8 types of hair clippers

You can get a professional haircut without the help of salon hairdressers. This will require a special machine and hard training lasting several months. But which model of the device to choose?

A wide range of professional machines is presented on the hairdressing tool market. To make the right choice and buy a tool, you need knowledge about the types, what they are intended for, and by what criteria to choose one or another type.

Advice! Before you buy a hairdressing machine, determine the purpose for which you need it – to shorten hair, beard or to eliminate vegetation in the auricles.

Machines are classified according to purpose and functionality.

Universal hair clippers

This type will become indispensable in domestic conditions. Thanks to the built-in operating modes, they cut hair, trim beards, mustaches and sideburns.

This type has the following advantages:

  • a variety of modes of robots;
  • availability;
  • variety of models.

But along with these advantages, there are also disadvantages. The most significant of these is the cost. Moreover, the more popular the manufacturer, the higher the cost. But this minus is compensated by versatility.

Sometimes, beard and mustache trimmers come with a universal clipper. They have standard knives with sharpened teeth. With their help, the procedure for shortening hairs and correcting the outlines of the beard and mustache is easier and easier.

Some manufacturers of universal machines complete the set with additional accessories – combs for combing and styling, oil for lubrication, protective covers, cleaning brushes for nozzles, stands and cases for storing inventory. Such sets are beneficial for beginners.

Beard trimmers

Special machines for cutting beards and mustaches differ from universal ones in their compact size and narrow blade. Another difference is that the teeth in the cutting edge are smaller than on a universal device.

Benefits of beard trimmers:

  • compact dimensions of the device;
  • the small size of the blade makes the mustache and beard more defined.

The downside is the limited choice of operating modes.

Mustache trimmers

In addition to machines, special trimmers are used to shorten beards and mustaches. They are used to shorten short hair on the body, including on the face. Manufacturers complete trimmers with additional nozzles for hard-to-reach places, such as the nose and ears.

Trimmers are a cone-shaped device with a vertical cutting head. Thanks to this design, the haircut procedure is easy and does not take much time.

The advantages of trimmers are as follows:

  • an easy way to make a beard and mustache neater;
  • practicality and ease of use;
  • compact dimensions of the device.

The trimmer has few drawbacks, but they are still worth noting. These include:

  • a small number of functions;
  • trimming hair to the same length – cutting your hair using only a trimmer will not work.

Ear clippers

To remove vegetation in hard-to-reach places, such as the nose and ears, trimmers are used with a single nozzle that cannot be removed or changed.

The small head is located on top of the trimmer’s tapered design. Thanks to this structure, the procedure for removing hair in the auricles and nose is quick, and at the same time does not cause discomfort.

Pros of ear clippers:

  • affordable cost of products;
  • practicality in use;
  • removes hair easily and painlessly.

The use of a trimmer is limited, because it will not be possible to cut hair with such a device anywhere except in the nose and ears.

Wet cleaning hair clippers

After work, you need to clean the workplace and the device that was sheared, because inside, on the knives, hair remains. In some, a brush is used for cleaning, which comes with the machine.

But there are machines with the possibility of wet cleaning. It is enough to place the device under running water, rinse and dry thoroughly. This is a practical feature that standalone models are equipped with.

Professional kits for hairdressers

For masters who are professionally engaged in hairdressing, there are hairdressing kits. The sets combine hair trimmers, attachments of different sizes for a universal clipper, shaving attachments for trimming mustaches and beards.

Various kit options are available. The cost of the kit depends on the quantity and quality of components, and the brand of the manufacturer.

Pros of professional hairdressing kits:

  • variety of functions;
  • thanks to nozzles of different sizes, you can immediately cut both hair and facial hair;
  • complete set with tool bags, stands and other additional accessories.

The disadvantage of such a set is one, and then contradictory – the cost of haircut sets is high. But if you think about it, when buying the components of the kit separately, an even larger amount of money will be spent than when buying a hairdressing kit.

Classification by type of food

In addition to the types already described, clippers are classified depending on the type of food.

Modern manufacturers have developed cutting devices that are powered by:

  • electrical networks;
  • battery;
  • mains and battery.

Devices of the most elementary design work only from the mains.

Standalone hair clippers

This type of clipper creates the lowest noise level. Since they have insufficient power, only 12 watts, they are used to create a haircut edging.

