves discomfort. Better performance than dry shaving.

floating head

The floating head removes hair better on the bends, under the knees. Suitable for bikini lines.

floating head


A special device that makes massage movements during the procedure. Due to the intensity of the massage, pain is reduced, blood circulation and the appearance of the skin are improved.

Rollers remove discomfort during epilation. Massaging wheels rotate simultaneously with the working part of the product.

For the bikini area, choose products with the option of anesthesia. For sensitive skin, massage attachments or a container with frozen liquid are suitable.


Advantages of the epilator

Epilator Benefits

  • Getting rid of hair for a long time.
  • The procedure is easily performed at home.
  • Most models do not require cream or wax.
  • Easy cleaning.
  • Compact size.

Trimmer pros

Trimmer Benefits

  • The biggest advantage is the compact size of the device. Outwardly, it may resemble a pen or be slightly wider. Therefore, it is easy to take it with you anywhere in a women’s handbag.
  • The most accurate execution of patterned haircuts in the intimate area.
  • Choice of hair length.
  • The procedure is absolutely painless.
  • The skin is not irritated as there is no direct contact.
  • Affordable price.
  • Long service life.
  • Easy care thanks to the included brush.
  • Safety of use.

Advantages of photoepilators

Advantages of photoepilators

  • The product is safe, the minimum impact is on the skin, the structure and viability of cells is preserved.
  • No pain, even for sensitive skin. The person feels small warm touches.
  • If safety precautions are observed, harm to the body is excluded.
  • The result is noticeable after the first application.
  • Ease of use due to the miniature size; It is acceptable to take with you, as it takes up little space.
  • Fast site processing.
  • Applies to any area of ​​the body.

Advantages of a laser epilator

Benefits of a laser epilator

  • The procedure is painless and comfortable.
  • Use is permissible on all parts of the body.
  • Scars and burns are excluded.
  • Fast procedure.
  • removal efficiency.


Cons of the epilator

Disadvantages of the epilator

  • Pain during the procedure. They are eliminated by adding various nozzles and limiters.
  • Many models make a lot of noise.
  • The procedure takes a long time.

Cons of a laser epilator

Disadvantages of a laser epilator

  • Restrictions on the use of people with dark skin, blond hair.
  • A small area of ​​capture, as a result – a long process of hair removal.
  • The need for multiple procedures to achieve the effect.
  • Unpleasant tingling during treatment of a body area.
  • The high cost of the product.

Cons of a photoepilator

Disadvantages of the photoepilator

  • It is forbidden to conduct a session on tanned skin.
  • The appearance of pigmentation on the body.
  • Overheating causes itching and flaking.

Cons of a trimmer

Trimmer Disadvantages

  • Frequent repetition of cutting hairs, as they grow back after 2 days.
  • The procedure does not leave the skin smooth.

Disadvantages of a laser epilator

Disadvantages of a laser epilator

  • Removal of the hair follicle at a depth of up to 2-3 mm.
  • This process dries out the skin.
  • Light hairs are not removed.

The use of a laser epilator is prohibited during pregnancy and lactation, with varicose veins, with skin diseases and hormonal disruptions.

Problems after the procedure

Problems after the procedure

bad result

  • Incorrect device movement. Move the epilator against the direction of the hair growth.
  • Wrong epilator head angle selected. The location should be at an angle of 90° with respect to the surface of the treated area.


Disappears within 2-7 days. Apply ice constantly. Avoid direct sunlight.


A rare occurrence after burns or injuries. A doctor’s consultation is required.


Sometimes bruises appear, which disappear after 5-10 days.

Which epilator is best

Production material

Production material

metal tweezers

Composition – stainless steel. Inexpensive material, but the products have a significant drawback: the hairs break off or skip. And after some time, the cutting elements become dull.

Ceramic tweezers

Products are expensive, but the benefits in use are palpable. Ceramic provides a complete grip on each hair, pulling it out by the root. Sensitive skin perceives this composition much better.



