Electric fireplaces

Modern models of electric fireplaces are equipment made of high-tech materials with a thoughtful stylish design. Such a hearth is suitable for both apartments and private households.

Types of electric fireplaces


An electric fireplace works by heating a tubular electric heater. Modifications are produced using heating elements of open and closed type.

Varieties of open type

  • a spiral stretched between ceramic rods;
  • a spiral on which ceramic beads are attached;
  • a spiral on a ceramic base;
  • a ceramic rod on which nichrome wire is tightly wound.

A heating element with a heat shield and ceramic strips are assembled into a heating block. Heat shields simultaneously act as retainers.

Varieties of the closed type

They consist of a spiral sealed inside a glass tube made of quartz sand. The glass tube can be transparent, translucent or frosted.

The device consists of the following elements:

  • frame;
  • a heating element;
  • decorative details;
  • protective screen;
  • remote control.


Structurally, in electric fireplaces, a portal and a hearth stand out. Portal – a frame made of building material, a place to place the hearth. Framing is made of metal, stone, plastic, wood, ceramics, drywall.

The hearth (firebox) is of two types:

  • Built-in. The cassette made for each model is controlled by a remote control.
  • Removable. A range of different sizes is available.

The illusion of live fire is created by a built-in silent fan heater. It takes in cold air, passes the flow through the heating segment and blows the heated air into the room. The heat and intensity of the flow is determined by the power of the fan.

Mobility classification

Mobility classification

  • Built-in appliances (wall and fireplace portals) – are arranged against the wall, with an emphasis on the back of the fireplace. Models consist of a frame, an electric block of decorative logs and a flame.
  • Portable devices. The compact body looks like a fireplace, equipped with a roller for moving and a hearth with imitation of fire. Models are characterized by ease of operation, do not require stationary placement.

Location classification

Location classification

  • Suspended (wall-mounted) – body thickness 8-13 cm, placed on the wall in a convenient place. Aesthetically attractive appearance, decorative flame. Low heat dissipation. Ultra-thin models are also available.
  • Desktop – compact devices, installed on the table. Many modifications are produced.
  • Floor models – simplicity of design is complemented by elegant execution. Mobility, move around the room.

Classification by type of accommodation

Classification by type of accommodation

  • Semi closed. Built into the wall.
  • Open. Installed in the desired location.
  • Corner – mounted in the corner of the room.



  • Mini electric fireplaces – compact dimensions and minimum thickness of the product allow them to be placed on bedside tables and tables, built into furniture. Suitable for small apartments, corridors, cottages.
  • Large-format devices – a large heating area, an exquisite look. Designed for large houses and apartments. A harmonious combination is achieved by the correct ratio of the size of the fireplace and the area of ​​\u200b\u200bthe room.

Characteristics of electric fireplaces

Characteristics and features

The devices are equipped with sensors (thermostats) that allow maintaining the set temperature and reducing the consumption of electrical energy.

The thermostat with a smooth adjustment stroke automatically turns off the fireplace when the set point is reached and starts again when it cools down.

All models are available with adjustable heating power and selection of the desired operating mode:

  • flame imitation without heating function;
  • flame imitation and heating at half power;
  • flame simulation and heating at full power.



The power of an electric fireplace is determined by the functionality, dimensions of the device and the productivity of heating work. The calculation of the degree of heating is carried out according to the following ratio: 1 kW heats 10 square meters. The power range is indicated in the technical data sheet.

Electricity consumption depending on the manufacturer and model:

  • during operation – 30-50 W / h;
  • in standby mode – 1-1.5 W / h;
  • in the flame simulation mode – 5-10 W / h.

How special effects work

How special effects work

  • Imitation of a flame with strips of fabric. Electromechanical principle of operation. The red strips of fabric are driven by an electric fan motor. The game of color is supported by an incandescent lamp. The role of firewood (coals) is performed by decorative models.
  • Reproduction of fire on the liquid crystal monitor. Optical lenses, light filters and glass make the picture real. At an angle, image clarity deteriorates, there is no three-dimensional perspective.

