6 best floor fans

Fans and air conditioners are the most efficient way to cool rooms. The best option is to use both types of equipment, but this method is expensive. Fans are popular due to their affordability and ease of use.

Desktop models are low-power, ceiling models are difficult to install. Floor fans are the most convenient. They serve a large area, they are easy to carry from place to place. Most often, floor models are used in everyday life, but manufacturers also produce industrial options.

How to choose a floor fan

There are many types of outdoor appliances. To make the right choice, let’s look at the features of such fans.


Manufacturers produce fan models:

  • axial;
  • rotary (radial);
  • bladeless.

By design, rack and drum models are distinguished. The second type is more powerful, it is used in industrial premises.

Axial fans

This is the most popular and affordable type of technology. The working elements of axial devices are the engine and the blades mounted on the wheel. Some models are adjustable in height, direction and speed of air flow. Rotation is carried out in one plane, and this is a big minus of such models. The advantages of technology are low cost, ease of use.

Rotary or radial instruments

The air is driven by curved blades. Getting on the rotor, the air moves in a circle and is pushed out under the influence of gravity. Due to this, pressure is created in the cooled stream, and the speed of movement of the cool mass increases.

Industrial fans

Rack models are actively used in offices, salons and shops, in production. The devices create a large air flow and effectively cool large rooms. Thanks to the adjustable flow direction, the model can be easily adjusted to the needs of employees.

Drum devices are more powerful, they are equipped with rollers for easy movement. The design for such devices is not important – this is a technique for efficient air cooling. As a rule, they are available in black, suitable for any type of room, reliable and easy to use.

What are column fans

Column fans are a type of rotary models. These are more modern models of cooling devices. Column-type cooling equipment can be additionally equipped with:

fan heaters

Some household and industrial fan heaters operate in two modes – with and without air heating. These are practical models that can be used in the off-season to slightly increase the temperature in the room. With the help of built-in heating elements, the air flow is quickly heated up and distributed in the room. Such devices are convenient in small rooms, offices, salons.

Bladeless models

These are the most expensive samples. Outwardly, it is a round or oval structure from which cold air enters. The principle of operation of this type of fans is to draw air into the turbine and push it out of the housing with a certain acceleration. The model does not have the usual blades and rotational mechanisms. Models come with and without heating elements.

Bladeless designs are a fundamentally new way of cooling rooms. This is a new generation of safety devices, characterized by power, compactness and safety.

What to look for when choosing a paddle model

  1. Blade sizes. The optimal diameter is 30-40 cm, while the rotational elements must be protected by a metal grating with a fine pitch. For domestic needs, a light alloy painted white is used. This is a practical and reliable way to protect the blades from outside interference.
  2. Work item material. Manufacturers make plastic and metal work items. Metal is more practical and durable.
  3. Protective case for the engine. Cheap models use plastic. It is lightweight, but after prolonged use it can be deformed from high temperatures.
  4. Angle of rotation and tilt. The larger these values, the larger the area cooled by the model. Some devices have an auto-rotate option. Standard rotation angles range from 40-360˚. The vertical tilt should be maximum. Typically, in designs, the angle of inclination of the blades is in the range of 80-180˚.
  5. What area is covered by the air flow. The larger the size of the blades, as well as the angles of inclination and rotation, the larger the area served by the equipment. The maximum indicator for household appliances is 50 m².
  6. The distance over which the air flow enters. It’s called an air strike. The higher this indicator, the more efficient the design. A model covering a distance of about 10 m is considered a good option.
  7. Operating modes. Some devices have 8 options. Some designs are equipped with an automatic transition from one mode to another. For domestic needs, they are usually limited to 3-4 modes.
  8. Noise level. Household models should not exceed the noise level of 25-30 dB. Powerful industrial devices may not meet the accepted standard for domestic use.
  9. Power. The higher the indicator, the larger the area blown by the device. The standard power of household models is in the range of 31-139 watts.
  10. Control. To adjust the parameters, buttons or a touch block are provided. The second option is more expensive, but it is more comfortable and modern. On some samples, displays are installed that reflect the parameters of the equipment.
  11. Additional options. Auxiliary functions facilitate operation and make room cooling more comfortable. These include air ionization, timer, remote control, backlight, communication with iPhone.
  12. Brand. Well-known companies guarantee the quality and long operation of the device. Little-known companies do not raise prices, but can provide decent quality household appliances.

