6 best aluminum radiators

Aluminum radiators have such advantages as light weight, high heat transfer rates and a wide range of design solutions. Models made using different technologies behave differently when connected to heating. In addition, they are sensitive to the quality of the coolant, and most of them are designed for installation in private homes. But with new technologies, the latter are not left without attention. Aluminum radiators are able to surpass cast iron, steel and even bimetallic options in some respects. The point is small – to correctly approach their choice.

How to choose an aluminum radiator

Different models of radiators made of aluminum alloys may differ from each other not only in appearance, but also in performance. For this reason, it is not enough when choosing to pay attention solely to the design, which, by the way, is important in heat transfer. To purchase an aluminum radiator, the following parameters should be taken into account.

Types of aluminum radiators

In free sale, you can find several types of radiators, which differ from each other both in manufacturing technology and in characteristics, and as a result, in cost:

  • Anodized – high-purity aluminum (up to 99%) is used in the production, which is ultimately subjected to anodic oxidation. The finished product is corrosion resistant. Anodized models withstand pressures up to 220 atm, which is much higher than for other aluminum options, they are characterized by increased heat transfer, but due to their extremely high cost they are not in demand on the market.
  • Extrusion (extruded) – are created by extruding individual parts, which are then connected into a finished product by gluing or welding. Due to the simplicity of manufacturing technology and the presence of weak joints, their cost is low.
  • Cast – an alloy of aluminum and silicon is used in production, and the manufacture is carried out by injection molding. Cast sections are durable, the radiators themselves are affordable and are considered the most popular. Chinese options are cheaper than European ones, but they lose in terms of the quality of both the raw materials themselves and the protective coating. Unlike the same “Italians”, after a couple of years they begin to rust.

Also, aluminum radiators are prefabricated and solid. The first ones are the most popular, as they are recruited by the manufacturer from a certain number of ready-made sections (from 4 to 12 units), depending on the wishes of the client. You can also dial them yourself using special seals. One-piece radiators are rarely used in everyday life due to the specifics of the design.

pH range

The parameter indicates the acid-base balance of the coolant recommended by the manufacturer:

  • From 7 to 8 – for extrusion models.
  • From 5 to 10 – for options with a special coating of the inner walls.
  • From 6.5 to 9 – for cast radiators.

If the battery is connected to private heating, then you don’t have to worry about the pH indicator, since the owner independently selects the coolant, up to distilled water. Before buying a radiator for an apartment, it would not be superfluous to inquire about the quality of the water from the management company, or take a sample and conduct an analysis in the nearest laboratory on your own.


The total height of the radiator directly depends on the center distance, that is, the distance between the axes of the horizontal collectors. The height is selected based solely on the installation site and the location of the connection pipes. For most models, the center distance is 150-800 mm.

Thermal power

This parameter determines the area of ​​the room that the battery can heat. Manufacturers indicate the thermal power of one section. To determine the total power, it is necessary to multiply the heat transfer of one section, which is 150-210 W, by their number. To accurately calculate the required heat output for a particular room, complex calculations are performed taking into account the number and type of windows, doors and other data.

pressure and temperature

Manufacturers of aluminum radiators indicate the following important characteristics in the product data sheets:

  • Working pressure – is, as a rule, 16-20 atmospheres, indicating the optimal pressure of the coolant.
  • Test pressure – is created before the start of the heating season to test the system for operability. It is 24-30 atmospheres.
  • Ultimate mechanical strength – the minimum pressure at which the product is leaking. Most often it is from 48 to 100 atmospheres.
  • The maximum operating temperature of the coolant is on average at least 110 ° C. Some models support up to 135°C.


Depending on the place of connection of the pipes of the heating system, aluminum radiators are divided into the following groups:

  • With a bottom connection – for the most part they are installed in various state, municipal buildings, shopping and entertainment centers, houses. Here the pipes approach the battery perpendicularly from below.
  • With side connection – options that allow for two-way and one-way connection due to the presence of four holes on the sides, two of which are not used are simply closed with plugs. They are mounted in standard apartments, especially to replace old options.

