6 best low beam lamps

The dipped beam emitted by the headlights of the car should not only illuminate the roadway with high quality, but also have a minimal negative effect on the eyes. The characteristics of the emitted light are strongly influenced by the installed lamps, and traffic safety also depends on them. The use of low-grade light bulbs leads to a decrease in the driver’s reaction, rapid eye fatigue and a general overstrain of the body, as a result – to the occurrence of emergency situations.

How to choose low beam lamps

To organize the dipped beam of a car, a prerequisite is the choice of a suitable type of lamp:

  • Halogen – with buffer gas vapor pumped into the flask. Their characteristic feature is a long service life. Such light bulbs are considered the most common, and their design is constantly being refined. During operation, the products are very hot, but they have an optimal ratio of quality and cost. Available in modifications with increased service life and xenon effect.
  • Xenon – with electrodes in a flask surrounded by xenon gas. The glow occurs due to the formation of an electric arc. The light emitted by such a lamp is similar in spectrum to daylight, has a high intensity and a white tint. The main advantage lies in energy efficiency and service life. But xenon headlights are too bright for oncoming drivers. In general, these are vibration-resistant light bulbs that require an ignition unit for operation.
  • LED – emit light that is close in characteristics to daylight, in comparison with the first option, they are extremely economical and have an increased operational resource. Such lamps do not wear out over time, but in winter there is a noticeable decrease in their luminous flux. In addition, the light beam itself is quite difficult to adjust due to design features.

When choosing a lamp of any type, attention should be paid to the following characteristics.


For products with an H4 base, which is actively used in dipped and high beam systems for 2 headlights, the recommended power for trips within the city is 60 watts. Models with higher power are only allowed outside the city, which should be remembered when buying. The variants with the H7 base, despite the differences in manufacturing technologies, all have a standard power of 55 watts. It is important to know that the power of the light bulb must comply with the recommendations of the car manufacturer. Installation of more powerful products can lead to a breakdown of the vehicle’s power supply system.

glow temperature

This parameter indicates the shade of light emitted by the lamp without the use of filters or colored bulbs. The reference is the daytime color temperature, which in various conditions is approximately 4000-6500 Kelvin. Its advantages lie in familiarity for perception, which puts less strain on the eyes. But it should be noted that in fog or rain, such light is more strongly reflected from water droplets, which leads to a deterioration in visibility.

If the lamp indicates a temperature of less than 3000 K, it emits a yellow glow. This spectrum is effective in bad weather, while in normal weather conditions it is not so convenient.

Life time

If the light bulb does not have a service life indicated, the following values ​​\u200b\u200bare valid for an operating voltage of 13.2 V should be considered standard:

  • Halogen models – 600 hours.
  • Xenon – 3 thousand hours.
  • LED (light-emitting diode) – 10 thousand hours.
  • OLED (organic light-emitting diodes) – 30 thousand hours.

If the voltage is increased by 5%, the service life is reduced by 40%. This dependence is also valid in the reverse order, that is, to lower the voltage. Naturally, increasing the voltage leads to an increase in the luminous flux.

Light flow

This parameter means the amount of light energy emitted per unit of time, in other words, light output. For halogen lamps with a power of 55 W, the luminous flux corresponds to 1000-1650 lm, and for gas discharge options – approximately 3200 lm. With the same power, ordinary “Zhiguli” R2 bulbs give out only 400-550 lm.

Marks of conformity

A quality product is marked with a conformity mark. It should be remembered that in Russia and Europe it is forbidden to use lamps marked “Not for use in Europe” or “Offroad use only”.

Best low beam halogen bulb

Lamps Philips Vision Plus, which are supplied in a standard set of 2 units, are able to create high-quality symmetrical lighting. The model is suitable for organizing both low and high beams, and in the H7 base its power reaches 55 watts. Bulb life – 400 hours of work. The PX26d base is used here, a characteristic feature of which is a low temperature, so that the lamp is not capable of melting plastic during operation.

During operation, the model emits white light with a temperature of 3200 K, the value of the luminous flux reaches 1.5 thousand lm, and the low cost remains the most attractive for buyers, which makes the lamp affordable for a larger percentage of consumers. The increased light output significantly improves the visibility of the road and the situation in general, creating an optimal light background at night. The material for the flask was durable quartz glass, resistant to vibration, high internal pressure and sharp temperature fluctuations. As a result, the probability of the bulb exploding is reduced to almost zero, making it safe in every sense.


  • Type: lamp set 2 pcs
  • Glow: temperature – 3200 K, intensity – 1500 lm.
  • White colour.
  • Voltage – 12 V.


  • price;
  • performance;
  • bright luminous flux.


  • Blurred light border.

The best dipped beam lamp with enhanced luminous flux

Philips X-Treme Vision + 130% – halogen model, which can be successfully used as a low beam source. The product is powered by standard 12 V and has a power of 55 W, however, as for the luminous flux, its value is up to 130% higher than the “classic”, thereby increasing the lighting range. The lamp has a glow temperature of 3700 K, and its service life is 450 hours. An increase in almost all characteristics has a significant positive effect on the safety of driving at night.