If possible, choose a device for each room. Kitchens and bathrooms require compact appliances with a lot of power. This is due to the small size of the rooms and high humidity. In the living room, you can use a design with large dimensions, as the area of ​​\u200b\u200bthe room allows this.

On sale there are household appliances in neutral white or black. They fit into any interior. Some models have colored details that make the technique more vivid. Usually these are blades or mounts. They can be selected to match the finish.

Why a fan and not an air conditioner

  • devices are much cheaper;
  • the equipment is easy to carry and install in the required places;
  • in designs the height and force of a stream is regulated;
  • samples do not dry the air in the room;
  • devices are more economical than air conditioners;
  • devices are easy to install;
  • You do not need to make a hole in the wall to install the equipment.

The best floor fan with remote control

The best model with remote control is Redmond RAF 5005S sky fan. The device looks like a cylinder without the usual disc for cooling the air flow. The black color of the model is suitable for any interior.


  • power – 50 W;
  • operating modes – 3;
  • timer – yes;
  • type – column;
  • warranty – 2 years.


  • swivel body;
  • backlight;
  • display;
  • controlled from a smartphone or remote control;
  • there is a “natural circulation” mode, with which you can avoid drafts;
  • touch control panel.


The sensitivity of the touch buttons decreases over time.

best inexpensive floor fan

Model scarlett SC 177 has the most affordable price. The sample is made in white universal color, controlled by a remote control.


  • power – 45 W;
  • blade diameter – 40 cm;
  • operating modes – 3;
  • there is a timer;
  • manufacturer’s warranty – 1 year.


  • hull system – swivel;
  • there is height and tilt adjustment;
  • backlight provided;
  • control with the remote control.


Strong vibration loosens the base. Tighten it and the problem will be fixed.

best household floor fan

Device Polaris PSF 40 3D equipped with 5 blades. It is a heavy construction with variable air circulation rate. The model provides for the “Breeze” mode, which changes the direction of the flow and the speed of rotation. This creates the impression that the room is blown by the wind.


  • power – 55 W;
  • rotation radius – 90˚;
  • operating modes – 4;
  • type – axial;
  • blade diameter – 40 cm.


  • there is a built-in thermometer;
  • 4 rotation speeds;
  • remote control;
  • height adjustment is provided;
  • tilt and swivel adjustment;
  • there is a display;
  • backlight installed;
  • 3D rotation mode;
  • timer for 8 hours.


  • big weight;
  • bad mount.

The best industrial floor fan

Company Kaiser+Kraft known for high quality products. The drum-type floor fan is no exception. The technology is reliable and well thought out. For safety, a basket is provided in which the blades are placed. The rotation angle is 360˚.


  • power – 123 W;
  • rotation angle – 360˚;
  • basket material – steel;
  • noise level – 51 dB;
  • wire length – 2.5 m;
  • mode – 2 speeds.


  • mobility – the design has wheels;
  • adjustment of the angle of inclination and rotation of the drum;
  • suitable for work in open areas;
  • There is splash and dust protection.


It can be considered a disadvantage to work in two modes, but this is enough for an industrial fan.

The best powerful floor fan

Russian pattern VITEK VT 1933 assembled in China. The column type device is characterized by high power and a large angle of rotation.


  • power – 120 W;
  • rotation angle – 90˚;
  • operating modes – 3.


  • high power;
  • there is a timer to turn off after 8 hours;
  • remote control provided;
  • a signal receiver is built in, which receives commands from the remote control through the wall, from the balcony.


  • high noise level during normal operation;
  • poor build quality;
  • poor quality plastic case.

best column floor fan

Column type floor unit AEG TVL designed by German specialists, but made in China. The case is metal, made in high-tech style. The sample color is black – a universal tone that fits into any style.


  • power – 40 W;
  • type of technology – radial;
  • rotation angle – 75˚;
  • rotor rotation – 3 speeds;
  • overall dimensions 32*120*32 cm;
  • noise level – 25 dB.


  • convenient design takes up little space;
  • universal design suitable for any room;
  • there is a remote control;
  • there is a timer with shutdown after 8 hours;
  • safe.


The limited range of the remote control is 20-30˚.

Floor samples combine several advantages – power, mobility and low price. The consumer can choose a model that suits him both for technical and financial needs.

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