3 types of the best rangefinders for hunting

The best laser rangefinder binoculars

The best laser rangefinder binoculars

The shape of the product is a classic binocular tube (double, under both eyes). The difference from binoculars lies in the built-in laser system for determining distances. One of the best designs is the Veber 8×42 RF1200 binoculars with a laser rangefinder.

The device is intended for observations of distant objects, including in the field. The rangefinder function allows you to determine the distance behind the tracked object.


The body is made of aluminum-magnesium alloy. The design of the binoculars is resistant to mechanical stress. The top has an anti-corrosion coating.

An additional layer of rubber coating prevents the tool from slipping out of the hands, protects against drops of moisture and dust.

To protect the lenses in the transport position, covers are provided for the objective and the eyepiece. Additional flexible fastenings to the body protect against loss.

The aiming drum is equipped with a relief surface, which contributes to the convenience of focusing on visual sharpness. Adjustment is carried out according to the individual characteristics of the eyes.

best laser rangefinder binoculars

Adjustment of the distance from the eyeball to the eyepiece lenses is performed by rubber swivel-retractable eyecups. The binoculars have a seat for mounting on a tripod.

A feature of the optical scheme of the visual device is the use of roof prisms. Thanks to this technical solution, the image is different:

  • high contrast;
  • a clear picture (sharpness);
  • excellent color reproduction.

The luminosity of the optical device makes it possible to conduct observations in twilight conditions. At a distance of 1 km, the field of view is 122 m. The instrument is compact in size.

The built-in laser rangefinder, operating on semiconductors, forms a beam that is safe for human eyes. Measurement accuracy at a distance of up to 1200 m is ±1 m.

Measurement data is displayed in the right eyepiece on the LED display. For its illumination, the usual white light was chosen. Scanning starts after pressing the control button.

The binoculars have four measurement modes:

  • Standard. No indication. Optimum mode – up to 1200 m. The most commonly used method of measurement with an average reflectivity of the observed object. The maximum minimum distance starts from 5 m.
  • RAIN. It ignores reflections from rain or dew drops, snowflakes, ice and other reflective suspensions in the air.

The best laser rangefinder binoculars

The minimum initial distance with reliable measurement results starts in the range of 50–150 m (depending on climatic conditions and illumination).

  • REFL. It is used for work with objects with high reflectivity: reflective surface, snow-white coating, polished plane, etc.

For normal conditions, it is not recommended to use – the result may be too high.

  • Range over 150 m. Ignore small obstacles that are closer than 150 m in the field of view of the binoculars. For example, twigs, foliage of trees or shrubs.

Advantages of Veber 8×42 RF1200

Advantages of Veber 8x42 RF1200

  • compactness;
  • clear clear picture;
  • stable determination of distances within 100–1000 m;
  • moisture protection;
  • the ability to use at dusk;
  • the presence of a tripod attachment point.

Cons Veber 8×42 RF1200

Cons Veber 8x42 RF1200

The most significant drawback noted by the owners is the price. But given the positive qualities, the device justifies the investment.

Specifications Veber 8×42 RF1200

Magnification, times 8 Type of laser semiconductor
Eye relief, mm sixteen Measurement accuracy, m ±1
Angular field of view, ang. sec 7 Battery CR2, 3v
Lens diameter, mm 42 Weight, kg 1.23
Field of view at a distance of 1200 m, m 122 Case color black
Instrument dimensions, mm 173x135x64 Housing material metal alloy
Stable measurement range, m 5–1200 Exterior finish of the case rubber cover

Cons Veber 8x42 RF1200

The package includes:

  • binoculars with built-in laser rangefinder;
  • caps for lenses, 2 pcs.;
  • double eyepiece cover, 1 pc.;
  • bag-case;
  • neck strap for optical instrument;
  • set for preventive care of optics;
  • accompanying documents – instruction manual and warranty card.

The manufacturer’s warranty period is 1 year. Country of manufacture – China. The birthplace of the Veber® brand is Russia. The head office is located in St. Petersburg.

The best laser rangefinder for hunting

The best laser rangefinder for hunting

The device is designed to calculate distances in the field – hunting, fishing, traveling. Additional application – as a magnifying spotting scope. The top among hunters is the Bushnell Legend 1200 ARC black 204100.


The rangefinder is made according to the vertical scheme. The case of the device is highly protected from atmospheric precipitation, fog, has buoyancy (does not sink in water).

Multi-coated lenses and a water-repellent Rainguard coating provide bright, high-contrast images. Due to this, water does not cover the optics, but is concentrated into droplets, providing a clear picture.

The device is equipped with a microprocessor, ASC-chip. The luminous flux of the laser beam is in the invisible area. This is important – the rangefinder is designed for hunting and flashes of radiation can frighten off potential game.

Three measurement modes are provided:

  • Standard. No indication. Auto Scan (Electronic Image Acquisition) is in use. Performs analysis at a distance of 5–1100 meters.
  • Bullseye (literally – an accurate shot). The distance to the object is calculated against the background of objects with stronger illumination (reflected signal).

