7 best small refrigerators

Mini-refrigerators, in comparison with their full-sized counterparts, perform exactly the same functions. At the same time, they take up much less free space, fit well into almost any interior design, can be installed in cars and act as a bar, for example, for hotel rooms. The capacity of such refrigerators is small, and therefore, if you need to cool a minimum amount of food, it is small models that are preferable due to lower power consumption.

How to choose a small refrigerator

A completely universal small refrigerator does not exist, and therefore the choice is always based on the specific needs of the buyer, his habits and expectations from the purchased appliance. However, there is something that every model is obliged to do – cool food well. The selection criteria listed below will allow you to buy the best mini-refrigerator on the market for specific operating conditions.

Operating principle

The purpose of the refrigerator depends on the type of food, and according to the principle of operation, miniature models are divided into:

  • Isothermal – silent analogues of household appliances, which can be made in the form of thermoboxes. Cooling occurs due to plastic cold accumulators. May have a household/12V connection or no electricity at all.
  • Compressor – a classic design, where the compressor is the basis of the cooling system. They make noise during operation.
  • Thermoelectric – capable of both cooling and heating products – depending on the selected mode.
  • Gas – able to operate from a gas cylinder, a 12 V or 220 V network. In terms of a power source, they are universal, and water-ammonia concentrate acts as a refrigerant. The duration of work on 6 liters of gas, as a rule, is 7 days.

Volume and principle of placement

By volume, mini-refrigerators are divided into:

  • Portable – thermoboxes that look like a suitcase or bucket. Designed for outdoor recreation. They are a large thermos. The volume of internal space, as a rule, does not exceed 11 liters.
  • Automotive – connect to the on-board network of a car or run on gas. The volume of chambers in most cases does not exceed 50 liters.
  • Stationary – for indoor installation. Maximum volume – 130 l, height – up to 1 meter.

Small refrigerators can be built-in or freestanding. In the first case, a niche is prepared for the installation of the device, in which it is placed partially or completely.

Number of cameras

Mini-refrigerators often have a single-chamber version with a small freezing shelf located at the top. Such models are not used for freezing, but exclusively for cooling products. However, there are also two-chamber models with a full-fledged freezer.

Defrost type

Small refrigerators often have one of the following defrost systems:

  • Drip – in fact, manual defrosting, when you have to disconnect the device from the energy source.
  • No Frost – does not require defrosting. Continuous air circulation provides uniform cooling of the chamber, however, among the disadvantages are reduced capacity, increased noise level and the need to package products to avoid airing.


This parameter is determined by the energy saving class of the device, which must be indicated in the technical specifications. So belonging to class A, A + or A ++ indicates maximum energy efficiency and significantly reduces energy consumption.

Noise level

This indicator represents the sound pressure created during the operation of the refrigerator. In other words, volume. This parameter should not be underestimated, since excessive noise levels can greatly interfere with both rest and work. It is expressed in decibels, and the noise level of mini-refrigerators can be divided into:

  • low – 25 – 34 dB;
  • medium – up to 44 dB, considered normal;
  • high – over 45 dB. It is better to refuse to buy such models.

Useful extras

The presence of some additions will significantly increase the comfort and safety of using refrigerators. Most popular:

  • Child protection – the inaccessibility of the control panel, its blocking, as well as the door blocking.
  • Antibacterial coating – prevents the development of bacteria that can reduce the shelf life of products.
  • The ability to move the doors to either side for ease of opening.

best small fridge freezer

miniature model AEG RTB 51411 AX with the top location of the freezer has a total capacity of 133 liters, of which 115 liters are in the main compartment. With a height of only 85 cm, the refrigerator will easily be on a par with classic kitchen furniture. Stainless steel sheet served as the material for the manufacture of the door, and tempered glass, reinforced around the perimeter with frames, was used for the shelves. Inside the model has an antibacterial, and outside – a protective coating that does not collect fingerprints and is easily washed from stains.

