6 best car chargers

A car charger (AZU) is a simple device that plugs into the cigarette lighter of a running car. Through the central contact, electricity is transmitted to the AZU, and from there via a USB cable to a smartphone or tablet. A high-quality and reliable device allows you to quickly get in touch or on the Internet, which is often necessary on the road. For this reason, you need to approach the choice of charging thoroughly.

How to choose a car charger

All car chargers are arranged in the same way: they have a central plug on one end, and a USB socket on the other. Cheap AZUs often lack a fuse, and the converter is not of high quality. Therefore, at the output, the current frequency will be either too low (up to 500 mA) or too high (more than 2 A). In the best case, the device can simply charge the smartphone poorly, and in the worst case, it can catch fire, destroying all the wiring along the way.

Therefore, when choosing a device, it is important to pay attention to quality and safety, and then to power.


Original devices are usually of high quality and safety. For example, at Apple you can find special AZUs that are designed to power the iPhone, iPad or AirPods. Other large companies have similar devices: Samsung and Xiaomi. However, they are produced not by the companies themselves, but by their partners, so in some cases, non-original devices are better than branded ones.

Connection type

By type of connection, the following AZU can be distinguished:

  • wired;
  • wireless.

Wired devices are connected directly to the car’s electronics and charge the equipment using a USB cable. Wireless are an external battery that transmits energy using a high frequency magnetic field. It is then converted to direct current. Such models are convenient because they do not take up much space and do not use wires. Most often, they support the Qi power standard, which allows you to transfer power to both Android and iPhone.


For many devices, the magnitude of the outgoing current is decisive. For example, if a tablet is used, then it needs at least 2 A. If the current strength is greater, then the equipment may overheat. Too little power also does not benefit the device, as it gradually spoils its battery. Therefore, purchase a better balanced device for specific needs.

Number of connectors

Most AZUs have only one connector. But on sale you can find models with two USB outputs. As a rule, they have a different current value and are designed for a tablet and a phone.

Current strength

The higher the current, the faster the gadget charges. Manufacturers produce AZU with a current strength of 0.5 A to 5 A. For a low-power smartphone, a voltage of 0.5-1 A is suitable. If the battery capacity of the device is more than 3000 mAh, then it is better to choose a 2 A AZU. smartphone and tablet. As for chargers with two connectors, they are usually set to 1 A and 2 A. This is quite enough to prevent the phone from discharging and additionally connect another device to power it in sleep mode.


All modern smartphones have a controller that does not let more current into the device than necessary. Therefore, the likelihood of overheating or fire is reduced to zero. And if so, then it is best to choose a device with the highest possible voltage. The recommended current for recharging the gadget is usually indicated on its battery.

Charging speed

Until recently, it was enough to connect devices to the network once every few days. But the more powerful technologies become, the more energy they consume. This is how the QuickCharge technology appeared, which is supported by some AZUs. Unlike conventional devices, such devices can conduct a large amount of current. Another type of charger supports SuperCharge, which allows you to get power up to 25 watts. For comparison, standard AZUs give out a maximum of 5 watts.


Safe AZU should have the following differences:

  • long twisted wire;
  • corrugated shell at the base of the adapter;
  • the presence of a voltage controller;
  • whole body.

AZU should be strong enough both in appearance and to the touch. Otherwise, when pulled out of the cigarette lighter, one part may remain in the connector.

Additional functions

Most AZUs have approximately the same shape, but differ in additional functions:

  • A remote connection unit with a long cable will allow passengers in the back seat to charge equipment.
  • The backlight notifies you that the device is working and ready to use. In addition, the indicator light makes it easier to find the USB socket in a dark interior.
  • The LED display informs about the degree of charge of the device and the current voltage.
  • FM transmitters allow you to stream music from smartphones.


When choosing a charger, you need to pay attention to the size of the device and the location of the cigarette lighter in the cabin. If it is located next to the driver’s right hand, then it is better to choose a compact AZU. In the event that the cigarette lighter is located too far, a large charge is more suitable – it will be easier to connect the cable to it.

The best car charger for your phone

Huawei AP31 – a compact device with a minimalist design and two USB ports with a voltage of 5 V and 9 V. Due to the high current strength, a tablet and a smartphone can be connected to the CAM at the same time. Unlike analogues, Huawei keeps its promises and delivers the promised voltage.

The case is one-piece and made of durable plastic, which is resistant to mechanical damage. The disadvantages of the device include low current strength – only 2 A for both connectors. Thus, flagship smartphones will only identify Huawei AP31 as QuickCharge, not SuperCharge. But otherwise, AZU has a good value for money. In addition, the manufacturer gives a guarantee for the device, so in the event of a breakdown, it can be returned or exchanged without any problems.


  • Country of origin: China.
  • Wire included: yes.
  • Wire length: 60 cm.
  • Input voltage: 12-24V.
  • Output voltage: 5-9V.
  • Dimensions: 7*3.2*3.2 cm.
  • Number of USB connectors: 2.
  • Maximum output current: 2A.
  • Additional options: QuickCharge.


  • Quality.
  • Price.
  • Multiple ports.
  • Quick charge support.


  • The current strength is not enough to instantly charge devices.