Channel cross section

Another important parameter that you should pay attention to is the internal section of the vertical channels. It happens:

  • Round – has the highest strength.
  • Elliptical – strength is slightly lower, but remains at a sufficient level.
  • Diamond-shaped – practically not used due to low strength characteristics.

Important is the internal volume of the radiator section. To organize heating in a private house, where low-power pumps are used and the total amount of coolant is reduced, models with a small capacity are selected.

best cast aluminum heatsink

Italian radiator Global ISO 500 for 10 sections is considered one of the best options made using injection molding technology. The development of this model was carried out taking into account Russian climatic conditions, and therefore quite high heat transfer rates can be observed. The manufacturer gives a 10-year warranty for these radiators, which is not surprising, because in addition to high-quality raw materials, a two-stage painting method was used in production. The operation of the product provides for the presence of pressure in the heating network not higher than 16 bar, which may not seem the highest value, but it is quite enough for a private house or apartment.

The radiator from Global received 8 cm sections, which can be combined into a design of up to 20 units. Conducted hydraulic tests showed resistance to pressure of 2.4 MPa. Maximum performance can be achieved if manual or automatic air valves are installed on the model.


  • Dimensions (HxDxD): 582x80x80 mm.
  • Thread – 1 inch.
  • Weight – 1.31 kg.
  • Volume – 0.44 l.
  • ΔT per section: 50°C – 115W, 60°C – 147W, 70°C – 184W.
  • Heat dissipation – 1840 W.
  • Working pressure: 1.6 MPa.
  • Heating medium temperature: 110°C.


  • heat transfer index;
  • two-layer protective coating;
  • up to 20 sections can be connected;
  • compact dimensions.


  • ISEO models are less productive compared to VOX.

best extruded aluminum heatsink

Thermal RAP-500 from a Russian manufacturer is considered one of the most popular models among extrusion radiators due to its anti-corrosion properties and pressure resistance. High-strength aluminum alloy is used in production, which gives the finished product high reliability. Ease of use is ensured by a thickness of only 52 mm, which allows you to install the RAP-500 even under narrow window sills. It should be noted that all the manufacturer’s products are certified according to ISO 9001-96. The surface of the model looks completely smooth, powder coated with a glossy finish, which gives protection from ultraviolet rays. During development, engineers provided 2 levels of blocking that protects against leakage.

The maximum working pressure of the product is 24 bar and the tests were carried out at 35 bar. The maximum allowable coolant temperature should not exceed 130 degrees, the manufacturer produces models for 3-16 sections.


  • Heat dissipation: 161 W.
  • Section parameters: HxDxW – 531x52x80 mm, weight – 970 g, volume – 0.12 l.
  • Accession – the right internal carving on 4хG3/4.
  • Slave. pressure: up to 24 atm.
  • Carrier temperature: 110 °C.


  • resistance to corrosion;
  • heat transfer;
  • ergonomic design;
  • compact dimensions.


  • the product is sensitive to the composition of water;
  • additional installation required. equipment for removing air pockets.

best anodized aluminum heatsink

Russian radiators Mandarin 500 are remarkable in that they are one of the few models made of up to 98% purified aluminum with an anodized surface. Products are certified by Gosstandart, and their manufacturing technology is protected by patents of the Russian Federation. Despite the working pressure of 25 atmospheres, tests are carried out under a load of 40 atm, which confirms the high strength. As you know, aluminum structures are very light, and Mandarin 500 is also a nice modern design that incorporates operational reliability and one of the highest thermal characteristics on the market.

One section of the radiator has a heat output of up to 210 W, but the design provides for solidity. In other words, nipple and threaded connections, any seals are not used here. According to the manufacturer, the products are capable of withstanding 90 atm before any leakage occurs. For those who do not like white radiators, the models are sold with a rich color palette.


