7 best bimetal radiators

Radiators made of two types of metal are called bimetallic. The steel core excludes contact of the heat carrier with the aluminum case. Units with a center distance of 500 mm (number in the name of the product) have the highest heat transfer, are able to quickly heat up a room with an area of ​​8-24 m².

How to choose a bimetallic radiator

When choosing a model, pay attention to the country of origin. Chinese appliances are cheap, but quickly fail. Domestic radiators are inexpensive and of high quality.


For a successful choice, it is important to pay attention to the following parameters:

  • the number of sections – the more there are, the faster the room will heat up;
  • heat transfer coefficient – the higher the indicator, the more efficient the heater works;
  • the presence of a factory marking on the device – this guarantees the originality of the radiator;
  • is there an external wall in the room;
  • the presence of joints in the body;
  • connection method – some of the units have a bottom connection;
  • the presence of adapters in the configuration – if they are not, you will have to buy separately.

Doesn’t matter

  • heaters are made in a universal white color (with rare exceptions), they are suitable for any room;
  • model design is standard.

The most popular models are presented in the review.

The best thin bimetal radiator

Italian heater Rifar Alp 500 has a 10-year warranty, subject to the rules of transportation and installation. With good care, it has been working for 25 years. This is the thinnest heater without compromising on thermal performance.


Heat transfer by number of sections and height, width, depth in mm:

  • 4 sections – 764 W, dimensions 570x324x75;
  • 6 sections – 1146 W, 570x486x75;
  • 8 – 1528 W, 570x648x75;
  • 10 – 1910 W, 570x810x75;
  • 12 – 2292 W, 570x972x75;
  • 14 – 2674 W, 570x1134x75.

Mounting method – on the wall, top side connection.


The color is selected according to the catalog, the design is universal and suitable for a city apartment and a country house. The original technical solution made it possible to achieve high heat transfer with a small width. This is done due to the large area of ​​​​the lateral part. The model is suitable for rooms with large window openings. The sections are made of aluminum, which makes them lightweight and increases the heat dissipation of the system.


Specially prepared water is required for pumping into the system. The sections are sealed using specially designed parts and a silicone gasket. For repair or replacement, you will need to look for original spare parts.

The best bimetal radiator with bottom connection

Section heater Rifar Monolit Ventil 500, like all models of the Italian manufacturer, has a guarantee and is maintained in the standards in force on the territory of the Russian Federation. The word “monolith” denotes the operation of the device in difficult conditions, the “valve” in the name of the model range indicates the lower connection to the heating system.


Is issued in options from 4 to 14 sections. The coolant can have a maximum temperature of + 135˚. Water pressure: working – up to 100 atm, test – up to 150 atm.

Heat dissipation in W and dimensions in mm:

  • 4 sections – 784, 577x320x100;
  • 6 – 1176, 577x480x100;
  • 8 – 1568, 577x640x100;
  • 10 – 1960, 577x800x100;
  • 12 – 2352, 577x960x100;
  • 14 – 2744, 577x1120x100.

Models have right and left connections.


The thickness of the steel from which the sections are made corresponds to the thickness of the water pipes. Such parameters make the case more durable. The fragments are connected by specially designed knots and reinforced with silicone gaskets of a special design. This eliminates the possibility of radiator leaks. There are no intersectional joints in the design.

There is no need to select adapters with left or right threads.

No cons found.

The best bimetal radiator for difficult working conditions

The Global STYLE EXTRA 500 is designed for tough working conditions. The equipment withstands water hammer, the inside is coated with an anti-corrosion compound. Manufacturer’s warranty – 20 years.


Technical parameters of the radiator, thermal conductivity in W, dimensions in mm:

  • 4 sections – 684, 565x320x80;
  • 6 – 1026, 565x480x80;
  • 8 – 1368, 565x640x80;
  • 10 – 1710, 565x800x80;
  • 12 – 2052, 565x1020x80.

Maximum media temperature + 110˚. Working pressure within 35 atm, tested – 52 atm.


  • The narrow model is suitable for rooms with a small window sill.
  • The model has connectors of standard sizes. Installation does not require special skills.
  • Responds quickly to changes in the temperature set on the thermostat.
  • The paint is applied in several layers, which makes it more stable.
  • The ribbed surface of the heatsink enhances heat dissipation.
  • Thanks to its special design, it can withstand high pressure, therefore it is suitable for high-rise buildings.

The heater is universal and is used for autonomous heating.


The disadvantages include the high height of the batteries. When installing in a private house, where construction parameters are not very respected, it is necessary that the height of the heater does not exceed the distance from the floor to the window sill.