Best laptop car charger

To power a laptop from a cigarette lighter, a device is required that supports a voltage of 15-25 V at a current strength of 4-8 A. Only in this case, the AZU will provide enough energy to keep the computer running. These characteristics have a car adapter Orient PU-MC100Wwhich has connectors for laptops of the following companies:

  • Samsung;
  • Compaq;
  • HP;
  • Sony Vaio;
  • Toshiba ASUS;
  • aser;
  • Lenovo.

The power of the device is 100 W, and the output voltage varies from 12 to 24 V. The device is safe to use due to the fact that a controller and a fuse are installed inside, which protect the equipment from power surges or overheating. Therefore, you can not be afraid that if the current drops in the car, the tablet or computer will suffer. In addition to the laptop connector, the Orient has a 1A USB output.


  • Type: universal power supply for laptops and tablet computers, smartphones.
  • USB port output voltage: 5V.
  • Maximum USB output current: 1A.
  • Output voltage: 12-24V.
  • Size: 11*6*2.5 cm.
  • Wire length: 1 m.
  • Number of interchangeable connectors: 9.
  • Power: 100W.
  • Overheat protection: yes.


  • Lots of connectors.
  • Suitable for both phone and laptop.
  • Overheat protection.


  • The kit does not include connectors for all laptop models.
  • Price.

The best car charger for your tablet

To power the tablet, you need a current of at least 2 A. Belkin Car Charger Lightning 3.4A Ideal for gadgets with a battery capacity of more than 5000 mAh. The device comes with a long twisted wire with a Lighting connector for powering Apple products. But if desired, it can be supplemented with a cable with a standard micro-USB.

Belkin produces very high quality products, so you can be sure of the safety of the AZU. Car Charger is also equipped with a small indicator light and a compact body that is easy to mount on the dashboard without interfering with the use of other controls.


  • Type: car charger.
  • Current: 3.4 A.
  • Output voltage: 5V.
  • Country of origin: China.
  • Wire length: 100 cm.
  • Connector: Lightning.
  • Additional functions: indicator.
  • USB connector: yes.


  • Quality.
  • Reliability.
  • High output current.
  • It has a built-in cable for Lighting connectors.


  • To connect a second gadget, you need to additionally purchase a wire.
  • Price.

The best wireless car charger

Wireless network AZU Samsung EP-PG950 convenient for those who are not used to staying without communication on the road. With an attractive minimalistic design, the device does an excellent job with its main function – recharging a smartphone. The working surface is made of silicone, to the touch reminiscent of the skin. Samsung EP-PG950 can also be used as a stand: just tilt it a little.

Wireless AZU is quite different from other similar chargers: inside there is a built-in fan that turns on when the temperature rises. Also in the EP-PG950 there is a quick charge function, which is useful in cases where time is running out.


  • Type: wireless car charger.
  • Qi standard support: yes.
  • USB Type-C connector for mains charging.
  • Dimensions: 12*2.8*11.7 cm.
  • Input voltage (normal charging): 5 V.
  • Input voltage (fast mode): 9 V.
  • Input current: 1-2 A.
  • Output voltage: 5-9V.
  • Micro-USB adapter: yes.


  • No wires.
  • In the “fast charge” mode, the phone charges in 10-15 minutes.
  • Power is on even if the smartphone is in a case.
  • Design.
  • AZU also works as a holder: the phone can be installed in a horizontal or vertical position.


  • There is no cigarette lighter adapter included.
  • Price.
  • The need to constantly charge the device at home.
  • The surface of the cover is very easily soiled.
  • The phone gets very hot.

The best fast car charger

Huawei SuperCharge – This is an AZU that can charge a flagship smartphone in just 30 minutes. The body of the device is made of metal, so it looks appropriate in any car. The charger has two USB ports and comes with a detachable 1 meter cable. SuperCharge can be used with any brand of smartphone. Additionally, the charger has a backlight that allows you to quickly find the charge in the dark.


  • Type: car charger.
  • Maximum output current: 5A.
  • Cable: yes, 1 m.
  • Size: 3.4*7.4*3.3 cm.
  • Number of USB connectors: 2.
  • Output voltage: 5-9V.
  • Maximum output power: 55W.


  • Support for Huawei Super Charge and Quick Charge 2.0.
  • Quality.
  • Fast charging even powerful smartphones.
  • Ability to connect multiple gadgets.


The best automatic car charger

Automatic car holder GSMIN WC10 has a significant advantage: it can simultaneously fix the smartphone and recharge it. With the help of a “suction cup” of the device, it is attached to the dashboard of the car. You can install the phone both horizontally and vertically. Thanks to the infrared sensor installed in the case, the side supports automatically move apart, and the smartphone can be installed in the slot while driving.


  • Type: wireless automatic charging.
  • Size: 11.5*7*5 cm.
  • Fastening: to glass or on the dashboard.
  • Maximum output current: 1A.


  • Combining the functions of the holder and charging in one device.
  • Automatic opening for smartphone.
  • No cable.
  • Rugged housing.


  • Charging power is not enough for all devices.

Car charging is essential for those who spend a lot of time on the road. Without a smartphone, it is often impossible to see the route, call a colleague or clarify the necessary information. When choosing a device, it is important to pay attention to the manufacturer: there are not so many good charger companies. No less important is the current strength with voltage, but in practice these parameters usually turn out to be much lower than those declared. Lastly, you need to think about safety and clarify whether there is a controller and a fuse inside the charger.

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