When choosing a cordless type tool, you should pay attention to the time required to charge the battery and the time of continuous operation. Depending on the quality level of such a device, its continuous operation time is 20-180 minutes.

For a 100% battery charge, the recharging time is from forty minutes to sixteen hours.

The battery is charged in two ways:

  1. using a power cord that connects to it;
  2. through a special stand, by installing the device on it.

At the same time, the longer the battery life of the machine and the shorter the recharging time, the higher its cost.

New battery cars need “overclocking”. This means that when buying a new one, you need to completely plant the battery, then fully charge it. To maintain power at the proper level, this procedure must be systematically repeated at least once a month.

The built-in rechargeable battery increases the weight of the device, so the hand will get tired much faster when using it.

Types of cutting devices, with mixed power, mains and battery, are an order of magnitude more expensive than others.

Vibrating hair clippers

Engines in clippers are divided into two types – vibrating and rotary.

In budget options, the first type of engine is built in. The operation of vibration motors is based on an electromagnetic coil that moves the blade.

Such devices have significant disadvantages:

  • insufficient power – 9-15 watts;
  • time-consuming process of cleaning blades due to non-removable knives;
  • noise and increased vibration.

The only plus of vibration options is an attractive price.

Basically, vibration machines are chosen for domestic use at home. Professional craftsmen bypass vibration devices.

Rotary hair clippers

Machines with a rotary engine are an order of magnitude more expensive than vibration ones. But their quality is much higher. Most professional hairdressers in salons use them for haircuts.

With this type of tool, you can create a stylish haircut in a short period of time even on thick and coarse hair.

The power is 20-45 watts, they are silent and do not create vibrations. In addition, they are practical to use, designed for increased loads and a long service life. Another plus of the rotary type is the built-in cooling element, which prevents the motor from heating up during prolonged continuous operation.

Replacement knives are available for rotary machines. On the market of hairdressing products, knives are presented in an assortment – working, edging, figured, etc.

Such knives are fastened in the clamping mechanism with a latch. It is worth noting that in order for the knives to take the correct position, it is important to insert them only when the mode is on.

It is worth noting that rotary models are heavier than vibration ones. This is the only disadvantage of this type of tools.

How to choose a hair clipper

It is better to spend money on an expensive professional device once than to buy a budget option. The models used by salon masters are equipped with strong and sharp blades, so they do not cling to hair and cut evenly. They are durable and withstand high loads.

Be sure to consider the material from which the working knives are made. It is worth giving preference to models with stainless steel knives. Budget options are equipped with knives made of ordinary metal.

Modern professional models can be equipped with diamond or titanium coated knives. This coating does not cause allergies and extends the service life for years to come.

When choosing a power supply, models that combine battery and mains power are more practical. Such a combined model will allow you to continue working from the network if the battery is dead.

Another parameter to consider when choosing is the frequency of knife movements. The faster the blades move, the faster the cutting process goes.

For experienced hairdressers, high-frequency models with a power of 20 watts and above are suitable. For beginners, it is better to choose models with a power of 9 to 12 watts.

Tools with power below nine watts may not be able to handle thick and coarse curls and catch hair, which causes discomfort to the client.

For work in salons, you should not choose models with an increased level of noise and vibration. This irritates and unnerves the client, and also distracts the hairdresser. The lower the level of noise and vibration, the calmer the master, therefore, the better he will do the job.

The set of nozzles is also important when choosing. There are fixed and adjustable, as well as removable and non-removable nozzles. When cutting, the length of the hair depends on the nozzle used. The most running ones are from 3 to 12 mm.

In addition to technical qualities, the convenience of work is also important. The tool should be comfortable for the master. The master must feel the machine, so it is important to choose a model of optimal weight.

Sliding is important. The device must be securely fixed with the hairdresser’s palm and in no case should it slide in it. Sliding is not the best way to affect the result of the haircut. To avoid such situations, manufacturers make models with rubberized handles and rough details.

The master will switch the mode selection and on-off buttons with one hand, so it is important that he is comfortable doing this. Before buying, it is important to try it out and see how comfortable it is.

Modern manufacturers of hairdressing tools offer a wide range of different types. The right choice of tool is the key to a beautiful stylish hairstyle.

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