6 best steam inhalers

Inhalers help to quickly get rid of colds, some models are used to treat allergies. The advantage of steam inhalers is that they act directly at the site of inflammation, which speeds up the healing process. Medicines do not enter the digestive organs, there is no side effect from the use of drugs. There are various models of inhalers on the market: steam (simple) and nebulizers. The latter are divided into compressor and ultrasonic.

How to choose a steam inhaler

Simple inhalers are steam devices that heat water with medicines or herbs. More complex modifications are nebulizers. Devices differ in the place of impact, price, size.

steam appliances

With the help of a steam inhaler, they warm up the upper respiratory tract, treat cough, runny nose, and carry out cosmetic procedures. The principle of operation of the device is to create a warm steam enriched with drugs. The patient inhales warm air, and recovery is faster. Usually these are stationary devices powered by an electrical network. They are used at home, use on the road is inconvenient, since the devices are large and depend on a power source.

The models include:

  • steam supply adjustment;
  • temperature sensor;
  • timer;
  • several nozzles of various sizes;
  • use for respiratory therapy and cosmetic procedures.


  1. The main advantage of a steam inhaler is its ease of use.
  2. The device is cheap compared to other analogues.
  3. The steam inhaler works with various medicinal formulations, some samples can be filled with herbs.
  4. It is easy to wash.

When choosing a model, pay attention to additional options. Adjustment of steam supply, temperature control make the procedure comfortable and safe.

If there are several nozzles of various sizes and shapes in the package, the scope of the device expands. It is used to treat adults and children, used for cosmetic procedures.

Disadvantages of steam devices – under the influence of high temperature, nutrients lose their strength. If there is a need to treat the bronchi and lungs, use other devices.


The size of the microparticles created by nebulizers is smaller than that of steam inhalers. The patient inhales small droplets of the drug mixture, and due to their small size, they enter the lower respiratory tract. With the help of such a device, bronchitis and other pulmonary diseases are treated. For the treatment of the common cold, diseases of the nasopharynx, such devices are ineffective, since small particles do not settle in the upper respiratory tract.

Suspension supply equipment can be compressor and ultrasonic. Some models are equipped with several attachments and masks. This allows the device to be used for the treatment of children and adults.

What to look for when choosing a device for inhalation

Optimal performance of the nebulizer:

  • air supply rate – 0.07 ml / min;
  • microparticle size – 3 microns;
  • pressure – 700-1060 hPa;
  • performance – 0.25 ml / min.

Compressor inhalers

The principle of operation of compressor models is to supply aerosol with a strong air flow. To do this, a large pressure is created in the device. The advantage of compressor samples is their versatility. They work with various formulations, deliver medicine to the upper and lower respiratory tract. These are inexpensive models, reliable and durable.

Disadvantages of compressor inhalers – high noise level, large size.

Ultrasonic devices

The grinding of the medicinal composition occurs due to the action of ultrasound. The device creates the smallest particles, works quietly, has small dimensions.

Disadvantages – limited scope. It does not work with antibiotics, herbs, suspensions. The device destroys the structure of many drugs.

The subtleties of choosing a nebulizer

  1. When choosing a device, read in the instructions what microparticles the device creates. The smaller the size, the deeper the drugs penetrate into the respiratory tract.
  2. Aerosol delivery rate. Not always high speed means good treatment. Before choosing a model, consult your doctor. Some inhalers have a function for adjusting the steam rate.
  3. What types of composition can be poured into a container. Some models do not work with oils, herbs.
  4. Instrument care. Some devices are not designed to work with herbs, as they are difficult to clean and the air supply tube becomes clogged.
  5. Noise level. The quieter the motor runs, the better. But if other operating parameters are satisfactory, the noise level fades into the background.
  6. Case dimensions. Compact inhalers can be taken on a trip. This is important if there are small children, there is a need to regularly carry out procedures. The disadvantage of small devices is low power.
  7. Nutrition. Network operation limits the use of technology, but such devices are more powerful.

Children’s models

Samples for inhalation can be made in the form of animals, the body is painted in bright colors. Toys included. Such devices are used to treat colds in children older than 6 years.

Part of the children’s inhalers is designed for the whole family – the package includes several nozzles, masks of various sizes. In order not to buy a device for each age category, pay attention to an inhaler with a universal spray of the drug.

Facial inhalers

Manufacturers do not make separate facial steamers. The inhalers provide several modes of operation, including a cosmetic procedure. For steam treatment of the skin, a special mask is used that covers the face. When choosing a device, pay attention to the following points:

  • is there a rubber coating on the edge of the mask – it protects the skin from the sharp edges of the mask;
  • warm-up time of the composition – the faster the mixture heats up, the sooner the procedure will begin;
  • time adjustment;
  • steam temperature control;
  • care of the device;
  • with what compositions the device works.

If the use of herbal infusions is not provided, you will first have to prepare a decoction, and then pour it into a working container.