  • Heat dissipation: 210 W.
  • Section parameters: HxDxW – 540x60x85 mm, weight – 0.9 kg, volume – 0.31 l.
  • Connection – ½ inch, ¾ inch.
  • Slave. pressure: 25 atm.
  • Carrier temperature: 130°C.


  • appearance;
  • not afraid of high humidity;
  • heat transfer;
  • 25 year guarantee.


  • Not detected.

Best Prefabricated Aluminum Radiator

Model Royal Thermo Revolution 500 can be assembled from 4-12 sections, designed for installation in individual heating systems. Heat dissipation of 171 W is achieved due to the compact size, together with wavy fins that provide unhindered convection, and PowerShift technology. The wave-like shape of the sections is good because it improves the circulation of air masses, not only without interfering with their horizontal movement, but also excluding the formation of “sticking” zones. Corrosion protection is provided by a high-quality paint and varnish coating and the presence of titanium alloying additives in the composition of the alloy.

The radiator is able to work without problems both with water and with chemically aggressive coolants like antifreeze. The circular section of the collector ensures high strength of the entire structure. The manufacturer offers a 120-year warranty on its products, and the model in question, by the way, is available to customers exclusively in white.


  • Heat dissipation: 171 W.
  • Section parameters: HxDxW – 570x80x80 mm, weight – 1.3 kg, volume – 0.4 l.
  • Connection – ½ inch.
  • Slave. pressure: 20 bar.


  • design;
  • heat transfer area;
  • protective covering;
  • work with antifreeze.


  • Not detected.

best solid aluminum heatsink

Radiators Silver B-1200 are a one-piece assembly where no gaskets or nipples are used. Sectional assembly is carried out at the factory, and their number can vary from 3 to 12 pieces. Models are equipped with standard half-inch (or 3 quarter) mounting brackets, there will be no problems with installing and connecting the radiator. Products can be optionally coated with any color from the RAL color chart, which is almost 200 options.

As for the design of the radiator, here the buyer always has a choice among five ready-made solutions. To connect, you will need to separately purchase 3 brackets, 1 mounting kit and 2 cranes.


  • Heat dissipation: 504 W.
  • Section parameters: HxDxW – 1240x60x90 mm.
  • Connection – ½, ¾ inches.
  • Slave. pressure: 25 atm.
  • Carrier temperature: 130°C.


  • choice of coverage;
  • order from 3 to 12 sections;
  • power;
  • color choice.


  • not suitable for everyone due to the height of the section, but you can look at other Silvers.

The best domestic aluminum radiator

Model Rifar Alum Valve 350 – a radiator that is produced in Russia using European technologies, therefore it can be considered adapted to local climatic conditions. The special shape of the sections has deflectors at the outlets of heated air, which allows the latter to be evenly distributed over the area of ​​the room. Both antifreeze and water can act as a coolant. From the name it is clear that the center distance is 350 mm, while the buyer can choose models with up to 14 sections, and this will allow you to choose the most suitable option for specific premises.

The design of the radiator provides for a vertical channel with an oval section, where the wall thickness reaches 2.8 mm, which makes it possible to withstand a pressure of 20 atmospheres without any problems. This maintains a high coolant velocity, which reduces the formation of deposits. The manufacturer provides a 10-year product warranty.


  • Heat dissipation: 137W.
  • Section parameters: HxDxW – 415x90x81 mm, weight – 1 kg, volume – 0.19 l.
  • Slave. pressure: 20 atm.
  • Carrier temperature: 110°C.


  • energy distribution;
  • improved aerodynamics;
  • ergonomics;
  • coating quality;
  • the presence of alloying additives.


  • sensitivity to the quality of the coolant.

Aluminum radiators have an attractive appearance, and many design solutions allow you to choose models for any style of the room. All of them have standard inch connection holes, so with the use of adapters they can be connected to any heating system.

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