The product should suit you not only from the aesthetic side, but also be comfortable to use. Easy to lie down, easy to manage. Nozzles are removed without difficulty, the buttons are pressed. Check, evaluate your feelings from the device.

Additional functions

Additional functions

  • Comfortable handle, similar to the holder of a razor.
  • Noise-reducing mechanisms protect against loud buzzing.
  • The waterproof case makes it possible to use the device while taking a shower or bath, which is more comfortable. On steamed skin, irritations appear less.

Removable head

Removable head

After the procedure, the cutting element is clogged with hair. For cleaning, a small brush is used, which is attached to the device. But it is not possible to remove all the content.

The removable head can be rinsed under running water, quickly removing accumulated hairs. These tweezers last longer.

Nozzle for beginners

Nozzle for beginners

Special limiting nozzle that partially covers the working head and tweezers. The area of ​​capture decreases, discomfort decreases.

The nozzle does not bring significant benefit, since it is still better to remove it for a smooth shave. Delicate skin is not damaged. No irritation occurs.

How to use the epilator

Operating rules

Operating rules

  • Start in an area with a small amount of hair.
  • The skin is clean, non-greasy, without cream.
  • It is better to epilate in the evening so that redness disappears overnight.
  • Put on the nozzle if necessary.
  • If the product allows the use of gel or foam, apply them.
  • Gently stretch the skin, slowly, without pressing, guide the epilator against hair growth.
  • To achieve the best effect, move the device in different directions. Move the epilator from bottom to top on your leg. When doing the procedure under the knee, keep the leg straight.
  • Make sure that the device glides smoothly and that the floating tip follows the lines of the body.
  • Run the product once over one area.
  • Be especially careful when treating the area around the joints.
  • After the procedure, apply a moisturizer.

Epilation of sensitive areas

Epilation of sensitive areas

  • Hair removal underarms and in the bikini area requires special care.
  • There are special nozzles for sensitive areas.
  • The skin must be thoroughly cleansed of the remnants of deodorant.
  • Raise your hand up, move the device in different directions.



  1. The epilator belongs to personal hygiene items, so it needs careful care.
  2. Make sure the appliance is unplugged before cleaning.
  3. Do not use abrasives or solvents.
  4. Avoid getting liquid inside the device.
  5. The working part is wiped before each use with an antiseptic.
  6. After the procedure, the nozzle is washed under the pressure of warm water.
  7. Dip waterproof products completely, so the surface is kept perfectly clean.
  8. After washing, all parts must be thoroughly dried. To do this, lay them out on a flat, clean surface. Lay out a towel to absorb moisture.
  9. After drying, it is necessary to wipe all the elements with a cotton swab dipped in alcohol.
  10. It is recommended to clean the device after each session.

Assemble the product after complete drying of all elements. Before using the device, make sure that the epilating surface is clean.

Precautionary measures

Precautionary measures

  • Read the instructions carefully before using the device to avoid injury.
  • Be sure to cover birthmarks, tattoos, freckles, moles, warts during photoepilation and laser procedures.
  • Do not use the device for other purposes.
  • Do not touch the cutting part or heating elements with your hands.
  • Keep the device away from children.
  • Keep the product away from water and heating sources.
  • It is forbidden to use the device with signs of damage
  • If a burn occurs, stop the procedure immediately.



For all types of epilators, the standard warranty is one year, unless the manufacturer extends the period.

The warranty is valid from the date of purchase of the product.

Circumstances under which the warranty does not apply:

  • If the device is damaged due to the fault of the buyer, due to improper or careless operation.
  • If the product is worn out.
  • There are defects that do not affect the functionality of the device.
  • If the repair was not carried out by a service center.
  • Non-original spare parts were used.



  • Device not charging

The problem is a malfunction of the battery or charging mechanism. When a breakdown is specified, the equipment needs to be replaced.