How special effects work

  • Reflector. It is mounted under plastic dummies of firewood. The effect of the movement of the flame creates the rotation of the reflector and the backlight, projecting reflections on the glass screen located in the hearth.
  • 3D focus. High tech device. The flame effect is created by water vapor and halogen lamps. The light from the light bulbs is reflected in the water droplets. The image cannot be distinguished from the real one.
  • Water vapor (Opti-Myst technology). An ultrasonic generator is placed inside the structure, which transforms water into cold steam.

Liquid particles are sprayed and illuminated by halogen lamps. Models Opti-Myst are humidifiers, equipped with an air purification filter.

  • The sound effect is an imitation of crackling firewood. The function is inherent in modifications of the high price category. The recorded noises are transmitted by the speakers of the device that plays the sounds.
  • Smell. Flavors convey the smell of smoldering logs.

Additional functionality:

  • humidification and air purification;
  • background lighting;
  • thermostat;
  • shutdown timer;
  • remote control;
  • several modes of operation;
  • two modes of heating power;
  • adjusting the brightness and height of the flame;
  • multimedia portals;
  • sound accompaniment.

How special effects work

The functions are controlled from the panel or remote control. Sound confirmation of the mode selection is carried out by a certain number of button presses:

  • fire imitation – 1 signal;
  • imitation of fire and heating at half power – 2 signals;
  • full power simulation – 3 beeps.

How special effects work


  • protective screen;
  • firewood;
  • decorative grates;
  • fireplace sets;
  • fake fuel (wood or coals).

The firebox can be with or without a protective screen. The model of firewood and coals is most often made of ceramics.



  • democratic value;
  • possibility of installation in rooms without ventilation and chimney, in multi-apartment buildings;
  • does not require additional costs when using;
  • no soot, dust, smoke;
  • ease of operation and maintenance;
  • thoughtful design;
  • pleasant appearance;
  • silent operation;


  • realistic resemblance to fire;
  • safety for health and the environment;
  • fire safety;
  • mobility of portable devices;
  • multifunctionality;
  • fire simulation and heating function are independent of each other;
  • ultrathin modifications;
  • instant space heating.

The advantage of portable devices is that there is no need to spoil the interior design after repair.



Most of the features are not used by users for two reasons:

  • Management inconvenience. Even if there is a remote control, part of the functionality is turned on from the panel on the device.
  • The complexity of management. Management is possible after careful study of the instructions.

The lack of oxygen caused by the constant operation of the electric fireplace adversely affects the health of people. High-quality ventilation will help to level the risks.

Implicit cons:

  • light hum of the fan heater emitted by electromechanical devices;
  • noise increases with wear of rotating parts;
  • flat image of fire.

Models with no brightness adjustment option tire the eyes. The spectrum of LED lamps is not rich in color and can also cause eye fatigue.

How to choose an electric fireplace

How to choose

So that the choice of a fireplace does not disappoint, before buying, familiarize yourself with its capabilities, characteristics and functions in as much detail as possible. The more options and effects the model has, the higher the price category.

Main factors:

  • accommodation;
  • functional load;
  • required additional options;
  • purchase budget;
  • equipment style.

How to choose

The algorithm for choosing a household unit consists of an acquaintance:

  • with appearance;
  • with parameters;
  • with a price category;
  • with functional abilities;
  • with complete set;
  • with the noise level during operation;
  • with the image of a flame;
  • with the possibility of adjusting processes;
  • with ease of management.

How to choose

Pay attention to the specifications:

  • Screen size;
  • heating power;
  • operating modes;
  • burning simulation;
  • consumption of electrical energy.

Choice by appearance

Consider the general concept of the design of the room, the heating area. Decide what place in the interior the heater will occupy.

How to choose

The external design of the portal is performed in different styles:

  • classical – the severity of forms, symmetry, geometric correctness, straightness, naturalness of materials;
  • retro – elegance, sophistication, aesthetics, individuality;
  • hi-tech – conciseness of forms, color minimalism, the use of steel and glass;
  • baroque – saturation with decorative elements, pomp, luxury;
  • chalet – bulky designs, functionality, style;
  • Provence – organic, worn, uneven;

How to choose

  • country – ethnicity, traditions, simplicity of elements;
  • empire – pomposity, the use of marble;
  • avant-garde – metal and glass, similarity with flying objects.

The choice depends on the individual tastes and preferences of the consumer. The choice of finishes for facing the portal should be in harmony with the style of the hearth.

