6 best oil paints

Since the advent of universal latex, silicone and acrylic compositions with better characteristics, the popularity of oil paints has fallen sharply, but they continue to be used due to their relatively low cost and unique performance properties. Oil-based paints keep repair costs down, so they will never go out of demand.

How to choose oil paint

Oil-based paints are moisture resistant and hygienic. They are easy to apply on the surface, they can be used to cover interior and exterior elements, after drying they give the materials an aesthetic appearance. After complete drying, a film is formed that reliably protects surfaces from the negative effects of weather conditions, including direct sunlight and high humidity.

However, in addition to the positive properties, there are also disadvantages, including a short service life (up to 3 years), flammability, toxicity, paired with a pungent odor. In addition, the coating in the sun fades quickly enough. Below are the characteristics to consider when choosing.


Manufacturers of oil paints clearly indicate that they are suitable for surfaces. In addition, the place of staining is also important. For example, options for exterior finishes are more toxic and are not recommended for indoor use. At the same time, they have better protective properties and are more resistant to aggressive environmental influences. For the most part, universal oil formulations are presented on the market, which are equally suitable for outdoor and indoor use, retain their properties when applied to both metal and wooden surfaces.


This parameter depends on the absorbency of the treated surface, paired with the viscosity of the coloring composition itself. As a rule, the consumption is about 150 grams per square meter. For example, wood treatment will require more paint than the same area of ​​concrete.

Drying time

One layer dries completely in a day, but some manufacturers produce formulations that require only 12 hours to dry.

Viscosity level

Fluidity, drying time, uniformity of the applied layer and the complexity of its distribution depend on this parameter. The optimal level of viscosity is an indicator ranging from 65 to 140 units. If the value differs from the figures given, this is direct evidence of the low quality of the composition.

The degree of grinding of pigments

The parameter determines the size of the largest particles in the coloring composition. The higher the degree of grinding, the greater the hiding power of the paint and the better the treated surface looks. For oil paints, two degrees of grinding are distinguished:

  • below 90 microns – fine-grained;
  • above 90 microns – smooth.

The share of volatile substances

A characteristic feature of oil paint is its pungent odor due to the release of harmful volatile substances. In the qualitative composition, their share does not exceed 10%. This indicator should be taken into account if it is planned to paint interior elements in a poorly ventilated area. It should be remembered that with an increase in ambient temperature, harmful substances are released much more actively.

The proportion of film-forming substances

In the total volume, the amount of these substances should not be less than 26%. With a decrease in this level, the density of the paintwork and its hiding power deteriorate. With a significant increase in the proportion, the storage time of the paint is reduced.

Degree of water resistance and film hardness

Standard indicators of water resistance of the film are in the range of 0-0.5 units, hardness – 0.13 units. A decrease in the last parameter indicates a low quality of the coloring composition.

The best outdoor oil paint

Based on alkyd Tikkurila Teho oil paint used for the treatment of outdoor wooden surfaces exposed to intense atmospheric influences. Suitable for covering fences, railings, sheathing boards. After drying, the surface acquires a pleasant semi-gloss sheen. In addition, the coating does not lose color over time and is not covered with cracks. The use of paint provides reliable protection of wood from the formation of mold and pollution. In the process of work, smudges are almost completely eliminated, and a long drying time allows you to effortlessly level the fresh layer to a perfectly even state.

Tikkurila Teho available in a white and colorless base, which allows you to choose the right shade for any wooden surface. During processing, the relative humidity of the air should not exceed 80%, and the temperature should be less than 5°C.


  • Gloss is semi-gloss.
  • Consumption – from 6 to 11 m2/ l, depending on the treated surface.
  • Drying time – 24 hours under normal conditions.
  • Density – about 1.3 kg / l.
  • Dry residue – about 62%.


  • Large selection of colors.
  • Weather resistance.
  • Will not fade in direct sunlight.


Best interior oil paint

Oil composition MA-15 from a Russian manufacturer “Prestige” proved to be equally good at internal and external works. Can be used on wood and metal. The basis of this paintwork is drying oil, made using natural vegetable oils of the highest grade. The durability characteristics are improved by the use of special additives.

Painted “Prestige” MA-15 the surface acquires a brilliant glossy shade, becomes resistant to evaporation. When painting, it is allowed to dilute the paintwork agent by adding up to 5% white spirit or solvent. After complete drying of the coating, it can be wet cleaned.


  • The base is drying oil.
  • Consumption – from 100 to 180 g/m2.
  • Drying time – at least 24 hours at a temperature of 20 ° C (for each layer).
  • Composition (except base): fillers, pigments.
  • Glitter – gloss.
  • The storage period is 2 years.