  • The device does not turn on

If it is mains powered, check the integrity of the wire and connections. Depending on the battery, the reason may be in it. Or the board, power controller burned out.

  • Poor hair removal

Many people think that knives are dull, but self-sharpening knives are installed in high-quality appliances. Most likely the head is clogged, deep cleaning is required.

  • Doesn’t grab hair

Check the integrity of the nozzle, replace if necessary. Maybe it just needs a full cleanup.




A German company that produces premium-class equipment. The goods are manufactured at the best factories, are strictly checked, and are subject to a guarantee from the manufacturer. Massage rollers relieve pain.

Some devices are equipped with a cooling mitt, which will relieve irritation. Thanks to the built-in fingers in the bikini epilator, even small hairs are lifted, which makes the skin perfectly smooth. Devices on accumulators work 40 minutes.



The range of epilators is quite wide. These are simple models without additional functions, nozzles and expensive products. Double disc system, heads move in different planes, nozzles for peeling, grinding feet, bikini line and armpits, limiters.

All devices are characterized by low noise. Some models are backlit.

The new epilators support both dry and wet hair removal. ES-WU series has 24 tweezers, dry depilation method and one speed.

Models ES-ED are charged for an hour, work without interruption for half an hour. All devices have two speeds. These models are equipped with 48 tweezers, a special disc system.



The devices guarantee high-quality epilation, as they are equipped with a wide SatinPerfect head, together with ceramic discs, remove all hairs in one movement. Even simple models are equipped with an active vibration system to handle awkward places.

Products operate at two speeds, the minimum number of tweezers is 21. The devices are easy to clean, which gives excellent hygiene performance with frequent use.

Expensive models include a nozzle for a perfect shave, it glides along the contours of the body, placed at a good angle.

Of particular note is the Philips SatinPerfect model. The device is intended for the care of all parts of the body, including the face. Charges in an hour, works 40 minutes. Additionally, the package includes a mirror, tweezers, a nozzle for intimate areas, a travel case.



All devices are equipped with 24 staggered tweezers. This is considered the most effective way of hair removal. Models are equipped with two speeds of work.

Simple devices of the Fashion series are designed for dry skin treatment, they work from the mains, without additional attachments. The function of anesthesia is performed by massage balls, the head is ordinary, but it is easy to clean under running water.

Expensive models of the Silence Soft line are dry hair removal devices. Multifunctional, as they are equipped with 5 nozzles (peeling, shaving, sensitive area, bikini trimmer, limiter).

The case is made using a special technology, so it is silent. The package includes anesthetic balls, but even with them it is painful to treat the armpit area. A number of devices have the function of wet epilation.



A distinctive feature of the company is the production of photoepilators. It is based on a special technology HPL ™, which includes a unique skin color sensor. The safety mechanism prevents the device from being used on dark and tanned areas.

Silk’n Glide is dermatologist tested and completely safe for home use. The device only works when in contact with the skin. Vision damage is ruled out.

You can remove hairs by photoepilation from all parts of the body, including the face. Home appliances do an excellent job of eliminating hair of the active growth phase.

touch beauty

touch beauty

The company produces compact trimmers in pink. A popular waterproof model for use in the shower. Powered by batteries, which guarantees the independent operation of the product.

The cutting element is represented by a double steel blade with a super-fine mesh. The device operates at one speed. But it is quite enough, since the razor does not cause discomfort.



French trade mark. Model VS-961 of pale pink color belongs to the middle class in terms of price and quality. The advantage of the device is mains operation, the battery holds a charge for half an hour.

The package includes a comb attachment and a stand for long-term recharging. One work speed. The product is easy to care for, as a special brush is included. Wet epilation is allowed.

Model Vitesse VS-374 is presented in black and blue. It looks like a razor from the outside. Combined power supply – from the mains and battery. The charge lasts about 40 minutes.

The package includes a stand and a case for storing the device. They work noisily.

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