The indicator is taken to the nearest target of interest to the hunter. Another name for the function is closest target priority.

The best laser rangefinder for hunting

  • Brush™ (literally – ignoring interference). The distance to an object located among the interference is determined – tall grass, bushes or trees. Another meaning is the priority of a distant goal.

The ARC function will help determine the angle of inclination to the target. The list of actions includes calculating the parameters to the object according to the type of weapon used, for example, a classic bow or a gun. A list of the ballistic group of weapons is given in the instructions for use.

Bushnell Legend 1200 ARC black 204100

Bushnell Legend 1200 ARC black 204100

  • compact design;
  • small mass;
  • ease of use and configuration;
  • a wide range of functions;
  • accuracy of measurements;
  • the ability to work in fog and twilight;
  • waterproof housing;
  • convenience of the power supply change unit – in other models you have to use a metal circle (for example, 2 rubles) to open the lid.

Cons Bushnell Legend 1200 ARC black 204100

Cons Bushnell Legend 1200 ARC black 204100

  • yellowness of the lenses (subjective assessment);
  • no battery indicator on the display.

Specifications Bushnell Legend 1200 ARC black 204100

Distance to the building, m 1097 Protractor measurement range, deg. -60 – +60
Distance to the tree, m 777 Protractor error, deg. ±1.0
Distance to a large animal (deer), m 435 Field of view, feet at 1000 yards 367
Minimum distance, m five Exit pupil diameter, mm 4.8
Measurement accuracy, m ±1.0 Eye-Relief (exit pupil), mm 22.5
Ballistic Calculator eat Lens diameter, mm 24
Display type liquid crystal Magnification, times five
Reticle illumination absent Eyepiece focus eat
Scan Mode available Place for a tripod eat
Rain mode built-in tightness complete protection against moisture
Close Target Priority eat Overall dimensions, mm 41x108x71
Far Target Priority eat Weight, gr. 193
Small Object Mode eat Power supply battery, CR2, 3V
Selecting weapons in the ballistic calculator eat

Cons Bushnell Legend 1200 ARC black 204100

The package includes:

  • laser rangefinder;
  • case;
  • cord;
  • battery;
  • disk with a description of the operation;
  • optics care kit;
  • instructions and warranty card.

The warranty period set by the manufacturer is 24 months. Manufacturer China. US brand origin.

The best laser rangefinder-monocular

The best laser rangefinder-monocular

The difference from binoculars is that the design provides for one spotting scope. It is used for taking metric indicators, monitoring moving and stationary objects. One of the best models in its class is ADA Shooter 400 А00331.


A laser rangefinder-monocular is an electron-optical device that combines in one body the functions of a spotting scope, a distance meter and speed parameters of a moving object. The data is displayed on one screen.

The capabilities of the device allow you to take readings from a stationary target or when it is moving slowly. The wavelength of light (950 nm) is in the invisible part of the spectrum.

Due to the low power of the luminous flux, the radiation is safe for humans. The IR laser does not give out the observer – it does not leave a visible point (marker) on the observed object.

Model purpose:

  • light roulette;
  • determining the speed of a moving target;
  • visual observation;
  • calculation of ballistic parameters for hunting;
  • taking measurements during sporting events, for example, when playing golf.

The best laser rangefinder-monocular

ADA Shooter 400 А00331 will be useful for travelers, athletes and trainers, hunters and builders.

The device is equipped with useful features:

  • low battery indicator;
  • automatic power off;
  • speed calculation;
  • calculation of metric indicators;
  • determination of the ballistic trajectory to the target.

Advantages of ADA Shooter 400 A00331

Advantages of ADA Shooter 400 A00331

  • concentration of all parameters in one field of view, on one display;
  • advanced functionality – from domestic use to the analysis of sports or hunting events;
  • accuracy of measurements;
  • application as a speed sensor (radar);
  • wide field of view;
  • customization for your own eyes;
  • the presence of a built-in sight;
  • ease of use;
  • one of the cheapest in its class.

Cons ADA Shooter 400 A00331

Cons ADA Shooter 400 A00331

  • there is no seat for a tripod;
  • no memory.

Specifications ADA Shooter 400 А00331

Distance range, m 6–400 Angle of view, hail. 7
Error, m ±1.0 Exit pupil index, mm 3.9
Speed ​​value, km/h 0–300 Diopter correction ±4.0
Deviation, km/h ±5.0 Application temperature, °C -20 – +50
Wavelength, nm 905 Power supply CR2, 3V
Objective lens diameter, mm 24 Weight, gr. 185
Eyepiece lens diameter, mm sixteen Overall dimensions, mm 104x72x41
Magnification, times 6

Cons ADA Shooter 400 A00331


  • device;
  • transport case;
  • belt;
  • optics care product;
  • user manual;
  • package.

Warranty 24 months. The birthplace of the Hong Kong brand. Manufacturer China.

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