Cotton liquid wallpaper

Cotton liquid wallpaper is considered one of the best finishing materials. Despite the high cost, they meet the needs of the consumer. They are used for finishing surfaces in offices, cottages, country houses where there is no heating system.



The choice of this finishing material will be the right decision for every person who wants to update the interior, create an atmosphere of comfort. Wall-paper will change the room, will serve decades without change of structure, properties, color.

Used for the design of concrete, plastered, as well as plasterboard surfaces. They are suitable for finishing painted walls and pre-primed ceilings.

Compared to paper rolls, they are suitable for wall decoration with numerous corners and ledges. Not used for decorating surfaces made of plastic, wood or metal without pretreatment with primer.

They differ in composition, non-standard application technique. It is easy to take care of the walls decorated with such material.

Choose this product for a room characterized by high humidity or temperature. When buying, properties, cost, country of origin, color schemes, required quantity are taken into account.

Sold in the form of a dry friable substance. It is distributed in special durable plastic bags with an indication of the weight. The contents of the package are diluted with water. Maintain the proportion that is given by the manufacturer on the package. Use only sealed whole bags.

It is forbidden to divide dry substance into parts. Otherwise, the components may not mix and the resulting composition will be unusable.

The material is also found in the finished liquid state. The mixture is sold in special plastic buckets. Buying such products, you do not need to spend extra time preparing the mixture.

They are durable because they can withstand ultraviolet rays. Cotton is the main component in the manufacture of liquid wallpaper.



In appearance, the material is similar to plaster. Difference in composition. Cotton wallpapers do not contain sand. When dry, they resemble children’s craft material. The product consists of 100% cotton fibre, as well as cellulose, natural mineral components, including decorative additives.

In the process of application, a smooth surface, pleasant to the touch, devoid of seams, is formed. As a result, office or living space is instantly transformed. It becomes cozy, warm, beautiful. A diverse color palette ensures the versatility of the material itself.

When finishing surfaces, the possibility of a harmonious combination of shades is provided. Even if the desired color is not selected, they choose the shades they like, and subsequently they are dyed with the help of a color scheme in the desired tone.

The scope of the presented goods is extensive. Thanks to the non-standard texture, they create amazing bright objects – stucco, panels.

Pros and cons of cotton liquid wallpaper

Advantages and disadvantages


  • Do not form joints during application to the surface. Artistic decoration of walls or ceilings is characterized by a porous texture. Do not crack, do not tear, do not wear out, like paper.
  • Hides imperfections. Due to the composition of cotton wallpaper, the geometry of the walls and ceiling is aligned. This is a great way to mask cracks and imperfections in surfaces.
  • environmentally friendly materialsafe for human health.
  • It takes little time to decorate the surface, even for an inexperienced person.
  • Do not attract dust.
  • Possess fire-protective properties, do not emit toxic harmful substances under the influence of fire.
  • Can be dyed multiple timeswhich makes it possible to frequently change the situation in the interior.
  • Service life is calculated in decades. Even with repeated staining, they do not deteriorate.
  • They do not fade under the scorching sun, do not lose color as a result of use, while maintaining their original appearance.
  • Provide soundproofing.
  • Easy to apply to walls and ceilings.
  • Keep warm.
  • Easily recoverable. Moisten the damaged area with water. After 40 minutes, remove it with a plastic spatula. It is allowed to apply again to the surface, having crushed and mixed beforehand. It is recommended to use fresh decor, which remained after the repair work.
  • Suitable for decoration of premises in new buildings. The material is not afraid of shrinkage.


  • Long drying time (two days).
  • Not recommended for use in high humidity areas. If desired, varnish the surface to eliminate the defect. Differ in the increased hygroscopicity.
  • They cost more than paper.


Since cotton wallpapers are afraid of high humidity, they are covered with a colorless varnish. The formed pollution is erased, using a damp piece of matter. If such a coating is absent, then the dust is removed with a vacuum cleaner.

When the wallpaper is removed from the wall or ceiling, it is required to wet them with water. After a few minutes, clean the surface of the composition with a wide spatula. This technique is applied to a separate section of the wall or ceiling.

How to choose cotton liquid wallpaper

Purchase rules

Buy in company stores or construction hypermarkets.

Products sold in the markets or from the hands of strangers will be of poor quality, expired, including frozen or fake.

Cost is taken into account. The main producing countries of quality goods are: France, Germany, Turkey. If liquid cotton wallpaper is of low cost, from an unknown manufacturer, cheap components are possible in the composition. By purchasing and using such a product, you can be disappointed with the result and harm your health.

If walls are made in the bathroom or in the kitchen, where there is high humidity, then they acquire a more moisture-resistant composition. When choosing such a finishing material for the living room, bedroom and hall, they are guided by the appearance. Otherwise, they choose, relying on their own tastes and preferences.

When applying cotton wallpaper in a thick layer, they achieve the effect of home comfort and warmth. If the wall covering is thin, then the end result will emphasize the elegance of the room, the refined taste of the owners.

When choosing a coating for the kitchen, you must consider the following nuances:

  • It is not recommended to use for finishing near a sink or desktop.
  • They are afraid of moisture, absorb odors, fat. When using them in the interior of the kitchen, additional funds are used.
  • After decorating the wall, the finishing material is coated on top with acrylic varnish or painted with special paint – water-based or latex. As a result, the wallpaper does not swell from moisture, does not absorb unpleasant odors, grease. They do not deteriorate when wet cleaning using gentle detergents.
  • Since cotton wallpapers can be dyed multiple times, it makes no sense to buy too expensive ones that stand out for their attractive design and originality.
  • When choosing such products for the kitchen, pay attention to the country of origin. It is better to buy French or Turkish goods. It does not absorb dirt from the walls, appearing over time on the front surface.

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