6 best gas boilers

A gas boiler is a demanded equipment for apartments and private houses. The device generates thermal energy, which is used for space heating and heating tap water. The gas boiler is easy to operate, safe and economical.

How to choose a gas boiler

When buying equipment for heating, it is recommended to take into account such characteristics as the type of operation, power, type of traction, assembly method, type of heat exchanger.

  • Type of operation – buyers are offered single- and double-circuit models. A single-circuit gas boiler only heats the room, while the water heating function is possible when installing additional equipment. The double-circuit unit is equipped with a second heat exchanger, due to which tap water is heated.
  • Power – when considering this parameter of a gas boiler, the area of ​​\u200b\u200bthe room that needs heating is taken into account. The optimal indicator is best agreed with experienced designers.
  • Type of draft – gas boilers come with natural and forced draft. The latter are equipped with a fan that draws air from the room and eliminates combustion products. To install such a boiler, it is necessary to install a coaxial chimney designed to remove carbon monoxide. In a natural draft unit, air enters from the room, and combustion waste exits through the chimney. For this reason, natural draft models are only installed in homes that have standard chimneys.
  • Method of assembly and installation – gas boilers are divided into floor and wall. Floor models are characterized by large dimensions, therefore, a separate room is required for the installation of such equipment. The most powerful floor heaters are those that have a ventilation burner. If the equipment is equipped with an atmospheric burner, then its power will not exceed 80 kW. The disadvantages of the outdoor device include the complexity of installation. Wall-mounted equipment is more compact, but less powerful.
  • Type of heat exchanger – if there is any doubt about the quality of tap water, it is better to choose a gas heater with a separate heat exchanger. In such equipment, water is heated outside the radiators, due to which they are protected from lime, rust and other impurities deposited on the walls of water pipes. If high quality water is supplied to the house, then you can safely purchase a device with a bithermic heat exchanger.

Minor Criteria

  • design and color scheme;
  • the country of manufacture;
  • the presence of additional functions (frost protection, underfloor heating, and so on).

In the review you can get acquainted with the most popular models of gas boilers.

The best outdoor gas boiler

Single-circuit gas heater for rooms Lemax Premium-10 has a natural urge. The unit is installed on the floor. The combustion chamber is made of high quality 2mm stainless steel. The heat exchanger is protected by special enamel. This model, if necessary, can be converted to liquefied fuel. Additional features include protection against overheating and soot formation.


  • single-circuit;
  • power – 10 kW;
  • recommended heating area – 100 sq. m.;
  • floor installation;
  • natural traction;
  • heat exchanger primary and secondary (separate);
  • required chimney diameter – 100 mm;
  • HxWxD, mm – 747x339x499;
  • weight, kg – 41;
  • warranty – 3 years.


  • stylish modern design;
  • ease of operation;
  • protection of the heat exchanger from the effects of aggressive factors;
  • installation of a circulation pump is possible;
  • the top panel of the gas boiler is removed, making the device easy to clean;
  • affordable price.

The disadvantage of the Lemax Premium-10 model is that its power is not enough to heat a private house (cottage, summer cottage) with a large area.

The best gas boiler with a copper heat exchanger

MORA-TOP Meteor Plus can be operated with any quality of tap water. The model belongs to single-circuit boilers, therefore it works only in room heating mode. It is characterized by a high power rating, which allows you to heat a house or cottage with a total area of ​​​​up to 240 square meters. meters. The model is also equipped with a circulation pump.


  • single-circuit;
  • power – 10.1-18.6 kW;
  • heating area – 240 sq. m.;
  • wall mounting;
  • natural traction;
  • separate design of the heat exchanger;
  • required chimney diameter – 130 mm;
  • parameters (HxWxD), mm – 750x400x380;
  • weight, kg – 27.5;
  • warranty period – 3 years.


  • compact dimensions and universal design;
  • good power rating for a wall-mounted device;
  • simple installation;
  • There is a frost protection function.

The disadvantage of MORA-TOP Meteor Plus is the insufficient power to heat a room with a large area. This model of a gas copper works only on natural gas.

