Alloy wheels

An important element of each machine is the disks, which are divided into types. They affect the appearance, comfort and behavior of the car on the road.

Cast wheels are ahead of other types in some respects. There are three main differences, they are as follows:

  1. The weight.
  2. Price.
  3. Appearance.

They are purchased due to the fact that they are made in original forms, and therefore every motorist will find an option to his taste.

How to choose alloy wheels



Depending on the raw materials for production, they are divided into 2 types:

  1. Magnesium.
  2. Aluminum.

Aluminum models include silicon and other components in their composition. This creates benefits that include:

  • cost – aluminum is not an expensive metal;
  • light weight (density is 2.7 g/cm3);
  • resistance to corrosion and reagents. This increases the service life, since a high-strength oxide film forms on the surface.

In addition, aluminum belongs to metals with low thermal conductivity. This property creates good cooling of the elements of the brake system, and therefore improves its performance.

The disadvantage is fragility. Strong impacts (lateral) lead to damage, and the wheel will not bend, but will crack. It will not be possible to restore it. Therefore, if you have to travel on bad roads, then choose a different type.

Magnesium is used as an alternative for production. The composition also contains a fraction of aluminum. The advantage of magnesium is weight, since the density of this material is 1.7 g/cm3.

Compared to aluminum models, they are durable and do not suffer serious damage when hitting an obstacle. The rest of the parameters are at a high level. The only negative is the susceptibility to corrosion and other aggressive substances.

Multi-layer coatings help to partially solve the problem, but they are not suitable for use in conditions of constant rain and snow.

The expediency of buying aluminum or magnesium wheels depends on the operating conditions. If you need advanced wheels, then you should give preference to models made of magnesium. Aluminum is suitable for everyday use.


The cost of products of famous brands is high, but at the same time they can boast of quality. There are many replica models on the market that have an identical appearance.

There is an erroneous opinion that it makes no sense to pay for a name, because you can buy inexpensive Chinese ones, since they have the same service life.

Cheap discs lose to the originals. The main reason is the production technology. Inexpensive options are made without control. This does not allow for ideal performance, so irregularly shaped wheels come across, the balancing of which is a serious problem.

The next difference lies in the quality of the materials used. Properties are achieved through a combination of aluminum (magnesium) and other components that are not disclosed. Inexpensive replicas are fragile, as they are made of aluminum. For this reason, there is a myth about the lack of strength of the species.

The original products have good paintwork, which is characterized by integrity. The coating of cheap options is uneven, quickly cracking and crumbling.


Life time. With proper care, they can serve for decades, and inexpensive products are destroyed after 2-3 years, and they cannot be restored. The reliability of the original models is confirmed by a guarantee.

In case of malfunctions, the manufacturer will eliminate them free of charge. There is no such possibility when buying cheap analogues, breakdowns will have to be fixed at your own expense.

Another parameter that affects driving performance is the material. Original products of famous brands undergo the strictest control for compliance with environmental standards. Products that are made in China cannot boast of quality, since the main goal of manufacturers is to make a cheap copy of famous brands.

The weight. On average, it is one third less than that of iron. This has a positive effect on handling and an increase in the life of suspension parts. This is explained by the fact that the lower the weight of the product, the lower the mass of the car.

In order for the wheels to fit on various cars, they are made universal. The central hole has a maximum size. Some motorists are faced with a situation where the diameter of the protrusion of the hub for landing is 65 mm, and the diameter of the hole itself is 70 mm.

You can put alloy wheels on and ignore the difference, but this is not recommended. Despite the discrepancy in size, it forms a serious load on the hairpin. A set of spacers that level the difference will help minimize the negative impact.

Some manufacturers sell alloy wheels for their cars. There are 2 options: full and partial equipment. The first option involves the purchase of a kit consisting of a wheel, mounts and hub protection.

With a sufficient budget, you can purchase original products with a set of accessories. It is not easy to find a profitable offer, because sites make big cheats.

In a partial configuration are sold without fasteners and other parts. Nuts and bolts sold separately. This will allow you to get original wheels with a set of quality accessories at a low price. If necessary, a spacer wheel of the desired size is taken.

You need to choose models with a manufacturer’s guarantee and a quality certificateconfirming the characteristics of the product. If you can’t get it, don’t buy it. The certificate includes the name, description of properties, and so on. If the seller has such a document, then you can safely choose the goods in his store.

Pay attention to the choice of fasteners. The alloy wheel mounting bolt is longer than for the steel version. Buying a short bolt can cause the wheel to be lost while driving, leading to an accident. Nuts are selected with the appropriate size. They securely fasten the wheel to the hub. The material must be rigid and withstand loads.


Operating rules

Designed for smooth roads without holes and obstacles. Therefore, it is better for sloppy drivers or beginners to give preference to other types.

The feasibility of using in winter is questionable. Slippery roads and ice significantly increase the risk of getting hit. If you are not sure that you can control the car in all situations, then it is better to put stamped wheels in winter.

Some manufacturers produce wheels whose coating is destroyed by salt and other road chemicals. This can lead to the fact that in the spring they will lose their appearance, they will have to be restored.

It is recommended to use high tires in winter, which will positively affect handling and traction. When alloy wheels are installed on a car, a large diameter is selected in combination with low-profile rubber. This choice cannot be called successful for driving on poor surfaces.


Faults and their solution

  1. Chips.
  2. Cracks.
  3. Scratches.
  4. Dents.

If a problem is found, it must be fixed immediately. If the damage is ignored, it leads to further destruction, and repair is no longer possible. You can restore it yourself, but only professionals can do a good repair. The main requirement is to maintain the correct geometry, which is almost impossible to achieve on your own.


  • manual straightening;
  • welding;
  • hardfacing;
  • rolling.

Manual straightening – You will need a hammer and a sledgehammer. It is necessary to correctly assess the strength and number of blows, otherwise the condition can only worsen.

Welding used to repair major damage. It won’t take long to repair. Most manufacturers do not recommend exposing the wheel to high temperatures, as this will destroy its structure and geometry. The main disadvantage is insecurity, because if the wheel bursts again while driving, this will cause an accident.

Rolling is considered popular. It is used to repair dents and other minor damage. The cost is low. Does not involve high heat.

In some situations, surfacing metal on splits can help. After the process is completed, the cast disk is ground and the unnecessary metal is removed, which completes the restoration process.

Painting is required to fully restore the appearance. When buying used options, you need to carefully inspect the surface. If there are stains on it that cannot be cleaned, this is evidence of exposure to high temperatures.

High-quality restoration leaves no traces behind, and the correct coloring with uniform application will return the wheel to its original appearance.

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