5 best solid fuel boilers for long burning

A solid fuel boiler for long burning is equipment in demand among owners of country houses. It runs on natural fuels – wood and coal. The functioning of the boiler is based on the slow, and therefore economical combustion of the solid fuel embedded in it.

How to choose a solid fuel boiler for long burning

A variety of models for space heating differ not only in price, manufacturer, but also in technical parameters. In order not to make a mistake when choosing a solid fuel boiler, you need to know what characteristics to pay attention to first.

  • Material – all types of solid fuel boilers are divided into cast iron and steel. The type of material from which the unit is made will determine the type of fuel. So, for the use of coal, it is better to purchase a boiler made of steel, for firewood – cast-iron equipment.
  • The power and productive volume of the chamber – these criteria for the quality of a long-burning boiler are interconnected, since the power of the unit depends on the useful volume of the chamber. Estimating the useful volume of the fuel storage compartment, you can determine how much wood raw material will have to be used at a time.
  • The size of the furnace door – the larger the door, the more convenient it is to lay fuel.
  • The area of ​​the heated room – to heat 10 meters of area, a kilowatt of energy is needed.

When choosing a solid fuel unit, it also does not hurt to pay attention to its weight. So, cast iron equipment will always be heavier than steel.

Secondary parameters

When choosing a solid fuel boiler of any power, secondary equipment parameters include additional functionality, for example, automation. The unimportant characteristics also include the color and design of the boiler.

The best solid fuel boiler for a small area

Stropuva Mini S8 suitable for heating a country house with a small area of ​​​​80 or less squares. It is characterized by manual loading of fuel raw materials. The boiler is equipped with a telescopic pipe through which air is supplied to the combustion zone. The heat exchanger of this model is made of steel. With one laying of firewood, the equipment provides the room with heat for up to 30 hours if it works on solid firewood, and up to 48 hours if it is on briquettes. The model has a good package, which includes a thermometer, cleaning plates, a flywheel for adjustment and other components that simplify the operation of the model.


  • power indicator: 8kW;
  • optimal heated area: from 50 to 80 squares;
  • volume of firewood: 165 dm3;
  • Efficiency: 85%;
  • installation: floor;
  • average duration of burning at one bookmark: 18 hours;
  • loading opening parameters (cm): 23 by 21;
  • required chimney diameter (cm): 16;
  • unpacked weight (kg): 165;
  • height (cm): 135;
  • diameter (cm): 55.


  • good equipment;
  • economical;
  • simple operation and maintenance;
  • compact dimensions.

Minus – the unit is uneconomically operated if wet raw materials are laid in it.

The best universal solid fuel boiler

NMK Magnum KDG 15TE works on such varieties of solid fuel as briquette, anthracite, charcoal. The heat exchanger of the unit is made of steel. The device is designed for full-fledged heating of a room with a square up to 150 m2, since its power is 15 kW. This model of equipment can be operated without interruption with one load of fuel up to 24 hours. If necessary, the model can be equipped with heating elements with connection to remote control. The boiler body is equipped with a bimetallic thermometer, which shows the temperature of water heating in the equipment.


  • power indicator: 15 kW;
  • optimal heated area: up to 150 squares;
  • optimal fraction of raw materials: up to 100 mm;
  • Efficiency: 75%;
  • installation: floor;
  • average duration of burning at one bookmark: 14 hours;
  • required chimney diameter (cm): 15;
  • unpacked weight (kg): 165;
  • height (cm): 96;
  • diameter (cm): 64.


  • compactness;
  • suitable for a private house of medium square;
  • simple operation and maintenance.

Minus – it has a low efficiency, which is why it is impossible to achieve maximum efficiency.

The best wood burning solid fuel boiler

Aremikas Candle S 18 kW suitable for full heating of residential and industrial facilities. The device for heating works on wood – solid firewood and briquettes. On one load, the heating unit can work up to 34 hours, which is considered an excellent indicator. The power of the equipment is 35 kW, which allows heating rooms with a square of 250 m2. It is recommended to load the furnace with wood, the moisture content of which does not exceed 20%. At the same time, whole firewood can be mixed with sawdust with a higher degree of moisture, and this will not affect the efficiency of the unit.


  • power indicator: 35 kW;
  • optimal heated area: up to 250 squares;
  • Efficiency: up to 92%;
  • outdoor installation;
  • Approximate duration of burning at one bookmark: 30 hours;
  • specified chimney diameter (cm): 16;
  • weight without packaging (kg): 210;
  • height (cm): 155;
  • diameter (cm): 57.


  • advanced optional, including an automatic control unit and a fan;
  • unpretentious in care.

Significant disadvantages of the model are not identified.

The best solid fuel boiler of cylindrical shape

Stropuva S20P has an average power rating of 20 kW. Due to it, the equipment is characterized by economical operation. Wood is used for heating. So, up to 50 kg of raw materials can be loaded into the wood fuel compartment. The wall thickness of the steel of the inner cylinder is 3 mm, which makes it possible to achieve a high efficiency index. The equipment of this model is equipped with a mechanical control panel, which ensures autonomous operation. The unit is protected by a system of protection against spontaneous combustion and explosion.


  • power indicator: 20 kW;
  • optimal heated area: up to 150 squares;
  • Efficiency: up to 92%;
  • installed on the floor;
  • Estimated duration of burning at one bookmark: up to 72 hours;
  • required chimney diameter (cm): 18;
  • weight without box (kg): 231;
  • height (cm): 210;
  • diameter (cm): 56.


  • high-quality security system;
  • compact, as for powerful equipment, dimensions;
  • the ability to operate offline.

There are no significant shortcomings in this model.

The best cast iron solid fuel boiler

Cast iron boiler brand Buderus Logano G221-25 designed for high-quality heating of premises, the square of which reaches 400 m2. The equipment is powered by wood and coal. Due to the increased volume of the furnace, one tab of solid fuel provides economical space heating. Large logs can be put into the firebox, since the equipment is equipped with a wide damper. Wood and coal are put into the boiler by hand. The unit is equipped with a protective heat exchanger. In offline mode, the heating device works up to 5-7 days, provided that the air temperature outside the room does not fall below zero. To the boiler from official distributors, you can purchase a module that allows you to control the equipment remotely.


  • power indicator: 25 kW;
  • optimal heated area: up to 400 squares;
  • Efficiency: 80%;
  • installation: floor;
  • average duration of burning at one bookmark (not autonomous mode): up to 6 hours;
  • required chimney diameter (cm): 15;
  • net weight (kg): 435;
  • height (cm): 158;
  • diameter (cm): 85.


  • compact dimensions;
  • suitable for large private houses;
  • offline operation is possible for several days.


  • great weight;
  • mediocre efficiency.

The right selected heating unit will allow you to economically heat the room using environmentally friendly fuel of natural origin.

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