The best single-circuit gas boiler

MORA-TOP SA 20 refers to floor single-circuit gas boilers. It has a natural draft, so the presence of a chimney in the room is a prerequisite for installation. The heat exchanger is made of cast iron, the burner is made of high quality stainless steel.


  • single-circuit;
  • power – 10-15 kW;
  • the optimal area of ​​​​the room is 240 square meters. m.;
  • floor installation;
  • natural traction;
  • separate design;
  • required chimney diameter – 110 mm;
  • dimensions (HxWxD), mm – 525x845x365;
  • weight, kg – 99;
  • The warranty period from the manufacturer is 3 years.


  • the heater economically consumes natural gas;
  • cast iron provides high heat transfer rates;
  • works smoothly with variable gas pressure;
  • there is a two-stage power control valve;
  • the equipment works silently.

The MORA-TOP SA 20 model has one minus – a lot of weight. But this parameter does not affect the operation of the equipment.

The best double-circuit gas boiler

Leberg Flamme 24 ASD performs 2 functions – heats the room and heats the water. It belongs to gas boilers with forced draft, therefore it can be used not only in private houses, but also in apartments. A gas unit from a European manufacturer is equipped with a separate heat exchanger, therefore it is suitable for use in houses with questionable quality of water pipes.


  • double-circuit;
  • power – 24 kW;
  • wall mount;
  • forced draft;
  • the required diameter of the connecting pipes for smoke extraction is 60/100 mm;
  • dimensions (HxWxD), mm – 740x410x315;
  • weight, kg – 39;
  • warranty period – 2 years.


  • equipped with a liquid crystal display;
  • provides uninterrupted supply of hot water;
  • there is a frost protection function;
  • the ability to control draft in the chimney;
  • easy setting of work parameters.

The disadvantage of the Leberg Flamme 24 ASD model is that the equipment is not equipped with a connecting chimney, so it will have to be purchased separately.

The best budget gas boiler

Floor single-circuit gas boiler Lemax Premium-20 belongs to the budget segment. Natural draft equipment is suitable for private and country houses with a chimney with a diameter of 130 mm. Equipped with a steel heat exchanger, providing a high rate of productivity. The equipment, if necessary, can be converted to liquefied gas and supplemented with a circulation pump.


  • single-circuit;
  • power – 20 kW;
  • recommended heating area – 200 sq. m.;
  • type of installation – floor;
  • traction is natural;
  • heat exchanger – separate;
  • required chimney diameter – 110 mm;
  • parameters (HxWxD), mm – 961x470x556;
  • weight, kg – 83;
  • the warranty period is 3 years.


  • the presence of anti-corrosion enamel on the surface of the heat exchanger;
  • ease of maintenance due to removable lining elements;
  • the possibility of switching to liquefied gas;
  • There is an overheating protection function.

Cons, with the exception of cumbersome parameters, Lemax Premium-20 was not found.

The best wall mounted gas boiler

Baxi MAIN 5 24F refers to wall models of equipment, it is equipped with weather-dependent automation, which simplifies the operation of the device. The equipment is equipped with a blower, so it does not require a chimney in the room. The gas boiler burner of this model can be converted to propane operation.


  • double-circuit;
  • power – 10.6-24 kW;
  • mounting type – wall;
  • traction – forced;
  • heat exchanger – bithermic;
  • required chimney diameter – 110 mm;
  • parameters, mm – 700x400x330;
  • weight, kg – 27;
  • the warranty period is 3 years.


  • compact parameters, relatively low weight and stylish design;
  • advanced overheating protection system;
  • it is possible to connect an outdoor temperature indicator;
  • a wide range of additional functions, including frost protection;
  • the equipment is easy to adapt to abnormal operating conditions.

Among the disadvantages of the Baxi MAIN 5 24 F model, a bithermic heat exchanger is distinguished, the state of which depends on the quality of tap water.

A properly selected gas boiler will allow you to maintain heat in the room, regardless of the weather outside the window.

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