  • Based on natural vegetable oils.
  • Less toxic compared to analogues.
  • Improved adhesive characteristics.
  • Abrasion resistant.


  • Limited color palette.

The best oil paint for wood

Oil paint Finncolor Forest based on alkyd from the manufacturer Tikkurila is considered one of the best for finishing sawn and planed wood. After drying, an elastic wear-resistant film is formed on the treated surface, which is resistant to adverse weather factors. A brush is used for application. With a drying time of 24 hours, it is allowed to open the next layer no earlier than 48 hours after applying the first one. At the same time, the drying time can vary in both directions, depending on the indicators of the relative humidity of the air and its temperature.

The paint has increased weather resistance, which allows it to be used in an industrial environment. Like any oil composition, over time, the layer fades under direct sunlight. The manufacturer offers a five-year storage warranty, but only if the conditions are not violated (the package has not been opened).


  • Gloss is semi-gloss.
  • Density – from 1.17 to 1.34 kg / l.
  • Dry residue – from 63% to 70%.
  • Consumption: for sawn wood – from 6 to 8 m2/ l, for planed wood – from 8 to 11 m2/ l.
  • The required number of layers is 2.
  • Drying time – 24 hours.


  • Suitable for outdoor and indoor decoration.
  • High quality coverage.
  • Nice semi-gloss finish.
  • Wide choice of colors.
  • Wear resistance.


  • Applied exclusively to wood.

The best oil paint according to GOST

Oil paint MA-15 from the Russian manufacturer Stroitel meets all technical requirements of GOST 30884-2003. Suitable for interior and exterior finishing of concrete, metal and wood (excluding floors) surfaces. In this case, the area can be pre-coated with a primer or plaster, have a layer of old paint. Among the advantages stands out good hiding power. When working, it is allowed to dilute the composition with drying oil, solvent or white spirit.

Paint MA-15 oil-based after complete drying, which takes 24 hours, has a pleasant semi-matte shade. Sold in white or tinted. Application is carried out at a temperature not lower than 5 ° C in 2-3 layers, using a roller or brush. The working surface requires pre-treatment with degreasing compounds, cleaning from the old layer of paint, dust and dirt. If the treated area is covered with plaster, it requires additional treatment with Oxol drying oil and TURY oil-adhesive putty.


  • The base is oil.
  • Application – for internal and external works.
  • Surface – metal, wood, concrete.
  • The degree of gloss is semi-gloss.
  • Average consumption: 0.12 – 0.16 kg / sq. m.


  • Versatility of application.
  • Acceptable cost.


  • Limited color palette.

The best oil-alkyd paint

Dulux Domus – oil-alkyd paint, designed for outdoor woodworking. After complete drying, it forms an elastic semi-gloss film with high resistance to solar and atmospheric influences. Copes well with changes in humidity and temperature. The treated wood acquires dirt and water-repellent properties. The advantage of this composition is hiding power and high adhesion.

Dulux Domus It is applied without streaks and does not have a sharp, pronounced smell. The manufacturer recommends covering the surface in two layers at an ambient temperature of +5°C to +30°C and a humidity of 40-80%. For application, you can use a roller or a brush with natural bristles.


  • The finish is semi-gloss.
  • Consumption – 13 m2/ l.
  • Complete drying time – 48 hours.
  • Drying time for 1 layer – 24 hours.
  • The required number of layers is 2.


  • Wide choice of color shades.
  • Elastic cover.
  • High weather resistance.
  • Superadhesion.
  • The composition includes wood-protective components.
  • Improved water and dirt repellency.


  • Limited use (for outdoor woodwork).

The best oil paint for metal

High quality linseed oil based paint Lacra MA-15 Designed to cover both metal and wood surfaces. Suitable for outdoor and indoor decoration. The only limitation is that it is not intended for floors. Good weather resistance. For surface coating Lacra MA-15 preliminary preparation work is carried out, including cleaning the metal from scale and rust deposits, as well as degreasing with a solvent.

The application of the first coat of paint must be preceded by the treatment of the area with an alkyd primer. For coloring wood, it is cleaned of old paint, sanded and impregnated with drying oil. The manufacturer’s stated drying time is 24 hours. For application use a sprayer, roller or brush. White spirit can act as a diluent.


  • The basis is a combined drying oil.
  • Full drying time – 24 hours.
  • Number of colors: 10.
  • Approximate flow: 5 to 10 m2/kg.
  • Shelf life under the conditions – 18 months.


  • Versatility.
  • Compliance with GOST.


  • Poor selection of colors.

Before applying oil paints, the surface of the materials requires pre-treatment. Removal of the old cracked paint layer, cleaning from dust and dirt, degreasing can be carried out. Detailed instructions for application, as a rule, are printed directly on the label of the container.

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