Which is better

Which is better

The best choice is to purchase a fireplace kit:

  • with automatic temperature control;
  • with adjustable heating power;
  • with adjustable brightness and the ability to turn off the backlight;
  • with functions of humidification and air purification.



  • Before connecting, check that the wiring is correct. A prerequisite is the presence of a ground loop. The current strength parameters are indicated by the manufacturer in the product passport.
  • Do not place appliances in front of window openings, light sources. This reduces the brightness and contrast of the visual effect.
  • When installing, take care of the availability of space and free access for maintenance. The hearth should be easy to remove.

Installing an electric fireplace with a 3D hearth

Installing a heater with a 3D hearth

Heaters with a 3D screen are installed in specialized portals, mounted in plasterboard structures, built into furniture.

When fastening to a wall, the building material from which the partition is made is taken into account. If necessary, the wall is strengthened, the device is fixed with rivets in the corners.



Before cleaning, unplug the appliance and let it cool down:

  • Wipe the housing and decorative fuel regularly with a damp cloth.
  • Clean the intake grille with a vacuum cleaner.
  • Clean the protective screen or glass with soap and water using a soft cloth.

Do not use abrasive scouring powders, glass cleaners, organic solvents.

Electrical household appliances with steam generator:

  • fill with distilled water so that scale does not form;
  • remove scale regularly;
  • change water once a day;
  • during a break in use, drain the water.

Electrical devices with halogen lamps require replacement of lamps in case of burnout.



The standard warranty is issued for one year from the date of purchase of the product. Trading companies provide extended warranties for their products up to 18 months.

Warranty service is carried out by a network of authorized service shops. A list of centers with addresses is attached to the warranty card.

When purchasing an electric fireplace, check the warranty card for information about the seller, the seal of the seller, the correctness of filling, check the date of purchase.

Guaranteed obligations become invalid in the following cases:

  • damage associated with mechanical, electrical, thermal effects;
  • damage resulting from non-compliance with the operating instructions;
  • ingress of foreign objects (insects, animals) and chemicals;
  • the use of abrasive cleaning powders, chemical compounds, organic solvents;
  • opening, repair unauthorized by the manufacturer;
  • careless handling;


  • operation without an equipped ground loop;
  • damage caused by non-compliance with the rules and norms of power cable networks;
  • melted thermal insulation;
  • damage caused by force majeure (fire, flood, lightning).

For warranty repairs, products are accepted that are free of dirt and dust, with drained liquid.



If the warranty period has expired, prevention and troubleshooting can be done independently at home. If such work causes difficulties, contact a specialist.

Unstable operation of the device

Unstable operation of the device

  • turn off the device, let it cool down and clean it from dust;
  • blow out the electric heater;
  • check the presence of voltage in the electrical network;
  • check the connecting cord, socket, plug;
  • check the condition of the fan blades.

Repair of circuit elements

Repair of circuit elements

You will need a probe with a tester equipped with a signal lamp.

Thermostat. In the off state, its contacts are closed. Check by connecting the tester probes to the terminals. Clean the soot, cut down the shells. Wipe the contacts with a soft cloth dampened with alcohol.

If the contacts are open due to plate deformation, return them to their original position.

Power regulator. Repair is carried out in the same order as the thermostat.

Shutdown buttons. Set all buttons to the “on” position, check the conductivity with a tester in order. Clean burnt contacts.

When performing work, protect your hands with gloves. Follow the rules and regulations for working on electrical equipment.

Manufacturers of electric fireplaces


  • classicflame. The trademark offers electric fireplaces, portals, multimedia portals, fireplace sets, hearths. Wholesale and retail.
  • Dimplex. Production and development of household appliances. The company produces 200 types of electric fireplaces and accessories. 3D effect, opti myst3D, fireplace sets, portals, air filters. One year warranty. There is a network of authorized service centers.


  • Electrolux. The online store offers electric fireplaces, portals, filters and accessories. Quality assurance.
  • E.W.T. Electric fireplaces and accessories in assortment. Online store.
  • Goldstar. Electric fireplaces. One year warranty. There is a system of discounts and promotions. Internet shop.

Gold Star

  • scarlett. Appliances. One year warranty. Official service centers.
  • Supra. French company. Wholesale and retail. Electric fireplaces, portals, accessories.

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