The refrigerator device includes a single-circuit cooling system with one compressor, the noise level of which during operation does not exceed 38 dB. Despite the energy consumption corresponding to the A + class, the model is able to “burn” up to 182 kW of electricity per year.


  • Type: two-chamber, compact, 133 l.
  • Freezer: location – on top, volume – 18 liters.
  • Refrigerating chamber: volume – 115 l.
  • Cooling system parameters: compressor – 1, cooling circuit – 1.
  • Energy consumption – class A +.
  • Climate class – SN-ST.
  • Dimensions: height – 850 mm, length – 550 mm, width – 610 mm.
  • Noise during operation – 38 dB.


  • antibacterial coating;
  • strong shelves;
  • non-staining protective coating;
  • high rate of autonomy;
  • noise level.


  • price;
  • excessive energy consumption.

Best built-in small fridge

Embedded model Asko R2282I, the main advantage of which is the high quality of components and assembly. Therefore, the refrigerator differs from similar devices in high reliability. The developers did not provide for the presence of a freezer, but the volume of the main space is 143 liters, which is a lot for such dimensions. LED lighting is installed inside, the shelves are made of tempered glass, the control is electromechanical.

The good capacity of the model is due to the fact that it uses a “drip” automatic defrosting system. The result of this technical solution was a low noise level during operation, reaching only 36 dB.


  • Type: built-in, compact.
  • Freezer: no.
  • Refrigerating chamber: volume – 143 l.
  • Cooling system parameters: compressor – 1, cooling circuit – 1.
  • Energy consumption – class A ++.
  • Dimensions: height – 820 mm, length – 600 mm, width – 550 mm.
  • Noise during operation – 36 dB.


  • hanging doors;
  • the presence of a container for fruits and vegetables;
  • class A++;
  • assembled in Europe;
  • quiet at work.


best inexpensive small fridge

Extremely compact model BBK RF-050 compensates for its size with the presence of a miniature, but still a freezer with a volume of 5 liters, capable of freezing food to a temperature of -15 degrees. The refrigerator can be easily placed anywhere in the house and even installed on a separate bedside table. What is uncharacteristic for units of a low price category is the presence of shelves made of glass. Another nice addition is that the door is equipped with convenient niches for placing cans and bottles of various sizes.

The model consumes only 106 kW of energy per year, while it has an A+ consumption class. The single-circuit cooling system is powered by a compressor, the noise level of which does not exceed 39 dB.


  • Type: compact.
  • Freezer: yes.
  • Refrigerating chamber: volume – 50 l.
  • Cooling system parameters: compressor – 1, cooling circuit – 1.
  • Energy consumption – class A +.
  • Climate class – SN-T.
  • Dimensions: height – 490 mm, length – 450 mm, width – 470 mm
  • Noise during operation – 39 dB.


  • Energy consumption;
  • glass shelves;
  • noise level;
  • price.


  • manual defrost.

best small fridge for office

Daewoo Electronics FR-081AR – one of the largest models among mini-refrigerators with a height of 73 cm and a weight of 19 kg. The first advantage is the low energy consumption of class A +. Legs are mechanically adjustable. If necessary, the owner can outweigh the shelf. Although the refrigerator does not have a full-fledged freezer, nevertheless, its miniature likeness is installed in the upper right corner, however, without a door and a back wall. As a result, the freezer cannot be used for its intended purpose, since it is not capable of quickly freezing food.

Installing a refrigerator of this size in the office will not only save room space, but also ensure the safety of food. True, the device will have to be defrosted exclusively manually. The refrigerator is designed for use in the climate of the tropics and subtropics, so the quality of the cooling chamber is at a high level.


  • Type: compact.
  • Freezer: no.
  • Refrigerating chamber: volume – 75 l.
  • Cooling system parameters: compressor – 1 linear.
  • Energy consumption – class A +.
  • Climate class – T.
  • Dimensions: height – 726 mm, length – 440 mm, width – 452 mm.
  • Noise during operation – 43 dB.