Steam appliances for the treatment of rhinitis

For the treatment of the common cold, choose an apparatus that creates particles with a size of at least 8 microns. They settle in the nasopharynx and do not penetrate into the lower respiratory tract. If the inhaler has a timer, this is an additional plus, since you do not have to monitor the time of the procedure. For the treatment of the common cold, a special nozzle is used that supplies therapeutic steam into the nasopharynx. If you use a large mask for the treatment of rhinitis, a significant amount of steam will be wasted. This reduces the performance of the model.

New models of universal application have appeared on sale. They operate in several modes, create microparticles of various sizes. The drugs enter the upper, middle and lower respiratory tract. One procedure treats the entire respiratory system. They are used to treat adults and children. Such models are not cheap, but buying such a device, a person does not feel the need to purchase other devices.

The best compressor steam inhaler

Japanese model Omron CompAir Elite NECthirty-E runs quietly and is very economical. Like all Japanese-made equipment, the device is reliable and durable. The design of the case is thought out to the smallest detail – there is nothing superfluous.


  • type of work – compressor;
  • power – 220 W;
  • power – network;
  • tank volume – 7 ml;
  • microparticle size – 3 microns;
  • air supply rate – 0.5 ml / min;
  • device dimensions – 120 * 38 * 76 mm;
  • weight – 440 g.


  • compactness;
  • light weight – the device fits in a bag;
  • easy to use;
  • in a complete set several nozzles, masks;
  • a bag for storage and transportation is provided;
  • works with various medicinal compositions.


  • the device is expensive;
  • battery operation is not provided;
  • poor attachment of the hose to the body.

The best steam inhaler for kids

Steam locomotive device B.Well WN 115K created for children, but can be used by all family members. The body is painted in a bright color, colorful pictures are pasted on it. This makes inhalation fun, and the child’s fear of the procedure disappears.


  • type – compressor;
  • power – network;
  • voltage – 220 W;
  • tank capacity – 10 ml;
  • steam supply rate – 0.33 ml / min;
  • dimensions – 240 * 140 * 124 mm;
  • weight – 1.732 kg.


  • interesting design;
  • simple use;
  • reliable;
  • there are masks for adults and children;
  • a mouthpiece is provided;
  • suitable for younger children.


  • limited operating time – after 20 minutes of use, allow the device to cool down;
  • not suitable for frequent use;
  • makes a lot of noise.

best steam inhaler for face

Apparatus for the face of Russian production “Romashka” affordable, simple, reliable. Based on the basic model, various modifications of the inhaler have been created. With its help, steam the skin of the face, upper respiratory tract.


  • type – steam;
  • mains voltage – 220 V;
  • container volume – 0.75 ml;
  • preheating time of the composition – 8 min;
  • period of 1 procedure – 20 minutes;
  • weight – 0.9 kg.


  • low price;
  • can be used to treat the upper respiratory tract;
  • large face mask;
  • there is a rubber edging on the hemisphere.


  • sharp edges in the inhalation nozzle;
  • high temperature destroys useful substances in preparations;
  • should not be used to treat children.

best steam inhaler for colds

For the treatment of rhinitis, the best apparatus is Med 2000 DailyNEB. Portable and powerful equipment can be used at home and on the go.


  • type – compressor;
  • food – batteries;
  • dimensions – 15.3 * 12 * 6 cm.


  • works in 3 modes;
  • there are nozzles for the nose and mouth;
  • you can use solutions based on oils and mineral water;
  • powerful motor;
  • the solution is economically consumed;
  • procedure time adjustment.


The only drawback of the device is the high price.

Best steam inhaler with mask

Model B.Well WN 118 “Miracle couples” British-made is the best among those equipped with a mask. It is used for the treatment of the upper respiratory tract, cosmetic procedures.


  • voltage – 220 W;
  • type – universal;
  • creates a temperature of 43˚;
  • tank capacity – 80 ml;
  • dimensions – 235 * 90 * 26 mm;
  • weight – 0.5 kg.


  • the device copes with various compositions – oils, herbal decoctions, sea or mineral water;
  • the particle size is regulated;
  • works quietly;
  • used for inhalation and cosmetic procedures;
  • high power;
  • automatic shutdown of the device;
  • reliable and durable.


  • steam supply is not regulated;
  • the set temperature is not always maintained, you can get burned;
  • difficult to use for children.

best ultrasonic steam inhaler

The leader among ultrasonic models is Little doctor LD 250U. The reliable, durable device works silently, has the small sizes.


  • tank capacity – 12 ml;
  • period of work – 30 minutes;
  • 3 modes of air supply;
  • auto power off.


  • suitable for all family members;
  • overheating shutdown is provided;
  • automatically turns off after the evaporation of water in the tank;
  • compact.

Minus – a relatively expensive device.

Devices save during the treatment of colds, in some situations they replace taking pills. Do not try to buy an expensive branded item. Some companies are not inferior to promoted firms in quality.

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