The best universal bimetal radiator

Royal Thermo Vittoria 500 designed for operation in Russian conditions. It is used in the system of centralized and autonomous heating. The manufacturer gives a 15-year warranty for Royal Thermo Vittoria bimetallic models. The original device is factory marked, which prevents the possibility of counterfeiting.


Thermal conductivity in W and dimensions in mm:

  • 4 sections – 700, 560x320x80;
  • 6 – 1050, 560x480x80;
  • 8 – 1400, 560x640x80;
  • 10 – 1750, 560x800x80;
  • 12 – 2100, 560x960x80.

The outer coating is applied in 7 layers, which guarantees resistance to various damages. Royal Thermo Vittoria installation – wall-mounted, side connection. Working pressure 30 atm. Maximum coolant temperature + 120˚.


  • Special alloy provides corrosion resistance, high heat transfer.
  • Versatile design to suit any space.
  • One-piece casting ensures the tightness of the structure.
  • Heats up quickly and gives off heat.
  • For the outer layer, European quality nano-paint is used.
  • The radiator is resistant to water hammer.


After several years of operation, the docking connections may leak on the model.

The best bimetal radiator for central heating

Heating appliances Halssen BM Russian-made are of high quality and the ability to work in conditions of low winter temperatures. The housing withstands water hammer that occurs in the central heating system. A 20-year guarantee is provided by Rosgosstrakh.


Heat dissipation of the heater in W, dimensions in mm:

  • 4 sections – 816, 568x320x100;
  • 6 – 1224, 568x480x100;
  • 8 – 1632, 568x640x100;
  • 10 – 2040, 568x800x100;
  • 12 – 2448, 568x960x100.

Working pressure – 25 atm, test pressure – 35 atm. Maximum water temperature + 120˚. Upper side connection. Installation – wall, color – white.


Radiators are made on the latest generation European equipment.

  • The heater has the highest heat output. The result is achieved due to the longitudinal and transverse ribs, which also improve the air flow.
  • The models are made by high pressure casting. This makes the case durable and resistant to mechanical stress.
  • Low price due to domestic production.
  • The diameter of the pipes corresponds to the dimensions of the water pipes. Connecting, repairing and replacing individual parts is quick and easy.

No cons found.

The best colored bimetal radiator

Range Radiators Royal Thermo Billiner were designed taking into account the requirements of ecology and energy saving, they have an unusual color scheme. The device is made for operation in the CIS countries – for operation at low temperatures, frequent water hammer, low quality coolant.


Working pressure – 20 atm, pressure testing – 30 atm. Heat dissipation in W and dimensions in mm:

  • 4 sections – 684, 575x320x85;
  • 6 – 1026, 575x480x85;
  • 8 – 1368, 575x640x85;
  • 10 – 1710, 575x800x85;
  • 12 – 2052, 575x960x85.

The covering of the section, in addition to the classic white, is presented in the original two versions – Silver Satin and Noir Sable. The first material is silver, the second is dark. The technical parameters of the models are identical.


  • The device has an aerodynamic shape that provides optimal streamlining by air currents. This increases heat transfer with a minimum consumption of resources.
  • Water hammer resistant.
  • No intersection joints.
  • Royal Thermo Billiner is resistant to corrosion.
  • The outer layer is resistant to moisture and mechanical damage.


The high height of the heater may not be suitable for installation in private homes and rooms with a small distance from the floor to the windowsill. Unusual color schemes limit the use of the radiator.

The best bimetal radiator with additional fins

Russian radiators Royal Thermo Revolution most popular in the Royal Thermo line. Additional ribs are installed on the vertical collector, increasing heat transfer by 5%.


Characteristics – power in W, dimensions in mm:

  • 4 sections – 680, 567x320x80;
  • 6 – 1020, 567x480x80;
  • 8 – 1360, 567x640x80;
  • 10 – 1700, 567x800x80;
  • 12 – 2040, 567x960x80.

The nano-paint is applied in 7 layers, which makes the radiator resistant to thermal and mechanical influences.


  • The model has rounded corners, which is convenient for families with small children.
  • The body is made of high-alloy steel, the collector has ribs that increase heat transfer.
  • On the right corner there is a Royal Thermo sign, which excludes the possibility of forgery.
  • The body is made by casting, which eliminates the possibility of leaks.
  • The butt joints use graphite and silicone gaskets to seal the seams. The material does not lose its primary qualities over time, which increases the life of the heater.
  • The collector is made of special steel, which makes it resistant to water hammer, the effects of heat carriers with chemical impurities.

No cons found.

A large number of high-quality bimetallic radiators of domestic and foreign production allows you to choose a heater that is suitable for technical parameters and price.

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