As for the design features of the model, in the H7 version, this is a flask made of high quality quartz glass with a gas pumped under a pressure of 13 bar. Precisely positioned filament is responsible for the formation of the optimal luminous flux. In general, among halogen lamps, this model has one of the best performance indicators. The bulb is also available in H1 and H4 formats. Undoubtedly, buyers will pay attention to the inflated cost of the kit, but it should be noted that it is quite justified.


  • Type: set of 2 lamps.
  • Voltage – 12 V.
  • Glow: temperature – 3700 K, intensity – 1550 lm.
  • Resource: up to 450 hours


  • performance quality;
  • light flow;
  • operational period.


The best low beam lamp with extended life

Philips long life EcoVision – another halogen lamp from a well-known manufacturer, the main difference of which from standard modifications was the increased working life up to 1500 hours. This time is almost 4 times longer than the life of standard lamps, and it is enough for use for 3 years or for a distance run of 100 thousand km. The cost of the model is fully justified, the light bulb produces a yellowish luminous flux with a temperature of 3100 K.

The model consumes 55 W of power, operates from a standard voltage of 12 V, can be used to organize both high and low beams, as well as in fog lights. The kit includes 2 lamps with a total weight of 46 g. In practice, the purchase of this particular kit, due to the duration of its “life”, will significantly save on the purchase of auto lamps, and therefore, there is a serious reduction in the use of packaging material. As a result, the production of the latter requires fewer resources, including reduced CO2 emissions, which means that indirectly, each buyer of these bulbs contributes to the environmental health of the planet.


  • Type – a set of 2 lamps.
  • Voltage – 12 V.
  • Resource – 1500 hours.
  • Glow: temperature – 3100 K, flux intensity – 1500 lm.


  • operational period;
  • luminous flux power;
  • price.


  • Yellowish tint of light.

The best low beam lamp with xenon effect

Model MTF-Light Palladium not only creates the effect of the glow of a xenon lamp, but also emits light with a crystal blue tint and a temperature of 5500 K. A special bulb glass is used here, which is capable of absorbing most of the ultraviolet radiation. It should be remembered that such a light bulb can blind drivers of oncoming traffic.

Lamps of this model are actively used for tuning cars, especially in conjunction with xenon options for 6000 K, given their luminous flux density of 470 lm. Products are completely safe for plastic elements of headlights, can be installed in low beam or fog lights, and are compatible with the electrics of any car. In addition, the glow effect itself looks natural. In other words, the observer will not be able to determine that it is not xenon that is shining.


  • Type – 2 lamps included.
  • Voltage – 12 V.
  • Glow: temperature – 5500 K, intensity – 470 lm.
  • Colour: white-blue.


  • glow temperature;
  • the effect of expensive xenon;
  • price.


  • Capable of blinding oncoming drivers.

The best low beam xenon lamp

MTF-Light with Philips H7 bulb – a gas discharge lamp with a glow temperature of 4300 K and a flux of 3200 lm provides good visibility at night, especially in fog and rain, breaking through the wall of precipitation and illuminating the roadway. A characteristic feature of the model is a quick start in any condition, resistance to mechanical and vibrational influences, a good indicator of noise immunity. The lamp is powered by a voltage of 85 V and consumes 35 W of power, and it takes only 0.3 seconds to form an arc between the electrodes. At the same time, it takes no more than 5 seconds to heat up to 80% brightness.

The bulb of the lamp is made of quartz glass, which can effectively block ultraviolet rays. The product is inserted into the regular place of halogen versions, and given the compatibility with electronic control units, there will be no problems with installation. The model has been tested in many climatic zones, and its working life is 3 thousand hours.


  • Type – a set of 2 lamps.
  • Power – 35 watts.
  • Resource – up to 3 thousand hours.
  • Glow: temperature – 4300 K, intensity – 3200 lm.


  • Brightness.
  • Lighting quality.


Best low beam LED bulb

SHO-ME G7lite LH-H7 – A great option for headlights. This LED lamp emits a warm white-yellow light, providing high-quality lighting in rainy and foggy weather. The glow temperature here reaches 5000 Kelvin, and the power is only 20 W, due to which we can safely talk about the efficiency of the model. As for the operating voltage, it ranges from 9 to 24 V, due to which the light bulb can be installed both on cars and trucks.

The lamp is based on Epistar LEDs, the arrangement of which resembles a filament in halogen versions, thus achieving an excellent light output. The working life of the model is 20 thousand hours, the launch is instantaneous, and the low heating temperature during operation avoids damage to the sensitive elements of the headlights. The cooling system is organized by means of 4 copper radiators, while the light bulb effectively performs its functions in the temperature range from -40 to +105 degrees Celsius. Heating, like any LED lamp, occurs evenly, thereby preventing cracking of the constituent elements of the headlight and the formation of condensate.


  • Type – a set of 2 lamps.
  • Voltage: 9-24V.
  • Resource: up to 20 thousand hours.
  • Glow: temperature – 5000 K, intensity – 2800 lm.
  • Power – 20 watts.
  • Colour: cold white.


  • price;
  • resistance to heat;
  • Operating temperature range.


  • not detected.

When choosing dipped beam lamps, it should be remembered that their main task is to increase the safety of movement. At the same time, the headlight should not blind drivers of oncoming vehicles. The last problem is solved both by a competent adjustment of the direction of the emitted light flux, and by a thoughtful selection of the light bulbs themselves.

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