  • noise level
  • spaciousness
  • possibility of hanging the door


  • no full freezer

best small gas fridge

Compact Dometic Combicool RF 60 with a gas-electric power supply system, it is suitable for installation both in a country house and in a car during long journeys. The model can be connected to both 12-volt and 220-volt lines, both direct and alternating current. And in the absence of electrification, the device runs on liquefied gas without any problems. In the latter case, a 6 liter cylinder will suffice for continuous operation for a week. The total capacity of the refrigerator is 60 liters, both freezing and cooling modes are supported. The only thing to note is that the refrigerator cools a maximum of 30 degrees relative to the ambient temperature.

The body of the refrigerator is made of sheet steel, the cooling temperature can be adjusted. In addition, the developers have provided for the presence of ice molds that come with the kit. In general, the model turned out to be successful, and its main advantage is the versatility of power supply.


  • Type: absorption cooler container.
  • Total capacity: 60 l.
  • Cooling temperature: 30 degrees relative to the environment.
  • Dimensions: height – 620 mm, length – 490 mm, width – 490 mm.
  • Power supply: direct and alternating current with a voltage of 220 and 12 V.
  • Weight – 26 kg.


  • relatively large volume;
  • support for autonomous operation on gas;
  • performance quality.


  • price;
  • the degree of cooling depends on the ambient temperature.

best small fridge for car

Indel B Cruise 042/E – a full-fledged car refrigerator with a carefully calibrated interior. Among similar models of the brand, this device is one of the most compact. Support for power supply from 12 V and 24 V allows you to install a refrigerator in cars and trucks, as well as in motor homes and even on boats. At the heart of the cooling system is a reliable ventilated compressor SECOP BD35F. The internal space has a total volume of 42 liters, equipped with a small size freezer, divided by shelves. The temperature of food cooling is in the range from +4 to -12 degrees Celsius.

Given the fact that this refrigerator belongs to the class of built-in models, its stationary installation is assumed. In other words, power supply through the cigarette lighter is not supported. The device consumes about 13 W / h of electricity during operation at a power of 50 watts. Among the additions, the presence of a cold accumulation system and a protective shutdown is noted.


  • Type: built-in, automobile.
  • The total capacity is 42 liters.
  • Dimensions: height – 530 mm, length – 380 mm, width – 160 mm.
  • Cooling system parameters: compressor – SECOP BD 35F, refrigerant – R134a.
  • Power: 12V, 24V.
  • Power – 50 watts.
  • Weight – 15.8 kg.


  • frost is present;
  • environment-independent cooling;
  • the refrigerant is environmentally friendly;
  • there is interior lighting.


  • price;
  • lack of fixings for fixed mounting.

The best small refrigerator for a summer residence

Hansa FM050.4 – compact refrigerator for a country house with a total internal space of 46 liters and a 5-liter low-temperature chamber. Thanks to its dimensions, it can be installed in any convenient place, for example, directly on the floor, on a table or even under a tabletop. The only requirements: no high humidity and direct sunlight. A miniature freezer compartment is able to keep food frozen for a long time, provide the owner with ice for drinks, however, it is still not capable of fully freezing. The main space is divided by a glass shelf, the door, which can be moved to either side, has two compartments.

The control of the refrigerator is electromechanical, and the A + energy class indicates efficiency. With all this, the model is quite quiet, it emits noise during operation, the level of which does not exceed 35 dB. The cooling system is assembled on the basis of one linear compressor.


  • Type: compact.
  • Freezer: volume – 5 l.
  • Refrigerating chamber: volume – 41 l.
  • Energy consumption – class A +.
  • Climate class – ST.
  • Dimensions: height – 496 mm, length – 470 mm, width – 447 mm.


  • quiet work;
  • compact dimensions;
  • mobility.


  • small internal volume.

Mini-refrigerators are a good choice for country houses or car trips when you don’t need to store a lot of food. Before buying, you should determine in advance the installation location of the device, since in the pursuit of saving free space you can easily make a mistake, so much so that the purchased model simply does not fit into the niche created for it, it will be higher than the countertop, or it will not fit in the interior, car trunk.

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