Beard trimmers

Choosing a beard trimmer is an important step for the professional hairdresser or the average person who wants to tidy it up at home.

With the help of it, you can do it at home with no less efficiency. For a male beard, this technique is a godsend. Over time, even an inexperienced hairdresser will master creative hairstyles. The main thing is to get a reliable tool.

Types of beard trimmers

Modern machines have replaced mechanical devices.

They differ:

  • compactness;
  • special blades;
  • narrower in width;
  • with several blades (trimming the length of the beard hair, cleanly shave off unwanted hairs) – to form the desired shape.

According to the type of beard clipper, there are two types. Rotary and vibratory.

Rotary beard trimmers – Equipped with a compact motor. Their main drawback is that when the engine heats up, the entire body also heats up. To solve this problem, the devices have holes for ventilation or are equipped with cooling systems. Suitable for several hours of use.

Vibrating beard trimmers – work due to an electromagnetic coil, the power of which is not high, no more than 20 watts. Their advantage is economical price and light weight. Due to their low performance, they are only suitable for home use.

Power type

Special attention should be paid to the type of food.

Networked beard trimmers – are considered reliable, but at the same time they face difficulties on a business trip or travel if a stationary outlet is not available. Inconvenient, as the wire can restrict movement

Cordless beard trimmer – according to statistics, it often fails, you need to monitor the battery charging. If it runs low, power will drop. Battery life is half an hour. Therefore, you will have to constantly replace the batteries or send them for recharging. The advantage is freedom of movement.

For a home version, such a beard trimmer is acceptable. But if you are going to work in a beauty salon with a constant flow of customers, then difficulties may arise – you will have to have sets of spare batteries.

Combined model – the best option. With its help, you can first work on batteries, and when they sit down, immediately connect to the network and continue to work.

Blades for beard trimmer

This is the main component of the device, and the final result depends on their quality.

First, do not skimp on the material. In modern expensive models, manufacturers are increasingly using high-tech metal alloys.

Most often it is based on stainless steel and spraying is applied to it, which happens:

  • titanium;
  • carbon.

In contact with skin, a person may experience an allergic reaction to steel.

There are also types of beard trimmers with self-sharpeningwhich eliminate the need for replacement and, as a result, contact with the skin.

Can choose ceramicwhich do not need sharpening at all, but only in a special lubricant.

How to choose a beard trimmer

To quickly navigate the market for services and offers, follow a few recommendations.

  1. Decide which model you will buy – stationary or standalone. On the one hand, the wire will limit you, on the other hand, stationary devices are more reliable and durable. A compromise option is to purchase a combined model with the ability to recharge from the network. It combines the best qualities – reliability and mobility.
  2. Pay attention to the density and stiffness of the hair on your face. If the facial hair is unruly and tough, you will need a universal model. Its feature is the blade length regulator. If the hair is soft, then buy a device with a low power.
  3. Pay attention to blades and attachments. More practical devices with ceramic floating knives. If necessary, they can be easily and quickly changed. At the same time, they do not need regular lubrication – after the end of the session, rinse under strong water pressure. An alternative is sets of nozzles for modeling facial hair. They are more expensive, but are equipped with a large number of functions and attachments.
  4. It is important that you feel comfortable working. In the store, try how the device fits in your hand, how heavy it is. Evaluate whether it is comfortable to handle.
  5. A useful function is the vacuum suction of hair. Thanks to him, the face will remain clean, without cut hairs.


The device, instead of cutting the hair, begins to pull it out.

Check your knives first and sharpen them if necessary. To do this, turn to professional workshops. It will not be possible to do this at home, as a special machine is required. You can damage or even break the blade yourself.

To make sure that dull knives are the problem, check how the hairs are cut. If there are uneven cuts, then it’s in them.

Take good care of your device.

Remember to take good care of your knives. At the end of the working day, and preferably after each use of the machine, clean them of cut hairs. You can even use a regular toothbrush for this.

Oil your knives at the end of the day. Only in this case they will serve a long and faithful service.

The main tip in conclusion – watch the prices. You shouldn’t buy the most expensive beard trimmer, but you shouldn’t buy the cheapest model either. The most acceptable choice for home use is the average price category.

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